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miltankRancher July 13th, 2013 9:28 AM

The Hidden Mythology: A Sinnoh Tale [T] [OOC/SU]
The Hidden Mythology: A Sinnoh Tale
A Pokemon Journey Roleplay || Rated [T]
No spot Available
IC Thread Here

Three Pokémon there were.
Into the lakes they dove.
Deep, deep, drawing no breath.
Deeper, deeper they dove.

Five years had passed since the Team Galactic Incident wherein Cyrus failed to gain control of the lords of time and space. With the help of an unknown hero, their plans were quickly foiled, imminent war between the Pokemon and human avoided. For five years, the region has thrived again under the leadership of the Pokemon Champion Cynthia. Relations between other regions were improved, ambassadors being sent from each of them to represent their homeland. The number of trainers reached its peak and the community was growing. Sinnoh was once again the leading region in the world in terms of culture and economy, a feat admired by the other regions. Sinnoh is once again the ideal region, an image Cynthia and her Elite Four strived hard to achieve once again.

Little did they know, another prophecy is beginning to take place. The prophecy, chronicled by the great psychic Nostradamus a hundred years past, talks about the awakening of the slumbering spirits. It is heralded by a disturbance in the "very basic component of the fabric of the space-time" and signalled by "an explosion so great it will tear the world apart." The prophecy, hidden among the thousand ruins dotting the region sits undisturbed, waiting for the right moment for it to wake up.

Long ago, when Sinnoh had just been made,
Pokémon and humans led separate lives.
That is not to say they did not help each other.
No, indeed they did.

This roleplay is set in the Sinnoh region, five years after Cyrus' plan to dominate the world. Very little varied from the setting of DPPt, except the promotion of several gym leaders, retirement of several prominent people, and the rise of new faces.

Geographically speaking, for those not familiar with the Sinnoh geography, the region is divided by Mt. Coronet into two parts: Western and Eastern Sinnoh, although several scholars consider Upper Sinnoh, comprising of Snowpoint and the Battle Area, another part of Sinnoh. But, simplicity for simplicity's sake, we stick with the Western and Eastern divisions, with Snowpoint lying smack in the middle of the division line. Western Sinnoh is the less populated part. Most of the part of this region is composed of forests, rivers, the opening to the great Ocean. The Eastern part has the more percentage of population as most of the densely-populated cities, like Hearthome and Sunyshore is here. Mt. Coronet is the highest mountain in the region and is still debated over if it is the highest mountain in the world. One thing is for sure, the mountain is so big it has three different weather conditions going all over it: snow, tropical, and rain.

Also, for a variety of reason, the inclusion of Pokemon from other region is allowable in here. Due to trade with the other regions, several trainers also come in all the time, introducing new species into the wild. Breeding and natural selection patterns caused Sinnoh's ecological diversity to bloom, bring the number of Pokemon species in the region to be more than 300.

The Trainer:
There once were Pokémon that
became very close to humans.
There once were humans and Pokémon
that ate together at the same table.
It was a time when there existed no
differences to distinguish the two.

You are one of the hundred trainers that are starting their Pokemon journey. The local professor in Twinleaf Town, Professor Fir, asks for local starting local trainers' help for his research: Pokemon mythology. He will have you choose a starter Pokemon (a tough choice among seven options) and send you out in the Sinnoh region. Your goal: to write a complete and exhaustive paper regarding the mythology of Sinnoh. Throughout your journey, you will be able to unlock several information that may help you in your quest.

Well, it's just one thing you can do. You can totally disregard Fir's request and use the opportunity to gain the gym badges (it will be a hard road) or follow whatever dream you have upon yourself. It's just a request after all; you're still free to be whatever you wanted to be. Be a breeder, a collector, or whatever. The choice is up to you.

However, no matter what you choose to be, the prophecy will still wake, plunging you into paths you never imagined to take. Once the prophecy is set forth into motion, you will be helpless to counter the winds it brings with it. [This means that, we may not seem to follow a storyline at first but there will come a part when the prophecy is everything the roleplay is revolving around.]

I will not be making a character of my own, although I will be controlling several NPC's you meet along the way. I will also oversee all happenings and try to regulate it as much as possible. Remember, this is a sandbox-style RP with a few chapters that I will throw in occasionally for you to advance into the storyline.

The Pokemon:

There are seven starters available, although I may open up three more if this seems popular. Note: Moving means "Taken" or "Reserved." Hover for more info.

The Rules:
Betray not your anger, lest ??? will come.
Weep not with sorrow, or ??? will draw near.
When joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air, that is happiness.
Let such be blessed by the hand of Master ???
-Those words were spoken often as customary.-

1. Follow all existing PC and Roleplay Corner Rules
2. No godmodding!
3. Let us know if you will be inactive. Being inactive means you give other players permission to bunny you. AWOL means you're absent for two weeks without prior notice and we're free to kick you out of the RP.
4. This is a Rated [T] Roleplay. Let's keep it that way.
5. Please post at least once a week. This is not a heavy RP but I must require at least one post per week from you guys.
6. Captures are decided by the GM. Leave the ball rocking at the end of the post. A capture depends on the quality of the post.
7. Interaction among players are welcome, although it is highly advised to keep battle posts between players in a joint post. Work battles out through this thread or, better yet, through VMs or PMs.
8. Evolution is left to the discretion of the GM. I will let you know if a Pokemon has a good enough reason to evolve.
9. Levels and moves are left to the discretion of the GM. All moves could be acquired in the game through TMs.
10. Chapters only serve as a guide posts although I also strongly advise to follow the story so far. No sense if you never leave Twinleaf Town.
11. Six Pokemon can be carried at a time. Boxes and Daycares exists for extra luggage.
12. Reservations last for 24-48 hours. After that, the Pokemon is up for grabs again.
13. Requests may be voiced out. Go ask me things.

Sign-Up Sheet:
A young man, callow and foolish in
innocence, came to own a sword.
With it, he smote Pokémon, which gave
sustenance, with carefree abandon.

I am pretty picky with the SUs, sorry. I only accept high-quality SUs.
Name: Self- Explanatory Really
Age: 13-18
Gender: M or F
Appearance: A picture is good enough, or at least 2 paragraphs worth of description.
Personality: 2 paragraphs worth.
History: What are you before becoming a trainer? Where do you live? Where are you five years ago? What are your dreams? Don't leave anything. No line requirement.
Reserved Starter: Choose from the seven above.

Accepted Characters
In the beginning, there was only
a churning turmoil of chaos.
At the heart of chaos, where all
things became one, appeared an Egg. Skymin as Sam "Birdie" O'Brien romdinner as Catherine "Kat" Primrose Pokemagician as Jason Stafford Jegretis as Alex Ganston as Rexa Viene as Karly Rose as Ariadne Davis as Anthony Ramsay as Sadie Hunt

Skymin July 13th, 2013 11:53 PM

I've been looking out for a nice journey RP to join for a little now. Sign me up!!

ps im reusing a character from a roleplay that died but i loved him so i didn't get to use him that much *cry*

Name: Sam "Birdie" O'Brien
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Birdie is quite cute for a guy, much to his frustration (though it is mainly his fault). He's got a messy flop of brown hair and round, brown eyes hidden underneath his glasses. He's not tall, but neither short for a boy of his age but probably a tiny bit lankier than one. He doesn't look physically strong at all, nor do his glasses look like they make him any smarter. Actually, aside from looking cute and his ridiculous nickname, he looks like a perfectly average sixteen year old.

Clothes wise, he's not exactly sharply dressed nor does he run around in torn clothing. He sticks to what's comfortable; t-shirts, maybe collared shirts every now and again, and a pair of pants, usually jeans or shorts depending on the weather. His shoes are just as plain, toting a pair of comfortable laced shoes. To hold stuff he carries around with him, Birdie also has a normal sized backpack with several pockets for different uses. He keeps his PokéBalls in his pockets or maybe his bag, whatever's easier. Other than that, he has no excess jewellery nor random additions of clothing, asides his glasses. He's just a normal, kinda cute guy with glasses.

Personality: Birdie is seen as a little bit of a loner to those who are acquainted with him, though that's not really true at all. Not entirely. Sure, he enjoys company and sure, social gatherings are a lot of fun but Birdie is a listener. He likes to be a part of a group conversation but not the one that drives it. If he's with his friends, he'll be either reading a book or playing a video game of some-sort, but always listening. In fact, his friends have pulled him up a few times about it but are a little flabbergasted to realise that he can recall everything they've said perfectly. The only time he doesn't listen is when he's staring off into space, though it's not hard to snap him out of that. When he does talk, Birdie is always polite, using 'sir' and 'miss' whenever possible to him elders. He would never swear or say something inappropriate.

Birdie is one to just go with the flow, following what him friends do. As long as it isn't completely ridiculous or out of the blue, Birdie will probably do what you ask him to without any questions. He's a little bit of a people pleaser, doing whatever he can to fuel other's happiness regardless of his own. He's got quite a strong sense of what he thinks is right and wrong so he's willing to tell you if he thinks you're doing something not particularly nice.

As one who's practically been raised by video games, Birdie has a lot to do with them in his life. Whenever he has a spare minute, he's thrashing the buttons on him portable console to try and beat the next boss or finish the next level. He's also a bit of an artist and likes to draw video games as much as possible. In fact, if you look through his sketch book, he has various storylines sketched out and different characters littered between the pages.

History: Birdie was born and raised in the little town that is Twinleaf Town by an overbearing, stay-at-home mother and a white collar father. He was the middle child of a family of boys; an older (by five years), who is currently on his own Pokémon journey, and a younger (by six years), who attends school like any child should. Their family was well off, not in a great deal of debt but yet his father insisted on working all the time. This put an incredible amount of stress on her mother though Birdie knew nothing of it until she hit his teens.

During his younger years, to keep Birdie oblivious to the fights his parents had, his father gave him video games, which seemed to do the trick. Not only this, but his father managed to catch a Starly and gave it to his two sons (as the younger had not been born yet) as a pet. 'Birdy' became Birdie's favourite word and thus his family insisted on no longer calling him Sam and to use the nickname Birdie to mock him. Unfortunately, the name stuck like glue and now, he introduces himself as such.

All his way through school, Birdie shirked his work and played with his now Staraptor all day and video games to all hours of the night. Any other parents would probably have scolded the boy, but with a father that was barely around and a mother focusing on taking care of her children, they had no time to care. It was lucky for Birdie that he was naturally intelligent and seemed to pass all his tests and exams with flying colours.

When the chance arose to become a Pokémon Trainer, Birdie jumped on it and his parents didn't disagree, with one child already out in the world. He's sure he can be the best trainer in the world, but with a weak heart like Birdie's, everybody knows he won't be able to make it anywhere without someone encouraging him along the way.

Reserved Starter: Riolu

miltankRancher July 14th, 2013 1:39 AM

You're now RESERVED. You have 48 hours to finish your reservation. :) Good luck!

{Swan} July 14th, 2013 2:16 AM

May I reserve Hippopotas? I also have a question, if you're leaving it mostly sandbox with few chapters, will you still post what Pokemon shall be capturable in will they be left to the players' discretion?

miltankRancher July 14th, 2013 2:48 AM

You're now RESERVED. For your question, I will be posting a list of Pokemon that could be caught per route, although if you want a certain Pokemon to appear, we can talk about it. :)

romdinner July 14th, 2013 1:07 PM

Yay finally a journey Rp that is to my liking! ^^ Please reserve me a spot with Chimchar.

miltankRancher July 14th, 2013 3:45 PM

@romdinner: You're now RESERVED. Yadi yada 48 hours blah blah. :)

@Skymin: I just noticed that sometimes, when a word in your SU ends with "-er," it is always replaced by "-im." Like other turns to othim, neither turns to neithim etc. Especially in the appearance section. :)

Skymin July 14th, 2013 3:46 PM

Just finished my sign up. If there's anything that you want changing, please let me know!


Originally Posted by miltankRancher (Post 7737212)
@Skymin: I just noticed that sometimes, when a word in your SU ends with "-er," it is always replaced by "-im." Like other turns to othim, neither turns to neithim etc. Especially in the appearance section. :)

Haha yeah, i know. Birdie's personality was ... a girl but he was a boy... it was MAO, ok. I was trying to change the hers to hims haha. i'm pretty sure i've gone over it again, but i'll have another look for it. I was literally just writing it like 3 seconds ago haha

miltankRancher July 14th, 2013 4:01 PM

Skymin, you're ACCEPTED! No worries. I'm not too picky with spelling and grammar mistakes. (Having English as a second language makes me not that fluent)

Skymin July 14th, 2013 4:12 PM


Originally Posted by miltankRancher (Post 7737236)
Skymin, you're ACCEPTED! No worries. I'm not too picky with spelling and grammar mistakes. (Having English as a second language makes me not that fluent)

... English is my first language *cries*

That might be a little unclear, i used microsoft word to replace all the hers to hims, so something like "otHER" was changed to "otHIM" haha. I'm a lazy sod. But great to be accepted!! :) Thanks!!

miltankRancher July 15th, 2013 4:38 AM

@Skymin: Yeah, I guessed that's what happened. :) Pretty hard to reuse characters with changing their genders. :) I prefer playing with a single gender. LOL.

@{Swan}: You have less than 24 hours for your SU. After that, it's up for grabs.

{Swan} July 15th, 2013 2:49 PM

[ Hepualaha'ole Ka'ai ]

Name: Hepualaha'ole Ka'ai

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Hepualaha’ole is generally friendly. She’s energetic and bright and has an insatiable curiosity. Her curiosity is so fierce it sometimes takes her over, if something really grabs her she won’t rest until she’s gotten answers. Other times the curiosity prompts her to become a bit rude in the eyes of other people, asking questions where they might not be proper. Hepuala is already a bit blind to other people’s feelings, but when her curiosity kicks in she sees little else than the answers she wants.

With her curiosity also comes a bit of recklessness. She doesn’t have the best preservation instinct and often get herself in trouble when something odd grabs her attention. She’s stubborn and can act like a dog with a bone, not letting go until she’s gotten what she came for.

Hepuala also has a very well-functioning bs-radar. She’s clever with a good amount of common sense. Despite her energetic nature she’s not a loud person, in fact she’ll prefer to stay in the background. Spotlights aren’t for her and she often get a little shy when she gets too much attention. She has high mental walls, she generally gets along well with strangers until they try to get too close, after which she turns awkward and retreats.

History: Hepualaha’ole and her family originally came from a tropical island near Hoenn with a rich history. She grew up there with her two dads and lived there for most of her life. She loved the island life and the culture, and she was never very far from the sea. One of her dads Hiwahiwa Ka’ai, was a surfing instructor and taught her all she knew. Hepuala loved surfing and spent most of her free time on the waves. She spent the rest reading about history and ancient cultures both near and far.

Hepuala’s childhood dream was to become an archaeologist, spurred on by sensational films and later by the intrigue of history itself. She was one of the rare people whose childhood dream actually transferred into an actual goal for the future. Hepuala decided early on that archaeology was the thing for her.

When she was 13 her dads decided to move away from the island, and Hepuala hated it. Her other dad, Noa, was a nurse and he was offered a job in the Jubilife hospital. It paid a lot better than his job on the island, and they could use the money. They decided to settle in Twinleaf as they figured it would be easier for Hepualaha’ole to settle in a small town. It would only be temporary, they said, only for a two years at most. Four years later they were still living there. Hepuala hated it. First of all, it was cold. There was no sea to surf on, only a meek bit of water without even a beach. And a town as small as Twinleaf doesn’t always welcome strangers so easily, especially strangers who looked and acted so differently from them. And teenagers can be horrible people. At school she was mostly known as the weird girl with the long name and two dads, it wasn’t easy for her.

When she graduated she had only one thing in mind, to get into the best university in Hoenn and study archaeology. There were two problems though. The first was money. Top universities didn’t come cheap. The second was actually getting in. She had very good grades, but getting into top universities was a competitive thing. When Professor Fir declared he needed trainers to help him with his research, Hepualaha’ole saw an opportunity. Good Pokémon trainers earned good money, and if she completed a great essay for Professor Fir he might give her a recommendation for the university. Such a recommendation from a professor in the field had to give her the opportunity to attend. And so, while becoming a trainer had never been her intent, she found herself reading up on it and applying for it. Just for a year. Just for a little while. Just until she had the money and the recommendation. And then her life would truly begin.

Miscellaneous Info:

- Hapualaha’ole likes to put a flowers in her hair, as a bit of a homage to her name, which means rare flower.

- Hepuala has two tattoos, one band around her right arm and twin lines on the outside of her legs, of the same pattern. She got the arm one first, as a homage to her culture. After finding out that it was actually a myth that the ancient islanders had such patterns around their arms, and they were instead found on their legs, she got the ones on her legs as a true homage right before she left the island.

- She made her necklace herself, with Sharpedo teeth that often washed up ashore along with small bits of seashells. She’s very proud and fond of it, especially after they left the island. It now serves as a reminder of where she’s from.


miltankRancher July 15th, 2013 3:50 PM

@{Swan}: You're ACCEPTED! As for the climate, Sinnoh is generally colder than most, as you can see from what the characters in the games are wearing. (Thicker clothes, fur scarves, etc)

Check this clothing out for an example. Try deducing the climate based on what they are wearing. :)

Skymin July 15th, 2013 4:30 PM

And despite the cold weather, the girl still wears no sleeves and a skirt. d: I think maybe the Platinum trainers are a better representation of how cold Sinnoh is. Yet the girl still has no pants on! Poor thing.

miltankRancher July 15th, 2013 4:38 PM


Originally Posted by Skymin (Post 7738591)
And despite the cold weather, the girl still wears no sleeves and a skirt. d: I think maybe the Platinum trainers are a better representation of how cold Sinnoh is. Yet the girl still has no pants on! Poor thing.

The climate setting of Platinum was an abnormal one, if I remember correctly. I think it was because of Giratina and the Distortion world appearing. I was hoping more of the DP settings. IIRC, there was a bunch of snow in Twinleaf town in Pt, and I prefer not having it. LOL.

oh, and I just noticed. @romdinner: Less than 24 hours!

{Swan} July 16th, 2013 4:49 AM

I always thought it was weird how the only added snow was in Twinleaf, the southern-most point of western Sinnoh. And yes both of the girls outfits don't seem very cold-proof, but maybe in the Pokémon world supercute clothing is like magically coldproof?

Anyway I updated the image with a more journey-proof design for now, we'll see how it lasts through the adventure (;

Skymin July 16th, 2013 6:51 AM

aw nice!! you drew your character yourself??? I've got some old pictures of birdie but I'll give him another draw just for you guys!!! :)

{Swan} July 16th, 2013 7:03 AM


Originally Posted by Skymin (Post 7739374)
aw nice!! you drew your character yourself??? I've got some old pictures of birdie but I'll give him another draw just for you guys!!! :)

Sure did! It's a re-used older picture, which is why her former design was all Hawaiian, I didn't bother to change it. But at least now she has a design unique to this roleplay, and I can easily change it as the rp goes along C:

Oh please do, I'd love to have a visual reference!

romdinner July 16th, 2013 9:27 AM

Here is my Su. I'll be using a former character as well due to the same reasons as Skymin stated above. However, I've twisted her history a bit to match the current Rp. :)

Name: Catherine *Kat* Primrose

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Picture ---->

Kat is about 5’06” and weighs approximately 115.0 lbs with a slender figure. Her hairstyle is most of the time the one that can be seen in the picture, however, she will make some changes to it from time to time so don’t be surprised if you’ll find her with a bun or braided hair. She doesn’t have any scars on her body, but she does have an unusual birthmark on the upper part of her back, close to her right shoulder which resembles a butterfly.

For her journey she decided to go with something simple yet elegant at the same time for her choice of clothes. Apart from the one’s she is wearing she also has a scarf and an umbrella put for safe keeping in her bag.

Personality: Kat is a very bold person who is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she thinks is best, despite being very well mannered and elegant. This would be something to admire in a person, however, due to her place in society, she learned that doing so will harm her parent’s reputation. But this didn’t stop the girl from making her opinion heard, being as witty and devious as she is she found out that she could stand her ground by outsmarting the other party. Kat is the type of girl who doesn’t give a dime on what others think, but cares about how her actions affect her loved ones. She is very smart, being at the top of her class, and is quick to react but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get things wrong sometimes….she’s not a smartass that’s for sure. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very determined in what she does and doesn’t stop until what she has on her mind is done.

Even if she looks fragile, she is very powerful and packs a punch which will make you see stars, not quite the lady you imagined. Hey a girl has to be ready for everything ( or so she believes ). The only moments when Kat can really be herself and forget all about the rules and etiquette of aristocracy is when she is alone or with her mother. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys acting elegant and being refined, but she also enjoys running barefoot into a field of flowers and resting under and old Oak tree.
All in all, in a few words, you could say Kat is a mixture of bold with elegance, some drops of intelligence and determination, an accidental drop of stubbornness and a sprinkle of power. Just your normal high-class lady, who knows what she wants and tries to get it.

History: Catherine is the one and only daughter and heir of the Primrose family, who is an aristocrat family well known in Velistone City, which is Kat’s birth place, and most parts of the Sinnoh region. Daughter of Elizabeth Primrose and Maxwell Primrose, she is the most precious thing on earth for them and care a lot for her, sometimes more than they should. Her father owns some private companies throughout the region which mostly deal with the development of new medicine and medical equipment. Kat had a beautiful childhood and despite her father being very busy, and often had to leave home for weeks, she was raised by her mother who left her job as a fashion designer to rest and devoted herself to her daughter.

One day, when Catherine was about ten years old she was taken by her father to a nearby park since he promised her for a long time that when he comes back home he will spent some time with her. There, he let the girl do what she wanted as he sat on a nearby bench and watched from afar. As the little girl was playing, she met a young boy around her age with whom she quickly made friends. The youngster presented himself as Damien, with a big smile on his face. The two started playing around and soon enough got caught in the heat of the moment and were competing in every little thing they did: most birds seen in the sky, the most swings made on the swing and the biggest rock they could find, all this under the amused eyes of Catherine’s father. As the sun went down the two kids were still at it in their competition, but since it was getting late Kat’s father got up and went towards his girl. At the same time a car stopped next to the playground and out came a man, dressed in a fancy suit and holding a briefcase. The man wasn’t a stranger for Maxwell, he was a former friend of his that was also part of the high class society, having a series of medical companies as well around the region. I say former, because the two had a huge fight in their teens due to Maxwell winning over his current wife, wife that had been the crush of his “friend”. The man called out Damien and gave a big grin towards Maxwell, who just realized that the boy was actually the son of his former friend.

Since that incident, the two arch enemies started bumping into each other more often that they would like, at certain events, meetings and other places and started bragging about their children. As a result Kat started being initiated into the fine art of being a lady, at her father’s wishes. This was of course bound to happen one day due to their position in society, but at the age of twelve this was too soon. Because of this Kat’s mother insisted that if this was to happen she would personally teach her child, thing that made Kat happy as ever.

Over the years that have passed since Maxwell decided to turn his daughter into the perfect heir, Kat’s relationship with her father has developed into something that Kat couldn’t have predicted. She isn’t allowed out without any supervision, she has to be home by 7 PM, she isn’t allowed outside without his permission and most of all, she has to act accordingly when in the presence of guests. It’s obvious to tell that this regiment isn’t really to Kat’s liking, but the girl has her ways of dealing with this life, not to mention that a bit of help from Kat’s mother is always to her liking. She usually sneaked outside and wandered through the gardens or the nearby forest, her mother always took her daughter out in town, Maxwell knowing that it was for her education, but the two girls always went and had fun together. However as fun and helpful as Elizabeth may have been, Kat cannot convince her mother to help her without first finishing her lessons or other duties she has. Kat’s very fond of her mother and admires her deeply. She couldn’t believe that when her mother was young, she went on a pokemon journey through other regions and only after that she became a designer. Kat got really intrigued by the stories her mother kept telling her and soon enough the girl was looking through any book she could find about pokemon, battles and so on.

Being caught in the feud with his former friend, Maxwell has become overprotecting of his daughter and is somehow very strict in his way of dealing with her, always wanting for her to be the best at what she does so she is not shadowed by Damien. She was always compared to Damien and told that she should not be any lower that him. This led to both children being irritated when compared to the other so while maintaining a diplomatic smile in public, the two always bicker at each other when left alone.

Now Kat is seventeen and has turned into a fine young lady, a lady who cannot stand any more of her father’s protectiveness and has to face her father’s wish of her being her heir in the company. Kat had put up with everything that her father had demanded from her, but now it was too much. She refused and told him that she desires to start a pokemon journey, just like her mother did when she was her age. They fought on the subject. Seeing that he couldn’t convince his daughter by simple means, Maxwell, with a bit of restraint, offered Kat a deal. He would let her embark on her journey …..BUT if she doesn’t do something praise worthy on her journey, she would have to abandon being a pokemon trainer and take over the family company. Elizabeth was about to try and explain to her husband that that was impossible for a starting trainer, but Kat spoke sooner and agreed without hesitation to the deal. She knew that a starting trainer has a lot to learn and won’t become famous overnight, but she was determined to fight and pursue what she wanted to do. With things settled she said farewell to the mansion, to her father and mother and hopped in the car prepared to take her to Twinleaf Town where she would receive her first pokemon.

Reserved Starter:

Pokemagician July 16th, 2013 10:22 AM

This looks fun, please could I reserve a place with Shinx as my starter please? Will get to work and get my SU up as soon as possible! Thank you!

My SU:

Name: Jason Stafford
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Jason is a boy around average height, maybe towards the taller end and is a little on the skinny side. He has a fair complexion with bright blue eyes, just like his mother's were. Jason also has sandy blonde hair that he wears spiked up, with a red headband with a compass in the centre to support his hair.
For this adventure, Jason is wearing a blue letterman's jacket with a globe and lightning bolt logo on the left hand side of it. The jacket s done all the way up to the top and is extremely old and faded. He's also wearing a pair of faded, torn blue jeans, held up by a fairly plain white belt, that is slightly discoloured, with a chain hanging down off it. In regards to footwear, he is wearing a beat-up old pair of red trainers that have clearly seen better days. The only other item Jason has on him is a necklace of his mother's that he keeps in his pocket; it's a beautiful gold chain with a large stone as blue as the sea dangling from it.

Personality: Jason is an incredibly bright person, both academically and in a worldly sense also. He is fairly adaptable to new situations also, due to what happened in his past, he had to be! If someone was to befriend Jason, they would find a loyal companion in him and someone with a burning desire to please and keep them safe from harm. However, Jason is slightly reluctant and shy when encountering new people and can sometimes seem rude due to this, hence why he has very few friends.
He is fascinated by the water and everything to do with it, an intrigue stemming from his mother. He is a person who would much rather go and relax, alone by a river or the sea, than spend time with others. Jason does try to avoid big social events, much preferring a quite scene with a few close friends as he is rather quiet and dislikes big social events quite strongly.

History: Jason was born into a very rich family who lived in a mansion just outside Goldenrod City. It was just him and his parents there and he was incredibly happy when he was a young boy. It is safe to say he was living the high life! He had all the toys he could ask for, had lots of little friends in the area and always excelled at school, making his parents very proud of him. However, one day, when he was 8 years old, disaster struck. His parents were on their way back from a party in the city, when they were involved in a car accident, which killed both of them. Jason was distraught. In the following days, the house was repossessed and his parents fortune vanished without a trace.
Jason, without a penny to his name was sent to stay with his Aunt in Twinleaf Town, the only reminder of his parents, his mother's necklace. Despite her best efforts, his Aunt was poor and struggled to provide for him. Jason struggled at school as very few people talked to him and he was set apart by his lack of social knowledge and his intellect, which the other kids mocked him for. During his teenage years, Jason began getting more adventurous, staying out late and exploring the local areas and getting to know the ways of the world better, learning how it wasn't anything like the idyllic image his parent had made him believe it was. When Jason heard about Professor Fir's invitation to become a Pokémon trainer, a plan started to formulate in his mind. If he became a trainer, he could start earning money from battling other trainers and gym leaders and gain some strong Pokémon to boot. He could start to rebuild his parents lost fortune with the ultimate goal of recovering their original fortune and making his dead parents proud of him once more...

Starter: Shinx

TheCartographer July 16th, 2013 2:45 PM

Name: Owen
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: A fairly seasoned traveller standing around six foot one and a quarter inch or so. Medium length brown hair was tied back into a short tail. His sulpted, but also reasonably weathered face that had a tan from being out and about for years on end. Under his rugged cloths he was bilt for cross crountry journey.

He wears RX travel boots with barely a rustle of leaves under his soft foot steps.. Baggy brown cargo pants with a good many pockets for goodies and goobles. A blue hoodie-T covered his upper body but revealed his well toned arms when he wasn't wearing his grey Avalanch Cold Weather Jacket, the most expensive thing he owned, where as his Orren Scarf was likely his most prized possesion. When the scarf wasn't rolled up it showed a map of the Johto and Kanto regions. His Durastel bag, a light weight durabal bag held everything that he needed.

Personality: Owen is a rather quiet person, normally he doesn't go into towns and villages unless he really needs to or when he is hired by a professor to deliver goods to other regions. Often he stops and trades for goods with passing trainers or whoever he runs across. Sometimes he has to go into a built up area due to weather.

When he is out in the wild, where he has made a home for himself he is a bit more open, feeling at ease there. He has built his survival skills, while his social skills have gotten rather lacking. Rather awkward around people and particullary groups. He is loyal though, and if he owes you he will make sure he pays his debt.

History: Owen grew up as an orphan in Snowpoint, and when he was growing up on the streets he learned that the world was a dangerous place. When he was seven he was cooking beans in an ally when Orren scarf blew nearby and got slightly shinged in his fire, he pulled it out and looked at it and found that it was a map, that was when he rose from the snow and set off on his journey.

Five years ago, during the time when war seemed at hand he had been at Mount Silver conducting research for professor Oak, that was when he was requested back to the region to help with rebuilding efforts. When he got there he worked to make sure that those who lived on farms and in the more rural areas were okay.

Now returning from his travels in the Orre region, he lives on the road, just now reaching twinleaf for the request that was asked of him. Finding out the whole story of the Shinno Mythological Mystery is something that he thinks will be an interesting adventure. He hopes that one day, he will find a home amongst the regions but not yet.

Reserved Starter: (I cant see them for some reason! So I dont know what they are.)

Jegretis July 16th, 2013 3:39 PM

Could I reserve Turtwig please? I'll also have my SU up soon.

Name: Alex Ganston

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Picture of Him:

Appearance: The first thing someone would notice about Alex is his, standing at about 6'2". Fairly solid build, he tries to get in a work-out whenever he can, although he is by no means 'beefy'. He has medium-short black hair, along with some stubble which can easily grow into a beard in simply a week. His eyes are a dark brown, which are nearly black if not seen up close.

For his travels, he decided to go with something that wouldn't be too bulky, nor thin, seeing as it is cold in Sinnoh. He wears a black crewneck sweater, with picture of an outline of a Noctowl on it, made of gold lines. He wears dark blue jans with a black belt and a Pokeball holder on the belt. His backpack is a nice yellow-orange color, which he uses to store various things such as items and snacks of the sorts.

Personality: Can be arrogant and cocky at times, Alex is not afraid to turn down a challenge, which shows his more competitive side. However, he does try his hardest to not rub the wrong way against people. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and if anyone has a problem with him he's not afraid to get physical. Getting into a few fights in the past, he can handle himself fairly well. He can also get carried away at times, and tends to linger around in past events, or hold grudges.

Once getting to know Alex, people can get fairly used to his attitude. He's by no means negative, but he has a potty mouth. Although his mom has capped him, his language has dropped significantly in terms of vulgar words. However, he can be a nice guy, especially to his friends or someone who needs help. He likes to take charge of situations, and isn't embarrassed to do something, as he could care less about what people think of him.

On another note, he likes to say cheesy-pick up lines, especially slightly dirty ones. He hasn't really had a girlfriend, and is also not sure why. However, he loves his mom, and wouldn't pick any girl over her, despite how much he may talk back to her or disagree.

History: Before becoming a trainer, Alex was a trouble maker. He essentially roamed the streets of Jubilife City, pulling pranks, staying up late, doing the usual teenager stuff. There was also a time when he started to steal from PokeMarts, mostly for jut giggles and peer pressure. Although he never got caught, he did eventually stop, after the PokeMart moved locations to the other side of the city. Growing up by a single mother, Alex never had a father figure in his life. He could honestly care less about his father, but he does occasionally wonder what he is like, as his mom never talks about him. All he knows is that his father is a police officer, in another city.

Without his father, Alex has learned to become more independent, despite his mother's efforts to help him. He has lived a fairly simple life, despite not being incredibly wealthy and being able to afford some 'wants' of the average teenager. Alex has learned to cope with what he has, and not complain about what he doesn't. Although this was the main driving force for stealing, in the back of his head, he honestly believes he just did it for fun, not wanting to admit it.

His mother originally did not want him taking the chance of becoming a Pokemon trainer, mainly due to his behaviour, and possible conflict with other trainers. However, truth be told, she was just worried about him leaving. With no father, or siblings, she did not want to feel alone. However, she knew that Alex would return someday. Alex personally did not care about going on the journey, but after hearing about it around town, it became of interest to him, especially the exploring aspect of it.

Reserved Starter: Turtwig

RP Sample:Click Here. It's the first post, and there's also other posts of mine there too.

BlueFlameRider July 16th, 2013 3:53 PM

Could you reserve Shinx for me?

Jegretis July 16th, 2013 4:13 PM

I'm finished my SU by the way.

Pokemagician July 17th, 2013 1:14 AM

My SU is now also finished!
BlueFlameRider, I had already reserved Shinx in my post previous to yours I believe...?

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