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Sheraku July 14th, 2013 3:59 PM

Pokemon: Region of Orre (M) [IC] OOC Thread

Phenac City Coloseum

"Alright trainer's let's see what you got!" An announcer shouted over the intercom of the crowded water based Phenac City Coloseum. "We are now in the starting Semi-finals of the Midnight Challenge!" The man contiuned as the adiance cheered. "First up is Seth Zypher! A trainer who hails from Pyrite! He's been proving to be doing well in this tournament so far! Let's hope his luck holds out!"

From the shadowed left entrance to the arena, a young man, who stood only 5' 4" tall entered slowly. He wore huge goggles over his eyes and was trailed by a sturdy looking Charmeleon. Seth stopped when he reached his side of the battle field and waited patently with an evil smile across his face. The audiance went wild as he lifted his hand into the air. He wore some type of guantlet over his left arm. Once his opponent was introduded, and made his way to the field Seth smirked wider.

"GO DRAGONAIR!!" The opposing boy yelled tossing a blue red accented ball into the air. In a flash of light the long dragon Pokemon took shape. "Heheh, hope you got an ice type, for your sake!"

Seth lifted his lime green goggles up off his face lifting his bangs, and glared at the Pokemon. His eyes then flashed an even brighter green for a second, and he could see a dark aura surrounding the opponent's Dragonair. "Well there it is...I conceed defeat." Seth spoke non-chalantly lowering his goggles back down. The audiance suddenly grew sileant.

"Y-you what?!" The opponent called out, almost interupting the announcer. Who stated, "I'm sorry folks it's seems as though the rising challenger Seth has declared his forfit!"

Seth laughed slightly grabbing a purple ball marked with a white 'M' on it. "Not quite, I'd say it's more of a legit disqualification!" He spoke gripping his only Master Ball in his left palm. The glass orb on the back of his hand started to glow. "Charish the last moments you have with my Pokemon. Hope your not too fond of it, cause truthfully it could careless about you!" And with that said Seth whipped the ball across the Coloseum directly into the Dragonair's forehead.

The Master Ball cracked open with an array of flashing colors taking the shape of a hand pulled the dragon Pokemon within then closed, instantly dinging the successful 'catch.' Gasps and roars erupted from the audiance as the ball flew back into the left hand of Seth's machine. He quickly stomped on the ground with his right foot and an electronic buzz could be head echoing thoughout the room as his boot grew and morphed into a hover bike.

Not having the time to waste listening to the rants of disbelief comming from the announcer and the now crying trainer. Seth turned the bike towards the wall and pressed a button on his Snag Machine. A sudden explosion took out a large portion of the Coloseum leading out into the deserts of Orre. Charmeleon blasted a wall of fire around his trainer preventing any objectors from getting too close, before jumping onto the back of the bike. Moments later Seth was gone without a trace into the vastness of the early morning. Heading toward the Outskirt Stand, which was now a small town surrounding the land mark.

DayMair July 15th, 2013 6:21 AM

Loryn was wandering down a long dirt road. She wasn't really sure where she was going, or where she was at. The sun was hot above her, and her clothes offered little protection to the rays. Her skin was growing sunburnt from all of her time outside. I wish I had some sunscreen, she thought with a sigh. Sure, she had enough money from her previous show to buy some, but she usually only spent it on food and a room to sleep it. Her head snapped up as she heard fluttering wings above her.
"Oh Crobat! You scared me," she laughed sheepishly as the purple bat-like Pokemon flew to her side. "So, did you find anything?"
"Cro! Crobat!" he nodded quickly, and flew back up into the air. Loryn chased after her Pokemon. "Sheesh Crobat slow down!" she panted, but didn't slacken her pace as the rugged building came in sight. "The Outskirt Stand?" she paused just outside of the town that surrounded it. "I wonder if we could hold a show here?" she grinned at Crobat as he landed on her shoulder.

Sheraku July 15th, 2013 7:48 AM

OutSkirt Stand
1:32 am

Slowing the speed of his hover bike upon nearing the outer edge of the town, Seth weaved effortlessly between the small amount of scattered people until he pulled to the front of the broken down train. The stand was still opporational and kept well preserved through the ages. Charmeleon lept off the bike with a grunt before Seth turned a dial on the side of his bike which convereted back into his oversized boot. Progressing up into the engine Seth had placed the MasterBall containing the Dragonair into the metal strap that ran across his chest.

Once inside he instantly progressed over to the bar and smiled at the owner. The man shoke his head slightly and laughed a little. "So Seth got into more trouble, eh?" He asked pouring a shot of spiced rum into a tiny glass passing it to the trainer. Seth instantly slammed the drink down and looked up over to the large flat screen TV hanging from the ceiling. "Damn news give me away, again?" He replied jokingly, though it was the truth.

The television replyed the evens of Seth's most recent snag with critisizing remarks. Seth listened to the report once before placing a silver coin on top of the bar, "two more." Slamming the first shot down Seth swiveled his chair around to be facing the other people in the room. The stand was surprisingly pretty filled up, for being this early.

As if intentionally ignoring the man to his left Seth waited for a comment, with a smirk on his face. The man was rather tall and had an X-shaped scar on his face. Seth knew this man for awhile, his name was Zephyr. Impatient Seth turned on his chair his elbow resting on the back of it. "So, what you think of my newest addition?" He asked darkly, knowing that Zephyr had to have seen him snag the Dragonair on the TV. "How about we test her out? Didn't really wait to see what she's actually capable of...yet." He continued deviously.

miley810 July 15th, 2013 8:25 AM

Kana Janeson sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily, keeping herself propped up with one hand. She stretched before standing up, realizing she’d fallen asleep on the couch. She walked out back to the shed, almost big enough to be considered a house, where she had the incubators for the pokemon she bred. She made sure no one had hatched, and all the pokemon she had in there to breed were happy and had food and water, before going outside and releasing her six pokemon. She set out the food bowls for the six pokemon.

Glaceon was the first pokemon she ever bred, being guided by her parents until a shipwreck took their lives. Not that it bothered her too much. Meganium was the first pokemon she’d seen her parents breed, from a little Chikorita up to her beautiful state now. Pidgeot had been her first pokemon to breed on her own, having worked very hard with him to get him to the state he is now. Then there was Litwick, who’d only hatched a month or two ago. Luxary and Houndoom were the only two of the team she caught, not something she did often. She sort of wished she hadn’t, they were shadow pokemon.

She loved the two pokemon as much as she did the rest, but the thought of them saddened her slightly. Shadow pokemon had the doors to their hearts closed. She had caught them to breed them with the other two of the same species her parents had had, but she knew when she figured out they were shadow pokemon that wasn’t going to work out as she’d hoped. She sighed as she picked up Litwick for a second. “Eat slower, Glint. You’re going to get a stomach ache if you keep eating so fast.” The young pokemon nodded, and she sat him back down. The sound of her voice was almost foriegn, she hardly spoke. Never to other humans when she did, only to the pokemon.

After they were all fed she let them run around for a bit, keeping an eye on Litwick, Luxary, and Houndoom. The shadow pokemon were normally alright at following orders, but they didn’t always. So she kept an eye on them most of the time. She couldn’t just lock them away, it wasn’t their fault they’d been corrupted, as she put it, by those stupid humans. They hadn’t chose it. She originally was going to release them, but some part of her wouldn’t let her. She wanted to find a way to help them, though that was probably a lost cause. So she kept them around, and at least tried to keep them tame. At least she could help them by feeding them.

After a while of play time she returned the pokemon, and put away the food dishes. She fixed a grilled cheese for herself, and observed her almost empty cabinets, sighing. “Looks like I’d better head into town again... I’m running low on supplies. I really wish grocery stores delivered.” She closed the cabinet doors and went to the bathroom, brushing out her mid-back length navy blue hair, which had two light blue stripes going from front to back. She picked up her black messenger-style bag and started walking on foot towards town, not really paying attention to which she was going to, not looking forward to the ‘social interaction’ that was unavoidable, since she’d at least have to talk to the cashier.

Nate July 15th, 2013 12:04 PM

I slammed my fist down hard on the counter containing my order.

"I already payed for this!" I scream but not too loudly. The shopkeep just shakes his head in dismiss and does a hand action to say 'get lost.'

"How much do you friggin want?" I say, desperate for my order.

"Fifty," the man says with a grated voice. I hadn't actually heard I'm speak until now, and even so it's just one word. I flick through my notes to recover my note marked fifty. It was a strange currency here, completely different to mine and the price range was dramatically different, but you seem to earn more, so in fairness it's very similar.

I slam the note on the desk and the man slides it back with his forefingers, then pushes the parcel across the counted. I lift it up and heave it outside, not stopping to say thank you. I live on the other side of town so it's usually difficult for me to carry my machines from the shops which are mainly situated around the other side of town from my house. It's quite frustrating really. As I slam the door open with my foot I remember the lock on it has been broken for a few days now. The parcel lays on the floor now and a jump onto my sofa and snuggle down. My house is pretty straight forward, you got the entrance, and directly in front of the entrance is my living room, to the left I have my bedroom, and to the right is my kitchen, which also connects to the small bathroom I have. The only real distinction between the kitchen and the living area is a short stubby marble counter that sticks out among the rest. After some time of rest I take my parcel and slowly back up against the door that is opposite the entrance, on the other side of the living room, and then turn around to find myself going down stairs. The stairs lead down to where I conduct all my research, and store most of my rare stuff. I slump in the small leather chair I got a few weeks ago and lay the parcel on the long spacious desk in front of me. After grabbing the scissors I snip off bits of the tap slowly and carefully till it's revealed, a monitor/screen! Damn been waiting for one of these a long time. The system get's plugged into the monitor and on the screen sows three sets of numbers, each set with about 10 in. I quickly grab my notepad and write these numbers down, then rip of the area surrounding the numbers and stick it to my clipboard along with some other numbers. Usually this would take weeks to come up with 3 lines of numbers due to decoding and such, but being able to see them is a lot easier, unfortunately, it's still a slow process due to my choice of power, radiation, and kike I said before it takes ages to come up with something, so it's a matter of wait, come back and check, wait, come back, wait, come back, so on. The chair I sit on skids back as I propel myself back with my feet.

I grab my coat and put on my shoes and head out to work. I'm quite skilled at my job, but some people think I'm wrong to do it because I'm not religious. It's true I'm not, but being an exorcist mean I learn other skills, like swordsmanship. There isn't much else within that that you could use in a real life situation, but I think being able to handle a sword is one of the most handy traits you'll need.

I arrive at the city center, the chapel isn't far from here. I feel the cold air nip against my face as I walk through the cobble stoned streets.

(ooc - up for interaction)

<Challenger> July 15th, 2013 4:29 PM

Zephyr "Rider" Blitz
Of Alcohol and Battles

The day started out in an average way for me. I was just chilling at the bar chatting up some potential informants. I had learned that the mayor of Phenac was having an affair, that Pyrite Town was being run by criminals shocker shocker, and the bartender was having a brand new son. Other than that, nothing eventful had happened. "Arceus. It's boring as Hell around here." I said to the bartender. "By the by, congratulations on the brand new son. I'm happy for you." We clasped hands with the man and had a bro hug. "I'll take a mug of the special of the day." It was always a surprise. I like surprises. Seconds later the tender slammed down a mug. I picked it up and took a deep draft. It tasted much like pumpkins mixed with ale. "You know how to please a man, my good fellow." I gave a hearty laugh and let out a belch.

After several more drinks I noticed a specific news report..."Arceus dammit. That kids gonna get in trouble one of these days, and I'll be found out because of it." It was Seth. He was a cheeky little bastard, but he was alright with me. "Am I right, or am I right?" I gave a chuckle and looked at the man to my left. "He's one of my pals, that guy."

Like fifteen minutes later a short guy with crazy hair and giant boots came in and took a seat next to me. He ordered some rum and had a laugh with the tender. I'mma teach him a lesson in patience. I chuckled a little and just sat there stoicly until Seth finally cracked. "So, what you think of my newest addition? How about we test her out? Didn't really wait to see what she's actually capable of...yet."

I couldn't contain my laughter as I cackled. I'm a little buzzed...Nothing too big. "You, my man, are gonna get into some deep sh** one of these days, and we here at the Stand aren't gonna be around to shelter you." I started laughing some more, but quickly contained it. "That was some nice work right there. Maybe I WOULD like to see it tried out." I gave Seth a slap on the back and stepped outside, releasing my good old partner in crime: Seep. The Muk was pretty much silent, but I knew how to communicate him. It held out its fist, and I touched it with mine. "We're gonna have a little battle with Seth. How's that sound?" He gave a grin of approval. I called back into the bar, "Hey Seth! Get out here!"

Sheraku July 15th, 2013 4:54 PM

Zephyr started off by critisizing a bit on how Seth was going to be caught in some actual trouble one of these days, without assistance from the crew at the Stand. Seth couldn't help but join in the little laugh with him. "Think I give half a Raticate's ass? Ain't a person on the continent able to step up to me." Seth replied sarcastically. Zephyr had let him know quickly that it was somewhat of a joke, by following up with a compliment on his successful snag. Seth was sure there was some sincerity in what he was told, about trouble comming his way.

The next thing the man stated was the acceptance to the battle offer, as he made his way out infront of the Stand. Seth slammed the second shot down, three this quickly with his little body mass was sure to hit him hard in a few. Seth however was use to going all out as turned to the bartender. "Hey new daddy, your gunna want to check this one out personally." He opened his mouth to continue but the impatient Zephyr called his summonings.

Stepping out into the coldness of the deserts night it didn't bother Seth any, even if he never wore a shirt. Looking at Seep, Zephyr's Muk, Seth laughed to himself. "Okay Sh**-Pile, you ready? Oh and Seep I bet you are too." With his not too original dis spoken, Seth removed the Master Ball from his chest. "Okay baby, let's see what you got!" He shouted tossing the ball high into the air. As it cracked open the Shadow Dragonair let out a roar that was far more dark and vicious sounding than the usual gracefulness of an ordinary one of the same name. "After you..." Seth restrained himself from finishing the line.

DayMair July 15th, 2013 6:09 PM

Loryn was feeling a bit nervous being in this part of town. The area seemed a bit shady. She jumped back as two trainers shouldered their way out of the little bar in front of her. One was a big, handsome looking fellow, and the other was a scrawny boy with crazy hair. She bit back a laugh, it just looked so foolish. It seemed that the two were about to engage in a battle. Curious, Loryn walked a bit farther away and sat on an overturned barrel, seemingly minding her own business. Crobat landed beside her, and she pretended to tend to a "bruised wing", but periodically looked up to check on the battle. She wasn't much of a battler herself, but perhaps she could learn some techniques to add to her show.

Daisuke Mitsuharu July 15th, 2013 6:27 PM

It was him; the lad who possessed such an audacity to pilfer an individual's Pokemon, in broad daylight. Maya deeply loathed such a man; it was a cowardly act, indeed it was. Oh, how she fervently sought to confront him; oh, how she longed to spurn him for such a trivial act.

'How dare he.. That dastard.'

Maya sighed, affronted by her thoughts; just considering the matter made her blood boil, oh so rabidly. In the meantime, she waited, although much to her chagrin, taking especial notice of his frivolous battle.

Nate July 16th, 2013 6:18 AM

"Uh that place," I moan as the priest explains top me my job. I hate the outskirt stand, mostly because it's small, but I just have a profound hate for it. I'm not sure why, it's just the personality of the place. It lacks personality...

After making a quick stop at home to gather up some supplies I hop onto my Skarmory and take off to the sky's. The view isn't much, I'm not too high up, but still all I see is sand. The place is just sand sand and more sand, not like Jhoto, always trees and grass to lie your head on. I land near an inn on the edge of town which is close to a bar and an unsuccessful restaurant business and start to walk inwards. '13 Morgue street,' I keep repeating to myself. It definately sounds like death, morgue... Sometimes my job tires me out with all the travelling I'm forced into, but at the same time it's nice to see new places, except this place. I arrive at morgue street fashionably early and enter a small family home. Two people, a man and a women, come flooding towards me as I enter the room, one sobbing, the other one calm and collective, "glad you're here."

I sit down on a rather uncomfortable sofa and drink a cup of warm tea as the family tells me about the possession.

"She was in the garden one day, the next, the garden's filled with vines and she won't budge!" the women says. The man explains in further detail the personality of the girl, and that she likes to garden. Gotcha.

"You're daughter has made a deal with a blossom spirit and in return the spirit, or should I say demon, is keeping her in the garden as er end of the deal." This is a common one, all I have to do is break the deal, either by breaking her free or by killing the spirit. I take a closer look at the vines. Yes fireproof, my guess we'll have to kill this one.

"By the power of Christ, please bless me although with my sin, a non believer but desperate within." A hold my hand to my chest and out comes my sword. It's a beautiful thing, slightly bent like a samurai, but thin and sharp like a Katina, with jewels on the handle for decoration. With ease I plunge my sword into the vines and it instantly disintegrates, dropping the girl who is quickly gathered up by her mother and sent to bed.

It's late now so I decide to get a room, and ten I remember the inn where I landed. I head over to the site and buy a small room, although the bed isn't all that soft and the TV is a bit small. I flick on the TV to see what is on, although all there is to watch is a breaking story about some show off at a tournament stealing someone's pokémon. There's another of them shadow pokémon... I've always wondered if those shadow pokémon are the work of demons or man, it's a mystery to me, and honestly I don't care, they've never really harmed me or been of a threat to me, and they look as weak as any wild pokémon. I don't know if I'm overlooking anything. I shut my eyes and try to sleep.

miley810 July 16th, 2013 5:43 PM

Eventually Kana made it to town, though she didn't really look at anyone. She took the least busiest streets and headed straight to the store. She picked up a basket and started buying what she would need, though she couldn't get much since she had to carry it all the way home. After about fifteen minutes she went to the cash register. "Hello, how are you today?" The lady at the cash register asked.

"I'm fine..." Kana mumbled, putting her groceries on the counter to be rung up. After she'd purchased her items she put them in her own bag and walked out, and started looking around. She wasn't sure if there was anywhere else she needed to go, and she didn't want to make two trips. So finally she started walking around, looking at the different buildings to make sure they didn't trigger a need.

Sheraku July 17th, 2013 6:20 PM

((OOC: 1st person is obviously Zephyr))

Battle Between "Friends"

I laughed at Seth' little joke. "You cheeky little bastard." The kid was a fiesty one. He was bound for greatness, I believe. "You can brag all you'd like, but we all know...I'M the best." I gave a wink. Admittedly the Dragonair was a bit intimidating, but it wasn't enough to phase a dashing rogue like me. "Seep, are you ready to take this chump down?" The Muk smiled and raised his fist back into the air, which I bumped with mine own. "Alright, let's do this! Sludge Bomb!" Seep began to launch countless balls of sludge at the Dragonair.

Glowing a bright white and surrounded by similar glowing rings, the Shadow Pokemon held it's ground against the barrage of sludge. 'Hmm, Safeguard, huh?' Seth thought to himself recognizing the technique instantly. "Nice try there, man! We'll just see about that! Let's start things of small." Seth replied directing his finger toward Seep. "Use Dragon Rage!" He then shouted as the jewel on Dragonair's neck began to shine. The Pokemon then let out a rather large yellow fire ball from it's mouth that crashed through the remaining Sludge Bombs. It hadn't taken his attention, but Seth did notice that a couple girls have started to watch the battle unfold as well. One who was tending to her Crobat's wing, and another who Seth could have sworn was looking at him, with a rather evil glare.

I was surprised that the over-grown worm could deflect Sludge Bomb. There was obviously a Safeguard at fault. Sneaky little bastard. The next thing I knew there was a yellow fire ball coming at Seep. I had about a second to react. "Seep, use Fire Blast!" The Muk launched out a flaming ball out to meet the opposing attack. "HaHA! Suck on that, shorty!" I raised my fist in the air in triumph. "Now, Seep, use Poison Jab!" Seep moved forward at a surprising rate with his hand glowing a pure purple. It gave a loud cry and jammed its hand into the side of his opponent, hoping to do a significant amount of damage.

The two attacks collided with a fierce wave of heated energy, canceling eachother out. As the warm air breezed across Seth's mostly exposed body it pushed his outstandingly white spiky hair back. His goggles made it so he didn't need to flinch from either the light nor the forceful wind. Then before Seth could react Seep had lunged forward with blinding speeds delivering a solid jab into Dragonair's side, sending the Shadow Pokemon sprawling across the ground and almost directly into the Stand itself. Shaking off the hit, Dragonair let out another terrifying roar signalfying it's anger. As it floated a couple feet of the ground. Seth removed his goggles and blinked at his Pokemon, which now had a deep red firey aura surrounding it. "Now you've done it, Rider, see you handle this one! Use Shadow Storm, now!" Dragonair whipped it's head around and lashed forward sending out a huge spiraling black tornado of dark energy that ripped through the ground heading to engulf the Muk.

BlueFlameRider July 18th, 2013 5:26 PM

Andrew rode on his rapidash, which he nicknamed Rocket. Rocket literally and figured gave him much needed warmth and light though the desert nights. Though the day, Rocket would take in heat around him, causing the air to cool, and during the night he would start giving off the heat. Rapidash also gave him comfort, and gave him fond memories of home.

This was not just a simple patrol, he began to enter an inn which he heard a man called Yuki was staying at. He asked the lady at the front desk to for his room number, and he started to slowly pass by each room by room on foot, until he came to Yuki's room. He started to knock on the door, hoping he wasn't already asleep.

Nate July 19th, 2013 4:21 AM

A knock on the door.... Another client perhaps? It was pretty late at night, so it was difficult to remember things. I opened the door to view a young man who looked about 20 was at my doorstep, his uniform unfamiliar to me. I step into the corridor, shutting the door behind me, and realize I'm still wearing my work clothes. Ah well, they were pretty casual too, after all I refused to wear all the priest get-up. I stare at the man with a confused expression, trying to figure out his intentions, and I feel like I've lost my tongue for a second. When i retrieve it I begin to question the man on his motive here.

"Good day," I say, although we both know it's late, "I work with the exorcist group and I'm only staying here temporarily. Is there something you need?" I ask in a formal and refined voice, although my occasional yawn gives away that I'm not too formal on a day to day basis.

BlueFlameRider July 19th, 2013 6:11 AM

"Why, hello. I am Andrew Sol, and I just want to ask you a few questions on behalf of the the Team Magma, the organization I work with. I myself, and simply a representative for this region. May I come in?" he asked.

Nate July 19th, 2013 6:20 AM

I look suspiciously at this representative of this Team magma. Strange group to be sure, although I had never heard of them before. I wave my hand signalling him to walk in and we both sit on two convenient chairs I hadn't really noted before. So he want to ask me questions, but why me? Have I done someting? or perhaps is it the job title and they require 'assistance.' I hoped not, after all I had my fulls at the time, plus I had my research to do.

I sit cross legged on the chair. The man is wearing casual jeans and a t-shirt he saw in the store the other day. Good choice. After studying him suddenly something springs to mind. If this is an organization then they have a goal... Perhaps it's dimension jumping? I had completely forgot about that, probably because I was so used to my usual life here. Still home would be nice, perhaps these guys were doing research about it.

"So what brings you here to me specifically?" I ask in a casual and un-suspicious voice, attempting to hide my curiosity. In a sense, there's really only two things he could be here for, my job, or the dimensions, but he wants questions. What does he want?

Sheraku July 19th, 2013 11:25 AM

The battle continued to rage on for quite awhile, Muk had been enveloped by the twisting dark aura, and flinched momentarily. Only to recover quickly and leap forth with a powerful Body Slam. In it's enraged state Dragonair ignored the orders given by Seth, and recieved the full force of the slam. The two trainers continued to exchange blows against eachothers Pokemon. Until Seth got fed up with his Pokemon not obeying him. "Guess that's good enough for now." He spoke returning his Pokemon to it's place on his chest. Charmeleon who had been leaning against the Stand with his arms crossed growled in disappointment, he hated to watch Seth give up on battles, especially ones ment to see the full potential of his team-mates.

"That was a good one Rider, congrats on being such a sore loser." Seth spoke jokingly. He was now under the influence pretty heavily and wobbled over to his opponent quickly shaking hands with him. "Well I guess..." He paused to return his goggles onto his forehead. "Being it's 2:30ish I'mma going to head off to the Inn for the night. Catch ya in the afternoon." He continued gesturing his temporary fairwell.

Charmeleon followed his trainer towards the Inn, but Seth stopped when he neared the girl who had been giving him the stink eye the entire battle. "Got a problem? Or do you just like what 'cha see?" He asked coldly in a sarcastic tone, his nearly black green eyes glaring bitterly into hers. The girl had been watching the entire time, there was still the other who was tending to her Crobat, but she just seemed interested in the battle more than Seth himself. So he didn't pay her much attention, and waited for a reply from the stranger.

BlueFlameRider July 19th, 2013 11:58 AM

"Well, you are a man of many talents Yuki, you're able to use some sort of magic and from what we hear are researching worm holes. Although, you must be very far from home, I constantly miss Hoenn. If you don't mind me asking, where do you come from." he asked, purposely dodging the question.

Nate July 19th, 2013 12:03 PM

Yes he does know my research, but how, I've always kept this secret. If this gets out any further surely mass hysteria could be caused, but this guy looks smart, he's trying to worm me into helping him, which in all fairness I can't refuse.

"Jhoto," I say, almost immediately. "So my guess is team magma want me to help them? Just for your information, I don't work for free, and perhaps if I was assisted with the research and given a bit of money I'd be happy to help out, although don't think I'm part of the team." I don't know why that came out, probably because of the suspicion I have that Team Magma need me. Perhaps this is beneficial to me, but it would have to be in my own time, and if they need me that badly, I'll surely be able to bend my way around, and surely make something that works for me and them, after all I'm still an exorcist.

Daisuke Mitsuharu July 19th, 2013 2:20 PM

"Of course I have a problem." Maya glowered, albeit calmly, briskly folding her arms, as a testament of her flagrant disbelief.

"I couldn't tolerate what you did in the Coliseum. Don't you even feel the slightest of pity for the trainer you stole from?" She remarked aggravatingly, with a slight crescendo in her tone of voice. Truth be told, Maya couldn't restrain her exasperation much longer than that.

Sheraku July 19th, 2013 9:06 PM

Seth couldn't help but uproar at the girl's reply. He wiped away a false tear after holding his gut, and continued to laugh for a moment longer before settling down putting his focus back on the girl. "So caught the news report, eh?" His expression went to one of pure seriousness. "Pity for that trainer, no. What I feel is pity for the tourtured Pokemon that boy had. He understands nothing of the True Wild Pokemon! And I doubt neither do you..." He trailed off again his voice dark. "The Dragonair hated him, it hated being with him...and it would continue to hate him, no matter how much he tried to bond with it." Seth stepped back slightly. "I could tell that boy lacked what it takes to handle such a Pokemon. They're dangerous!" He snapped. "You only see me as a pety theif. I assure you that I'm much more than that. You completly ignore the truth, that I may have well saved his life, and the lives of those around him. However your just another law abiding fanatic. What could you understand about having your heart closed off?" Seth's rambling was obviously those of a drunk man.

Daisuke Mitsuharu July 19th, 2013 11:43 PM

"So you have a reason for your actions. But, that doesn't justify that what you did is wrong. Means and methods matter. How you go about doing things matter." Maya remarked calmly, despite being previously astonished by Seth's rather vehement oration. Piqued by his mention of the 'True Wild Pokemon,' Maya was certainly coerced to address it; she sought to immerse herself of its nature.

"What are you going on about.. ? What does the 'True Wild Pokemon' have to do with this.. ?" She asked; a sphere of questions inundated her mind; of course, Maya couldn't let unanswered questions linger about; truth be told, she wanted to pursue them, and the revealing of the mystery was within her grasp.

"How are you able to tell that this ordinary 'Dragonair' is.. ?" Maya paused.

"How.. ? Prove to me that you aren't just a petty, heartless thief who roams about, causing mayhem. If your intentions are good, then.. why go through all of this by yourself, deceiving those who can help you .. ?"

Sheraku July 20th, 2013 6:00 AM

Seth smirked his usual smile, once again, one of an unsettling nature. The girl at first made some fine points, not that he cared much about her resolution. However the girl followed up with a barrage of questions herself. She seemed to have taken a special intrest in the fact that Seth had mentioned the True Wild Pokemon, and based a majority of her statements around that fact. "I don't believe I own you any explanation, for doing what I do, or how I do it." He replied intentionaly avoiding ansewering the girl's questions.

He pressed passed her taking a mental note of one phrase in particular. "Prove to me that you aren't just a petty, heartless thief who roams about, causing mayhem." He stopped and looked back over his shoulder. "I never said I wasn't heartless...tell you what if your still interested tomorrow, come find me at the Inn. It's far to early to get into such a debate now. I recommend you get some sleep..." He trailed off, motioning for this Charmeleon to follow. Seth had it in his mind that this girl wouldn't let him off so easily, and prepared for her objections. However she might surprise him and simply wait until the morning, too. Which to Seth would be worse than talking to her now, he hated mornings after 5 am.

Nate July 20th, 2013 7:16 AM

Bang. Right in the head. I sit there still, watching the the blood drip out of the mans head, dripping to the floor. The sight makes me sick. I stumble back and quickly lean myself against the wall. I shout for help, hoping someone comes, not caring about the consequences if there are any. It would be better to say that I'm surprised rather than try to hid the body. One of the janitors comes in and she shrieks loud enough that soon enough theres a crowd of people outside my door, curious as to what the fuss is about, many furious about there awakening. I feel like I'm about to faint, as I quickly grab my bag and slip out of my room, not waiting for any news about it. This is going to be news and I don't want to be part of it. As I re enter the lobby I accidentally stumble into a man about the same age as Yuki, but slightly less dressed and a strange machine on his right arm. Yes there are plenty of strange people in this place.

"Sorry," I say abruptly and impatiently before putting on my coat and stepping out into the dark fresh air.

I stand outside the inn and breath in slowly a few breaths of fresh air. The air relaxes me, but makes my lungs feel bitter and cold. There is no other inn in this small secluded area so I decide it would be best just to ask for another room. I take my time before heading back in, slightly calmed and ready. I head to the counter and ask for my room, but it takes a bit of time to come to an agreement. I get a smaller ground floor room wit a single bed.

I enter my new room and lock my door. I then jump onto my bed, which is surprisingly much comfier than the larger one I had previously and gives me the positive idea that the shooting had a positive side although I know if you were to say that in someones face they would think you were crazy, and try to fall asleep quickly.

I can't sleep at all. The memory of what he said, what team magma are, what the purpose of my research is, just wears me out until I feel like I hate the world, however this just makes me want to go home more, and that will make me research more, which will make me more vulnerable. How do people even know about my research?

I toss and turn in my sleep all night, trying to put two and two together, although I know it's impossible.

miley810 July 20th, 2013 8:52 AM

Eventually Kana decided there was nothing else for her in town. She never liked the feeling of being in town, she always knew something bad was going to happen. And socialization could be considered bad for her, and was likely. So she straightened the strap of her bag and started heading towards home, hoping to escape town before anyone really noticed her. She had considered buying a bike before, but she honestly didn't want to deal with another clerk any time she came to town. So once again she started out on foot.

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