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Pikachu July 16th, 2013 11:07 AM

Origins (OOC)
A Kanto Journey Story
Theme Song In Spoiler

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OOC thread - IC thread STORY
Young Masaki "Bill" Sonezaki is famous throughout the region of Kanto as the nerdy inventor with the big smile who has an interest in nearly every one of the fields that the most famous professors do, and apparently he is close friends with professor Oak. Lately, he has ceased inventing new technical things and has instead become interested in the origins and history of pokémon. For a year now, he has been living in Pewter City, borrowing space in the lab connected to the museum to study the pokémon myths of Kanto. Or rather, the lack of myths. He has decided that he want to travel the region and investigate key locations firsthand, to try and find out why Kanto seems so shallow on this front compared to most other regions. But there is a problem...

Bill has never been a professional pokémon trainer himself, and over the past few months shady people have turned up around Kanto, attacking professional trainers or famous people and attempting to kidnap their pokémon. Some have already disappeared. Since Bill is so famous, his researcher friends in Pewter refuses to let him travel Kanto alone, even though he hasn't got more than one pokémon himself. Instead, they offer to hire some professional trainers to escort him. Bill dislikes the hardcore, serious trainers that the other researchers suggest, so he gets another idea.

He approaches some of the local kids and teenagers of Pewter City and asks them to travel with him. If they don't already have a pokémon, Bill will help them pass the license exam and send for a pokémon from professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town, so that they can become trainers and defend Bill on his journey. Or at the very least, make it seem like they are proper trainers and make the group less susceptible for attacks. You are one of these new trainers who agree to join Bill. SETTING
This pokémon world has some animals in it. People don't eat pokémon, except for in some cultures where they are considered delicacies. People eat animals, just as we do. Tiny bugs exist, as well as fish. And cows and pigs and such, since people do eat them. However, animals that other pokémon are based on aren't common at all. For example, there aren't really many dogs or cats, or squirrels or spiders or birds. Various species of pokémon occupy that place in the ecosystem instead. There are of course some kinds of birds and animals in the forest, but it's more likely you'll encounter pokémon than animals as pokémon aren't quite as shy as animals are. Also, people don't keep animals as pets, they keep pokémon.

Regarding pokémon training, this world is like the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga. To be able to legally own a pokémon, you have to get a trainer's license. To get one, you have to attend a full day course and then the next morning take an exam. If you pass, a license is yours. A license is thus required to even get to have a pokémon pet. Otherwise, police might come and confiscate your pokémon.

Professional pokémon training is like any other sport, only much more popular. Not everyone manages to become a pro, meaning that they can earn enough money to live off it. Mostly it happens this way - kids who are at least the age of 13 get their license. They are then allowed to take a leave from school for three months. Yes, kids actually go to school. If they manage to beat two official pokémon gym leaders in that time, their leave from school can be extended indefinitely. Those who don't manage that will probably not have a chance to become pros until they have finished school in their upper teenage years.

Whenever two trainers agree to battle officially, no matter if it's in an arena or out on a route, the two trainers present an equal amount of money and the winner takes it all. That's how someone can earn enough for a living, if they are good enough.

If someone defeats 8 gym leaders, they are considered pokémon masters. Only masters are allowed to enter the most prestigious tournament of all - the pokémon League competition atop the Indigo Plateau. ANTAGONISTS
The kidnappers are part of a criminal syndicate that will be revealed soon enough. Their motives are grim and mysterious but it does seem like they are intent on getting to Bill, so the trainers accompanying him will probably have their hands full... TRAINER KEYWORDS
Lots of Pewter City kids wanted to take the chance to travel the region with a famous researcher. Bill wanted an interesting and diverse group of companions though, and chose those he thought would be best together and together with him. More specifically, he chose one person from each of the five fitting keyword categories below.





We will travel together through the routes and I will play as Bill. For every area we reach, there will be stuff to do and in some areas there will be enemies or events that you need to tackle. You won't be writing chapters on your own; this is a RP where we interact. Fun times!

The rating is T. No need to put it higher, I think.

There will be LEVELS and I will let you know when a pokémon grows, learns new moves and is able to evolve. I do not judge single posts to determine this; whenever I think a pokémon has accumulated enough experience through one or more, long or short posts, I will give them levels.

I will list what wild pokémon are available in each new area. If you want to capture one - go ahead! If there are special circumstances around certain pokémon, I will state so in a post.

Don't godmod. Make your character somewhat realistic within the frames of your chosen keyword; they won't be super smart and have things under control in all situations because honestly, do you know any real kid who does?

You should be able to post at the very least once every 7 days, for the RP to keep running smoothly. If you don't think that you can keep up, please don't bother signing up! If new players join in later on, they will start as trainers who meet up with the gang and joins them along the way. SIGN UP
Keyword: (choose what keyword your character is based around)
Age: (13-17. You'll get a special leave from school through Bill's authority, in case you weren't in the middle of your three month leave already)

Body: (body build, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone etc.)

Clothing: (what will they be wearing on the journey? Any accessories besides the traveling bag with necessities?)

Personality: (sum up what they are generally like, how they act around others, their strengths and weaknesses. Make it fit their keyword)

Interests: (state shortly - or elaborate on! - their interests or hobbies, if they have some besides pokémon)

History: (can be pretty brief, but state how they grew up and how they came to be who they are today. Remember - people can apply for a license when they turn 13. But they might also wait. Also remember - even if a teenager gets their license, they don't have to take their school leave immediately. Or at all. With this, puzzle together a history for your character ^^)

Pokémon license? (yes or no. Yes means that you have a license and one pokémon already. You might even be in the middle of your three month school leave. No means that at the start of the RP, you will just have passed your exam which Bill arranged for you, and Oak has just given you a pokémon. So yes means that you know pokémon, no means you're a noob :D)

Pokémon species: (if you answered yes above, choose a basic or baby pokémon that is NOT a starter from the games. If you answered no, choose one of the starter pokémon from the games to receive from Oak, such as Chikorita, Chimchar, Snivy etc. If you are accepted into the RP, I will give you a starting moveset) PLAYERS

> Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers as Masaki "Bill" Sonezaki with Bulbasaur

> Cosmic Fury as Adrian Draegar with SMART and Larvesta

> LGDArm as Suzanne Hart with ENERGETIC and Riolu

> Cirrus as Han Lingwei with BRAVE and Mienfoo

> chuckleslucifer as Leeroy Blufinn with FUNNY and Houndour

> Scyke as Oscar Tipo with KIND and Treecko

Nideous July 16th, 2013 3:47 PM

Can i reserve for the KIND keyword? I want to join a cool pokemon RP and this one fits the bill.

Keyword: (choose what keyword your character is based around) Kind
Name: Lucas "Luke" Brandon
Gender: Male
Age: (13-17. You'll get a special leave from school through Bill's authority, in case you weren't in the middle of your three month leave already) 13

Body: (body build, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone etc.)

Luke is neither tall nor short, and while he is pretty strong, he weighs the normal amount for someone his age. He has light skin, tanned from working in the sun at his mother's day care center. He has sandy blonde hair, which falls in an untidy mess to his shoulders, though he does his best to keep it combed, and he has bright blue eyes that are filled with wonder. He has a general air of someone that likes to be helpful, and is very confident in their abilities. He is poised and somewhat graceful in his measured movements. Though he was not a trainer, he has been around pokemon his entire life, and acts very comfortable around them. He generally has a friendly smile plastered to his face.

Clothing: (what will they be wearing on the journey? Any accessories besides the traveling bag with necessities?)

Luke... Dresses like a young trainer. He wears loos fitting jeans, with several rips and tears in them, and a stained white shirt with a day care logo on it, the stains from his years pitching in in his mothers Day care. He has white fingerless gloves on his hands as well, and a red and white cap with a pokeball logo. He also has a big white duffel bag, filled with all sorts of food and medical supplies that he thought might be needed when he left school. He has a pair of blue running shoes to compliment his outfit.

Personality: (sum up what they are generally like, how they act around others, their strengths and weaknesses. Make it fit their keyword)

Luke is a very gentle person. He seems to have no temper, nor is he easy to provoke. He is always calm, always thinking before he speaks. He makes a very good mediator, and treats everyone around him with kindness and respect. This can make him seem bland, and also naive, as he always gives someone a second chance, even when they are outright lying to him. But he's far from it. He has a great interest in cooking and taking care of others, and often speaks proudly of his mother's Daycare, where he learned most of his talents. He has a kind of flair when he does something he know, and is a bt of a know it all in his field. Still, he respects other people's opinions, and lets them think what they want. He is totally unbothered if someone dislikes him, though he tends to avoid that person a little bit, in favor of hanging out with those he gets along with.

He is not a leader. He doesn't even try to be one, though his calm, level headed nature would make him a decent one. He tends to let other people make the hard decisions, and dismisses anyone trying to place responsibility with an easy, friendly smile. He likes to follow others, if only to see what is going on. Not brave by any means, but certainly not afraid. He dislikes battles, and getting pokemon hurt, but he does understand why they are needed, so he won't hesitate to get in a fight if it will protect himself, or someone he cares about, or is the right thing to do. A very good side kick. His battle style would revolve around status ailments, or boosting/decreasing the abilities of his pokemon, rather than all out power.

Interests: (state shortly - or elaborate on! - their interests or hobbies, if they have some besides pokémon)

Luke has an interest in taking care of pokemon. From cooking and feeding to first aid, he is quite skilled at caring for other people's pokemon. He loves to cook as well, especially when he has a lot of good food to work with. He learned most o this from his mother, who is a very big part of his life. He also has a love of, well, playing with pokemon. At a young age he was taught how to play the piano, and while he is a bit out of practice, he wishes to pick the instrument up and play it again as well.

History: (can be pretty brief, but state how they grew up and how they came to be who they are today. Remember - people can apply for a license when they turn 13. But they might also wait. Also remember - even if a teenager gets their license, they don't have to take their school leave immediately. Or at all. With this, puzzle together a history for your character ^^)

Despite being in Pewter City a lot of the time, Luke actually lives in the neighboring Cerulean city. He was born and raised there, and went to a Cerulean City school. His mother owns a daycare just south of the city, so most of his time spent after school was there, helping her care for the young pokemon, as well as cooking, cleaning, and doing other tasks for her. He formed a bound with many of the customers, especially the repeat ones that saw him grow over the years. When he was about 11, one customer left a vulpix in the daycare, and picked her up after a fews weeks, but never came back for her egg. So Luke's mother kept the young vulpix that hatched from it as a pet. This was Luke's first time getting any kind of knowledge of having his own pokemon. Though it wasn't technically his at all.

At about the same time he was transferred to a school in Pewter City, where his father worked at the museum. So most of his time was spent there for the next few years, traveling to Cerulean with his father to stay with his mom for a few months at a time, when work was the busiest for her. By the time he was 13 he had developed an urge to explore the world, as learning new things and spending time in the museum got him interested in everything around him. But before he could gather his things and go home to get his Vulpix and apply for his Trainer License, Bill offered him the chance of a life time and helped him become a trainer. He had just gotten his license, so he went home and caught his vulpix officially before heading back to Pewter City. His mother was... Not happy to say the least, but she understood that he had to see the world. So, with his vulpix in tow, the rookie trainer wa ready

Pokémon trainer? (yes or no. Yes means that you have a license and one pokémon already. You might even be in the middle of your three month school leave. No means that at the start of the RP, you will just have passed your exam which Bill arranged for you, and Oak has just given you a pokémon) Yes

Pokémon species: (if you answered yes above, choose a basic or baby pokémon that is NOT a starter from the games. If you answered no, choose one of the starter pokémon from the games to receive from Oak, such as Chikorita, Chimchar, Snivy etc. Any main game. If you are accepted into the RP, I will give you a starting moveset) Vulpix

Pikachu July 16th, 2013 4:06 PM

Name: Bill (real name is Masaki Sonezaki, but he's been nicknamed Bill for as long as he can remember)
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Body: Bill is a slender young man. He is only 175 cm tall, which often makes him look short next to other men, and equal to tall girls. He leads an active lifestyle, but only because he has trouble sitting still and calming down, and not because he actually exercises in a true way. His arms and legs are pretty thin, as he never bothered building up a healthy batch of muscles during his youth. His skin is pale, but if he would have opportunity to be out in the sun a lot, he would gain a nice orange-brownish tan. He just doesn't go out much. His head is big and his eyes alert and eager, with bright green irises. His brown hair is wavy and he always lets it grow a bit too long before he bothers cutting it. At the start of the RP, his hair waves down around his ears and almost down his neck, signifying that it's been some months since he last did something about it.

Clothing: Bill usually dresses handsomely enough, in proper pants and shirts, often with a tie. He has always dressed like that, since he felt like jeans and t-shirts were below him. The tie was a new addon from when he turned 20 though; professor Oak's assistant Daisy Oak in Pallet Town had given one to him on his birthday and said that she thought it would look good on him. He took that to heart, for reeeasons, and as good as always wore a tie after that. His shirts are usually purple or blue, but can also be black or green. His trousers are most often beige or black.

He usually dons what one might call proper shoes for a suit, but on this journey he had switched them out for a pair of running shoes which he has tampered with technologically. He has yet to test their functions out properly... He has a dark mint green jacket for cold or windy or rainy weather, and a rather large brown backpack for all the stuff he brings for himself and the team, such as ultrafoldable tents and sleeping bags!

Personality: Bill is an eager, friendly young man. He sometimes gets lost in his thoughts and inventions, but he is never downright mean. If he happens to offend someone at some point, he usually realizes it quickly enough, gets embarrassed and apologizes heavily. He gets embarrassed quite easily for things, actually. But not enough to make him feel sad very often. He can get angered or scared easily, but can also change on a whim. Needless to say, he is quite the emotional guy so you would never have to guess how he is feeling. He wears his mood on the outside.

Towards his trainers on this journey, professor Oak has advised him to take on the role of a grown up leader and guide the younger trainers to greatness. However, Bill has trouble seeing how he could act as a proper, wise grown up to people who weren't that much younger than him and probably were better trainers than him, so he says "yeah yeah" to the professor but hopes that he can make friends with them rather than boss them around. It would be a more fun trip like that!

Interests: Technology, pokémon evolution mechanisms, pokémon mythology, pokémon type & powers research. Also he loves spicy food, dislikes sweet food, has an irregular fascination for weather and a strong fear of the dark.

History: He was born in Cerulean City, the son of a father who owned the bicycle shop and a mother who was a traveling trainer. She wasn't home much, but made sure that Masaki knew that she loved him every time she visited the city. As he grew up, his father recognized his talents and never stopped him in his endeavors. His mother was a bit disappointed that he didn't want to become a trainer like her though, and some kind of bitterness there still resides today.

For Bill is a technological prodigy. He has made several minor inventions that were implemented in the works of professor Oak and the Silph Company, already when he was a wee child. And as a teenager, he made his greatest invention so far - the pokémon storage system online. It made the life for pokémon trainers much easier and flexible and Bill's name (officially Mr. Sonezaki but always written about as "Bill" still) had found a place among the great ones. Bill was of course happy for becoming a bit more wealthy than before (he doesn't like speaking of it, but he's not exactly a poor man these days) but he never bathed in the glory; he just kept moving on to new projects.

Although his father lives in the city and his mother too since she is at home more often these days, working to help Misty in the gym, Bill bought a cottage on the Cerulean Cape when he became rich. He meant for his parents to move there and live a happy life, but his mother refused and his father didn't dare to object much and blamed that he wouldn't be able to take care of the bike shop well if he lived there. So the cottage mostly stands empty, except for when Bill takes a vacation there or lets a friend borrow it for one reason or another.

When he quit school, he didn't go to college. Instead, he devoted more time than ever to studying, but only pokémon subjects, and only on his own. Sometimes he asked pokémon professors or gym leaders to teach him their speciality. His neverending enthusiasm for different subjects soon made him well read in a wide range of modern pokémon research. At the current age of 23, Bill had just finished reading up on general pokémon mythology and was curious as to why there was so little about that in Kanto when most other regions seemed to have lengthy explanations and legendary pokémon for it. Determined to study this more closely, he returned to Kanto and settled in Pewter City for some months, before he realized that he wanted to travel in order to learn the most. And thus, this adventure takes place.

Pokémon license? Yes, but he has never taken a leave from school or even tried journeying after he quit school.

Pokémon species: Bulbasaur
A male, easy going and naive little thing which Bill received as a gift from professor Oak some years ago. Since he hasn't been trained much in the arts of battle, he isn't close to evolving too soon. Has no nickname.

Miss Doronjo July 16th, 2013 4:13 PM
The Energetic Hero
Suzanne's theme Song In Spoiler

Name: Suzanne Hart
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Body: Suzanne is about 5'6, and is pretty silm and musically lean for a girl her age. She has lightly tanned skin, which is coupled with black hair, although, sometimes she dyes it a really dark blue color to make her feel more heroic. She keeps her in a long pony tail that extends to her back. Her hair is pretty messy, and is often all over the place, but, Suzanne keeps it locked all in one place when she goes out publicly. She has light green eyes, on where she one wishes were blue sometimes, but... she has to take what she gets. She has slim fingers and fingernails in which she doesn't paint them - she feels that's pretty much a waste of time, anyway. Her nose and ears aren't too big nor noticeable, and her lips aren't too wide.

Clothing: As for her outfit, she generally wears her trademark checkered white and blue scarf wrapped around her neck, as a genuine symbol of her hero ship. She also wears a ruby-red t-shirt underneath her scarf, that has a yellow star-like pattern on it. Her shirt is also pretty short - in fact, it's so short that her cute little inner belly button is showing. For her bottom attire, she wears white jean-like pants that just reach towards past her knee-caps, supported by a red belt. For her footwear, she wears a pair of brown sandals supported by one buckle for each foot.

Personality: Suzanne has a bright and energetic personality. In a nutshell, you can just say that she is a "colorful" character. She has a quirky habit of speaking in an old-fashioned theatrical tone that some people might find tiresome to deal with, but, it's pretty much the primary thing that people would say when they're describing Suzanne. Suzanne has a motion idea of being a hero and admires the most legendary of pokemon, when the irony is that they are just regular pokemon. She is always one that likes competition, like playing sports, or even playing casual games like board games, for the hero must defeat all that stand in her way to be legendary. At least, according to her.

She also has the habit of giving odd names to people, pokemon, or even pokemon moves, as she strongly believes giving a pokemon a name gives it power, turning it into an ally instead of a mere pokemon. Unfortunately, she's also pretty clumsy at times in which her clumsiness make her pursuits to become a hero go... a little differently than she plans. Suzanne also has a strong sense of justice, though sometimes, it can often become misguided, but nevertheless, she seeks to do the right thing.

Interests: Comic Books, Super Heroes, Flashy entrances, sweet things like cake and candy, she also loves fabled pokemon, and flowers. Lots of flowers.

History: Suzanne was born in Celadon City, where she admired the flowers that bloomed there. Incidentally, when she was 5 years old, she was more interested in those 'typically girly' things such as dolls, flowers, etc. Some called her boring, and way too predictable, but, she didn't mind that all too much, since she did know what she liked, and took pride on it. Around that time, her father was working as a detective where he was working on a case that took Kanto by storm, as viewed by the Kanto headlines - The Great Thief as Struck Again. Although Suzanne wasn't all that interested in law (well, she was too young to understand it, anyway), she deeply admired her father for "fighting bad guys and putting em' away!" Even though he was just doing his job.

Suzanne attended a school in Celadon when she reached 13 years old, where she often thought about cutting corners to do assignments and whatnot, but, the most entertaining part about class was the interaction with pokemon - which was pretty much the only thing that salvaged the infinity-years of boredom: price she had to pay for going to class in the first place. Her best friend, her father's Riolu, always stood by her, encouraging her to do her best. She always slacked off regardless, but, it was always a nice gesture from Riolu!

One year later, Suzanne was 14, and she finally received her licence, after a grueling year of work. One night, her father congratulated her, and was even going to give Suzanne a reward - until he received a phone call. It was from the local predict - The thief as struck again. After a brief explanation to Suzanne that he'll be home later, he rushed out the door. Suzanne decided to follow him without him knowing, just to see her father in action. Much to Suzanne's surprise, she was soon able to catch up with her father in one lonely street corner, where he, alongside another detective, caught the villain in pursuit. It seemed to be all over, until the dastardly cur threw something on the ground - a smoke bomb which made the opening for the thief's escape. Suzanne's father was furious - the perpetrator escaped again.

Soon Suzanne accidentally kicked a can that was sitting on the ground, which made her presence known to her father. Her father wasn't all too thrilled to see her, since he didn't really want Suzanne to see who he was dealing with. Nonetheless, it was too late. Suzanne questioned why it was so important for her father to catch this thief - after all, the local predict could all handle this case together, but for some reason, her father chose to work on this case alone. Her father didn't answer, and demanded that she went home immediately. She finally obeyed.

While 2 years later when Suzanne was finished school, she never received a pokemon as of yet. Perhaps it was general laziness? Nonetheless, throughout the days, noticed that her father became more, and more stressed with work. The worst case was when her father suddenly burst down to tears after another unsuccessful capture of the criminal. Suzanne wanted to find out why this case was so emotional for him, but, again, her father provided no answers. That was, until Suzanne found a picture that she thought was lost - it was the only picture of her whole family: Herself, her father.. and her mother. It was then when her father approached her, and told her the truth. It was reported that this thief may have been the cause of her mother being.. dead. While Suzanne always known that her mother was lost, it hadn't been apparent to her that she might of passed away. And now she might of just found out why. Was this thief the cause of her mother's disappearance? That was the reason why her father always talked about needing justice for her.

Soon her father was transfered to Pewter to continue the investigation, and thus, he and Suzanne moved towards the prestigious Pewter City. It was then Suzanne's life turned around - she realized she wanted justice as well. While the police might not of helped, she felt as though her needed to deliver justice herself; as a hero. Her persona changed; she began having an attitude that describes her as an ally of justice, and even started to have new interests like superheros in comic books; she always admired how they made their entrances, along with their sidekicks. She even began to experiment using flower pedals to shower herself whenever she entered a room, with very messy results. She also began to read about legendary pokemon, and thought to herself that she must capture these pokemon in order to gain her full-pledge status as a hero, but, that was going to be difficult, since... she had no pokemon. However, one day, her dad gave her a present - it was the same present that he promised 2 years ago, but, he was too busy to remember, until now. The reason why he remembered now, was because he received a phone call for Suzanne; it was from Bill. He chose Suzanne to help her become a pokemon trainer! Woooooow, a pokemon trainer-hero, Suzanne thought to herself. It was quite the opportunity!

Today, Suzanne looked back on the present she received from her dad. A pokeball. As she looked towards the sky, she realized the sky was like her life - it had endless possibilities. It was time for her to travel, with her new sidekick, her new Riolu.

Pokémon trainer? Yes!

Pokémon species: Riolu

Cirrus July 16th, 2013 5:10 PM

One post / week minimum? I'll go to work and grab BRAVE, outside of my typical zone of development.

Expect something to be up late today/early tomorrow.


Edit: quick question, are we allowed to choose only Kanto first stage Pokemon or anything from any region? I'd expect the first, but I might be wrong. That'd be a minor change at most, however, and shouldn't affect the rest of my application too much.

Chalifoux July 16th, 2013 5:56 PM

Reserve DREAMY, pwease! Will finish this ASAP: :D


Name: Caleb Harlow.
Gender: Canadian, I mean, Male.
Age: Young n' sweet, only seventeen, oh yeah!


Body: 5'7 of height with a weight of 140 lbs. This is to say he's not the tallest or the widest guy around, unless you take any sort of attention to his wide shoulders. His skin is of a light tan which, admittedly, makes him look a tiny bit the color of an orange... just a bit. While his build is not impressive in matter of how defined his muscles are it's not the worst one you'll see... unless he stands next to a professional bodybuilder, then he looks like a noodle (assuming he didn't already look like one).

His hair is the color of chestnuts, and while it has no defined form -usually growing to wherever it can unless prevented to- does seem to be somewhat thick. I mean, what would you expect from someone who isn't familiar with the term "haircut"? Yes, a wild mess of hair, indeed.

His eyes are round yet not so big as we might want them to. A pair of thin eyebrows of the same chestnut color serves as a complement for his dark-brown eyes. His overall face is round but with a well defined ending on his chin, where only a few will notice the slight amount of hair that grows here (which isn't a lot, but it can be noticed if standing close enough).

Clothing: Can't he just go around naked or something? I'm having the most trouble picking an outfit >.<
Whatever. Cal is barely familiarized with the term of style, but his way of dressing is somewhat decent nonetheless. You will see him wearing a pair of dark green denim jeans (yes, I said green), along with a black shirt of no pattern on it. It's just a shirt, really, no logos, no sleeves, simple, simple shirt.

There really isn't much more to say. I mean, you'd expect him to put on a jacket when it's cold or to change his shirt when it's really hot, right? Wrong. He won't stray away from his set of black shirt and unusually colored jeans even if his life depended on it. But if it serves of something, he does seem to change of style in the shoe department. First they're white, then they have blue stripes running by the sides. Then they're black, and then white again. Right now he's wearing a pair of white tennis shoes white some green stars of different sizes dotted all around.

Personality: Kind to the extent he's willing to help out with whatever you need -be it making a sandwich or math-, even when he most of the time has no idea what to do. Often lost in thought, as you may find him with frequency divagating and being in his own little world, where everyone is conspiring against him and he must save the universe.

Cheerful to a degree that is actually annoying. He laughs over most of things and can rarely be upset. Not even if he screwed up something or is late for a meeting of sorts. And if he does screw up -which happens a lot- you will be given a "whoops!" along with a circus of jeers.

Willing to trust anyone at any place. This goes along with him being incredibly easy to manipulate. You could tell him to do something, anything, he will most likely do, even if that action will lad to something evil. To that you can add the fact that he's clumsy and often lost in thought. Yup. He can also be absent-minded, forgetting simple things all the time. Did he left the toaster on? Did he made sure to feed his pet Zigzagoon? So on and so forth.

Everyone is his friend the moment they talk to him, so chances are YOU are already his friend. This silly guy can be very awkward most of the time, so don't be surprised if he trips while walking around some random street, just to stand up and trip in the exact same spot.

He doesn't hold grudges against anyone but can have an outburst or two of rage when provoked enough. Not that it happens a lot -if at all- but it's a thing to have in mind every now and then.

Interests: I'll be brief about this:

Writing. It is known he stuffs several small notebooks and chunks of paper with any ideas wherever he can.
Reading. Just as he stuffs stories, he enjoys to read some -be it books or his, though his own do suck a lot-.
Storytelling. He also seems to enjoy narrating stuff in his own peculiar way...
Food. Self-explanatory, really.
Cute Pokémon. Same as above
Low Profile. Socially-wise, he'd rather go by unadvertised than being noticed by others.

History: Growing as the son of humble parents was easy. For the first part, at least. They sure didn't have much, but it's not like they really needed that much. Cal's parents were known in Pewter City as a kind couple. Not the wisest or the smartest guys around, but certainly a nice folk to have around.

No complaints on the family thus far.

But this changed when he was 13 -and about to request his Trainer License-, when his mother died. Depression struck him and his father s they each handled the situation their own way. His father did working extra hours on the market he got a job at -barely seeing his son in the week- and them submitting to alcohol on the weekends.

As for Caleb, he acquired several temporal jobs, from walking around some Growlithe and the occasional Dog to delivering newspapers amongst the Pewter folk. And when he couldn't get one or was resting from his now bustling life OR hiding away from his father's alcohol-induced outbursts of rage, he wrote. Yes, he wrote stuff, whatever stuff. Short stories, Fiction, Fairytales, anything... And escapade, if you may, as he soon realized he could live the life he wanted thru his characters. Having them to travel, battle and become Pokémon masters! Or maybe facing an unknown threat from outer space? Heck! Heaven-high is the limit!

As time went by, his amount of stories -and their length- increased greatly, and his hopes began to raise as he became of age to actually work part-time in a shop in town. With a decent amount of money in his pockets, and a father who had (unwillingly) decided to leave his alcohol-adiction, his life couldn't have gone any better.

And then came some Bill guy offering him the chance of going in a journey or whatever. He had written about them, so you could say he has lived the life of a Trainer more than once. Yet still, his rehabbing father somehow managed to convince him, saying everything would be okay. Lies, and Caleb knows that better than anyone. But the chance itself represents something special... It's a chance to escape his reality, at least for a while. So with a mix of regret and joy he decided to accept, and as time went by, he received a Pokémon with which he's soon to become friends with: Mudkip.


Pokémon trainer? Nein. Them Trainers be too mainstream, yo!
Pokémon rooster:
Mudkip is relaxed and easy going, yet Cal seems to think he's lazy. In battle he's a somewhat decent battler, IF he actually wants to battle. But if you were to ask this 'mon, it'd rather take a nap instead of battling...

Cosmic Fury July 16th, 2013 8:17 PM

I'd love to reserve a spot, please! I'd like to try my hand at a journey RP. I'd also like to reserve the word SMART, if that's also possible. EDIT: Signup underway!!! Not complete yet!

Name: Adrian Draegar
Nicknames/Aliases: Draegar (anyone that isn't close to him) || Lord Leviathan (an endearment from the family and its servants -- as well as an alias if he doesn't want his actual name known yet)
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Pokémon trainer? Yes, for quite a while now. (However, his license wasn't issued from Kanto. It's from Unova.)
They're listed in the order of their capture. This will be updated often.
----------------------- -- A shy but proud Pokemon, she always strives to excel, but by almost any means necessary if things get heated up.
Lv. 5
- Ember
- String Shot
- Zen Headbutt

Keyword: Smart

In spite of being very rich, Adrian has always preferred to keep it simple -- well, simple in the way wealthy people go. He has a few carefully packed changes of clothes, all of them formal and darker in color, which is in stark contrast to both his bright blue-gold eyes and his platinum hair (which is a very common trait in his family). If you actually manage to make (or force) him to dress casually, the mark of his upbringing will not simply rub off, and he'll somehow end up turning even beach attire into something fit to be worn in front of the King of Sinnoh himself.

Standing at just under six feet, one wouldn't think he would be an imposing person until you knew what exactly it was you're dealing with. With his slender frame, compact and wiry muscles, and very high level of intelligence, he'll never likely look imposing from a distance. However, when you look into his face, you'll see an expression that seems to look straight through you, in spite of the general lack of passion it normally displays. His eyes are definitely his most imposing feature, as they betray a keen intellect and a calm, seemingly impenetrable focus -- all only while he's in his element.

He always carries a metal cane around, just as much because it's good fashion in high Unovan society, as for self-defense. (He does know how to use it as a weapon, being trained with it by the family weapons master.) His Pokemon never, ever leaves his side. She never likes it at all in a Pokeball, and makes it very clear if she's ever put up to the inglorious task of remaining inside one of the darn things.

Probably the first and most important thing about this guy is that he's intelligent, and most of his actions and thoughts stem from simply that one aspect. His IQ is so high that some consider it ridiculous, and that is a weapon that Adrian has used for his entire life.

He's always seen as a very passive person by either the unobservant or those who simply don't know him. That is actually the farthest from the truth you can get about him. He's always got his hand in things he's interested in, even if many don't hold direct evidence of his involvement. He's incredibly resourceful, and his intelligence is his greatest weapon -- as evidenced by his method of doing nearly everything, from organizing the servants (at home) to the occasional Pokemon battle (none of which he's lost so far).

There are few things which provoke him into an open passion, and usually those are very tried and true methods of provoking his wrath. If it's an intelligent discussion, he's usually perceived as laid-back, even if he's giving it his all to win the debate. Due to his nature of striving to be the better person, he almost never gets into a fight unless it directly concerns either his personal honor, or that of those he cares about (people or Pokemon, it doesn't matter).

He's always striving to be wise in his decisions, and as such exercises caution and reason in most things he approaches, so that when the time comes for swift and sudden decisions, he'll be well-conditioned into making the correct choice by default.

Overall, he's a very honorable and trustworthy person to those he cares about. As such, he will very rarely back out of a promise if he can help it -- there are almost no exceptions to this. This is part of the reason that he has chosen this of all times to go on his "soul-searching journey" with Bill. He saw a person in need, and also saw a way to accomplish more than one goal of his life.

One thing that should be noted about Adrian is his overly competitive nature. That doesn't go to say that he can't stand losing, but he's not the sort of person who lets a victory slip through his fingers through something he could have prevented. He's highly competitive in nature, even though one might not be able to see it at first. This comes from a family that has placed pressure to succeed on him all his life, to where a failure means defeat in many more ways than one. Given his upbringing and his family's reputation for success, Adrian doesn't tolerate giving up in himself, or in others. While he may know when a fight is surely lost, if there's a chance at victory, he's going to take it and hold on for dear life if need be, though.

One major weakness of his is that he doesn't do so well around those his own age, unless he's only dealing with one or two people at once. All his life has been spent around the highly wealthy and influential, his parents, their rich friends, or the family servants. He has had hardly any interaction with those his own age, so he is frequently awkward around his peers, simply because of the way he likes to think and speak.

Another is his callousness and cruelty. Sure, he was taught by the family servants about the value of honor and duty to those who are his own, but his parents taught him that life is won by people who completely lack three things: regret, hesitation, and mercy towards their enemies. They drilled these into their child to an extent that Adrian is equally cold towards those he doesn't trust as his parents are, and when it comes to defeating a foe, he never holds back. This has cost him some allies, yet gained others who prize a very strong individual who values only those he specifically cares about.

All in all, he's ben raised to be just like a typical Unovan lord when he grows up. He was raised to be just as cold and calculating as the world was, because the world has no mercy on the weak. Unova learned that lesson twice already, and his parents are assuring their House that it will not learn it a third.

Aside from finding the hidden potential in Pokemon, Adrian is always interested in the mind -- as in all of its aspects. His keen intelligence is but a mark of his passion for the pursuit of understanding, knowledge, and intelligence. Naturally, taking excursions is but one of the ways he uses to gain a deeper understanding of himself, his Pokemon, and those around him. He is also very fond of Pokemon Coordinating, and this is evident in the efficient, graceful way his Pokemon move. This is his first actual journey, so he is looking forward to learning new things to add to his store of knowledge and wisdom.

Adrian Draegar comes from a powerful family of Unovan nobles. This family has a long and proud history of doing just about anything related to Pokemon, such as battling, psychiatry, and coordinating -- and succeeding, due to their generally high intelligence. Adrian is no different. His intelligent mind allowed him to absorb his expensive education with ease, and he graduated from his family-owned private school just last year, at the remarkable age of 15. He also got his Unova Pokemon Trainer's license the same year.

Having spent much of his life in the Unova region, Kanto is unfamiliar to him aside from Fuchsia City, where his parents have a huge estate at, that was always used as a summer home. He went there for the first time two years ago, but he never got a Kanto license, because he was able to battle in the area because of his family's influence in the area. After all, Fuchsia was an international culture hub.

Last year, his parents decided to take an extended stay in Kanto because of their own reasons, using their growing power and wealth in the area as a pretext to stick around and foster their advance for a year or two. In place of a summer home, they ended up purchasing a smaller estate with a "modest" house on the coast near to the east of Pewter City, which is entirely unfamiliar to Adrian. It was there that he learned of Bill's needs, and Adrian saw an opportunity to get to know the region well, along with pursuing some personal goals of his own.

He openly announced that he would offer his services to Bill, and when his parents objected, he waved tradition in their face, saying that his journey away from home should be here of all things. All of Unova was soft for a lord's son, and it would defeat the purpose of a soul-searching journey if it was going to be constantly easy. Needless to say, his parents are still very reluctant about sending their only child out into an unfamiliar region, on a goose chase with a stranger who had unknown motives. However, Adrian eventually ended up winning the argument.

It wasn't long before he found the man, who was still looking for volunteers. He managed to get himself picked by Bill as the smarter person of the party, owing to his strong general knowledge, sharp mind, and decision-making experience.

Pikachu July 17th, 2013 1:46 AM

@ doronjo - nice! I'll be awaiting your finished SU.

@ Cirrus - yes, if you post less than once a week, this RP might become rather stale. But as long as a RPer has a good reason, it's of course okay to take necessary breaks ^^


If you answered no, choose one of the starter pokémon from the games to receive from Oak, such as Chikorita, Chimchar, Snivy etc. Any main game.
The only game you can't pick starters from is Yellow~ Then you'll have to answer "yes" and already have gotten your license. I guess the wording in the SU was a bit dumb. Hm. You don't have to be a pokémon trainer, it just means if you have gotten your license yet or not.

@ EB - awesome! Lemme know when it's done.

@ Cosmic Fury - indeed, you are reserved. Looking forward to seeing your SU!

And with that, no more spots are open for reservation. After just one night, thanks guys~:3

EDIT: an extra note, I would appreciate if at least two of the characters were female. More fun with a little mix; we'll be 6 people going on this journey and so far 5 seem to be guys and that makes me iffy haha.

Cirrus July 17th, 2013 2:21 AM

Okay, I'll play a female character then. (Gender balance! I could do this all day.)

Well, re: Pokemon from any region I actually mean if you answer "yes" to the Pokemon trainer question and pick a first stage, but I guess it is ok because everyone else is picking random Pokemon? Maybe.

Pikachu July 17th, 2013 2:31 AM

If you got a license before you met Bill, you can have any kind of unevolved pokémon. Only one. You can be a trainer in the middle of your initial leave from school, or you could just keep your pokémon as a pet and not call yourself a trainer.

If you didn't get a license (if you answer no) Bill helped you study for and pass the exam right before the start of the RP, and Oak sent you a pokémon. Which can be Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Snivy etc. So if you want a "starter" you cannot have gotten your license earlier. This is because you'll be called an "Oak trainer" :3 While those who already had their license before they met Bill won't be called that.

EDIT: so, changed this to be more like I meant for it to be:

Pokémon license? (yes or no. Yes means that you have a license and one pokémon already. You might even be in the middle of your three month school leave. No means that at the start of the RP, you will just have passed your exam which Bill arranged for you, and Oak has just given you a pokémon. So yes means that you know pokémon, no means you're a noob :D)

Nideous July 17th, 2013 7:03 AM

Finished my SU. And if i am acepted then things will go down when we get to Cerulean City. x3

Pikachu July 17th, 2013 7:33 AM

@ Nideous,

Luke is about the size of an average boy.
is a sort of weird thing to say as there is not really such a thing ^^ But okay, he's just neither spectacularly tall nor short, you mean?

Also, you forgot his eye color and hair color; pretty good parts to know when you are imagining how a character looks.

Other than that, it's fine as long as you know that you probably won't be able to get the Vulpix for your team. If you want it, you should just say that he already got a license and owned the Vulpix as his own - he doesn't need to be a trainer just because he has a license. I changed that part of the SU sheet, as seen in my last post before this one.

If you are okay with that, and add in the hair and eyes, you will be accepted.

Nideous July 17th, 2013 7:47 AM

>> I can't believe i forgot the hair and eye color. And yeah, he's not tall or short, nor fat or thin. Sorry, writing SUs while distracted shows. I'll make some changes.

There, i edited it. Hope it's better. X3

Pikachu July 17th, 2013 7:58 AM

Yes, now it's better. And you changed to already having a license as well? That's fine~

With that, Nideous is accepted! We will wait for the rest of the players to get their SUs up too before we start playing in the IC though, as we will all meet up right from the beginning.

Nideous July 17th, 2013 8:18 AM

Yeah, kind of changed it at the last second. I like vulpix more than charmander, and it fits more with his personality. Vulpix is his best friend. ^^

Cosmic Fury July 17th, 2013 2:52 PM

Alright, so do you decide a person's Pokemon's moveset? Is the level the same to begin with across the board???

Pikachu July 17th, 2013 2:55 PM

Yes, I'll pick the first level-up moves and if you are lucky an extra move as well ;)

They will be level 5 when we start, but don't worry - I'll make sure they level up relatively fast in the beginning of the RP. Just as they do in the games.

Cosmic Fury July 17th, 2013 6:59 PM

Alright, finished my app! Also, could I request a special ability for the Larvesta? (As in, an ability that's different than found in the games...)

Cirrus July 17th, 2013 11:04 PM

ADDENDUM: If you recognize the character from the picture, yes, it's who you think it is ... that character from that certain E(nglish)VN series. I had to crop a bit of the image (and then a lot, to make it fit within the space), but it's probably worth anyways, usefulness/accuracy of representation-wise.

Yes, I'm still working on it. It took a bit of mental concepting, because the hot-blooded pseudo-Digimon-protagonist idea doesn't really fit my image of this character, so I had to go back to the drawing board =(.

Update: everything slightly less WIP. Just the background section remains. Translations might not be 100% accurate. Mouseover certain things for hidden stuff / semi-explanatory notes?

Name: Han Lingwei, but if you need a more standard name to call her, Lily will do.
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Body: Possessing a lithe figure and skin whose pallor belies the recreational tendencies of its owner, Lingwei does not present a countenance that is particularly in line with her preferences and personality. Standing at 167 cm, she is of above average height for someone of her age, and weighs surprisingly little for someone with her frame (only approximately 55 kg, or 122 lbs). Her hair, medium-short and colored a sort of off-white with a hint of bluish-grey, is organized into a pleasantly messy hairstyle, long distended side bangs held in place with hairclips to avoid interfering with the front fringe. The color of her eyes, light brown with a trace of red, is reminiscent of fallen leaves and autumn, calling to mind a quiescent coolness. Her general stance is one of ease, following the proverb that stillness is preferable to erratic movement.

Clothing: Prizing comfort and freedom of movement just as highly as elegance (if not more so), her casual attire often consists of some sort of short-sleeved garment as well as a black, medium-length skirt. The nature of the blouse is typically mutable, as she is able to accessorize based on what color she favors that day, but its design rarely fails to draw inspiration from the qipao; the appearance of her skirt, on the other hand, is much more unlikely to change, due to both the complementary nature of other pieces of her outfit and the fact that black fits well with essentially anything. A pair of long fingerless silk gloves and polished knee-high boots, both items matching the color of the aforementioned skirt, round out the ensemble. Against harsher weather, she typically dons a black-and-red loose-fitting trenchcoat, able to defend against both wind and rain. In a situation that calls for greater refinement, a full qipao is worn, even though she doesn't like the fact that it has the tendency to restrict movement at times.

The shoulder bag she wears at her side is made of tough canvas dyed a muddy shade of brown, able to withstand a decent amount of abuse without suffering much damage. Its strap is designed for quick removal (by snapping it at a predetermined location) and subsequent reattachment without having to fumble with hefting the strap over one's shoulder, which is a critical necessity, as removing it in an emergency situation requires very little time, and no convenience is sacrificed.

Personality: A passionate young woman with a strong sense of justice and a readiness to assist the weak, she believes strongly in the ideal of chivalrous errantry, to which her eagerness to undertake this adventure can be attributed. Whether it is due to innocence unbroken by excessive worldly experience or outright obliviousness, she still holds true the concepts of absolute good and evil, and acts based upon the assumption that there is some fragment of benevolence in even the most heinous criminal. Based on both of these characteristics, she is unwilling to aggress in the majority of situations, preferring to strike second - the exception being, of course, that there is either clear evidence of probable aggression in the near future or a previous case of being attacked, in which case a preemptive strike is perfectly reasonable and adequate. This is only adhered to in actual situations of conflict, though, and she is entirely willing to obtain any reasonable advantage that would be afforded to her in a casual setting (e.g. sparring).

An enthusiastic personage whose adventurous nature has gotten her into and out of numerous troubling situations, she maintains a high degree of confidence, both in the optimistic outlook that everything will work out eventually and in her own abilities. Concession without repeated trial (or even concession at all!) is foreign to her; although she is able to recognize loss at a specific moment in time, she simply accepts it as encouragement for her to train harder for a future confrontation, and it is difficult for her to be truly discouraged. As a result, although arguably she has the skills to back up her boldness, occasionally she exhibits slightly more recklessness than is healthy.

Interests: Having enjoyed extensive training in their realm, Lingwei employs two major styles of martial arts, both of them classified as part of the internal school: taijiquan, which places a large emphasis on circular movement, retaliatory defense, utilizing the opponent's strength, and precise crippling strikes; and xingyiquan, characterized by aggressive, linear movements within a short range of motion. She is significantly more experienced with the first style, having practiced the latter only a fraction of the time she has the former. She is also capable of playing some flute, but does not excel at the instrument. Her preferred sports are badminton and table tennis.

History: The fashion in which Lingwei's parents first met was highly irregular. Her father, a young man who had recently immigrated to Kanto from a distant region, sustained several injuries in a late-night melee when he had jumped in to save an unwary passerby from being attacked by a group of ruffians; her mother, who was the passerby in question, subsequently accompanied him to a hospital, where she worked as a physician, to treat said injuries (after, of course, taking care of the necessary portions of authoritarian work with the law enforcement), and, perhaps feeling somewhat responsible for the incident, visited him on a regular basis during his stay there despite the injuries' lightness (and her specialty's irrelevance to them). Various events escalated from there, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As the daughter of a martial artist, Lingwei first began training when she was three and a half. Her father, who had managed to found and develop a flourishing school at this point (helped initially in some moderate part by his wife's considerable income), understandably wished his child to pass on his skills and legacy; in deference to his wife's wishes for their daughter not to become 'a brainless person with overdeveloped limbs', he taught her taijiquan, alongside its philosophy and school of thought, and a few years later, sword techniques associated with the style as well.

As a child, Lingwei's scholastic life was initially somewhat eventful. Although nothing out of the ordinary had occurred in her first few years for the most part, the twelve-year-old girl was immediately picked on by older students the first day of entrance into grade seven. To the surprise of her would-be tormentors, her impatience after a few verbal exchanges (and impending commencement of physical contact by the other party) induced her to strike without any forewarning whatsoever. Although she had no desire to cause permanent harm, she nevertheless managed to incapacitate their juvenile leader with a single well-placed attack to the stomach, which persuaded the rest of the miscreants to flee in terror. The school's authorities became involved, and although she was reprimanded, she countered with the statement that if people weren't supposed to respond to bad things happening to them, what would be relevant consequences for evildoers? After all, the teachers certainly weren't keeping harassment under control. As she remained stubborn in her outlook, the school was forced to let her go with little more than an admonishment. The positive consequence of this occurrence was that no bully, aspirant or otherwise, dared to ever approach her from that day on; unfortunately, she garnered a reputation of ruthlessness in the process, which has stayed with her ever since.

In the wake of this event, her father held a conversation with her, in which he recognized the fact that she had grown older and might require something more effective to fight for what she believed in, and it was the time for him to teach her the more proactive style of xingyiquan. Additionally, he gave her a Mienfoo as her companion, acting as effectively a sparring partner as well as a Pokemon.

Academically, she is a brilliant scholar in mathematics, and achieved exceptional results in gym class, but her results in geography and the sciences leave something to be desired. (Her performance in history and linguistic classes are only slightly above average, so there is little to comment about on that front.) She accepted Bill's invitation because of her aspiration to enter into some great adventure; even though she has a Pokemon license already, she has not yet taken her three-month leave, it being her parents' inclination that she should finish her secondary education first. As such, the special dispensation is a sort of realized miracle for her.

Pokémon License?: Yes.

Pokémon Species: Mienfoo, the same one that's stayed with her for two years and a bit. Trained in both the external and internal schools of the martial arts from a distant land. Serves as a loyal friend and capable assistant in practice. Previously owned by her father.

Pikachu July 18th, 2013 12:34 AM

@ Cosmic - I don't think we'll be using abilities much, actually. They are mostly annoying game mechanics, to me. Except for some, such as levitation of course.
Your SU looks good, since I don't think we'll meet Steven here anyways haha. Only thing is

In place of a summer home, they ended up purchasing a smaller estate with a "modest" house on the coast near to the east of Pallet Town, which is entirely unfamiliar to Adrian. It was there that he learned of Bill's needs, and Adrian saw an opportunity to get to know the region well, along with pursuing some personal goals of his own.
That should probably be Pewter City, right? Because the RP starts there and Bill is working there, not in Pallet Town. But that's just a detail so change that whenever you can.

Cosmic Fury is accepted!

@ Cirrus - looking good so far! Lingwei sounds like a nice name :3 Or should she be called Han? And I like Mienfoo!

@ EB and Doronjo, finish your SU as soon as you can~!

EDIT: giving the accepted members their first pokémon's movesets.
Lv 5
- Tackle
- Growl
- Leech Seed
- Sludge
Lv 5
- Ember
- Tail Whip
- Roar
- Iron Tail
Lv 5
- Ember
- String Shot
- Zen Headbutt

If you want genders changed, let me know.

Chalifoux July 18th, 2013 6:11 AM

@Rika. You gotz it girl! I was busy yesterday -trees are needy T3T- and I couldn't get much progress don eBUT BUT BUT it's raining outside and since I don't have an umbrella for actually going out and Singing in the Rain I will pretty much do most of my SU now, I hope :3

Pikachu July 18th, 2013 6:18 AM

Can't wait 8D

Also I made Bill's SU, look! And updated the first IC post with everyone's teams.

Nideous July 18th, 2013 7:42 AM

Lv 5
- Ember
- Tail Whip
- Roar
- Iron Tail

That is a rather interesting moveset. :D I can work with this. Thankies!

Miss Doronjo July 18th, 2013 9:31 AM

My SU is finished if you want to see. ^^

Mr. Mammoth July 18th, 2013 11:34 AM

Haha, well, I come back here after being absent some time and what do I find? A new RP from you, Red! As you know how much I enjoy your RPs, it should come as no surprise that I would like to reserve a spot for this one if it isn't too much trouble, that is. Specifically, I'd like to reserve the spot for "CREATIVE", thank you.

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