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Mana July 25th, 2013 7:13 AM

Mystery Dungeon: PokéCommunity Edition (IC)
Mystery Dungeon
PokéCommunity Edition

IC Thread | OOC Thread
GM: Magic Fox


Your teams:
Swifty and Skymin worked long in to the night, organising the teams for their guild-members. They settled on six, individual teams - to match the rumour that there are six paths to take within the tomb. The list was posted on a giant notice board, outside Ozzy's Friend Zone/Inn.

Next to the board, there is a selection of warp stones. These allow for one swift exit out of the tomb - you will have to run back in to catch up if you use it.

Remember to visit the shops before you set out, you may want to gather your group together in the OOC thread. You do not have to wait for the other groups to be ready, though.

Team 1

gimmepie as Hiro
PinkSapphire as Melody
heretostay123 as Konzu
miltankRancher as Milran

Team 2

EliteBeats as Alaric
ChiliDawgs as Mikey
PJBottomz as Tobias
DeuceClubs as Toko

Team 3

HearttheWolf as Heat Wave
kranic as Kaizah
capi6 as Luna
~Genevieve~ as Lillian

Team 4

GoldenRayquaza as Blaze
ShayShayTheShaymin as Ichigo
AshyGirl as Sy

Team 5

DarkMoonPhase as Lumia
Nakuzami as Cinder
LakituBroz as Taido
Troock as Troock

Team 6

Nimsy as Adalia
Foxrally as Ryan
chuckleslucifer as Djinn
Megaman765 as Snype
mucus as Mallie

The Rules:
  • No GMing your team members. If someone remains inactive, try VMing/PMing them, if they still do not respond then talk to me.
  • You don't have to function as a single team. There are four/five pokémon - you can RP on your own, or do joint posts. Either way please communicate with the others.
  • Sometimes a 'leader' or 'volunteer' will need to be decided. Again, discuss or ask me to assign one.
  • DO NOT assist another group in deciphering their clues. Also, please appreciate that some people in your group may want to find things for themselves - don't just go shouting about the answers. Discussion of locations of clues is banned from the OOC thread.

The Clues:
The starting clue for each group is listed in the spoilers below. You are permitted, of course, to try and work out clues for other groups but you should not share or spoil it for others. Keep locations secret.

If you find your own groups next clue, you may post in the OOC thread saying: "Found our 2nd Clue! PM me for details."
  • Clues are colour co-ordinated for your group.
  • First clue -> Second Clue -> Treasure
  • Some clues involve battling or solving a problem. You should write this out in full in your post/group post.
  • Clues will be in the first or second post in the thread.
  • Clues point at a specific important or popular thread on PokéCommunity. There will be multiple interpretations of the clues, but only one right thread.
  • Some clues have hints at the staff members who posted the thread (might help... most of them are impossible).

Team 1
A narrow staircase leads upwards - your team carefully transcends the stairs to reach a twisting, stone corridor. The sharp bends stop you seeing very far ahead of yourself, you start to lose all sense of direction. A murmur, a distant muttering pokémon catches your ears.

"Battle me?" It whispers. Over and over again it asks. You pause - you could easily retreat back to town, or risk walking straight in to the wolf's den.
Team 2
There is a passage around to the left, your team goes that way. There are cracks up in the ceiling, several metres above your head - some light manages to creep in and illuminate the path, droplets of water follow them. An eerie splashing sound echoes towards you - you're tempted to leave, or return home... maybe there is someone out there who will switch places with you.
Team 3
You head forward, straight in to the heart of the tomb. A hideous smell pollutes the air, making it difficult to see - making out the walls was near impossible. Stumbling through, you reach a dead end. Feeling the wall before you, you notice a detailed emblem etched into the wall.

It seems to be the key to progressing down this path, but what could it mean?
Team 4
As you entered the tomb, your team veered to the left. It was the darkest path, each step taking you further and further from the comfort of daylight. As you round another corner, the darkness consumes you - until you see a shining beacon of electrical light. PokéCommunity, your club, your family, are supporting you with your endeavours - with that in mind you take three steps forward, towards the unknown.
Team 5
Your team ventures down a dark stairway, in to the underground chambers of the tomb. The light down here is dim, but dancing flame atop tall candles - lighting the way - twilight in the tomb. The walls are covered in paint, splatters lining the large stone bricks as well as the floor and ceiling. However, you soon reach a dead end - three large letters are graffiti'd on to the wall - R.N.G. A Smeargle jumped out of the shadows, engaging your group.
Team 6
Your team chooses to go right, heading away from the others. The walls in your corridor seem metallic - made of iron-laced stone, causing the light to bounce from wall to wall and keep your path illuminated. You notice a series of cogs along the walls, which eventually leads to a strong, metal door.

The biggest technology enthusiast in the group must step forward - no moves will dent this door. A small control panel is exposed, it seems that with some careful tweaking the door will open easily.


PokéCommunity Businesses:
Ozzy's Friend Zone!

Ozzy the Sandslash is the friendliest of all PokéCommunity's supporters - so much so that he runs a bar where people can meet up and chat. He loves to strut around the bar with his little red bow tie showing - unfortunately, he's not great with the glassware, so his friendly Emolga barstaff tend to take care of that.
Doronjo's Raffle

Doronjo the Gothitelle runs the local raffle. He can spin the trundle with his psychic powers, and with a flick of the wrist a winning prize can be plucked out! For only 50✧ you can buy a ticket - every ticket will win some kind of prize, see below for more details.

Twigs, apples, throwing stones and status enchancers.
Janna's Berry Farm

Janne the Mareep is a caring, loving Pokémon. She spends a lot of her time welcoming visitors and giving them one free oran berry. She sells the rest for a reasonable price, nothing makes her happier than tending to her garden and helping out others.

Any and all berries for 40✧!
Tabor's Odds and Rarities

Tabor the Wobbuffet specialises in providing the community with the rarest of items. It might be a stone that glistens like fire, or a fang as sharp as a dagger, for 200✧ she'll sell you anything! Unfortunately, there hasn't been many incoming items lately.

Evolutionary items galore!
Jake's Swap Shop

Jake the Poliwhirl is a bubbly individual - he loves to collect items, although he's not quite sure what he wants. To satisfy his urges he opened up the swap shop - he will swap any item for a similar one, food for food, berry for berry, seed for seed. If you're in need of a change it's best to visit Jake.

Tara's Move Tutorials

Tara the Espeon utilises her psychic and spiritual power to help pokémon learn interesting and powerful moves. For 350✧ she can help teach a pokémon an egg move or a technical machine move. Although she's powerful, unfortunately she can't make the impossible happen - she's been trying, desperately, to learn fly for years.

Limited to one per Pokémon!

Rika's Training Dojo

Rika the pink Weavile is a feisty pokémon, she has to be in her line of work. At her training dojo she runs intensive training courses for explorers who think they need to work that extra bit harder. Her lessons are free, her dojo is normally packed with desperate pokémon.

Asty's Storage

Asty the Nidoking is in charge of storing goodies, for individuals and PokéCommunity as a whole. He has a habit of writing tediously long contracts - but most people know they can trust Asty and sign without reading.

Mana August 3rd, 2013 6:42 AM

BlueEspeon August 3rd, 2013 7:01 AM

Blue wakes up from his bed in his small little hut. He's been waiting to go on an official Expedition ever since he was a little Eevee.

Time to go to prepare his things.
He walked over to his door and in front of it, there were massive crowds of Pokémon waiting in line for Asty's storage. He hopped in the back of the line, beaming with excitement!
"Today's the big day!"

Ever since Blue was a little Eevee, he lived near Gold Town. He used to live in his house in the forest near Gold town, but after a certain incident, he moved into the town. His house was a lot smaller, sloppier, and less comfortable than his old house, but he was planning to build a new house after the tomb expedition. Well, if he survived the Expedition, anyways.

DeuceClubs August 3rd, 2013 7:06 AM


The sun was high in the sky, shining down upon the fellow Pokemon. Among them was a shy little Gothorita. Her black hairstyle bounced as she ran up to the center of the town. Gasping for breath, she noticed that there were many businesses open for her to see. Unfortunately she was nervous to meet anybody new, and thus decided to glance at the beauty around her.

"I can stock up later... um maybe I should relax? Yes... relax... sounds very good right now actually," she mumbled to herself, looking for a patch of grass to sit down on. As soon as she found it, she lay eyes upon a Gothitelle, which happens to be running a business. At first she didn't mind sitting close to the shops, but after a while she got uncomfortable and stood up. Looking for a suitable place to stay, she reached the outskirts of Gold Town. A pond was visible, catching her attention. Without hesitation, she ran over to the area, happy to find a quiet spot. Sitting down near the edge, her reflection revealed a nervous Gothorita.

"I wonder if I can make some friends...," she spoke to herself, gazing down into her reflection. Her hands then reached into a strap bag she was carrying, feeling the money inside. 'It's enough to buy me the necessary berries and items I need... I think,' she thought to herself as she withdrew her hand from the dark purple bag.

Chalifoux August 3rd, 2013 7:12 AM Alaric - A Resume On Taking Over the World Pt.1


The glimmering sun was set high in the sky, marking the beginning of a new day as it gently caressed Alaric's fur. The Plusle had been walked around some random field of lush, green grass, stealing burrowing things from as many passersby as he could. From Oran Berries to Sticks, his tiny hands were full with many objects, most of which fell on the road. KIt felt like it had been hours since he first left his home at a nice tree with Mother Minun and Father Pikachu. And it had certainly been hours since his quest in search of Gold Town began. Poor little thing has the sense of orientation of a stump.

Regardless of this, a big smile is seen in his face as he, and his loot, finally arrive at a bustling little town. Shops and locales dotted across an immense field of grass, with their shop dealers, selling, buying and trading per the second. Pokémon from all sizes, forms and colors -from a Sandslash to the more terrifying Nidoking- had already made their way there. The town itself wasn't big in size, but the amount of people traversing it at the moment certainly made up for it.

Placing his loot in the ground, stretching his arms, inhaling and exhaling loudly as the scents of the grass fill his nose. 'Nothar day, 'nothar victim! the rodent-esque Pokémon squeaks to his inside.

Being received by a Mareep and the gifted another gift to his increasing mood, he accepts the offering with a low "Right about time." which Janna the Mareep either didn't hear or couldn't care less about, as she was fast to retake her position near what seemed to be the entrance of town -a wide gap amidst a semi-circle of locales from which people could enter town-.

So far so good. Two Oran Berries and a few Sticks. Now Alaric only needs an apple and will be able to call it a day. Now, who shall donate their apples to the cause. The Plusle stands by a local with a Nidoking in it, silently pondering his plans with a mischievous grin. He lets go of a small laugh. So many people to "meet", such few time...

DarkMoonPhase August 3rd, 2013 7:17 AM

Lumia was at the entrance of Gold Town, watching the business, and constantly moving crowds. So this is Gold Town? It's amazing! There's so many people here! Are the all here for the exploration?! Lumia thought. The town was more like a city! Pokèmon where here and there, rushing to collect supplies and trying to train. Lumia sat in awe as everyone bustled around her. It was great to see so many adventurers here. Lumia smiled brightly, taking her first step inside Gold Town.

"The atmosphere here is so friendly and exciting!" She said. Lumia walked over to the first shop she saw, looking at the information about them. This is great! She thought. Lumia walked up to the next shop and stopped where a sign read:

'Jena's Berry Farm'

"Excuse me. Do you have any Oran Berries? If so, may I have two please? Lumia asked politely, presenting 80 pokè.
"Oh please, call me Jena. Here you go dear." Jena said, handing her the berries, and taking the money.
"Thank you Jena." Lumia saidwith a smile, putting the berries in a small pouch in her bag, and running off.

SylveonStar August 3rd, 2013 7:19 AM

Lillian || Moves: 1. Hi Jump Kick 2. Drain Punch 3. Force Palm 4. Aura Sphere

Lillian sighed as she finally saw Gold Town ahead of her. "Finally, after days of travel I finally get here. I hope I'm not to late" she muttered to herself stretching her arms above her head. She was tired from walking and could hear her stomach growl wanting food. Upon hearing that her choice was made. First place to go for her would be to get something to eat. After that she would ask around about the guild. As she took her first few steps into town the first thing Lillian noticed was a Mareep that immedietly noticed her entrance.

"Hello! and Good morning. I'm Janna and I run Janna's Berry Farm. I'd like to welcome you to Gold Town" Janna said kindly.

"T-Thank you for the welcome" Lillian said awkwardly. "I'm Lillian, I'm here to join PokéCommunity" she added scratching the back of her head.

"Nice to meet you Lillian." Janna smiled at her before taking out an oran berry and placing it in front of her. "This is for you, I always give newcomers an oran berry for free, I sell all other types of berries at my berry farm"

Lillian smiled back timidly and nodded picking up the berry and putting it in her bag before bowing slightly. "Thank you for you kindness" she said before straightening up and looking around them. There seemed to be a pretty good sized crowd at a shop run by what looked like a Nidoking, and Lillian's first thought was hoping that wasn't where she wanted to go. " you know where I could get a bite to eat?"

"Of course. Ozzy's Friend Zone is where you want to go." Janna said gesturing to the building. "Ozzy runs a bar, you should be able to get something to eat there"

"Thank you" Lillian said before nodding goodbye and walking towards the building that Janna had gestured to. First interaction with someone, I think that went....okay so maybe the next one will be just as good

Awkward. August 3rd, 2013 7:32 AM

Tobias, the Dastardly Gengar / Gold Town

In which a Ghost-type attempts to ingest an Apple

Sack 'o Stuff


The all-too-familiar laugh sounded in the square. The laugh that always came about when there was a sneakiness to happen. It meant that everyone's not-so-favorite ghost was awake, and ready to play with the patrons of Gold Town. For any newcomers, well, they were about to meet Gold Town's very own self-proclaimed prankster.

A shadow snuck along the ground, trailing behind a random unsuspecting Lotad who was busy making his way through the town with a giant pile of goods stacked on top of him - which included a wonderful Big Apple at the very top. Two threatening but playful eyes appeared in the shadow as the Lotad began to lose his balance - it was hard trying to carry that many supplies in a small lilypad on top of your head! The stack wobbled, and swayed, but eventually the Lotad regained his balance. Not that it mattered, because the apple of the shadow's eye - literally - was already tumbling down the pile toward it. The Lotad gingerly wobbled around until it was facing the shadow, but it was too late. The apple hit the shadow and was immediately concealed by a ghostly energy.

"Heuheuheuh. Thank you, kind sir." A wispy, terrifying voice sounded, striking fear into the unknowing Lotad. The shadow slowly began to rise out of the ground, revealing pointy purple ears and a mischievous expression. As the body filled out, it was revealed that the shadow was a furtive Gengar. This specific Gengar happened to be Tobias, the triumphing prankster of Gold Town, and an articulate thief at that. He had stolen many things in his lifetime, and this was just another day in the ballpark for him. "This apple will make for a very delicious meal. Your patronage is very kindly accepted. Very few people will help out a Gengar in such a way. It's a hard life, I must admit."

The Lotad was angered by this stranger's actions. Who was he to steal that gorgeous apple?! "Hey! I paid for that fair and square! You can't take that from me! Give it back, or I'll blast you with a Hydro Pump." It was a false lie, as the Lotad didn't know Hydro Pump, but merely Water Gun. But that Apple, it was way too important and, well, delicious!

The smile fell from Tobias' face. There was a brief pause, as he contemplated what to do next. But then, he scrunched up his face with his hands, and upon removing them, displayed a horrifying scary face at the Lotad. The lily pad creature screamed in terror and took off down the road in a hasty, cartoon-like manner. Other supplies from the pile on top of its head fell down onto the path, and many passerby stared in confusion. Tobias laughed, lightly throwing the Big Apple up and down in his hand. "Ah, the thrill of the scare. It never gets old." He chuckled, taking a bite out of the apple. The apple piece bounced around inside his endless void and fell out of the front of his stomach, landing on the dusty path. He groaned as he remembered he can't actually eat solid food, and could only feed off the dreams of others or absorb his special Gengar Energy Food. Gotta find Konzu later... He'll enjoy this apple, no doubt. The big Snorlax's dreams were probably Tobias' favorite meal; always full of delicious foods that he literally could only dream of eating.

It was then that Tobias noticed a young, beaming Plusle standing near Asty's storage shop. The unsuspecting mouse was the perfect target! Ah, another young child to terrify. This day keeps getting better. Tobias reached into his body and pulled out his Sack 'o Stuff, placing the apple inside and then phasing the sack back inside him (because how else would a Ghost store stuff?) He slowly melted into the ground and inched towards the Plusle quietly.

"Heuheuheuh." The shadow suddenly reared up from behind the Plusle, and Tobias put on his scariest face possible, adding in creepy eyes and a terrifying ghost moan for effect. "RAAAAAAAH! I'M GOING TO EAT YOU, LITTLE CHILD!"

Luster Purge August 3rd, 2013 7:41 AM

Blaze the Ninetales -- Gold Town

Blaze walked up the path to Gold Town. "I'm finially here," she sighed. "Today's the big day. But first, I need something to eat." He walked up to Janna's Berry Farm. Janna gave him a Oran Berry. "Thanks," Blaze said as he walked away, suprised about the free berry. He quickly Flamethrowered the berry before eating it. "Berries taste so much better when I roast them," he said. "I should probaby get to know some other Pokemon here." he said. He was walking by Asty's Storage and accidentally bumped into Blue. Well, might as well introduce myself, he thought. "Hi. I'm Blaze."

gimmepie August 3rd, 2013 8:09 AM

Hiro the Lucario
Hiro's Inventory
1. Oran Berry x2
2. Blast Seed x1

Hiro walked around Gold Town watching as many pokemon of nearly as many different species wandered around the area running various errands. He himself had only arrived in the town not that long ago and had proceeded to join the Pokecommunity guild. The Lucario felt almost physically sore with the boredom he was now experiencing though - he had spent the last half an hour surveying the various shops before him and was yet to find anything remotely of interest.

Passing a sign giving directions to Fold Town's local bar and a berry farm run by Janna the mareep for what felt like the millionth time another sign slightly further off caught the attention of Hiro, who was rapidly becoming grumpier by the minute.
Test your skills at Rika's Training Dojo!
Now this was more to Hiro's liking. He remembered the dojo back in his old town, before he was forced to leave and join Pokecommunity. It had been a large building run by three brothers - a hotmonlee, a hitmonchan and a hitmontop and catering for the many different typed pokemon that trained there with numerous different battle fields. Hiro wondered whether or not this "Rika" would be running something similar, although he doubted it would compare to his old haunt.

Hiro had just been about to follow the directions on the sign when he heard a commotion in the opposite direction. Not knowing why he found himself gravitating towards that instead. Hiro soon found a young Lotad hurtling towards him as fast as its tiny legs would carry it. In an instant the smaller pokemon with a lily pad permanently fixed to its back (head?) had crashed into Hiro and fallen to the ground still screaming in terror.

Hiro looked down at the dual water and grass-type that had ran into him as it screamed. The loud noise was wearing thin on him and after several minutes of staring silently at the screaming lotad he lost his cool for a moment.
"Will you just shut up and tell me what's wrong!" The lotad fell silent immediately and climbed to its feet with its lips quivering
"It... was horrible! A ghost, or a demon or -"
"What?" The lotad recounted the terrifying theft of its apple leaving Hiro feeling irritated.
There's just no way...

Hiro, having completely forgotten his plan to go to the dojo, set of in the direction the lotad had fled from at a trot.

miltankRancher August 3rd, 2013 8:13 AM

Milran the Miltank

Wake up in the morning feeling like "I'm so HIGH!"


Milran took a deep gulp from the countless bottles of processed milk he kept inide his bag. In just a two gulps, the Miltank already consumed a liter of milk and is still hungry for more. Nope, I must contain myself. Too much milk and I spend more time inside the john. Milrank laughed at his small joke. He stretched a little, the little bell around his neck jingling with each step. Ever since he was disowned by his family (a bunch of Miltank and his Tauros-dad), the only thing that reminded Milran of family was the bell around his neck. Not that he cares of course. Due to a rare mutation. Milran became the first Miltank ever in his family. He was always considered the freak, an outcast. Yet, Milran learned to live.

Now, almost ten years (Was that ten-years already?) Milran already learned to put the past behind. He have never talked to his family in ever and yet he is still happy, travelling the whole world with several other adventurers. His travels also taught him the basics of medicine. An Oran Berry to everybody, and the occasional Cheri and all is fine. Milran smiled.

Today's agenda for him was simple: just go around town and see if he could get the elusive Joy Seed from the local Swap Shop. It's been months since last saw the seed he is desperately craving for its taste. It's heavenly and so scrumptious and crunchy. I really don't know how to describe the seed. It was just that awesome. As Milran walk about the town, he already saw several Pokemon bustling around. Ooh. Such early birds, I see. As usual, Milran is in a jolly mood, ecstatic both by the thought of a new town and by the huge amount of milk he already drank. "GOOD MORNING, GOLD TOWN! WOO!"

Capi6 August 3rd, 2013 8:25 AM

Luna the Purrloin

The sun shines down on the sleeping Purrloin named Luna near a tall, healthy tree with green, fresh, leaves hanging from the branches. Luna wakes up and as the same as other cats, she stretches her front paws in front of her and her hind legs up along with her tail stretching as far as possible. She yawned and stood up on her two hind legs.
"That was some trip! Time to go!" she yelled to herself and picked up a green strap bag and put it on. Her strap bag wasn't that long, but above her waist. She ran on her two hind legs as fast as she could across the field of fresh, green grass rubbing against her legs.
"I'll run on my fours for faster," she said to herself and she stopped. She adjusted her bag to where it wouldn't fall from her back. She finished her adjustments and she was on all fours. She sped off and in the distance she saw the town called 'Golden Town' where something amazing was going to happen. She raced all the way until she got to the entrance and stopped. She stood up and re-adjusted her bag. When she finished re-adjusting her bag, she walked into town and saw many pokemon walking, running, and talking. She felt safer and warmer here than back in her old home. She started remembering how she was treated back home. She realized her thoughts and shook them to the back of her head. She walked and saw a dark, ominus, shadow behind a Plusle.
'That's a weird shadow,' she thought and continued exploring the town.

BlueEspeon August 3rd, 2013 8:30 AM

After Blue waiting around 20 minutes in line, he finally was face-to-face with Asty.
"Hey Asty, can I withdraw all my things from my account?"

Asty: "You're going on that expedition? Don't ya seem a bit low on supplies? You only have 4 oran berries, a sun orb, 200 P and an apple.

Blue felt as if a dagger pierced his heart. He knew this would not be nearly enough to go on the expedition. Blue let out a heavy sigh and started talking

"I know it's not nearly enough but... it's been my dream to go on a big trip since I was an Eevee. I'm not changing my Mind even though I'm extremely low on supplies."

Asty started laughing, and said:

"Well kid, it's nice that you have determination! Especially after getting beaten up like that..."

Blue's head started racing with thoughts of the week before...

Blue was going home through a shortcut in the forest when he got a strange tingling in his head... he tried to use his Psychic powers to see what was going on, but nothing happened. He couldn't feel his paws anymore, as if he was stuck in place. He tried moving but his legs didn't move. Then it hit him. He was petrified from an orb. Then a Weavile approached him with a smirk.

The Weavile started talking: So I found a traveler... care to tell me your name, cat?

Blue was going to, but his jaws stuck in place from an orb

Weavile smirked. "Oh yeah, the orb... let me fix your mouth...
Then the Weavile slashed at Blue, and Blue's head getting unstuck from the curse.

"My name is Blue," He sputtered

Then the Weavile smirked. "Hm... well your fur is blue."

"Did you figure that out yourself" Blue remarked.

The Weavile Slashed into the Espeon's body.
"That's what you get for sassing like that."

The Weavile started circling around Blue. Then he spotted Blue's treasure bag.
"Hm... you mind if I take this" He said with an evil grin.

"No, don't take that! I've been saving all that since I was little!" Blue shouted, as his were filling with tears

Hm... let's have a look at all this... When he opened the bag, he looked surprised. There was everything he needed for a mystery dungeon.

"Well," The Weavile said "I suppose I don't need you conscious anymore..."
Then Blue felt a sharp jab on his forehead and blacked out.

The next thing he knew he was in Gold town. Everyone seemed to know that Blue the Espeon got mugged by Weavile the criminal.

After his brief flashback, Asty mumbled something and gave Blue his stuff.

After getting his stuff back from Asty, when he started walking away from the shop, a Ninetails bumped into a him. The Ninetails introduced himself.

"Hi I'm Blaze" The Ninetails said

Blue ignored the Ninetails. He was too sad to even really care.
He spent the rest of the hour wandering around town and seeing what other people were doing.
A Gengar and a Lucario were arguing.
A Skitty was chasing her tail.
Many other things were happening, but he just went back in his house.

DarkMoonPhase August 3rd, 2013 8:47 AM

Lumia The Riolu

Oran Berry x2

Lumia ran back to Jena's Garden. "Jena!" She called.
"Why the rush dear?" Jena asked.
"May I have four more Oran Berries? Here's the pokè." Lumia said handing Jena 160 pokè.
"Next time don't rush." Jena said, handing her the berries with a smile, and taking the pokè.
"Alright. Thanks Jena." Lumia said walking away. Now I need to get some reviver seeds. Lumia thought. Lumia walked around the Town and looked around. The signs here were very useful, and so far the shopkeepers were really nice. Lumia wondered why the Town was so hectic, but figured that it was because of the exploration. Lumia walked around town, eventually stopping to slow her heart beat. She was so excited her heart might burst.

Chalifoux August 3rd, 2013 8:56 AM Alaric - A Resume On Taking Over the World Pt.2


An Espeon? Hell no, they do weird mind shenanigans, yo! Ninetales? Third degree burns. Mienshao? Constant jabs in the stomach. Lucario? Same, but with aura-whatever thingies...

As he surveyed the area he noticed that his efforts of finding a suitable victims were all in vain. They all posse a huge threat as most guild members around Gold Town were already evolved Pokémon. And Alaric doesn't even evolve! This is gonna be a long---

"S'cuse me, sir?" A voice behind him interrupts his train of thought. The Nidoking in the Storage behind him -Asty- began asking him if he would like to store something. Nodding in agreement, Alaric placed his berries and sticks on the counter in front of him. With haste the Nidoking of nice expression -something Alaric never thought of seeing in his life- took the four items and hid them as they became embraced by safekeeping.

"Well, if that's every--"

"Hold on sir. Sign this contract!"

"Contract?" An enormous compendium of paper hold tightly by a clip of sorts made with sticks manifested itself, making a loud "bump" sound while wiping dust away of it in the process. It was probably thousands of pages long! Oh, c'mon! Regardless, with a fake small he got ahold of the ink and feather provided by Asty as que quickly skimmed throughout Asty's contract.

The user agrees to store his goods... blablabla, not responsible for itrem loss or damage... blablabla, items might not be returned in their original state, blablabla, apples might suffer from the mysterious Konzu paradox, blablabla, oh sod it. With a fast grip of the feather he writes AlÆrįk with his questionable grammar into the front page, bidding his farewells and quickly jumping away from his stance.

Neatly falling a few centimeters away from the line that formed behind him, he began to ponder what to do next. So many stores... so many people... He stood there, eyeing everything in curiosity, until he felt a slight breeze coming from behind. "Heuheuheuh." was all he heard before freezing in fear, mouth tensed, eyes wide-open, as all the fur of his body froze and chills began to run down his spine.

An eerie shadow of a very scary face stood there, moaning and staring with terrifying eyes.


"AAAAAAAAAAAH" Alaric yelled with all his might, emitting a very acute pitch that actually sounded like a girl from a terror movie. Never had he seen such horrific sight and Tobias' appearance had been enough to make him feel like his heart was about to bounce off his chest. Throwing himself at the ground, he began to cry, excessively. The grass around him was getting flooded as he kept crying as loudly as he could. His tears were excessive partly because he was adding his own Fake Tears to the mix. Scared? Yes. Terrified? Indeed.

But he's not sure if he's got apples or not. Might as well try his luck out.

Allies: None
Enemies: Currently none. Won't last long.

gimmepie August 3rd, 2013 9:10 AM

Hiro the Lucario
Hiro's Inventory
1. Oran Berry x2
2. Blast Seed x1

An ear-splitting scream stung at Hiro's ears as he increased his pace from a brisk trot to an all our run. It sounded like the latest victim of a certain ghost-type was a young girl.
Honestly, when will he grow up! Hiro felt his annoyance at his "prey" increasing with every stride he took. Hiro soon found himself weaving between pokemon, many of whom were far larger than himself, and frequently leaping over those who were smaller. He was going to get his hands on Tobias and give him a piece of his mind.

Skidding to a halt not far from the guilds storage facility Hiro looked around, and sure enough right by the very stand he had just seen a Gengar had materialised behind a young plusle... that actually appeared to be male. Pushing past an oddly coloured espeon, his blood boiling like a pool of magma Hiro strode towards the gengar. Standing behind the ghost type, much as the ghost was the plusle, he said in an audibly irritated tone and somewhat threatening tone
"Good morning Tobias, I see you still enjoy acting like a two-month old gastly rather than a valuable member of society."

TrainerJacob August 3rd, 2013 9:11 AM

Starkey the Pikachu

Starkey had just arrived in Gold Town after about a week of traveling, he had left his hometown because he wanted a change. Starkey looked around as he entered Gold Town, "Wow," he said to himself "This place is cool! Now I know that my long journey here was worth it!" He had already eaten so he decided to find a place to mingle amongst the other pokèmon in town. He saw a sign for Ozzy's Friend Zone and decided to go in there, "Just what the doctor ordered" he said as he entered.

Awkward. August 3rd, 2013 9:13 AM

Tobias, the Dastardly Gengar / Gold Town

In which a Ghost-type makes a Mouse cry and encounters his Dog-themed rival

Sack 'o Stuff

Uh oh... I didn't know he was going to start crying! Tobias began to panic as the tiny mouse began to weep, flooding the grass at its feet. Tobias cleaned his face of any scariness, not knowing how he was supposed to calm this child down. "Uhhh..." He noticed that a lot of the Pokemon in line were giving him hard looks for scaring an innocent kid. Scaring in front of an audience was never well recieved.

"Uhhh..." Tobias reached into his body and pulled out his Sack 'o Stuff. He dug around and produced a beautiful Apple (not the Big Apple - he still needed it for Konzu). "Here, kid. I, uh, I'm sorry for scaring you." He offered the apple to the crying Plusle. Tobias wasn't sure if the kid was faking it - Plusle are known for their Fake Tears - but he figured he should try to quiet the brat down. This kid better not be pulling a fast one on me... Not like I can do anything to him, but still...

However, at the sound of a stinging insult in a familiar voice, Tobias dropped the apple into the puddle of tears and immediately whipped around to face his the one person he despised in this entire world. The Pokemon that made his nonexistant blood boil. The most dull, uninteresting Pokemon he had ever met in his entire afterlife.

"Ah, Hiro. Great to see you as well. It's nice to know that you're still the same old stingy broad you've always been. Did you come to give me more of your boring, pointless advice on how to be a 'grown-up'?" He mocked in a childish voice. Hiro was much taller than him, so Tobias floated up to be eye-level with the dog, phasing his Sack 'o Stuff back into his body. "Save it, because I don't need it. Whatever you came for, you're not getting it, unless you want advice on how to be not stuffy. Although, fixing that for you will take a lot longer than it would for anyone else, heuheuh."

ShaymieTheShaymin August 3rd, 2013 9:49 AM

Ichigo the Skitty

Ichigo yawned softly as she walked into Gold Town. Finally, I'm here... She has been traveling for a long time. She didn't even know how long. I'm all out of supplies... And I'm broke. Maybe someone will help me... Ichigo sighed and heard her stomach rumble. "I don't know any of these people," she mumbled. "For all I know, they could be kidnappers or something. I'm too young to get taken..." Ichigo sighed again, whimpering when her vision grew blurry. So dizzy... I can't die here, though... I should at least die in style... She fell to the ground unconscious.

Ashygirl August 3rd, 2013 10:26 AM

Sy slowly walked through the enterance of Gold Town. He looked around shyly, playing with the scarf he always wears. Something he always does when nervous. He looked around the town, slightly intimidated by the amount of people. He was always a shy Riolu. Sy then noticed a Skitty passed out in front of him. Sy dashed over to her. Sy was really worried. He didn't know what to do in a situation like this his family never got a chance to show him before.....Sy dismissed the memory then started shaking the still pokemon.

“H...hey, are you okay?! Wake up!” he cried.

DeuceClubs August 3rd, 2013 10:30 AM

Toko & Luna

Toko stood up, counting her Poke. Despite how she loved how silent it was in this one spot, she had to stock up. Enough time has passed for her to relax. With that thought out, she left the pond and entered back into town, only to see a commotion happening between a Gengar and Lucario. Not wanting to get involved since they looked pretty powerful, she walked around them to check out the stores...

That's when she caught glimpse of a fallen Skitty. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight, horrified. "Oh dear! She's not good at all!" she blurted out, running over to the fallen Pokemon. Unfortunately the Gothorita wasn't paying attention as to who was in front of her, and bumped into Luna. The Purrloin's exploration was interrupted, and as she fell, she let out a small groan.

Before Toko could say anything, Luna had already begun to apologize. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" she kept repeating over and over again. Gothorita didn't know how to react but just feel bad. She dusted herself and smiled.

"No no, it's fine... it's my fault for not paying attention and... umm.. running into you."

"Oh alright, if you say so." Luna looked around her and opened in shock at what she saw. "Hey... what happened to that Skitty?!" the cat immediately questioned Toko, seeing as how the psychic type was running towards the fallen Skitty.

"I'm not sure... I'm going to try to help if I can," she responded, running past the Purrloin and towards the Skitty. Luna blinked, watching as Toko ran.

'Maybe I should go and help her too,' Luna thought. After a minute of thinking, she decided to go help. With her two legs, she sprinted over to where Gothorita and the fallen Skitty were. The Gothorita checked her bag for any sort of berries and medicine, but it was empty.

"Are you okay?" Toko asked, worried as her arms were still rummaging through her bag. Luna noticed there was Riolu shaking the Skitty.

“H...hey, are you okay?! Wake up!” he cried, making both Gothorita and Luna feel even worse.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of her," Gothorita tried to calm the Riolu down. Luna managed to find an Oran Berry in her own bag while Gothorita spoke to the Riolu. Without hesitating, she forced the berry into Skitty's mouth. She used her tiny paws to make the cat's mouth chew the food, which was hard while the Riolu shook the Skitty. "Are you sure that will help?" Toko asked, worried by her method.

"It will! An Oran Berry will definitely restore her!"

They both sat there and watched, waiting to see how the fallen Skitty will react...

Ozymandias August 3rd, 2013 11:39 AM - Majestic Arrival to Gold Town

"Finally... Gold Town!" Mikey grinned as he took in his surroundings. The excited little glaceon started jumping around enthuastically, trying to keep his excitement bottled up but, to no avail.

A Pokemon Guild... Wow! This was all new and exciting to him, as he had lived alone in an arctic cave most his life. "This is going to be awesome!!!" The sudden outburst drew the stares of many of the others around him. The glaceon just smiled sheepishly and walked away slowly. Gotta keep talking to myself at a minimum here...

Gold Town was quite the bustling little area. "So many other pokemon joining the guild... There's no way i'll be able to make it to the top." Mikey gave a small sigh. He strolled on over to the building closest to where he stood. "Ozzy's Friend Zone... sounds... friendly!" The little pokemon grinned at his own joke and went on in.

"Welcome to Ozzy's Friend Zone!" A friendly looking Sandshrew approached the Glaceon.

"Hellooo!" Mikey stretched out the end of the word as he glanced around the "Friend Zone."
A bar, huh? Just my type of place!, "I'll have some Berry Ale..." The glaceon gave a playful grin to the bar owner.

The bar owner returned the smile. "I'll go get that ready for you." He walked up to one of the many Emolga working at the bar. "One Potent Berry Juice for the glaceon."

As Mikey waited for his drink to be prepared he approached one of the windows. The little town was full of pokemon walking around, talking, meeting one another. I should go out and meet someone...

Near the bar he could see a group of pokemon gathered around a fallen Skitty, a Gengar and a Lucario raising a little commotion, and a Milktank screaming good morning. "Sheesh.. I can hear that cow even from in here."

"Sir your drink is ready!" The squeaky little voice drew Mikey out of his thoughts and he strolled up to the bar. "Time to get hammered!!"

ShaymieTheShaymin August 3rd, 2013 11:55 AM

Ichigo the Skitty

Ichigo groaned softly and opened her eyes, wincing at the bright sunlight. "Did I fall asleep?" she mumbled. She looked at the Pokemon near her and tilted her head. "Who are you?" she asked, standing up weakly. Her stomach growled again. Ichigo giggled sheepishly and sat down. "I guess I was hungry... Sorry about that. I just got here, and I ran out of supplies a while ago." She smiled and looked around. She froze when she saw her tail beating the ground rhythmically and couldn't help herself. She purred and started to chase her tail, ignoring the other Pokemon near her.

DeuceClubs August 3rd, 2013 12:31 PM

Toko & Luna

Gothorita let out a chirp of excitement as the Skitty opened her eyes. Her hands were no longer inside her bag, nor her face facing the Riolu. Right now she cared about the Skitty and how she was doing. However, the head tilt only caused Gothorita to smile and feel infatuated by the cuteness. Of course, she's resisting the urge to hug the furball. As for Luna, she had a smile in her face.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Oh, sorry for not introducing myself," she sheepishly smiled. "My name is Toko!"

"Well my name is Luna," the Purrloin pointed at herself.

"I guess I was hungry... Sorry about that. I just got here, and I ran out of supplies a while ago," the Skitty explained. Unfortunately, when the Skitty started chasing her tail, the purple cat's smile turned into a frown. She was confused and wasn't expecting her to.. chase her tail. Toko didn't seem to mind, and instead she stood up.

"I'll see if I can buy some berries for you with the money I have... I'll be right back!"

Luna stared at Toko as she disappeared into the crowd. Looking back at the Skitty, she asked "Are you sure you're alright...?"

Meanwhile, with Toko, she went around the crowd of Pokemon and started to search for a certain shop. One of them in particular fit her very needs... Janna's Berry Farm! Fortunately there was nobody in line at the moment, so she took the chance to go.

"Oh! Why hello there!" the sheep smiled kindly. "I'm Janna and I run Janna's Berry Farm. I'd like to welcome you to Gold Town!"

"Thank you!" Toko responded, opening her bag and taking out 80 ✧. It was then she saw at the corner of her eye an Oran Berry getting closer to her. Toko looked up, and to her surprise, Janna was offering her a free Oran Berry. "You're new here, aren't you? This is a gift from me to you!"

"Oh no, I can't take it... let me pay for that too-"

"No need to worry dear," Janna said as Toko accepted the gift. Afterwards Toko payed for two more Oran Berries and said her farewells to the shop owner. As she walked back towards the Skitty with hope for her getting better, she noticed a Miltank. She remembered having heard a "Good morning" from him, and felt bad for not saying anything in return. She faced the Miltank and waved at him.

"Good Morning! I'm sorry for not responding! Oh um.. wait.. that...," she stopped, blushing. 'He probably thinks I'm a bad Gothorita for suddenly interrupting... and catching his attention,' she thought. She looked up and smiled. "Oh, right, Good Morning.. again!" she repeated, feeling nervous as she ran back to where Skitty, Luna, and the Riolu were.

<Challenger> August 3rd, 2013 4:10 PM

(OOC: Are you guys ready for the Konzu? There's no way you're ready for the Konzu. Don't lie to me. You aren't ready for the Konzu.)

Konzu The Mighty Snorlax
Inventory of Konzu the Mighty Snorlax

Apples x20000000000000000000000000000000000000

Konzu arrived in the tiny town with a big grin on his face. He rubbed his tummy happily and let out a large belch. He had just finished his feast of more apples than anyone has ever eaten. "Konzu Konzu Konzu." He began to sing the song that his happy heart emitted, and his tiny brain could conjure. "Konzu Konzu Konzu Konzu Konzu." He began to skip lightly, unaware of the earth shaking every time he landed. "Konzu Konzu Konzu Konzu Konzu Konzu." Konzu was singing as he entered the town, but he decided to stop skipping because he felt something squishy under his feet. "Konzu?" He attempted to bend over, but couldn't manage it. "Konzu!" Konzu frustrated! Konzu mad! Konzu want off foot! "Konzu!" He scraped his foot against a nearby building and found that it was a Ditto. "Konzu Konzu Konzu!" Konzu gave a small apologetic bow of the head, and began to lumber into town.

Konzu was having a grand old time just wandering around, looking at all the tiny pokemon. They were so cute and tiny and squishable. "Konzu!" Konzu reached down and began to pet the pokemon that his stubby-ish arms could reach. laughing as he stroked the fuzzier ones. "Konzu!" He pulled his hand back as he layed his hand on a Ferroseed. "KONZU!" He roared in frustration and picked the Ferroseed up, causing him even more pain. "KONZU KONZU KONZU KONZU KONZU KONZU!" It would have been smart not to pick up the Ferroseed, but Konzu didn't know better. "KONZU!" Konzu dropped the Ferroseed, who was screaming in sheer terror and would probably have tramautic nightmares and flashbacks for the rest of his life, and punted it across the town. "KONZU!" Konzu gave a nod of satisfaction and kissed his hands. "Konzu..." Konzu suddenly felt bad for the little pokemon. It didn't mean to hurt him. "Konzu." He gave a frown and pulled an apple from the depths of his stomach and tossed it into his mouth, chewing loudly. Konzu suddenly felt better. He pumped his fist into the air and shouted in triumph. "KONZU!"

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