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<Challenger> August 2nd, 2013 5:15 PM

Dragon Ball: Tenkaichi OOC + SU


There are those among the world with both the knowledge and ability to use their bodies energy, Ki. These individuals hold an affinity for battle, and are drawn to it, to better themselves. No better way to know that your alive then through the art of combat.

Along with the unsationable thirst for battle, there is also knowledge of several magical orbs, that when brought together can summon the Eternal Dragon. A being with the ability to grant wishes to the one who calls upon it. This has thrown the world into chaos many times, as it's not just a planitary goal, but in fact universal. Many powerful and evil alien species have ventured to the small planet of Earth for Eons in search of these wish fulfilling orbs. And thus the Z-warriors were formed.

A small group of Earthbound fighters, with an unusually high grasp of Ki, dedicated their lives to protecting the planet. The most famous of which, Son Goku, has long since passed away. Yet hope was not lost for Earth. As the Z-warriors maintianed their conviction, training pupils, be it descendants or chosen, for generations to uphold their duty of planitary, universal, and even other dimentionally protection.

It was eventually learned that the overuse of the Dragonballs broke down the foundation of the planet. Making them dangerous to use. Yet even granted with this intel there are those in which greed overtakes. With the promise of a fulfilled wish it's impossible to deny the power of the Dragonballs, and the want of them.

It was because of this that the Z-warriors long ago have decided to separate the Dragonballs amongst eachother, in order to prevent the misuse of their mystic power. Consisting of seven members (Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Tein, Yamcha, Piccolo, Dende) one for each Dragonball, for generations the families/chosen of those individuals have upheld their duty.


You will be one of the seven, chosen as a new Z-warriors to protect one of the Dragonballs. Keep in mind that this is generations ahead of even the GT Saga so there isn't many Cannon characters. The chosen of Piccolo and Dende are the only ones who's Cannon "Masters" are still living. Dende is somewhere between Piccolo and Kami's age closer to Piccolo, so that gives a reference. All of our characters are going to be pretty even in skill, perhaps just in seperate areas of it. Such as Ki Control, Brute Strength, Speed, Intellegence, ect. So just because your a decendent of Yamcha or Krillin doesn't neccessarily mean that your going to be totally outclassed by Vegeta or Piccolo.


1: Follow those of the site, obviously.
2: No heavy romance, if any at all
3: Keep profanity limited, again if at all.
4: Characters are not OP. Roughly, they'll be as strong as the beginning of the Freiza Saga.
5: Allowed to make up original moves, but have to be reasonable.
6: All conflicts will be settled with either GM, Sheraku or Heretostay123
7. You may reserve an untaken character. Reservations last for 2 days.
8: Have fun!


Available Characters

Yajirobe- 1 Star Ball: Machomuu- Sadj
Krillin- 2 Star Ball: Lord Sephear- Bishop Geralds
Piccolo- 3 Star Ball:
Goku- 4 Star Ball: heretostay123- Gojude
Tien- 5 Star Ball:
Vegeta- 6 Star Ball: Sheraku- Ayo-Vix Briefs
Yamcha- 7 Star Ball: JNathan- Aciano Nakamura

Reservations Pending



Age: (Self Explanatory)
Personailty: (At least a good paragraph)
History/Training: (A good paragraph again)
Appearance: (Again, a good paragraph)
Techniques (Start with no more than 3 and a &quot;Signature&quot;)


Yamagi Sosuke August 3rd, 2013 2:10 PM

Name: Crown
Age: 19
Gender: M
Personality: Crown was originally a very kind-hearted and laid back youth with several unpredictable mood swings. However after he met Piccolo and was inducted into training with him he was molded into a determined, resilient, and some what serious martial artists. He was taught not to enjoy fighting. But he'd be lying to himself if he said he didn't enjoy seeing his own progress in action either. Along with that he also despises the weak-hearted and in doing so often pushes them more then others to " Lean on yourself for a change. " as he so delicately put its. His heart is always on the side of good but that doesn't mean he doesn't have bad habits as well. Crown has been noted to be too curious for his own good and to stubborn for the good of others. Whenever he sets his aim on an opponent he moves forward without even flinching, even going so far as to mock them as he approaches. Besides all of this though the teen has a very strong and heavy apatite.

History/Training: Crown was born on a August evening in West City. His father was a worker for a company and advent marital artist, while his mother was a stay at home mom. The earliest parts of his life was filled with a crankier than normal infant. He would wail loudly for the smallest of reasons and then just as quickly sleep peacefully. Imagine this happening even after you've done everything you were taught to quite a baby down. His parents called this the ' Age of Tears ' cause they literally cried every night.

From his second year of life to his seventh, Crown was for the most the ideal child. He was kind, curious, smart, and most importantly dedicated. He excelled in school and was the envy of all parents around him. It wasn't until he turned seven that he begin to show his true strength. His power would burst out wildly in random situations, these were usually accompanied by a shrieking wail and powerful shockwave. His parents had begun to grow worried that they would perish do to one of his random outbursts, so his father decided that he'd search for help. Crown was forced into several appointments following the next few months. Some of them were nicer then others and when they were presented with a glimmer of hope, it was required that he be emitted into a facility for research.

For three years he had to endure their cruel tests. They were painful and unmentionable to the public but they were done. A few months later, during one of his "tests" he was suddenly teleported from the steel chains and table. Standing there in front of him was a green man with antennae hanging off of his head. He had a deep voice, one that demanded respect from anyone speaking to him. From then on out he was Piccolo's student. The two trained vigorously to control Crown's power. For ten long years to be exact. Over the years Crown gained an unbreakable bond with Piccolo, one that not even the most malicious of intentions could break. As he is now Piccolo expects him to do great things but Crown isn't to sure of himself.

Appearance: Crown is a pale skinned youth with black, unruly, neck length hair. Several bangs fall in between his brows and a few frame the sides of his face. His hair is so unruly that a single spike of hair is often raised at the crown of his head. His eyes are a deep black color and when his unknown power is invoked they become stained with a blood red color. He has an average build for a male but is vastly stronger than he appears. He stands at 5'8" and weight 140lbs. His sense of clothing has been inherited from his master, usually sticking close to loose clothing that allows good hand-to-hand combat but is also conventional for traveling in cities. He wears a high-collared black and gold trimmed robe with a white cloth wrapped over and around his torso. His feet are adorned with sleek, black boots that have dark gi-pants tucked inside of them.

- Gigante Maseko: A variant of Piccolo signature move. Its a bit larger in comparison to the original and has the potential to destroy an entire planet if need comes. The energy is colored crimson and purple in appearance.
- Multi-Form: A technique where Crown creates four copies of himself. They all have the same strength, speed, and techniques. All except the Unlock Potential technique.
- Unknown Potential: A sudden burst of power that increases all of his physical and energy abilities by 4x. Usually this burst of energy is enough to scare his opponents just from the upped powerlevel that he gains, but some refuse to give up even after that. This form usually give Crown crimson eyes and a darker aura. This puts so much strain on his body that he can't risk using this technique for more then a moment or two.

- Nebula's Crisis: Crown raises one of his hands face level with his palm facing him, while the other hand holds its wrist in preparation. Once he gathers enough energy he thrust his hands towards his target. The result being a huge, powerful, dark-colored blast that is even stronger then his Gigante Maseko technique. This blast is made up of the Unknown energy that courses through Crown's body. Its capable of wiping out several planets if its in its line of fire.

<Challenger> August 3rd, 2013 2:13 PM

Excellent! You're reserved. As a reference, reservations will last for two days.

I'll post mine as well.

Name: Gojude (Yep. I'm keeping that going.)
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Personailty: Gojude is a rather light-hearted guy with an obvious love for battle, and the need to become a better fighter so he can defend Earth better. He's always wanting to train or have fun or drive cars insanely. Gojude isn't exactly the "brightest crayon in the box" but he has a moderate knowledge, about a high school freshmen level. He is always happy, no matter what's going on, and will play jokes on people. Nothing too serious. Stuff like the "There's something on your shirt" bit that always gets everyone because it's too stupid to fall for. He doesn't understand sarcasm, and will often take everything literally, which has led to several accidents in the past. Gojude is rather fearless, facing any opponent with his best strengths, but he always had a strong fear of women his age. Don't get him wrong! He still likes them, but he doesn't know how to talk to them. They've always proved to be a challenge for him, be it talking to them or sparring. He quakes in fear at the very knowledge that they'll be coming his way.

History/Training: Gojude knew of his Saiyan heritage from a very early age. His grandfather had been the son of Goten, and his father the grandson. His great-grandfather passed before he was born, but his grandfather passed his knowledge and training down to his father, who handed them down to him. Gojude was subject to serious training from an early age, around five or six. It was at this time that his tail was removed in a training incident. It can be grown back, but nobody knows how to make it grow. He did nothing but train and learn about Saiyan history for the first twenty years of his life. He never strayed from Goku's original home on Earth: KameHouse.

Gojude officially reformed the Z Fighters around the age of twenty, searching for the descendants of his great-grandfather's comrades. He eventually found them all and they all took their place in history as Earth's mightiest defenders. (Take that Avengers!) He has been tirelessly working to grow stronger, and has worked with his allies to make THEM even stronger.

Appearance: Gojude is a physically fit guy, and could be considered a bit of a body builder. Due to the countless amount of time spent in the gym, he's become ripped. He has big hair to match his body, and has long black hair much like his ancestors'. It's very spikey and tall, and increases his height from 6'5, to 6'9. Gojude has a rather Gohan-like face, but it is much more rugged. He has a rather prominent scar across his nose from an intense training session, but he takes pride in his battle/training scars, tending to say, "It shows I've made progress!" Gojude's normal apparel consists of the weighted clothing used by the original Z Fighters, and when he isn't wearing that, a white tunic, dark green pants, and a black belt-ish thing.

Techniques (Start with no more than 3 and a "Signature")
- Kamehameha (Yep. I'm cheating.): A collection of ki energy gathered into a single beam. It can have several variants, and has the potential to bust planets
- Kaioken x4 (Super Saiyans do not exist, seeing as the blood lines of both Goku and Vegeta are dilluded, and Kaioken takes its place. Can be used by all.) Increases Gojude's Ki level for only a moment, but can be used to deal serious damage to opponents stronger than the user. The highest known Kaioken level is 20. Kaioken is very useful for non-Super Saiyans, but it damages the user's body as well.
-Dragon Fist Barrage (My first original XD): Gojude launches a lightning fast series of punches, powered by his ki.

Signature- The Spirit Bomb: For those of you who haven't watched the anime, it's basically a mega-uber death ball that Goku uses. It contains positive energy that must be given from sentient beings willingly, and only destroys one with negative energy. Basically all baddies. Gojude gathers energy taken (Willingly of course) from sentient beings into a ball over his head, and can grow to massive sizes. When he finishes charging it, he tosses it at his opponent.

"Don't worry guys! I got this! Just get behind me and give me your energy!"

Sheraku August 3rd, 2013 8:23 PM

Name: Ayo-Vix Briefs "Goes by Ayo"
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Personallity: Ayo-Vix is an extreamly open-minded and verbal individual, obviously being one who isn't afraid to speak what she thinks, even if it's frowned upon by others. Which usually isn't the case, being she is also very collected and is generally a nice person. However once on her bad side, she'll hold a grudge that's very difficult to get her to let go. Though her Saiyan blood is highly diluted, she still holds a deep sense of pride, and is definately not one to back down no matter what the odds. She's not at all very lady-like as she enjoys rough housing and intense physical training, much like that of any Z-warrior. Ayo is also really sensitive about her tail, being their hasn't been anyone with Saiyan blood born with one in generations, and prefers that it goes unnoticed.

History/Training: Ayo-Vix Briefs was born with long since dismissed Saiyan traits, the most prominent of which is her golden tail, however she also has the aqua eyes of a Super Saiyan, though it's just a coincidence. Her hair has also not changed since the day she was born. Her abnormalities proved to be a hassle during her early school years as she commonly snapped, and hospitalized the class-mates that made fun of her. Because of this she was home-schooled, which consisted more towards her martial arts and Ki control rather than acdemics.

Expossed to rigorous training at an early age, most of which was done by her mother with the assistance of the Capsule Corporation's technologies. The primary one of course was the Gravity Modifier which is a spherical room that enhances the Earth's gravity by a set amount. Because of this advantage Ayo learned to fly young.

She was given the Six-Star ball at the age of sixteen, as birthday gift, from her father. Along with the Dragonball itself she was informed of her important duty that she would now undertake. Ayo continued her training with the assistance of her mother, and father for a couple more years before feeling confident enough to venture out into the world.

Leaving home at nineteen years of age, Ayo figured the best way to uphold her duty of protecting her Six-Star ball was to be constently moving. During this time she became very self-sustained. She also had the goal to meet the other Z-warriors, knowing that they were the most powerful fighters in the world, and just couldn't pass up an opportunity like that.


"Try not to get too nervous guys."

Kaioken x5: Ayo increases her abilities by the amount specified for a very limited time. The highest known Kaioken level is 20. Kaioken is very useful for non-Super Saiyans, but it damages the user's body as well.
Multi-Shell Shot Gun: A rather simple yet useful technique, Ayo fires five identical Ki blasts from a single hand. Four will curve outward than converge back in to a single point directed by the fifth blast that leads by inches. What makes this technique different then a rapid outburst of Ki orbs is that should the five miss their target, rather than destroying eachother they blend into one larger Ki ball that can then be controlled by Ayo from a distance, though it takes much more concentration to do so.
Chou Makouhou: Speedy and powerful the Mouth Energy Wave is self-explanitory. Ayo inhales deeply building a large amount of Ki within her body that is then spat out of her mouth as a purple ray of explosive energy.

Final Flash Gun: Ayo builds an emmense amount of Ki in both her palms that are extended out to each side. She then continues to gather more Ki as she fuses the two outfront. Then fired all at once in a consentrated beam of condensed purple electric-based energy. The move is rather devestating due to the fact that it is is compossed of piercing energy, rather than explosive.

machomuu August 3rd, 2013 10:06 PM

Hm...A question. Does this follow Dragon Ball Z canon or Dragon Ball GT canon? The reason I ask is because if it follows GT canon then Piccolo can't possibly have children (for spoiler-related reasons).

<Challenger> August 4th, 2013 5:29 AM

@Yamagi You're accepted. I'll edit you in as soon as I can.

@Macho It follows the Z

gimmepie August 4th, 2013 6:36 AM

I'm not really a fan of the series but I'm kind of tempted to join.
Can you reserve me a place for now until I make up my mind?

machomuu August 4th, 2013 8:24 AM


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7766748)
@Macho It follows the Z

Alright, gotcha. Can I also reserve a spot? Specifically as the descendant of Yadjirobe, if possible.

Arx August 4th, 2013 8:47 AM

Please reserve me a spot as a descendant of Yamcha.

<Challenger> August 4th, 2013 12:05 PM

Sure thing. You're both reserved. I'll edit you in.

Arx August 4th, 2013 12:29 PM

Reservations last for 2 days, right?

<Challenger> August 4th, 2013 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by JNathan (Post 7767268)
Reservations last for 2 days, right?

Correct. I'm gonna add that to the rules.

@Everyone: I'll finish up my SU soon, and when we get five or six members accepted I'll submit the IC.

lacoste August 4th, 2013 1:59 PM

May I please reserve the spot for descendant of Krillin?

<Challenger> August 4th, 2013 2:00 PM

That you may! You'll be edited (Dear Dende I hate that word) in. Your reservation will last for two days.

EDIT: I've finished my SU if you guys wanna check it out.

Sheraku August 4th, 2013 6:40 PM

Yay, just one more to go. Rather surprised that Tien is last, not that it's really that big of a deal. I just thought he was more popular than what is being displayed, haha. No more if Gimmepie is gunna take the last spot.

<Challenger> August 4th, 2013 6:48 PM

Indeed. Once everybody reserved turns in their SU, I'll submit the IC.

Yamagi Sosuke August 4th, 2013 7:17 PM

Wasn't expecting Krillin to be picked before Tien either lol.

lacoste August 4th, 2013 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by Yamagi Sosuke (Post 7767812)
Wasn't expecting Krillin to be picked before Tien either lol.

It's all about the kienzan honestly. B)

Yamagi Sosuke August 5th, 2013 7:33 AM

Lol, that attack is crazy strong. It could basically kill any villain if they got hit with it.

machomuu August 5th, 2013 9:30 AM

And sadly it very rarely ever hits :p

Yamagi Sosuke August 5th, 2013 10:03 AM

Haha, so true lol. I doesn't hit its mark often.

lacoste August 5th, 2013 10:59 AM

Well… this is a little awkward. :(

I just found out that I will be very busy for the next two weeks, and I don't think I'll have time to really dive into this in the meantime.

Until then, I have a half-complete SU, so I guess I'll try again at that point.

I figure that by then, all the spots will be filled (if they're not, I'll jump on one), but do you reckon I could join the RP regardless as, like, an apprentice or a descendant of some other Z Fighter (probably Uub, because I don't think Chiatzu ever hit puberty), or something…

So yeah, I'm withdrawing my reservation… for now :)

Arx August 5th, 2013 1:22 PM

AKA : Ace
Age: 24

Aciano is a boy who likes to train a lot. Usually, he can trains for days without any socializing and eating or drinking. He is what they call a training-addict and is very confident in his capacities. Sometimes, he likes to brag about them and call people on fight. He has inherited only one thing from his mentor : the love for women. Otherwise, he dropped the laziness that stopped Yamcha from training correctly and being stronger. He likes to seduce women, no matter their age but only if they were looking good. He is a hyperactive boy, not liking to sit on his butt. Afterwards, he is a friendly, teasing person. He enjoys fighting more than anything and won't miss an occasion to fight.
History/Training: Aciano Nakamura is the son of an old friend of Yamcha when this one used to stay in the city. Many years ago, Aciano's dad passed away in a tragic car accident. He was a little baby at this time. Aciano then got adopted by Yamcha, who thought he couldn't let this kid alone by himself in this cruel world. At the age of 5, Aciano began to be trained in martial arts by Yamcha who wanted to have a disciple to continue his legacy. He learning the basics of mastering his Ki and using it in battle under the guidance of Yamcha. By the age of 15, Aciano had already learned everything he could under the guidance of his master. There was nothing left for him to do with Yamcha.
So he decided to leave and travel around the world so he could meet new fighters and probably get stronger from his experience fighting them. He expected to be able to learn and master new techniques and become the ultimate fighter. That was his goal. Following this objective, he landed at a temple of ninja monks who learned him new styles of fighting that he never heard of. He learned to become a swift, precise and lethal warrior under these monks while maintaining the brute style that Yamcha taught him. He combined the two to make a fighting style that only he could use.
When he finally decided to return back to the city, he learned that Yamcha had passed away. It pained him a lot but he decided to carry on with life and become the strongest and win the World Tournament to honor his master's name. His master had left away the 7th Dragon Ball for him. He decided to join the Z Fighters and protect Earth just like his master did before him.
-Fist of Death : An ameliorated version of Yamcha's Energy Punch. He charges the Ki in his fist which makes his whole hand bigger then he punches his opponent.
-Kaioken x3

Signature : Neo Wolf Fang Fist

machomuu August 5th, 2013 2:18 PM

Sadj, 20 years old ♂



Sadj wears an orange gi similar to that of his ancestor, Yadjirobe. He's much thinner than him, however, due to his eating habits being far more modest, and as a result he is of moderate size, most of his weight being comprised of muscle. He has shaggy and spiky hair that's black as night. It's rather long, reaching down to his hindlegs, so he usually keeps in a ponytail and in the back of his gi. He stands tall at around six feet. His eyes are black and relatively small, though larger than his ancestor's. On his lower legs and feet he wears bandages (which he also wears on his arms, but not his fists), and over the bandages he wears straw tabi.

He carries two swords with him. The first of them sits on the left side of his hip. It's a katana with a black blade, formed from an alloy created from the mixture of a meteorite and steel, though it has no name. On his back, he carries a larger sword with a red blade. The reason it's red isn't because it is made out of a special metal or anything like that. Rather, it is so he can identify the weapon if it were to be placed with weapons of a similar weight class. The reason this is important is because the blade itself is not the reason he uses the sword; in fact, to actually use the blade to its full potential the blade needs to be removed from the sword. It creates a blade based on the amount of ki that the user emits at any given time. This Ki Blade is not made of energy, but rather, it is made out of metal that is a tangible manifestation of the users ki.


Sadj, having lived something of a monastic life, is quiet. He's capable of human interaction, however, and is actually quite eloquent when it comes to conversation...maybe to extreme lengths. He learned mostly from books and TV, so his formal and casual speech can blend, though generally his dialog tends to favor the former over the latter, quite the opposite of his famed ancestor.

He's rather impressionable and excitable, though he's smart enough to know what should rub off on him and what shouldn't. The God Hand technique, for example, is based off of a technique of the same name from a show that he likes. He took note of its defensive capabilities and decided to turn it into a capable technique for real use.

As far as fighting goes, he's also quite the opposite of his relative. He never really learned to be scared of humans or humanoids, and feels that fear could only be felt by something that didn't stand on two legs. As such, most times he favors fighting instead of flight. Having said all of this, he does maintain the eating manners of his ancestor, since he had no one to instruct him of the proper way to eat in the wild.


A large room, a TV, books, and swords. These were what crafted Sadj's environment for most of his life. It was tradition for the family's samurai to choose how they would train, and at a young age they would go off to live a solitary lifestyle somewhere. Being ronin as they were, the descendants of Yajirobe didn't teach each each other, nor did they learn from other masters. Instead, they would go off to learn and master their techniques. This way of living was created to reproduce the lifestyle of Yajirobe, the one who aided Earth's savior in defeating the Demon King. Sadj took to a relatively modern way of living, taking a TV with him, but never truly overindulging. The books existed not for training, but rather they him to re-enter society as one of stable mind and contemporary, appropriate lingo. Having said that, he did have books that were for training, as well as history books and technological books, which he used to retool the Absorption technique and the Kaioken.

In fact, it was through the creation of the Ronin's Fist technique (explained below) that he was able to reach new heights of power without having to use modern technology or higher gravity. Because of the technique's ability to push the body to the max, Sadj was able to use the Fist as a benchmark, and he learned to concentrate his Ki so that he could go above and beyond his body's limits (similar to how the Z Fighters would power up normally, since the Ronin's Fist does not require Ki to activate so much as it does to keep the body going). This combined with average nature survival allowed Sadj to become the most powerful of the Yajirobe family.

Other Information


Ronin's Fist - Designed after the King Kai Fist/Kaioken, Ronin's Fist is a technique that causes the user to go into an instantaneous adrenaline rush. As a result, their senses heighten dramatically, and their strength and speed become uncapped, as well as their ki uptake. It essentially forces the body to perform at its true limits, but it doesn't come without repercussions. After the adrenaline rush ends, dizziness ensues, and the user will become weaker until their body is able to recover.

God Hand/Steel Defense - Two versions of the same attack. God Hand allows the user to create a colossal hand out of ki. Theoretically, the God Hand could be controlled as an extension as oneself that could be used for combat, but Sadj does not have the ki control necessary for such skill. As a result, he uses it strictly for defense. Steel Defense creates a red shield in place of a hand, and can only be used when wielding the Ki Blade. Unlike the God Hand, Steel Defense's size can be changed at will.

Absorption: Sadj's signature technique. Because of Sadj's inability to project Ki, Sadj instead developed a technique that he could use to increase his strength to combat those who could. Absorption isn't the same as with villains such as Majin Buu or Cell. Rather, Sadj absorbs ki. In many respects, it's reminiscent of the Ki Absorption that was present in models 19 and 20 of the Red Ribbon Androids. It's a very prototypical skill, though Sadj believes that, if he is to develop it more, absorb physical properties, and maybe more. To absorb energy from something, all he has to do is touch it when the ability is active. The touch can be direct or through a medium, generally through his swords. This ability goes hand-in-hand with his God Hand/Steel Defense technique, as he has a much easier time absorbing pure ki than he does gathering it through physical means. In other words, if he were to defend against an orb-shaped attack, the God Hand would slowly absorb the attack, making it easier to defend overtime. This is a vital skill, given that he is unable to use beam based attacks himself. He also employs absorption to increase the duration of his Ronin's Fist.

Ki Expulsion

There is one tiny problem, however. Sadj can't fly, nor can he use ki blasts. Sadj specializes and using Ki for his body, which makes him a quick and painful force to be reckoned with, but he never mastered the art of expelling ki. This is also why he can't control the size or the motions of the God Hand. As far as travel is concerned, however, it is hardly an issue. He generally travels on water by running (which is part of the reason he wears tabi). When it comes to aerial combat, he employs the little amount of external ki control that he has and uses a minor form of the Sky Dancing Technique (Flight), in this case, rather than flight, it would be temporary levitation.

Lord Sephear August 5th, 2013 3:42 PM

Dang, methinks I am too tardy to the party to make it in now...damn...let me know if any more spots open up ey? I love Dragonball Z and being a part of this would be fun.

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