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SylveonStar July 31st, 2013 6:52 PM

~Celestial League~ T OCC (Revamped)

The Celestia Region. Home to unique people and Pokemon. The region is rumored to have been formed by the Lunar duo Cresselia and Darkrai. The legend says that Cresselia and Darkrai created Celestia as a place were light and dark can co-exist peacefully, after creating the region both Cresselia and Darkrai chose separate places in the region to sleep, awaiting the time the region would need them again. Ever since it's creation Celestia has remained a closed region not letting outsiders in, and being unkind to those who leave the regions shores. But things are changing in the region, the number of youth that wish to become Pokemon trainers is at an all time low, all of the youth are leaving the region to travel in regions like Kanto and Unova. In fact in the year 2013 only one trainer from Celestia wished to start her journey. A first for this happy region. It has finally been decided to open the region to seven young trainers from the other regions to travel through the region collecting the 8 badges along with the one native from Celestia. If it goes well then the region will open to all. Some of the people in the region are happy with this change, others not so much.

Upon hearing that the region was going to allow seven youth from other regions in to collect the badges a group was formed. This group Team Lunara does not wish for things in Celestia to change. They will do whatever it takes to keep the youth from succeeding. Even if that means awakening the slumbering legendary Pokemon Cresselia and Darkrai and controlling them to gain control of the region.

You are one of the seven aspiring trainers that have been chosen to go to Celestia. Those chosen range from trainers just starting out, to trainers that have beaten all their regions gyms but not the league. To even a few who have beaten one of the Pokemon Leagues. Whichever you are, you all share two things. A strong love for Pokemon and adventure. The one requirement to going to Celestia to challenge the league is that you may not take any of your Pokemon with you. You must start a new team with new Pokemon. The starters are listed below.


1. ~Genevieve~
2. Mick Fizz
3. DeuceClubs
4. Lord Sephear
5. heretostay123
6. Geras32
7. ShayShayTheShaymin
8. GoldenRayquaza

Sign Up Template.
Name: (obvious what is your characters first and last name)
Gender: (again obvious their are only 2 so choose 1)
Age: (how old are you? Must be between 10 and 18)
Appearance: (For this section you may provide a picture but you still need at least 1 paragraph as well)
Personality: (How does your character act? What do they like? Dislike? minimum 1 paragraph)
History: (where was your character born? What region are they from? What have they done in their lives? How did they get the offer to travel to Celestia? Minimum 2 paragraphs)
Starter: (What starter did you choose? See the list)
Color Badge Case: (What color badge case would you like? List it here)
Other: (what else would you like others to know about your character? If there is a theme song list it here)

Accepted Characters.
1. Amanda Miller (~Genevieve~)
2. Pamela Oxford (DeuceClubs )
3. Kenneth Barol (Lord Sephear)
4. Trent Rift (heretostay123)
5. Tyler Frates (GoldenRayquaza)
6. Sakura Hinamori (ShayShayTheShaymin)
7. Danielle Marriott (Mick Fizz)
8. Yuri Welkin / Koukan (Geras32)

1. This RP is rated t for possible violence. Romance is allowed but can not go past a k rating.
2. You must post at least twice a week. (if you go two weeks without posting you will get a three day warning before you are removed from the rp)
3. Follow all existing PC rules.
4. No Godmodding
5. Captures will be decided by the gms, the rarer the Pokemon the more detailed post you need if you want to capture it.
6. The outcome of all gym battles will be decided by the gm.
7. Shiny Pokemon will be available but they will be decided through a RNG (Random Number Generator)

Badge Cases/Character Teams.

Pokemon Professor
Professor Solaria and her Swellow

Gym Leaders
Hermes and his Roggenrola
Hermes team: He has two Pokemon, Roggenrola and one unknown, both Pokemon are between the levels of ten and fifteen.

Elissa and her Vulpix:
Elissa's Team: She has two Pokemon, Vulpix and one unknown; both Pokemon are between the levels of 20 and 25.

Mione and her Leafeon:
Mione's Team: She has three Pokemon, Leafeon and two unknown; all three of her Pokemon are between the levels of 30 and 35.

Storm and his Jolitk:
Storm's Team: He has three Pokemon, Joltik and two unknown; all three of his Pokemon are between the levels of 35 and 40.

Nerina and her Glaceon:
Nerina's Team: Nerina has four Pokemon, Glaceon and three unknown; all four of her Pokemon are between the levels of 45 and 50.

Shade and his Haunter:
Shade's Team: Shade has four Pokemon, Haunter and three unknown; all of his Pokemon are between the levels of 50 and 55.

Hydra and her Deino:
Hydra's Team: Hydra has five Pokemon, Deino and four unknown; all of her Pokemon are between the levels of 55 and 60.

Percy and his Poliwhirl:
Percy's Team: Percy has six Pokemon, Poliwhirl and five unknown; all of his Pokemon are between the levels of 60 and 65.

Elite Four and Champion
Maya and her Skorupi:
Maya has six Pokemon Skorupi and five unknown her Pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 75

Bruce and his Swak:
Bruce has six Pokemon Swak and five unknown his pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 75

Ally and her Munna:
Ally has six Pokemon Munna and five unknown her pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 80

Bryon and his Fearow:
Bryon has six Pokemon, Fearow and five unknown his Pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 80

Rosalyn and her Eevee:
Rosalyn has six Pokemon, Eevee an five unknown, her Pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 85.

Team Lunara:

Female Grunt:
All the female Grunts look like this but each have different Hair Colors, each female grunt has either a Magmar or an Electabuzz and one unknown Pokemon, Level's depend on where you are when one shows up

Male Grunt:
All the male Grunts look like this but each have different Hair Colors, each male grunt has either a Magmar or an Electabuzz and one unknown Pokemon, Level's depend on where you are when one shows up.



Map Locations.
1. Aurora Town: The starting town in Celestia. This is where your journey starts. This small port-town holds a Pokemon Center, a Poke-mart, several houses, as well as Professor Solaria's lab.

2. Mercury City: This is the first major city you encounter in Celestia. Like everywhere else Mercury City has a Poke-mart and a Pokemon Center as well as countless shops. This city also has the Trainer School and most importantly the first gym. The Rock type gym with it's leader Hermes.

3. Ellipse Town: Ellipse Town is a small town but is full of flowers and berries. This town has a Pokemon Center, a Poke-mart, and is home to a cave full of strange runes and Pokemon.

4. Venus City: Venus city is home to the xtransceiver/poketch company. Venus City also has one of Celestia's department stores. The second gym is also located here. Fire types under the leader Elissa.

5.Equinox Town: Equinox Town is home to the East side of the Regions radio tower, as well as the Pokemon Tower.

6. Terra City: Terra City is home to the museum in Celestia. It also has several cafes, and places where you can buy homemade Pokemon Food. Also located in Terra City are several battlefields for small tournaments held daily. Terra City is home to the third gym, grass types under the leader Mione

7. Mars City: Mars City is home to the game corner, and the Pokemon fan club. It also rests right next to Luna Lake the largest lake in Celestia. Mars City is home to the electric type gym under Storm.

8. Eclipse Town: Eclipse Town is home to the Western side of Celestia's radio tower. Also located just outside of Eclipse town is the Safari Zone.

9. Nova Town: Nova Town is a small town not far from the water. It's less than a five minute walk from the beach and Nova town is most known for being the home of the day care.

10. Jupiter City: Jupiter City is home to the second department store in Celestia. Jupiter City is also home to the ice gym under Nerina.

11. Saturn City: Saturn City is home to a known haunted house believed to be run over by ghost and dark type Pokemon. Saturn City holds the sixth gym, the dark/ghost type under Shade.

12. Zenith Town: Zenith Town is right outside an entrance to Meteorite Mountain. Zenith town is a rest stop like place for hikers and explorers in the mountain.

13. Ura City: Ura City is home to the seventh Gym, the Dragon Type gym under Hydra. Ura city is also home to a statue made in honor of Darkrai and Cresselia and is rumored to be the city where Team Lunara was formed.

14. Neptune City: Neptune City is home the eighth and final gym. Neptune city like Nova Town is right on the water. It also holds the ferry to Star Island where the Pokemon League is. The final gym is the water type gym under the trainer Percy.

15. Star Island: The home to the Celestial League, the elite four. Maya, Bruce, Ally, and Bryon. And the Champion Rosalyn.

Route 1: Unmarked on the map, a small route between Aurora Town and Mercury City. Takes about six hours to travel

16. Route 2: Goes between Mercury City and Ellipse Town. In this route first you pass through Mercury Forest which takes about a day to travel through. After that the rest of the route will take about another half day to travel.

17. Route 3: Goes between Ellipse Town and Venus City. This Route takes about two days to travel. Along this route you will go along Gravity Lake when almost to Venus City.

18. Route 4: Goes between Venus City and Equinox Town. This Route takes a day and a half to travel as long as you don't get lost. First you pass by Gravity Lake again and make your way towards Meteorite Mountain where you pass by a small section of it before you reach Equinox Town.

19. Route 5: Goes between Equinox Town and Terra City. This route goes along Luna Lake and takes about a day to travel.

20. Route 6: Goes between Terra City and Mars City. This route takes you more around Luna Lake and takes about a day and a half to travel.

21. Route 7: Goes Between Mars City and Eclipse Town. This takes you by part of Luna Lake again and takes half a day to travel.

22. Route 8: Goes between Eclipse Town and Nova Town. Takes about two days to travel.

23. Route 9: Goes between Nova City and Jupiter City. This route passes by Umbra Lake. Takes about a day to travel.

After Getting the badge in Jupiter City travel back to Nova City, takes a day and then head back up Route 8 takes another day. About halfway to Eclipse town there is an entrance to Meteorite Mountain. Travel through the mountain about half a day to Saturn City.

After you get that badge travel more to the east in Meteorite Mountain to Zenith Town. Takes half a day. Then keep going to to Ura City takes about a day. When your done go back the way you cam to Eclipse Town. If you don't take breaks the total trip should take four days to get there and three days to get back to Eclipse Town.

24. Route 10: Goes between Eclipse Town and Neptune City. This Route takes about a day to travel.

25. Route 11: Route Between Neptune City and Star Island the ferry takes about Two days to travel.

26. Route 12: Goes between Zenith town and Ura City. Takes about a day.

Mercury Forest: The forest right outside of Mercury City.

Meteorite Mountain: A large Mountain full of caves, in the middle of Celestia. (marked 28. on the map)

Gravity Lake: A small lake on route three near Venus City.

Crater Lake: A small lake in Terra City.

Luna Lake: The largest Lake in Celestia located in Mars City. (marked 29 on the map)

Umbra Lake: A small lake on Route 9. (marked 30 on map)

Comet Lake: Second largest lake in Celestia. Located on Route 12 (marked 31 on map)

<Challenger> August 3rd, 2013 2:07 PM

I'm tempted to throw Trent Rift back into the mix of things, but that's a bit uncreative. If I could reserve Slakoth that would be great :)

Lord Sephear August 3rd, 2013 2:15 PM

Writing my SU now, Celestial League looks great! I don't know if you're doing reservations but I'm going for Dratini.

Let me know if you're still looking for Co-Gms and I'll try to help if I can, but either way I'm looking forward to this, it's great that it's not a regular region.

<Challenger> August 3rd, 2013 2:20 PM

Here's my alpha SU

Name: Brent Lift

Gender: Ah! I hate this one! Can I have a third option? No? Argh. Fine :p Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Brent is a reedy young lad, weighing in at 110 pounds and being around 5'5. His hair is long and hangs around his shoulder, and is a light blue color. It frames his thin, angular face very well, and is quite messy, usually having random spikes sticking out here or there. He keeps it out of his eyes with a large pilot goggles, usually pinning it to the top of his head. His eyes are the exact same shade, providing a effect. His face is rather average, having no particular features or marks. He normally wears a light blue t-shirt that matches his hair and has a black monogram of a pokeball on the front, (See where I'm going with this?) and tends to wear knee-length khaki shorts. Brent carries a light-blue backpack (See? There it is!) with him, as well as a PokeNav.

Personality: Brent is a rather awkward lad. He doesn't know what to say half the time that he talks, and usually it comes out as rambling. Of all the times he's awkward though, it's around girls. He has a chronic fear of them...More of pleasing them. Brent loves making people happy, and tends to become sad when he can't, and he, like every other guy in the universe (and parallel universes) has not found out how to make girls happy. (Am I right guys? XD) It's for this reason that he tries to avoid girls if at all possible, but he will not hesitate to attempt to talk if approached by one of the feminine gender. He is a loyal friend, and would defend you with his life if you were threatened after befriending him. One of his favorite sayings, by himself of course, is "Those who abandon their friends in this world are worse than trash."

History: (where was your character born? What region are they from? What have they done in their lives? How did they get the offer to travel to Celestia? Minimum 2 paragraphs)

Starter: Slakoth

Color Badge Case: Light Blue (Eh? Eh?)

Other: (what else would you like others to know about your character? If there is a theme song list it here)

DeuceClubs August 4th, 2013 10:57 AM

Mind reserving me for Azurill? c:
I'll have my SU up by the end of the day! <3

Officially done~

Pamela Oxford
Pamela has black hair that looks dark purple when hit by the sun at the right angle. Small strands of hair frame her face, and her hair is worn in a messy ponytail that reaches just above her shoulders. Her eyes are faded purple in color, which match with her fair skin. There's a purple bow just above her left ear, which she tends to fix when it's positioned wrong.

She wears a very long white jacket that reaches just above her knees. The pockets are dark violet, as well as the collar and sharp lines that run vertically through out her jacket. The zipper and the path it takes are also violet in color. The sleeves are just the right length and cover a partial part of her hands, only revealing her fingers. From the elbow down, the sleeves are also dark violet in color. Underneath it hides a black undershirt. Her jacket is kept unzipped for only her collarbone to show. Her legs are hidden due to Pamela wearing black leggings that disappear underneath the faded purple shorts she wears. Unfortunately due to her jacket, her shorts are always hidden from view and only seen when she takes her jacket off. Pamela's tennis shoes are white with dark violet shoes laces that seem to glow when the right amount of light hits them.

Along with that she carries a one-strap black bag that goes over her left shoulder and down her right side. However just like the purple shorts and black undershirt, it's hidden and concealed under the huge jacket. If you pay very close attention, you can see a small bump on her left shoulder that reveals the bag's existence.
Pamela carries a very melancholic appearance, which makes everybody think she's the quiet and depressing type. In reality she's actually serious and forgiving. Her remarks may be rather cold, as well as her thoughts, but her actions reveal her kind nature. The only reason she doesn't open up is for the fear of being rejected or hurt, explaining her cold and brutally honest personality. She's also VERY reserved and quiet, only speaking the truth, facts, or random nonsense when she's with her friends. If you were to strike a conversation with her as a stranger, she'd hesitate and make it awkward. As a friend she tries to keep the conversation going.

She isn't the type of person to approach a person, and is very independent. Unfortunately she's very stubborn and rarely accepts help, thinking it would make her look weak and dependent on to whoever just helped her. When it comes to her Pokemon, she cares for them as they were her family, and for a person to be her friend, it takes a long time. However, once you finally get to her heart and she opens it, she's the most loyal, honest, and trustworthy friend there is.

She's a girl of few words, and tries to stay out of the crowd. Having a hate for the spotlight, she hides her true feelings and only lets them out when nobody is around. Hard working, once she starts something, she won't stop, and thanks to her stubborn personality, sticks with her opinions and views without other people changing them. She's also very thoughtful and expects nothing in return when she does something. She's all about actions over words, and tends to be the ghost nobody seems to notice, which is what she likes.
Born in the small town of Littleroot, Hoenn, she was raised there until her tenth birthday. That's where she learned how to respect others, developed her kind and gentle personality, and had her very own starter; a Mudkip. Her family was rather poor, and wanting to give her a better future, they sent her to become a Trainer. Being an only child, she didn't know how to talk to people very well, which caused her to shy away and avoid crowds.

Her firrst few gym badges in Hoenn were rather easy, thanks to her Mudkip and new partners; Plusle and Minun, a gift from her parents for her eleventh birthday. It was until she reached her sixth gym leader that things start to got very serious. Not only did trainers and wild Pokemon start getting rough and ruder, but the Gym Leaders themselves suddenly became stronger. After the fifth failure to defeat the sixth Gym Leader, she gave up and literally went back home, where she discovered she had a little brother. Her mother had given birth to a different baby... with a different man. While she was away, her father had somehow separated and ran off. Now she was left with a step dad, and he was abusive. For a whole year she had to deal with rough blows and lectures, which started to change her personality drastically.

When Pamela was only 13 years old, she ran away, her heart now cold and her Pokemon tougher than before. Her team by then consisted of Swampert, Plusle and Minun, Vibrava, Beldum [a gift from her mother when she came back] and a Banette. She decided to continue where she left off. Due to her new personality she began to make enemies with random strangers, and with the advice the Gym Leaders have given her, managed to get through all of them except the Eight. Failure after failure, she became stubborn and trained her Pokemon hard. Luckily she managed to defeat the Gym Leader, yet when she thought about the Elite 4, easily declined it and started to travel all over the region. It remained like this for three years until one day...

That faithful day. She was doing what she did best: talk to her Pokemon and teach them silly tricks. By then her Plusle and Minun were set free to roam as a couple, her Flygon had found his soulmate, and he gave her Metagross to her 5 year old brother. She was only left with Swampert and Banette, whose battle days were already over.

She received a call from her mother, which she immediately answered. She told her all about a strange letter that was for her. Finding it odd, she came back home the next day, since she wasn't that far off. Receiving the letter, she opened it and was quite surprised to see its contents.

"I don't know... not worth the risk of leaving my only two friends here... and can't leave my brother alone-"

"Start your life over. Make new friends. Nobody knows you over there! You would basically be new!" she made a point to Pamela, who pondered long and hard. In the end she took the letter and decided to go, leaving her two Pokemon to her brother, who she hoped would end up defeating the leaders and going for the Elite 4, which she wasn't capable of. Fortunately her mother had a friend who had a large boat, which was her ticket to this new region. And from there they went.
Nickname- Nana
{ Egg Move: Muddy Water }
Color Badge Case:
Purple please ~
Other: Theme Song: Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine

jov0006 August 4th, 2013 1:52 PM

Could you reserve me for Dratini? I'll get my SU up soon!

SylveonStar August 4th, 2013 3:54 PM

Dratini is already reserved. I will update stuff tomorrow that's when I'll be home and able to

Lord Sephear August 4th, 2013 4:54 PM

Name: Kenneth Barol (Buh-roll)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Kenneth is around 5'6 fairly typical for a young adolescent. He has raven black hair that goes down to his shoulders in back and just under his ears on the sides. He has freckles on his cheeks and shoulders, and piercing blue eyes. He has a...normal nose? (I never know how to describe noses.) A light tan and a pointed, almost elfin chin. He tends to dress in a red shirt with his family crest on it and blue jeans leading down to white and red sneakers. He also keeps his silver PokeGear strapped to his left hip.

Personality: Kenneth is an intelligent young man with a great love of pokemon partly thanks to his father. His biggest flaw is sometimes he can have a bit of a one track mind, catching pokemon and becoming a pokemon master. He doesn't have very good manners but all in all is kind person, he won't turn a blind eye to someone who needs help right in front of him and he never hurts anyone's feelings on purpose unless he thinks they're being a jerk. Kenneth also does not tolerate anything he sees as mistreatment of any pokemon. He can be very callous and forget about somebody else's feelings until they make it clear, but if he's thinking about it he's very empathetic and likes to make people feel better.

History: Kenneth spent his entire life growing up around pokemon, his father Jeremy had been a trainer and was even the Champion of Johto for a while. Kenneth spent the early days of his life in Ecruteak City, gaining an appreciation for old things and dancing, he went to watch the kabuki theatre dancers every day. Kenneth wanted to be a trainer as soon as he turned 10 like so many other kids but his father forbade it, not only was his mother worried about him getting hurt, but Jeremy Barol had started his journey at 10 and for years he got nowhere because he was too immature to handle the world. Kenneth didn't bother to argue, he always did what his father said because he had so much respect for him...besides, who wouldn't love a dad that takes you flying on his Dragonite or Pidgeot sometimes?

For a long time Kenneth learned about pokemon however he could, listening to his father's stories, talking to the man with the Rhydon at the kabuki theatre (Yes he's still there) watching movies and tv shows etc. You could say he was obsessed with being a trainer, but if you did he'd just blow you off and go back to rambling about pokey and the man. When Kenneth finally got to his 18th birthday his father offered him a present, an egg he found his Dragonite Diana cradling, for some reason all he said about it was. "Here, I found this egg, I have no idea how it got there, would you like it?" For some reason it gave Kenneth a deep feeling of Deja vu, his mind once again took on a one-track persona and he worried about nothing except the egg for a good 2 weeks until it hatched into an adorable little Dratini.

After a good couple of days traveling and battling Kenneth felt a strong bond with Luna and the Stantler he had caught, but their newfound partnership wasn't to last. When Kenneth arrived at Olivine City to climb the lighthouse he learned there was a letter from his father, urging him to get back home quickly. He brash young boy thought his father wanted to tell him he really wasn't ready for a journey yet and that he'd have to stay home a while longer, so he stalled a couple of days until another letter showed up. It was addressed to his father and had been forwarded by him too.

Mr. Jeremy Barol;

Another Pokemon League challenge has opened up for the Celestia Region again, unfortunately we only have one child currently on the island who aspires to compete. Considering your past we hoped your child was showing signs of being a great trainer like their father, and we send you this humble request for your child to compete in our league. Enclosed is a map of the region and a ferry ticket to the main island, we hope to see you and a new trainer soon.

Thank you for taking the time to hear us out, and we hope you come,
Derek Strahl, Celestia League Committee.

Idiot boy! See what I got in the mail? The ferry comes TOMORROW! What did you think I wanted to tell you? Get your nonexistant keister back here ASAP so you can get on that boat.

Kenneth wanted to punch himself for thinking his dad could be so selfish and ran back home as fast as he could, his father didn't stay angry too long but nonetheless they were too late, he missed the ferry. After packing up everything Kenneth would need he and his father realized they were going to have to fly all the way to Celestia on his Pidgeot and so they did.

Starter: Dratini Female, Egg move: Extreme Speed Luna (He named her Luna because she always sleeps in a crescent shape)

Color Badge Case: Deep Emerald Green

Other: Glad it let me post, i haven't been able to connect to PC for hours.

DeuceClubs August 4th, 2013 6:05 PM

Done with my SU. Give me a heads up if there's anything wrong with it. ~

<Challenger> August 4th, 2013 6:36 PM

Trent Rift has returned! But he's not the same lad.

Name: ABUISHGFUISGFI! I'm sorry, but I have to use Trent Rift. It would kill me on the inside if i didn't. So: Trent Rift

Gender: Ah! I hate this one! Can I have a third option? No? Argh. Fine :p Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Trent is a reedy young lad, weighing in at 110 pounds and being around 5'5. His hair is long and hangs around his shoulder, and is a cyan color. It frames his thin, angular face very well, and is quite messy, usually having random spikes sticking out everywhere. He keeps it out of his eyes with a large pilot goggles, usually pinning it to the top of his head. His eyes are the exact same shade, providing a rather...cyan effect. His face is rather average, having no particular features or marks. He normally wears a cyan t-shirt that matches his hair and has a black monogram of a pokeball on the front, (See where I'm going with this?) and tends to wear knee-length khaki shorts. Brent carries a cyan backpack (See? There it is!) with him, as well as a PokeNav.

Personality: Trent is a rather awkward lad. He doesn't know what to say half the time that he talks, and usually it comes out as rambling. Of all the times he's awkward though, it's around girls. He has a chronic fear of them...More of pleasing them. Trent loves making people happy, and tends to become sad when he can't, and he, like every other guy in the universe (and parallel universes) has not found out how to make girls happy. (Am I right guys? XD) It's for this reason that he tries to avoid girls if at all possible, but he will not hesitate to attempt to talk if approached by one of the feminine gender. He is a loyal friend, and would defend you with his life if you were threatened after befriending him. One of his favorite sayings, by himself of course, is "Those who abandon their friends in this world are worse than trash."

History: Trent was born in the Hoenn region, and more specifically Rustboro. His family were good friends with Roxanne, so he got a good start with pokemon at an early age. He was showed to the Petalburg Forest to catch his first pokemon, which so happened to be a Slakoth. Trent trained with his Slakoth tirelessly, falling completely in love with the world of pokemon. He went on small adventures, had a great time with his partner. When he turned ten, he was finally allowed to compete in the gym challenge. As soon as he could, Trent challenged Roxanne and beat her easily, despite his obvious type disadvantage. It was obvious that from then on, he would be a great trainer.

Trent worked day after day to become a pokemon master, and by the time that he reached the eighth gym, his team consisted of a Slaking, a Camerupt, a Sceptile, a Wailord, a Swellow, and a Manetric. He beat the gym leader almost flawlessly. Trent was arrogant then, full of pride. More pride than what was good for someone. He began to travel with a friend or two, and they ended up getting caught up in a crossfire between Team Magma and Team Aqua. It ended when his friends were killed by rogue pokemon. From that day on, Trent changed. "I couldn't save my friends! What kind of pokemon trainer am I!?" He was angry with himself, and decided from then on he would work only to protect those he loved and to please others instead of himself. He went on to the pokemon league and ended up getting all the way to the champion before he was defeated in a close battle, won only by a split second. It was a crushing defeat, but Trent learned from it. He decided that this defeat would only make him stronger.

It was then that he recieved the letter to come to the Celestia League. He hadn't seen his family since he started his journey, so he returned home to talk it over with his parents. While he had been gone, he had kept in constant contact with his parents and he had known that his father had been deathly ill for a while. Upon Trent's arrival, he found his father, dead in his bed. This was a tragic blow to Trent. "I...I COULDN'T EVEN SAVE MY OWN FATHER!" It was then that Trent decided that he was going to defeat the Celestia League with room to spare. For his friends. For his father. He said his final goodbyes to his remaining family and friends. After that, Trent left the Hoenn region on the back of his Wailord. (To be sent back later once he reached shoreline.)

Starter: Slakoth - Male - Kong (Get it? He'll be a gorilla-thing when he's fully evolved! Look at me, being clever and what-not!)

Color Badge Case: Cyan (Eh? Eh?)

Other: His theme song? There is only one possibility!

I have a feeling that the video won't work, so in case it doesn't, it's Together Forever.

ShaymieTheShaymin August 5th, 2013 9:17 AM

Can I be reserved for Vulpix? :3

SylveonStar August 5th, 2013 9:44 AM

Vulpix is already taken.


DeuceClubs, Lord Sephear, and heretostay123: Your accepted. Can you guys let me know an egg move for your starter please?

Here is my character.

Name: Amanda Miller // Age: 17 // Gender: Female

Pokemon professor in Training

Appearance: Amanda stands at 5'3 and weighs only 92lbs. Her skin is tan and her hair is a bright blonde. She wears a pair of reddish-black bifocals over her hazel colored eyes and can not see a thing without her glasses. On her forehead is a scar from a childhood accident, She also has a scar on her left foot from a different childhood accident. She always a pair of silver stud earrings in her ears and her shoulder length hair always has a pink bow in it. Her normal outfit consists of a pink halter top with a white jacket over that, a white skirt or a pair of white pants depending on the weather, and a pair of pink ballet flats.

Personality: Amanda is a very sweet and caring girl. In fact she can be considered too sweet and trusting. She has trouble seeing the bad in people and just has to help everyone. Due to this she has some self esteem issues. When it comes to people complimenting her she will take it but a voice in her head will tell her it's not true. She's also been hurt in her path to help others. Having been friends with a girl for several years who constantly mentally and emotionally abused her. In her need to see the good in others she can overlook the bad that can be dangerous. Amanda does have a bit of a temper though but she only loses it in the rare moments that someone makes her extremely mad. She wants to do her best to reach her dreams and will never give up no matter how hard things get. Amanda Loves to sing and Dance, she can be forgetful and can repeat herself, and is very patient.

History: Amanda was born in Venus City and lived their until she was around ten years old. Growing up Venus city was always full of trainers who wanted to Challenge the gym leader Elissa, and those who wanted to visit the department store. When she was younger Amanda spent her time in the Pokemon Gym, watching Elissa battle those who challenged her. While watching theses battles Amanda vowed that when she was old enough, and when Professor Solaria had a fire Pokemon among that years starters she would start her journey. Though luck was not on her side. When Amanda turned ten her parents divorced and she went with her Dad to live in Aurora town, while her brother and sister stayed with mom in Venus City.

Though this move was a good thing for Amanda. It got her away from bullies, and away from an ex-friend. It also introduced her to the Pokemon Lab. For the next seven years of her life Amanda spent every moment she wasn't at home in the Pokemon Lab. For she had found her real passion. After the first two years she gained the attention of Professor Solaria and was taken on as her pupil. Amanda learned a lot over the next five years about Pokemon, about the region, and about the legend revolving around it's creation. Shortly after her 17th birthday she was asked by Professor Solaria to begin her journey for the badges. She was given a starter a Vulpix and was instructed to help the seven trainers that were coming from the other regions along the way. Amanda agreed happily to all terms excited to start her journey. Her plans were simple, work towards all the badges, help the newcomers to the region, and most importantly study Pokemon for Professor Solaria along the way.

Starter: Vulpix

Color Badge Case: Pink

Other: Amanda is a vegetarian and eats no meat. She has asthma. Amanda also is being trained to be the next Pokemon Professor of Celestia once Professor Solaria eventually retires. Amanda longs to study the legend behind the lunar duo and their part in creating the region.

Jegretis August 5th, 2013 9:49 AM

You know, I'm tempted to join this. I'm fairly certain my schedule can allow this.

I'll reserve for Phanpy.

DeuceClubs August 5th, 2013 10:03 AM

Thank you! <3

Also, egg move added to SU~

ShaymieTheShaymin August 5th, 2013 10:21 AM

Oh, OK. Can I reserve Vullaby?

Lord Sephear August 5th, 2013 10:40 AM

Added, it might have the potential to be OP but I figure Extreme Speed will make Luna really tired until she evolves, only use it once per battle.

Jegretis August 5th, 2013 10:47 AM

It's still a WIP.

Name: Raymond "Ray" Henver
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Tall guy, at 6'2", Ray can be slightly intimidating to talk to at first. With a relatively solid build, he's no twig, and not somebody to just randomly mess with. His medium-short dark brown hair covers his head in a slightly messy fashion, and has norma eyebrows framing his green eyes. He has no major imperfections on his face, as he takes fairly good care of it, and some people may even call him handsome. His clothing attire consists of a thin, light purple zip-up hoodie, and brown pants. On his feet, he wears black casual looking shoes with white laces, and white socks. On his left hand he wears a silver watch, along with a red sportsband.

Personality: To put short, Ray is a bully. His whole life has consisted of bullying other kids with his friends, either just casually, or actually making fun of them intending to hurt them. They say that bullies often have problems of their own, but this is not the case for Ray. Coming from an average family, there is no problem in his family life, but rather it's just how he is. Although he may not do anything when he is alone with someone, in crowds or with his friends is when he gets to be most annoying. He doesn't really care whether he is talking to a girl or guy, as his usual slang or potty mouth gets the better of him. Occasionally he will refer to girls in a slightly...degrading way, and when talking to guys he will just say what he wants.

However, most people who are close to him have learned to just accept that he is annoying, and can handle his behaviour. He is by no means violent, but if push came to shove, he would have no problems getting physical. But, all negatives aside, if he does like you, he has your back. The best way to win him over would be to buy him something to eat, or possibly just buy him something in general.

History: Originally from Lilycove City in Hoenn, Ray was put on his Pokemon Journey by his family. Coming to a unanimous agreement that his behaviour was too much, they put him on the joruney to see if it would make him become a better man. Of course Ray was not exactly the kind of peron to go out on an adventure like that, but after weeks of nagging from his mother and sister, he finally gave in. However, he wanted a say in the decision as well, wanting to go to a different region rather than Hoenn. Main reason being that he honestly it got hot in Hoenn, and he just wanted a different setting. Although his parents were somewhat hesitant on starting in another region instead of Hoenn, they finally gave in.

Starter: Phanpy
Color Badge Case: (What color badge case would you like? List it here)
Other: (what else would you like others to know about your character? If there is a theme song list it here)

Luster Purge August 5th, 2013 10:55 AM

I would like to reserve Klink.

SylveonStar August 5th, 2013 11:09 AM

ShayShayTheShaymin & GoldenRayquaza: Your reserved.

Jegretis: Good so far :) Can't wait to see the finished product.

SylveonStar August 5th, 2013 11:28 AM

GoldenRayquaza: It looks good. But could you add a little more to your history? I'd like to know some more about Tyler's background. Why didn't he train his eevee? Why did he have trouble with Clair? Also your personality is a little short as well. I'd like to see a little bit more before I can accept your character.

Luster Purge August 5th, 2013 11:39 AM

Fixed. Is this better?

Tyler Frates

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Appearance: Tyler is 4'9", with short black hair and blue glasses. Most of the time he wears solid blue or green hoodies and jeans, but sometimes he does red. He always wears his black, orange, and white shoes when he leaves the house. Sometimes he wears a hat with a Eevee, Vulpix, or Klink on it. He always wears his blue watch.

Personality: Tyler is a nice guy, but he's only made two major friends. He loves the colors blue and green almost as much as he loves Eevee and Vulpix. He's a pretty quick learner, but not very determined to finish things. Simply, he just gives up easily. Tyler always wants to know what time it is, so he always carries a watch. When he gets angry, however, bad things can happen. He kind of has anger issues. Because of his incident with a Eevee in Johto, he gets a lot more sad about releasing a Pokémon then other people. He also feels bad for Boxed Pokémon because they're stuck in a computer, so he never has more then 6 at a time.

History: Born in Olivine City of Johto, Tyler always dreamed of going on a Pokémon journey. He always begged his parents to let him have a Pokémon. On his 7th birthday, he was given a Eevee. However, he never ended up training Eevee, because he caught a Vulpix and some other Pokémon almost instantly, and he had a bad memory. He completely forgot about Eevee. Because of this, he never brought Eevee in battle. He struggled on some gyms for a long time. Finally, at age 10, Tyler had 7 of the Gym Badges. He was about to challenge Clair. This was his big day. He wasn't thinking about the fact that Clair had a type advantage. He wanted to win. However, because of this, he was brought down by Clair several times before giving up. Clair had the type advantage and the higher levels, and Tyler was too lazy to train his Pokémon more. He kept arguing with himself about it, but he got so annoyed about it that he decided to quit altogether.

The day came to finally release his Pokémon. When he woke up, he discovered he got a letter saying he was chosen to go to Celestia. This changed his mind about quitting. But, the letter also said he would have to also start a new team of Pokémon. So he had to release his anyway.

He said his final goodbyes to all of his Pokémon, and then he pulled out one more Pokeball. Eevee's Pokeball. He maximized the ball and let Eevee out. Tyler's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm so sorry, Eevee..." were Tyler's only words.

Eevee just tilted his head and stared and Tyler, confused.

"You were my first Pokémon, and I never used you... Now you have to leave..."

All of a sudden, his best friend Mark walk up to him.

"Hey!" Mark called. "You wanna battle my newly caught Eevee?"

"This is our chance, Eevee. Our chance to battle." Tyler whispered into Eevee's ear.

After a long, hard battle, Tyler ended up winning, and released Eevee.

Later in the day, the boarded the plane to Celestia. Tyler couldn't stop thinking about Eevee. He hoped that he could see another cute Eevee face in Celestia, but he wasn't sure if you could even find them there.

Starter: Klink

Color Badge Case: This shade of orange.

Other: He has starred on TV a couple of times in Johto.

SylveonStar August 6th, 2013 8:55 AM

GoldenRayquaza: Much Better your accepted. Just need an egg move for Klink.

Luster Purge August 6th, 2013 10:38 AM

Klink doesn't have any egg moves, so do I just pick any move Klink can learn? If so, then Wild Charge.

SylveonStar August 6th, 2013 11:09 AM

Forgot about that, just choose one of the moves it can learn by tutoring

ShaymieTheShaymin August 6th, 2013 11:38 AM

Okay, I finished. :)

Name: Sakura "Cherry" Hinamori
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Spoiler: Sakura in her old school uniform~

Appearance: Sakura stands at 5'4 and has slightly tanned skin, which is almost always covered by a thin layer of sunscreen. She has a petite frame and a round, child-like face which would make people think that she's younger than she actually is, if it weren't for her breasts, which are large for someone her age.

Sakura has wavy pink hair, which falls to her shoulders. She keeps it tied away from her face with a bright yellow ribbon that she uses as a headband. Some hair always manages to get in her face, and when this happens she simply tucks it behind her ear. Her eyes are a bright shade of blue. Sakura wears a sleeveless pink dress with a stylish brown belt. Underneath this, she wears white shorts and a pair of brown boots.

Personality: Sakura can only be described in one word: bubbly. She's very hyper and talkative and never stays in one place for more than a few seconds. Most people say that she's annoying, but Sakura just shakes it off by saying that other people are just too slow to keep up with her. Sakura is obsessed with boys and flirts with every boy that she sees. She dreams of finding true love and starting the perfect family with the perfect boy. Speaking of perfect, Sakura is a perfectionist. Everything has to be just right for her, or else she'll throw a huge tantrum.

History: Sakura was born to a poor woman on the streets of Kanto. She never knew who her father was because he left as soon as she was born. Sakura's mother tried her best to take care of her only daughter. She found an abandoned house in the woods and made it their home. Every day, Sakura was left alone while her mother searched for food. She tried to stay put like her mother told her to, but she couldn't. As soon as her mother left, Sakura would sneak out of the house to play with the forest Pokemon.

One day, she found an abandoned baby Pikachu in a bush. She didn't want to leave the mouse there to die, so she took it home with her and hid it from her mother. Whenever her mother wasn't looking, she fed the Pikachu some of her own food. Whenever her mother wasn't home, she left the house to play with her Pokemon and give it a bath when she needed to. Sakura grew up with the Pikachu as her only friend.

When she was ten years old, her secret was found out. Her mother was furious and make Sakura release the Pikachu to the wild. Sakura ran out of the house in tears, picked up her beloved Pikachu, and ran away, saying that she would find a better home with people that actually cared about what she wanted. She traveled around the Kanto region for months, befriending even more Pokemon and hiding them from the trainers that wanted to capture them. Sakura stumbled into Celadon City one hot summer day and collapsed onto the sidewalk unconscious. She had run out of food a few days before, and all of her Pokemon (except for Pikachu) had left her for one reason or another.

Sakura was found by a rich couple, who took her in and took care of her. Sakura was wary at first, but after a few years she grew to love her new family. When she turned thirteen, her Pikachu suddenly got sick. The family did all they could, but not even the best doctor could tell what was wrong with the little mouse. The next day, Pikachu had died in its sleep. Sakura was heartbroken, and spent the next few days sulking in her room. After that, she suddenly cheered up and begged her foster parents to do one thing: let her go on a Pokemon journey. She was sure that doing that would be what her Pikachu wanted.

Her parents said no at first, but after hours of begging, kissing up, and puppy dog eyes, they finally gave in. They spent a while trying to put off sending their adopted daughter away. Sakura spent ever second of every day watching her parents, making sure that they weren't slacking off. Her parents had sent many letters to the Pokemon leagues in every region, asking which one was the safest. The last thing that they expected was to get a letter from the Celestial League. Sakura begged to be allowed to go there, and her parents had no choice but to agree.

Starter: Vullaby (Vanessa) Egg move: Steel Wing

Color badge case: Yellow

Other: Theme song: Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Benefield

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