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Jönne August 5th, 2013 9:07 AM

The Nightingale Conspiracy [OOC]
Newhaven Dominion
Rated T, for fantasy violence, blood, language and moderate romance (?)
Bear in mind, this RP takes place in a futuristic fictional city, which Pokemon alone have built and inhabit. Humans are never mentioned.

Newhaven is a futuristic Pokemon metropolis, a city state of absolute dictatorship, in which the political system holds authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life of the citizens. The regime of dictatorship was established roughly 40 years back, when the military political faction of Newhaven took over the city by force. The ultimate goal of the Generals of Newhaven was to create the perfect singular state, in other words, to conquer all of the known world, using the city to breed an invincible army that would obey them without question as they set out to conquer the 'outside world'. They named their project and faction the Newhaven Dominion.

In the present Newhaven, every citizen is treated as a weapon and receives military training in the College of War from an early age. The training is compulsory, regardless of what career the individual chooses to follow later on. Their personal traits are considered needless distractions from the one true purpose, to serve the Generals in times of war. Anything of sentimental value is discarded; art and entertainment are banned, as well as any way to express freely. 'Freedom' has been removed from the dictionary and everyone's lives.

For order to be kept in a state with such an absolute regime, a severely strict law system was created, with extreme penalties for perpetrators. Everything within the city is controlled by the Enforcers, a constituted body of persons empowered by the regime, to enforce the law, protect the government and abolish criminality and civil disorder. The Enforcers are licensed users of every weapon techmaturgy has made available; manufactured weapons are off limits for civilians, unless they serve in the military.


The Nightingale Conspiracy

"Revolution is not the apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall."

Did you yearn for freedom, for justice, or for the completion of a personal cause? That matters little. What matters is that you had agreed to be one of the Nightingales, a group of Pokemon with a single goal: bring down the government by any means necessary, and achieve the state of peace and liberty Newhaven deserves through revolution.
You were one of the four Pokemon that sat in the dark room, across the desk of a rich criminal lord, namely Sir Raymond, the mastermind of the Nightingales; and you had been called here for a reason. Either you were good at your job, or you are just plain useful. Together, you were part of a conspiracy that marked you as a renegade and a criminal; you committed extreme actions of high treason against the government.

However, everything comes with a twist in the city of Newhaven...

Memory Loss

"Welcome to a story of deception, false dreams, twists and turns, dead ends, smoke and mirrors. Welcome to the story of your lives."

Any memory of the Nightingales and the conspiracy you had been part of has been wiped out; you do not remember any of the events that took place in your life. Instead, you find yourself trapped in a grassy, spacious chamber of a laboratory, strapped onto an odd machine that was made to fit your species. Behind the glass, there is a shadow of a slim, feline Pokemon watching you. From the speaker, it is made apparent to you that you have been kidnapped and your memories have been wiped off by this mysterious Pokemon, who only refers to him as the Scientist. His motives and goals are never mentioned.

The Scientist proceeds to explain that the machines, namely Dormitus 4.4, each of you have been strapped on, are designed to allow you to explore your wiped out memories and relive them in the form of dreams, during the time you sleep.
When you are exploring your memories, the machines synchronize with each other, allowing you live interaction inside the memories. Remember, though! Mentioning the Scientist in the past will cause a time conundrum that will bring you back to the present! When you wake up from the dream, you are instantly brought to the present, and may only use the machine the next time you are able to sleep. Reliving one memory does not restore all of them, strangely - your mind stays blank and doesn't get a hint; the Scientist assures you that by the end of this, you will have regained all of your memories and start new lives.

Having no choice, you do as he says. Relive and recover your memories one by one, slowly finding out who you were and what you had done to Newhaven.


Techmaturgy is the art that combines elemental magic with science, in order to create unique devices that operate in different ways than our own universe. The Pokemon of Newhaven, as intelligent beings, and with the cooperation of Pokemon of multiple different elements (steel, fire, electric, psychic or dark), have been able to advance their lives with technological wonders similar to our world. From common devices, such as TV, radio and the telephone, to advanced weapons that use the elements as their primary sources of power.

Hextech Weaponry

  • Pistols & Shotguns - The only weapons that use bullets, they are only usable by those with the right knowledge. They come in many forms, as to fit the species which uses the weapon. Close and mid-range weapons designed for a variety of situations. Mods can be installed on the weapon to allow different kinds of damage: the Napalm Mod (Fire), the Shock Mod (Electric), the Freeze Mod (Ice) or the Impact Mod (Steel)
  • Sniper Rifle - Snipers are slow to reload and usually overheat after consecutive uses, but they make up for it in range and damage. Their piercing shots are capable of shooting through steel.
  • Poison Spikes - Even though they are inspired by the move, these are no normal poison spikes. They explode when touched, releasing a poisonous cloud that staggers and badly poisons those inhaling it.
  • Sleep Pellets - Much like the weapon above, the sleep pellets explode when touched, emitting a sleeping gas that puts those taking a whiff of it to sleep.
  • Fuse Grenade - Energized by a Fire Stone, these grenades are not only rare but extremely expensive. They make up in usefulness, as the explosion they cause can blow up an entire house to smithereens.
  • Psy Bomb - The Psy Bombs come in form of faintly glowing purple orbs. Condensed psychic energy is unleashed when they come into contact with hard surface, causing a spherical explosion of 30 yards.



Gadgets are pretty much available to everyone. Feel free to suggest any gadgets.
  • Neon lighters & flashlights
  • Watches
  • Magnetic Compasses
  • Portable radios
  • Flares
  • Binoculars


  • Conventional Potions - Either just bottles or sprays, these contain a special mixture of ingredients with healing abilities.
  • Bandages - Now with mint!
  • Heal Orb - A heavy device which stores the power of Healing Pulses, used in a wide range or from close up for a concentrated effect. Only one charge available.


Roles to take:

1. The Technician
You are the expert at the use of Techmaturgy; gadgets, machines, everything is within your range of use, except medical supplies . You can tinker machines, you can hack computers and you can fix anything that is broken. In combat, the technician prefers ranged weaponry, rather than his own abilities.

2. The Medic taken by DeuceClubs
You are the expert at the use of medicine, you can tend at wounds and have knowledge of the anatomy of most Pokemon species. As the Medic, you are expected to always carry some medicine and aid those in need.

3. The Thief taken by Sir Bastian
You are well acquainted with the criminal underworld of Newhaven, you know all its secret paths and your way through the sewers. You can pick locks, you can go by unnoticed and you can acquire help from other thieves - be it illegal substances (such as poisons, bullets or guns) or information. The Thief needs to be stealthy and tries to dispatch their target before drawing attention.

4. The Fighter
You are the muscle of the group, the one everyone would turn to for heavy duties, such as lifting objects or breaking through walls. You are very skilled with your moves in close combat and can stand up to many lesser enemies at the same time. The Fighter's duty is to set themselves between the conspirators and their enemies, protecting them from harm. In a way, he is their vanguard.

4. The Marksman
You are the demolitions specialist of the group - your field ranges from ranged weaponry to explosives. Your aim is the steadiest and you are able to take out foes from afar; your group will count on you to cover them.

5. The Mastermind taken by Ray Maverick

SU Format:

(No legendaries)

Weapon of Choice: (Choose one from those listed in Techmaturgy!)
Appearance: (images are welcome)
Personality: (three paragraphs should do it.)
(three paragraphs again. From your birth, to how you ended up across Sir Raymond's desk)
(Any moves learned while leveling up are available to you, since this is a universe where Pokemon are intelligent and can remember more than four moves. However, you can only have two TM, tutor or egg moves, mixed or not)
RP Sample:
(let me know how you write!)


1. Ray Maverick, as Sir Raymond Maverick, the Mastermind
2. Deuceclubs, as Tesla Arana, the Medic
3. Sir Bastian, as Natalia Alden, the Thief
4. Garet, as Felix Teufel, the Fighter
5. miltankRancher, as Tweet Jonias, the Technician
6. NightofRemorse, as Dominic Harrison, the Marksman


First rule of the Dormitus 4.4: do not mention the Scientist or your present situation in your dream, or it will kick you back to the present.
2. No godmodding or bunnying, unless given permission.
3. This is rated T, fantasy violence, blood, language, moderate romance, etc. Nothing more, nothing less.
4. Two players cannot have the same Role.
5. Keep it active. If you can't keep up, or if you are inactive for a week or more, you will be removed from the RP.
6. Good grammar is required. It's a step towards a quality post, and I intend to keep this clean.
7. You may have your own mini adventures or events related to your character's background, but be sure not to stray too far from the main plot. You are welcome to discuss them with me.
8. NPCs are to be used only by me, but you can control random, not permanent ones, as to make sensible posts.
9. Be cooperative, that's the key to having fun in a roleplay.
10. Always remember. The devil is in the details.

Special thanks to Candy for ideas, support and being a sweetheart. Also thanks to Greiger and his old RPfor inspiration.

<Challenger> August 6th, 2013 3:09 PM

This looks very interesting. Might I have a reservation for The Marksman? :)

Jönne August 6th, 2013 3:18 PM


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7770937)
This looks very interesting. Might I have a reservation for The Marksman? :)

There are no reservations, I'm afraid. I will accept the best SU.

<Challenger> August 6th, 2013 3:25 PM

Alright. Here's my placeholder. I'll start working on it immediately.

Name: Hayden Cooper
Age: (3
Role: The Marksman
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle

Appearance: Hayden looks like a normal Machamp, but he only has his two upper arms, both of which he lost in a terrible accident that will be included in the story.

Personality: (three paragraphs should do it.)
History: (three paragraphs again. From your birth, to how you ended up across Sir Raymond's desk)
Moves: (Any moves learned while leveling up are available to you, since this is a
universe where Pokemon are intelligent and can remember more than four moves. However, you can only have two TM, tutor or egg moves, mixed or not)


RP Sample: (let me know how you write!)

miltankRancher August 7th, 2013 2:50 AM

placeholder for SU

Tweet Jonias

Age: Biologically 22.
Gender: Genderless (taking up the role of a female)
Species: Porygon-Z
Role: The Technician
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle (modded)

Italic is Tweet interjecting.


Tweet Jonias, unlike other Porygon-Z, is a relatively happy fellow. While her species' stereotypes were "robotic" or "apathetic" due to their mechanical (in contrast with our biological) nature, Tweet was the exemption to the rule. While it is true that Newhaven, as a city in general, exudes an aura of imposing coldness, Tweet seemed to be the only bright light in it (if emotions could be likened to lights, that is.) She always smiles at her peers (almost eighty percent don't smile back, sadly), has the ability to crack a few jokes here and there. Imagine turning an impossibly serious species of Pokemon, bump its head or something, and you have me.

She is also a fairly sociable person but her idea regarding the government, albeit a little hidden (It's hard to actually say something out loud in this place), is fairly neutral. Working at the Corptech Factory and being given the chance to work next to her favorite things in the world, Tweet has little to no time to think about whatever is happening outside the world. The only thing that have managed to get Tweet involved in the general state of affairs of the state is the idea of being under a dictatorship. Deep inside her mind, freedom is a really neat concept (You will be surprised by how many others in the city think of this idea is absurd.) Living under the total control of somebody is a thought that scares Tweet. (It is happening, of course, but it still scares me)

The other side of Tweet, the one more commonly seen by others, is the Tweet whenever she is working. Tweet Jonias is a total geek; both when it comes to nerd-culture and mechanical and technological knowledge. She is natural-born genius when it comes to the use of techmaturgy, especially when it comes to modding Hextech Weaponry. Her knowledge, however, is not limited to her brilliance when it comes to weapon. She is also well-versed in both basic and advanced programming languages (I once made a program that displays up to the fourteen-thousand, three-hundred, ninety first digit of the number pi!), can fix almost anything, especially huge machinery (Well, I can't fix a heat compressor. Yet.), and is also an accomplished cryptographer.


Tweet Jonias, like all other Porygon, were man-made "biological" beings. I know it sounds weird but you need to listen to this first. They were a part of a project by one of the smaller sectors in the city to try and recreate life (And, according to rumors, try to create perfect soldiers. I don't know, but I'm glad I lived because of that). By combining genes of several Pokemon inside a test tube, out came several Porygon. (That would be the shorter version of it. I would tell you that it involved lots of amounts of energy and complicated science-y things.) However, each Porygon they recreated had some certain flaws. The most common were speech impediments and slow brain. Porygon-12, or Tweet Jonias as she was later called, developed emotions. We all know that the government imposes an iron hand upon freedom of expression; the scientists who managed the project thought of Tweet's disability as a very dangerous risk. Her lack of control for her emotion will certainly blow their cover in the near future. Not that I wanted to stay there. The only memories I have of that place is a dark room. Not a happy memory I tell you.) In short, the failure of the production closed the project down and the Porygons, including Tweet, were released into the city as young vagabonds.

It was a stroke of luck for fourteen-year old Tweet Jonias, a name chosen by Porygon-12 to call herself, when she was caught staring by a Corptech Factory worker at one of their weapon posters. It was one of the newly released mod; the poster shows an exploded view of a Pistol with the mod attached to it. Her fascination with the poster, albeit a little too technical for the fourteen-year old, was noted by the Corptech Factory worker. During that time, demands for mods and other weapons were going high and the factory was hard at work to keep up. Tweet Jonias was taken as a worker for the factory, a low-maintenance and cheap worker. However, Tweet saw this as nothing but an opportunity to work with what she thought would be her only love.

Under the tutelage of one of the workers in the factory, Tweet learned a lot about techmaturgy and weapon manufacturing, among other things. As a factory worker, Tweet was expected to have a more-than-average knowledge for weaponry, computer programming, and other technological skills. This was easy for her; it seemed like she was born for it. When the proper time comes, she joined the team leading the research on mod-technology. Having an access to a vast amount of type of attacks, Tweet Jonias became one of the leading figure in the industry. She was the one responsible for compacting the energy of a mod to smaller sizes so that the weight of the mod, an issue back then, would now be considered negligible. Also, being one of the top researchers in the factory, she possessed access to weapons still unimagined by most of the population, weapons that have just recently left the confines of paper and ink.

Her access to the vast collection of authorized Hextech Weaponry got her the attention of Raymond Maverick, the local crime lord more commonly known as the Count. While their motives were different, Tweet saw the opportunity to free herself and others from the oppressing rule of the government. She teamed up with Raymond Maverick in secret; she became the weapon supplier to the Count whereas still continuing her job as a weapon manufacturer. (Let me just say this: Right from the start, I was never allied with the government. Ditching us after their experiments failed? No. No. I am solely allied to my weapons. If the Count proved to be, well, useless, I will not hesitate to leave him of course.)

Today, Tweet is in suspended animation, unable to move and see things, although some sounds still do register to her.

Freedom and weapons above all

Moves: Level-up moves plus Shadow Ball and Psychic

Others: Her favorite food is a scoop of fried rice. With lots and lots of garlic.

RP Sample

Garet August 7th, 2013 6:56 AM

Okay, this is just a placeholder for now.
Done! And thanks for the accept!

Name: Felix Teufel
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Blaziken
Role: The Fighter
Weapon of Choice: Pistols & Shotguns

Appearance: From a distance, Felix Teufel is a completely average-looking Blaziken. He stands at an average height of six-foot-three, has normal feather coloring, and might look a dime a dozen. Not much to go by if you were to pick him out of a crowd. Get closer, however, and you could see that the irises of his eyes are green instead of blue. Felix is also slightly more muscular than the usual working Blaziken, due to hours of training with weights over the past several years. As a result, Felix is faster and stronger than average. On his left wrist is a simple watch for telling time; no hidden gadgets in this one.

What, you want to see a more intimidating Felix Teufel? Then catch him in his Enforcer outfit. On duty, Felix wears a ballistic vest in the blue and red of the Enforcers, with a badge in the shape of a star. Around his waist is a duty belt which carries a few standard Enforcer gadgets, which can be switched out for other objects depending on the time or job. A holster is strapped to Felix's right thigh, where he always carries a pistol. He often wears a scabbard strapped to his back for carrying a shotgun. For the occasions that would merit it, Felix has a combat helmet, also in the blue and red of the Enforcers.

Personality: If you do catch him on the job, Felix Teufel is generally stone-faced. He won't joke, he won't chat, he won't state a trivial observation. Let's face it, unless it pertains to his job as an Enforcer, Felix will speak less than a bear hibernating in the dead of winter, while on duty. Felix might be considered an emotionless machine, no matter how much it may annoy his fellow Enforcers. Obedient, efficient, focused; that's how the job gets done best. There have been relatively few failures in this Blaziken's career, due to his quick-thinking and skill in combat.

Fortunately, it's not possible for a Blaziken to work twenty-four-seven. Off-duty, Felix is open to conversation with other Pokemon (so long as he isn't revealing details he feels he shouldn't), particularly with those of the Enforcers and Stadium participants who he could call friends. Social-wise, he is more or less neutral in most cases, with the occasional shot of mischief. Felix isn't above pulling a prank or some such thing every now and then, if it wouldn't interfere greatly with his job or career. Nor would he turn down a card game if he thought he could get away with it, or some sort of puzzle. Just, don't offend Felix, or he might pull his pistol on you. ...Kidding, but Felix is prone to holding a grudge. He tries to remember not to be hypocritical in his actions, as he knows that he isn't perfect himself.

You want to know his take on the government, do you? Very well. Even though he realizes that the government and Enforcers are effective in their duties, Felix thinks they should ease up on some things, like art and entertainment. He would not care for invading anyplace in the 'outside world', nor does he care for the lack of freedom to do what Pokemon want to do. Why can't they, for example, have a card game in someplace public? And yet, there has been no real good reason for Felix to consider anything like resigning from the Enforcers. By this point, it's more or less what he does best for a living. And that's aside from being a rogue Enforcer in secret.

History: Born in the metropolis of Acter, Felix was raised alongside two older brothers in what could have been considered a law-abiding, government-loving family. At least, that was more or less the image in the mind of his father, who boasted of a long line of Teufels who all served notably in the military and law-enforcement. He'd even gone so far as to obtain a residence fairly close to the Enforcers HQ, and he expected all three of his sons to serve time. If it wasn't for his mother, who wasn't quite so like-minded, Felix might have become the perfect, obedient soldier that the Generals wanted.

Felix's mother often sneaked a small game or puzzle into his childhood behind his father's back. As he got into his teenage years, Felix began to think of it as a way to remain sane. His favorite was card games, perhaps because it was expressly banned. Or maybe it was because Felix seemed so lucky whenever he played with cards on the sly. He was unable to sneak in a deck of playing cards when he got shipped off to the College of War, but that didn't stop Felix from looking for others of a like mind.

In the meantime, the Torchic, who evolved into a Combusken at an early age, received top marks in the College when it came to combat and quick thinking. Felix favored close combat and the closer-ranged weapons, excelling in both areas. He also tended to turn in other Pokemon whom he found breaking some rule or another, though it was usually one who'd gotten on bad terms with him. This was one reason that some instructors at the College of War recommended Felix to the Enforcers, which his father and brothers had joined.

It didn't take long, perhaps two or three months, before Felix became acquainted enough with a fellow Enforcer who defied the ban on entertainment on the sly. This Enforcer, a Machoke named Evander, is the one who introduced Felix to a place in the sewers called the Casino. Among other things, card games were available, drawing Felix back time after time when he wasn't on duty. Before you get the idea into your head, he didn't gamble his money away; he was there for the card games. And the occasional job when someone needed a fighter or guard.

On the surface, Felix became more prominent as he got past his greenhorn-Enforcer stage and started cracking down on law-breakers. After a couple years of knowing him, Evander suggested they try out for the games hosted in the Stadium, where those in the military could participate and show what they're made of. Though he was reluctant, Felix got pulled into it for a season a year. Once he got the hang of it after several games, he began to earn a name for himself.

The combination of his work as an Enforcer, his activities in the Casino, and success in the Stadium, is likely what brought Sir Raymond's attention to bear on Felix. For one thing, he needed a fighter who could hold his own and wouldn't shy from technically illegal activities, and said fighter being an Enforcer was something of a bonus. For his part, Felix was given a chance to help topple the oppressive government. Sure, it might cut down on his other activities, but he saw it as a fair deal. Who wouldn't want to rebel, right?

Moves: Level-up moves; Protect; Toxic.

Others: At present, Felix's old feathers are already burnt off for the most part to make way for new feathers.

RP Sample:
There he went, throwing the whole thing about Noctus back into uncertainty, despite the point that the Keeper made. Hanso really just wanted to find that Cacturne, pin him down, and delve into his mind long enough to see whether Noctus really was the traitor. And if he were, then proceed to--

Whoa, slow down. Taking a deep breath, Hanso continued to listen, having backed up a little once he'd finished speaking. Aside from the fact that if the Keeper meant every single Sentinel that was yet under the Silver Crystal's hold couldn't be turned, then... aside from that, the Gallade found the argument between him and Zane to be a little irritating. At the same time, Zane's emphasis on the idea of the Gold Tribe being more than just about this Crystal business was somewhat heartening. The idea that maybe it wasn't lost forever to its corruption...

Inconsistencies...a ceremony... Yes, Penance had his plans, didn't he? Nothing that Hanso could accuse him of lying about, not that he wanted to, yet the Golduck hardly ever told everything. He even had a flair for the dramatic. It made Hanso wonder why Penance would have joined the Gold Tribe in the first place.

Aside from Accatosh's words to Zane, there was little else to hold Hanso's attention as he'd returned to leaning against the wall, then sliding down to sit. Reaching out in every general direction with his mind, the Gallade seemed to tune out of the world as he found the Pokemon he was looking for.


"I see you didn't check whether I was busy," Brynn stated, eyebrows raised slightly. In their 'room', Hanso's twin was walking about as if she was tending to things, none of which materialized. Or perhaps as if she was going from one place to another, though she couldn't walk on her own in the physical realm for long. "At least you're improving again in the mind, if only slightly."

"I'm almost tempted to criticize you on your physical condition," Hanso retorted lightly, keeping pace with the Gardevoir. "Is Vera fine?"

"She'll live." Nothing more was said for a few moments. If it would have achieved anything, they could have walked on forever in the psychic realm without having to turn. Eventually Brynn said, "You came to talk, of course."

"Yeah, we didn't have the time before to share everything in detail. Like this thing about Egrinn calling you a TrueStriker. Oh, and the fact that you can do something you couldn't before the war."

Brynn sighed, turning to face Hanso, who stopped as well. "Those are actually more connected than you might think. Unless you remembered enough of your history lessons."

He knew what she spoke of. As the twins had been taught during their childhood, there'd supposedly been a time when it was common to find a Pokemon somewhere within the SharpEye family, close or distant, who would be dubbed a 'TrueStriker'. Not as a Gold Tribe title, but as a somewhat literal title for those who naturally 'struck true', whether in combat or healing or, in several cases, the mind. These 'TrueStrikers' had been said to also possess a grey eye, as Hanso and Brynn did.

"...'and the supposed reason for their decline and eventual extinction, so to say, was due to dilution through generations and non-pure, or outsider, blood.' Or, as some wanted to say, it had to do with...diverting from their true morals and such." Hanso looked sharply at his sister. "What're you gettin' at, sister?"

"Honestly, for all we know, it could have been both, or neither." Brynn shrugged. "Maybe they just made it up and were somehow able to enforce. In which case we'd be some sort of freaks. But I know that's not true. As you'd know, then, part of this TrueStriker heritage is a hidden power, so to speak, that would be unlocked for each Pokemon. They knew it was declining because the TrueStrikers' hidden powers appeared less and less often. In tandem with the decline of their true ways. Which, coincidentally, happened along with the Gold Tribe, or so some would say."

She hesitated, then continued, "This is the first time such a hidden power has emerged, even if it isn't necessarily powerful. One of those in the torturehouse, a Froslass, aspired to be like Frostbite. Only, she inadvertently unlocked mine. That's what you saw in my mind, what I did with the Ice Shard." Looking Hanso in the eye, Brynn said, "That's one of the reasons why I'm sure the Gold Tribe isn't so golden anymore. Because it was only when I'd left it that I really started to realize my new power. ...Something's happened to you, brother."

Looking away, Hanso shook his head. It seemed something of a jump that Brynn had made, but he saw how it'd make sense to her. And how she might use it to try persuading him. "...Well, now I'm stuck with a Gengar in my head who may or may not still be the psychopath he was back in Sovereign's head. He's probably rootin' through my memories now." He looked back at his sister, who was slightly surprised, then put a hand on her shoulder. "You can trust me still, right? Like I still trust you, despite our...opinions." Taking a peek back into the physical realm, Hanso said, "I don't know when we can talk again. See ya later." After a brief hug on both sides, he turned and seemingly faded away.


Pushing himself up from the floor, Hanso made his way over to where Zane and Penance stood. He had a lot to think about, while they took their next actions.

Sir Bastian August 7th, 2013 3:07 PM

And here it is, babies! My SU that's finally completed! Say hello to miss Natalia Alden, our resident thief and trickster ;3

Natalia Alden

Name: Natalia Alden

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Zoroark

Role: The Thief

Weapon of Choice: Her knife and Sleep Pellets

Appearance: With her looks being much like your average Zoroark, colour-wise at least, Natalia seems to fit in quite well on the streets among the regular-looking Pokémon, without a lot to make her stand out. However, that’s just for her colour. If you were to look at her general appearance a little more in-depth, you’d notice quite a few differences from your average Zoroark.

To start with, the hair trailing down her back, ending in a semi-ponytail, is a lot more sleek than your average Zoroark. Rather than being more rough and spiky, it looks softer and more… curly, still having the black colorations here and there, along it. In general, her body seems more sleek and ‘soft’ in places, than a Zoroark’s normal look of his fur usually being spiky and jagged here and there. Her snout is more rounded rather than pointy and her eyes carry a certain softness, while still having the confidence of someone who knows their own abilities inside and out.

Aside from the differences in her looks, she also often carries a sheated dagger at the small of her back, attached to a belt wrapped around her waist. Along with this, she also bears a duffelbag, slung over her shoulder and torso, with the bag itself resting on her back, beneath her hair, nearly concealing it completely.

Reference picture (Made by the incredibly talented Ray :D):

For the most part, Natalia acts as would be expected of her in whichever situation she might find herself in. Like a Kecleon, she’ll do what she can to fit into the crowd in the way she feels necessary, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who’s behind her facades. However, most often, once she’s ‘behind the scenes’ in her hideout or ‘at work’, she displays the personality that’s most often shown from her.

She likes to be coy and sassy, often using her charms and a playful tone to either get what she wants, or annoy someone who clearly mistrusts or dislikes her. She enjoys a slight bit of manipulation and acts both professional and somewhat carefree, under most circumstances, but when it all comes down to brass tax, she shows the ones doubting her that despite her playful nature, she knows exactly how to handle herself, her skills and those around her.

Having grown up mostly on her own as she has, she trusts no one higher than herself. She puts a lot of trust in Johnny Chleevas, but no matter how much she seems to pretend to enjoy others’ company, she never trusts anyone’s word higher than her own, and following that, Johnny’s or even Raymond’s.

She’s brought herself up on the belief that control is something that should be given in moderation, if even that much. She enjoys and even welcomes chaos, being of the mindset that everyone acts on their own initiative, and that they make their own decisions, and therefore has to live with the consequences of their own actions. That said, she thinks of herself as a thief more than anything else, and will do everything in her power to avoid hurting someone permanently, no matter the situation. She will do it if she’s pushed to it, but generally, as she says: “I’m a thief, not a murderer.”

Natalia grew up in a moderate part of the large metropolis of New Haven, with a perfectly normal family, in a perfectly normal house in the Hatlock area of the city. She was sent to the College of War as were everyone else, and she followed in her family’s footsteps in regards to their professions, helping them out in the shop they owned.

This, however, was by far not enough for Natalia. She grew up with a rebellious mind, which had gotten her into trouble several times through her still short life, denying the idea of being controlled with an iron grip as everyone were, doing everything in her power to break the rules around her, quite harmlessly at first, but she kept herself at bay, most of the time at least.

Eventually, it became too much for her. She wasn’t satisfied with being watched and controlled, where her parents clearly where, and she soon ran away from her home in Hatlock and made for the bustling island in the bay of the city. She resorted to using the skills she’s learned growing up, both her illusions as well as her quite decent ability of finding the best hiding places to be able to almost disappear from sight in and instance, along with her speed to make a living through pickpocketing and some theft from the local shops.

Being rather young however, this kind of living was very hard at first, and she found herself nearly caught several times. She was slowly getting the hang of things, but she needed a safer way to escape. That’s when she found out about the sewers running along beneath the city. She spent months learning her ways around down there, mentally mapping out the twists and turns in the labyrinthian underground maze of sewage pipes and once she knew her way around, her career really took off.

Her heists became more elaborate, she stopped targeting the poorer people and even began breaking into appartments, the larger shops and even a jeweler once, trying to amass as much wealth as she could, obviously not content with just getting enough to survive. This was around the time she met Johnny Chleevas, an army-man Zangoose. She had met him when she had broken into his apartment, but he, as an active member of the army, wasn’t quite as much of a pushover as her usual targets.

She managed to escape without him turning her into the authorities, but it wouldn’t be long before he managed to track her down. However, instead of doing the sensible thing and turning her in, the two of them seemed to grow fond of each other, and began a rather… unusual relationship. At first, they simply ‘knew’ of each other and had a chat every so often, him being oddly okay with the fact that she was a thief, and her trusting him not to toss her in jail at the first sign of it being convenient for him.

After a year or so, they two of them started actively dating (Along with her helping him out every so often and vice versa), and her career as a thief managed to get her the attention of Raymond, the local crime lord. After some discussing, they came to the agreement that she would hand him a good chunk of her earnings, and he wouldn’t have her hunted down by his organization for treading on his territory. Since then, they’ve been helping out one another, pulling off a deal here or there, wherever it was most convenient for the two, but Natalia saw the deal between them as strictly business, even if she did usually act as her playfully teasing self during their conversations. Her relationship and her deal has given her the opportunity to work almost completely freely, and it's made her a rather dangerous person to cross.

Moves: Snatch and Substitute

Others: N/A

RP Sample:
Vincent awoke to the sound of battle, still ringing out, shouting, clashing, thunder, crackling fire and all the other noises of a near-war. He slowly blinked his eyes open and tried to move, but found it rather difficult. He was staring up into the sky and felt the taste of iron in his mouth. Raising his right hand, he touched his temple and felt a trail of blood trickling down, apparently into his mouth, which had given him the alien taste. His scarf had been forcefully tugged down, and he was currently laying beneath a large branch of a tree, along with the tree itself, which had fallen over due to the earthquake the Crimson Captain had caused.

He winced as he tried to move, his left arm trapped under the weight of the tree, and after a little while of fiddling about, he managed to find one of his shells, grasping it with his right hand and with a swift movement, cut the branch from the tree, leaving him to push it off. He staggered to the ground, pain throbbing through his arm and shoulder as he attached the shell to the strap hanging down along his hip and side. He was thankful to find the other shell quite quickly and attached that as well, looking around to try and find Tsulong and the others.

Just then, Roscoe called out to the heroes, telling them to flee with, what looked to be the sole survivor of the Brotherhood. Vincent didn’t waste any time, and despite his injuries, pain shooting through his leg as he began running, dashed forwards, managing to catch up to the others. His head was unfocused and his mind unclear with pain as the group ran in an attempt to escape. Just as Vince was ready to turn around and try to block off whoever of the Cyalans might be coming too close, the entire group disappearing in a flash, appearing elsewhere.

Vincent blinked in surprise, having heard nothing but the garbled noise of battle and people shouting all at once with nothing coherent in between. Apparently Reginard had teleported them all away to what Vince assumed was the Brotherhood’s hideout. He raised a hand to grasp his wounded arm, wincing slightly at first, but he was happy to keep it a little more calm. It wasn’t broken, but it had definitely taken quite a heavy hit. As the Electabuzz, named Little Giant started leading the way deeper into the sanctum, Vince looked around himself, trying to orientate him again. He never liked to be unaware of his surroundings, but his head throbbed rather heavily.

Noticing the pure tranquility of the area set him a little more at ease and he was sure that the Cyalans wouldn’t get here, at least for a while, and the heroes had time to regroup and hopefully let the Brotherhood know what was coming. As they arrived at the large tree, Vincent tilted his head back to look up at it, closing his right eye as the blood trickled closer to it. He looked down again and let out a little huff. He noticed Roscoe being taken off by Little Giant and Tsulong, Guardian and Reginard walking off to the side. Vincent looked down at the little pond they were instructed to go near, and then over his shoulder out over the small hills in this almost cave-like area of the forest.

He took a deep breath and without a word to the others, he turned around and walked over to the nearest little river, about as wide as a house and spanning all the way to the border of the clearing. Looking down into the crystalline water with the buzzing sounds of someone talking to each other, Pokémon going about their chores and whatnot mixed in with every little noise, Vincent shut his eyes and with a deep breath, he lept into the river.

As soon as he dove into the water, the silence overtook him, replacing the constant chattering and the loud thumping he’d felt against his temple in the wound that had somehow made its way there. He opened his eyes, looking left and right under the water, watching the rocks, the dirt, the plants growing on the bottom of the river and listened to the silence. He loved doing this. Diving under the water and just… staying there gave him such a sense of calm and clarity, whenever he felt stressed or overburdened. It was an amazing way to clear his mind, and without even thinking about it, he pressed his arms to his sides and kicked his legs calmly, travelling through the clear, blue waters of one of the rivers spanning from underneath the tree and out into this sanctum within Duskwood that nearly nobody outside of the woods had seen before.

Jönne August 7th, 2013 4:06 PM

Thank you all for the Sign Ups, I'll do a bit more of waiting before coming to any decisions. In the meantime, here is my own SU. It's nothing special. I'd rather introduce him In-Character, but I figured it'd be good if you had a general idea of who he is before we all start.

Sir Raymond Maverick, "The Count"
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Accelgor
the Mastermind
Weapon of Choice: His mind! That's his greatest weapon.


A genius, a criminal mastermind and a multimillionaire by the start of his teenage years, Sir Raymond has formed an underground network of criminality that classifies him as one of the modern crime lords. After years of planning, trickery, scheming and manipulation, his web has managed to reach inside the government and the Enforcers, so far up their rankings, that the regime of dictatorship chooses to ignore his presence and treats him as a powerful ally when it comes to controlling the city. His high status and reputation make him immune to the Enforcers who decide to put pressure or accuse him openly.

He has gotten the reputation of being a ruthless, cold and calculating person, although his motives are always concealed, and he has never shown to take pleasure in crime. The lucky ones who have been granted an audience with him can't swear that he is greedy - money is well past him. Though not many get close to him.
He is quite distant to every contact of his and comes off as an objective person, as he always keeps a professional persona up and cares little for personal interaction, or having 'fun'. He often seems to be moody and unsmiling, never cracking a joke or showing any taste for humor, although he does comprehend with sarcasm. It's as if whatever humor he might ever had has been transferred to his Butler, Winston, who is a sarcastic and humorously cynical person.

Sir Raymond trusts no one completely, with the only exception being Winston. He's concerned about his home's safety to the point of paranoia, where he has declared that his garden is a war zone and he will get every one trespassing obliterated with shock modded cannon shots. As a result of that paranoia regarding his safety, Maverick Manor has become some sort of fort that looms taller over anything in Moor Heights. The house is enormous, but there aren't many windows that could provide easy entrance to flying Pokemon. The latest technology is installed in and around the garden and the Manor itself, making it truly impenetrable.

It seems he suffers from psychosis. When he is calm and motionless, a vision of his long dead father keeps appearing before him, looking as old as Raymond himself, even though he died older. He doesn't wave him away; instead, he has casual or intellectual conversations with him, as he used to do. He refuses to be treated or take medicine, as he likes talking to his father. Winston shows understanding of his condition and gives Raymond the privacy he needs when the vision occurs.

When he was captured by the Scientist, he fell into a coma. In the present, he is able to hear what is going on around him, but he cannot move.

History: I'd rather reveal it bit by bit In-Character.
Moves: Venoshock, Mind Reader

DeuceClubs August 8th, 2013 12:36 PM

Well... finished the SU after a long time of thinking it through (: Enjoy~

Name: Tesla Arana
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Weavile
Role: The Medic
Weapon of Choice: Only trusts her claws to do the perfect job


Tesla used to be a kind, hyper, and smart Sneasel. However, due to her experiences and past, it shaped her into the Weavile she is now. Short-tempered and stubborn, she's a perfectionist who takes her profession very seriously. She has a dark sense of humor, and quite sarcastic. Despite this, she's very patient when it comes to being a Medic, quick to react, determined, and once she starts something she won't stop until it's done. If something were to go wrong, she'll try over and over again until she gets it right.

She's also stealthy and quite energetic, but hard to please and very picky. Despite this, she's actually a socializer and likes to be surrounded by friends. She takes friendship and trust very seriously, and wouldn't lie. If the truth is harsh, she would be very blunt about it. To her, friends are precious. She's not very good with words, and bad at showing her true feelings, which is why she has trouble maintaining friends. Due to her past, she tends to hide her negative feelings. She's also quite a skeptic Weavile, sticking to her beliefs and opinions.

Tesla was born in Vista Hill to a Weavile couple. Her older brother Dexter, who's three years older than her, took care of her while their parents went off for duty. Of course that didn't last long due to Dexter having to go to College of War. Their mother replaced him, and started raising Tesla. She developed a kind heart who easily forgave anything that harmed her, which her father found as a weakness. While she tried to make them proud by learning how to attack and do complex equations at a young age, her brother easily surpassed her. At the age of 13, he could do what adult Weaviles could already do, and had even evolved into a Weavile by then. She was still a Sneasel.

When she had reached a decent age, she was sent to the College of War. At first she managed to breeze right through it, but the cold and direct Pokemon around her managed to break her down and got her awfully emotional and unstable. She started to see that having a kind, open, forgiving heart won't really allow her to go far. At one point she thought of running away to become a rouge, but thought of her family and didn't want them in trouble. As she completed the College, she set off to become a Medic, seeing as how she could start healing people instead of actually hurting them. However, halfway through her training, she heard shocking news: her brother had joined a gang.

It was pretty common for very small revolts to happen here and there, but they aren't really heard of since they don't do much except hurt a few people and get taken down by the Government itself. Unfortunately her brother was among them, and she started to panic. Already a Weavile, she put her skills to the test and managed to bypass security several times just to reach her brother who was at an abandoned house near the National Bank. Seeing as how there were better Medics and amazingly talented Pokemon in his team, she grew fascinated before she could convince him to halt.

It wasn't long before her brother convinced her to join, and she did. Among the members was a male Furret with the same exact age and birthday as her. They both quickly became friends, and started to do silly shenanigans and crimes together. This Furret, Zachary, was the best Medic in the group despite his..odd personality and small age. He taught Tesla all there is to know about Medicine, and the best way to use certain items.

All was going well until that one day. She was only 16 years old, and her brother had organized a plan to take down the Bank from inside out. Tesla found many flaws in it, as well as Zachary, but being the youngest of the group, nobody payed attention to them. After they had set off to do their plan, Zachary and Tesla followed and tried their best to foil their plan, seeing as how it would never work. Unfortunately one of Dexter's friends noticed them and immediately took them back to their base.

The next day, many were found dead... among them her brother Dexter. This greatly affected her, causing her heart to shatter and drastically change. Afterwards she started to grow hate, and ran away from everybody while taking Zachary with her. The two of them adapted to the life of rogues, feeding off of stolen food and begging, but after a while she decided to pay her family a visit. Tesla felt joy at the thought of seeing them again, as well as Zachary meeting his best friend's parents.

Opening the door revealed an empty household. Confused, she started to search for them. Minutes had passed and there was no sign of them except for a letter Zachary had found. Tesla refused to open it, believing it holds bad news. However, the Furret read it out loud for her to hear despite her response. It was clear they were dead as well, doing their duty, and she immediately went to rampage. She didn't find it fair they had died stopping a revolt they had no idea their son was in, and all three of them died. As she destroyed her own house, Zachary attempted to stop her... but only to receive a deep wound on his shoulder. When she realized she had hurt him, she stopped.

"I... no... I can't do this," she mumbled, backing away and looking at her hands. Flashbacks of her past life came to her. That's when her hatred for the government started to flourish. Seeing as how Zachary still had an innocent mind and wouldn't be able to survive on his own, nor with her, she left him with some neighbors to live with. It was a rough departure, but she managed to close her feelings and leave. By then, Tesla was no longer the sweet, kind, shy, innocent Weavile she was years ago. She's different.

Life as a Medic in the College of War remained the same, yet she started to drift off of Zachary. The poor Furret attempted to get closer to her, but she would give him the cold shoulder. She didn't want him getting involved with her... not after what had happened. To her, it would be better of if he were to live with the neighbors and meet somebody new. As she did this, she was chosen to be a Medic to a dear friend of the Government: Sir Raymond. At first she felt confused, seeing as how there were many others who could do a better job at treating such a patient, but they gave her no choice.
Besides, she didn't have anybody worry about besides herself, and Zachary was fine, so why not? With that thought out, she accepted the duty and left to go to the Raymond's Manor. Although she didn't know much about Psychosis, she did know the treatments for it. Problem was, as soon as she gave orders and told him what to do, he didn't comply. He refused to take his meds. Tesla tried to force him to take them, but he somehow found a way to go around it. Despite this, the criminal genius found her very good at her job, and eventually offered her the opportunity to be in the Nightingales.

She stood there, not knowing how to react. A smile crept on to her face, and she showed her sharp pearly whites. "Heh, I'll join, why not?" To her, it would be an opportunity to not only get revenge over what happened to her family, but she might be able to protect Zachary. Not only that, but she can possibly be protected and actually heal people she may call friends in the future.

Besides, she'll find a way for Sir Raymond to take his meds.

Moves: Taunt, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Icy Wind, Fury Swipes, Metal Claws, Hone Claws, Dark Pulse, Dig, and Protect.

Others: She's actually obsessed with rock music. Her brother used to do random songs just for Tesla to hear, which started her love for it.
RP Sample:
Toko stood up, counting her Poke. Despite how she loved how silent it was in this one spot, she had to stock up. Enough time has passed for her to relax. With that thought out, she left the pond and entered back into town, only to see a commotion happening between a Gengar and Lucario. Not wanting to get involved since they looked pretty powerful, she walked around them to check out the stores...

That's when she caught glimpse of a fallen Skitty. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight, horrified. "Oh dear! She's not good at all!" she blurted out, running over to the fallen Pokemon. Unfortunately the Gothorita wasn't paying attention as to who was in front of her, and bumped into Luna. The Purrloin's exploration was interrupted, and as she fell, she let out a small groan.

Before Toko could say anything, Luna had already begun to apologize. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" she kept repeating over and over again. Gothorita didn't know how to react but just feel bad. She dusted herself and smiled.

"No no, it's fine... it's my fault for not paying attention and... umm.. running into you."

"Oh alright, if you say so." Luna looked around her and opened in shock at what she saw. "Hey... what happened to that Skitty?!" the cat immediately questioned Toko, seeing as how the psychic type was running towards the fallen Skitty.

"I'm not sure... I'm going to try to help if I can," she responded, running past the Purrloin and towards the Skitty. Luna blinked, watching as Toko ran.

'Maybe I should go and help her too,' Luna thought. After a minute of thinking, she decided to go help. With her two legs, she sprinted over to where Gothorita and the fallen Skitty were. The Gothorita checked her bag for any sort of berries and medicine, but it was empty.

"Are you okay?" Toko asked, worried as her arms were still rummaging through her bag. Luna noticed there was Riolu shaking the Skitty.

“H...hey, are you okay?! Wake up!” he cried, making both Gothorita and Luna feel even worse.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of her," Gothorita tried to calm the Riolu down. Luna managed to find an Oran Berry in her own bag while Gothorita spoke to the Riolu. Without hesitating, she forced the berry into Skitty's mouth. She used her tiny paws to make the cat's mouth chew the food, which was hard while the Riolu shook the Skitty. "Are you sure that will help?" Toko asked, worried by her method.

"It will! An Oran Berry will definitely restore her!"

They both sat there and watched, waiting to see how the fallen Skitty will react...

Jönne August 9th, 2013 3:13 PM

@Sir Bastian brilliant! Let's make some love with our characters. Yes, I mean it. The rest will understand later. xD You're accepted as the Thief.

@DeuceClubs Her expression is hilarious, and her personality makes perfect sense. You're accepted as the Medic.

@Garet good, we need a guy like that. Exceptional. You're accepted as the Fighter.

@miltankRancher YES, that's what I'm talking about. GEEK! The Technician spot is yours.

@heretostay I'm sorry, but seeing as you haven't yet completed your SU, and that we only have 5 spots in the RP altogether, you're declined. Thanks for your interest, though.

I guess we're ready to begin. I'll be making the first post soon. Any questions you guys might have?

Sir Bastian August 9th, 2013 4:26 PM

Just a request! I'd like you to give an example in the first post of how our characters' mindsets would work, what with them reliving memories, since I'm still a bit confused as to how it works out.

miltankRancher August 9th, 2013 5:41 PM

Yeah! I'm partly confused with the dream part. Does it block out all memories or just the memories involving the conspiracy?

Also, if I counted right, I think we have six spots for the RP. Marksman still open, but oh well.

Let's have a party in NEWHAVEN!

NightOfRemorse August 9th, 2013 8:53 PM

Hope this is okay, woohoo

Dominic Harrison

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Charmeleon
Role: The Marksman
Weapon of Choice: Shotgun



Dom loves to cause havoc and disturb the peace, but only when he feels it absolutely necessary. Most everything he does has an exact and specific reason for being done and he cannot stress that enough. If he sees a rich Scrafty walking by with a golden watch and Dom decides he wants it, he will not stop at anything until he gets what he wants, namely because "there's a good reason for it". If there's a good reason, it MUST be done and not ignored. Dom enjoys blowing things up with his homemade bombs, and it goes without saying that the loudest ones are his favorites. He regularly tests his bombs on different types of surfaces to see how they handle the blow, if they're able to. He is very big on dark humor and often jokes about things that would realistically send someone home crying. What can he say? His humor is not for everyone. When dealing with Pokémon whom he doesn't intend to harm, he can be extremely gentle and patient. Sure, sometimes he can be over-the-top violent but he can also be nice and caring. In fact, before he became interested in demolition, his personality was all about warm hugs and kisses. Dom doesn't necessarily take pride in that, though, and prefers his old buddies to keep their traps shut about it.

Though Dom is skilled in destroying enemies from afar before they even realize what hit them, he is not afraid to fight someone directly. His body strength and fighting skill are just enough to ensure he isn't killed instantaneously by a hard punch to the temple. Well, sure, if the hit lands that very well could happen but he's quick enough on his feet to dodge or at least redirect the hit somewhere else. When it comes to battling he's a quick thinker and won't be taken down too quickly without a good fight. Dom keeps careful watch of his surroundings and it's rare for an ambush to happen in his presence. He remains guarded wherever he goes and will not be like the idiots he regularly kills. Dom can be annoyingly proud of his own skill and when he doesn't watch himself (he knows he's a cocky guy, and he actively tries to be more modest) he goes on bragging for who knows how long.

His cockiness also serves as a pretty large disadvantage at times. Dom trusts himself way too much and if his mind is set on a certain idea, there's no way it could be wrong. This has landed him in difficult situations multiple times, but he feels that as long as he's as skilled as he is, he can easily bounce back and recover from the problem. Again, that's him believing himself to be invincible when his death very well could be just twenty footsteps down the street. If someone disagrees with him, they can expect an argument, albeit a very strange one as he desperately refuses to hurt anyone he likes and will argue as calmly as people would think not possible.


Dominic was the first Charmander born to a pair of Charizards in the metropolis New Haven. He grew up with five younger siblings and got along with them very well, spending as much time as he possibly could playing with them. Even after he evolved, he continued to be a very levelheaded Charmeleon, which was not common in the species. He also avoided fighting against anyone during his war training (he only attacked punching bags and hid when students practiced with each other), which led to severe bullying. The entire point of the school was to learn how to kill, and the students couldn't understand why Dominic refused to do it. They constantly pushed him around and cornered him, and he took all of it. Everyone, including his friends, began calling him "Docile Dominic" behind his back.

Dom loved to read books rather than tough himself up, and spent all of his time reading and learning new things. Eventually he was caught with all the books and they were taken and burned by his father, for he was afraid that the government would find out and punish the entire family. Dom was very upset about this and he quickly became bored since he had no way to pass his time. Unfortunately, his lack of escape made it harder for him to withstand the bullying and degradation by the other students and he began to fight back. Being an adolescent Charmeleon, he was quite strong and had an easy time fending the attackers off. He started to pay closer attention in class and he learned how to build bombs and handle guns.

Because he was now aware of his power, he started to become increasingly power hungry and would get into fights with the students even just for looking at him funny. After graduating from the college, Dom began to kill the "tough guys" on the street because seeing them think of themselves as so high and mighty pissed him off. He would not have it. At its core, the motivation for his actions were rancor and jealousy. Despite the increase in his general irritability, he continued to be his old gentle self when dealing with smaller and/or younger Pokémon. As far as his younger siblings were concerned, old Dom hadn't changed much at all. What they didn't know was that Dom went from playing hopscotch and giving his siblings piggyback rides to going out into the city and blowing up the side of a house with a pipe bomb just to see how much damage he was capable of. The more he did it, the more he loved it, and the more he loved it, the more he did it. It was only when he started bringing along his shotgun and killing the richer citizens for their money that it seemed like there was no turning back for him. At least, that's what his parents thought (they initially were furious with him, but when he constantly refused to budge they gave up and even began to fear him). Dom? Delighted for his life.

Moves: Level up moves, Dragon Dance, Outrage
Others: Dom actually does have a conscious despite what he does and will not purposely kill someone who is at a disadvantage
RP Sample:
All was still as the black sky slowly became paler from the rising sun's rays. Rosemary quietly trekked through the thick trees, intently focused on a large man who had before been traveling with a group but was now moving solo. His death was imminent, though Rosemary didn't feel it was a good time just yet to shoot him. From what she could hear, there were still people close by and she didn't want to alert them with The Target's confused shrieks. She continued to stalk him through the woods. When The Target walked, Rosemary walked. When he stopped, she stopped. Arma, Rosemary's very large Flygon and partner in crime, had flown ahead of them in case The Target discovered the situation he was in and tried to make a run for it.

The man who had hired Rosemary to kill this guy said he was a giant coward and would not try to fight back. He'd be an easy one. The Target, now tired out from the hours and hours of walking, sat on a medium sized boulder and took his shoes off. He ruffled his hair and contemplated the woods ahead of him. Rosemary squat down to match his level and aimed her crossbow at his head, her arms steady.

The Target unexpectedly turned around and faced Rosemary right as she released the arrow. As a result, it skewered him right in the face. He screamed shrill cries of pain as the warm blood flowed down his cheek. Rosemary shot another arrow, this time through the side of his head. The man dropped on the ground, his mouth opening and closing in desperate gasps for air. Rosemary stood up straight and walked over to the body, observing what she'd done. "Poor sucker," she said with a smile that contradicted what she'd said.

"I didn't mean to **** up your face, but then again you shouldn't have moved because that tends to piss me off." She kicked the body in the stomach, then turned around. "Oh, there you are, Arma. He's done," Rosemary said to the Flygon who had heard the screams and promptly returned to her human master. Rosemary had been able to convince her client to pay her beforehand, and he wasn't too picky with what would happen to the body afterward. This worked out perfectly for Rosemary, as she'd been invited to join forces with the other kingdoms in order to take care of more important business, which didn't allow for much dawdling.

This evil "king" needed to be defeated and as many people as possible were needed to work together to bring him down. Rosemary would have highly preferred to continue working with only Arma as she had been doing practically her whole life, but this king was no joke, so a larger group had a higher chance for success. Rosemary had only just passed Ecruteak and had a little ways to go. She didn't mind this, in fact, she was glad it would take a while to get there. She didn't like people very much, though she was great at pretending she did, if she did say so herself. "Hold on, Arma," Rosemary said as Arma started to move forward. The dragon turned and looked at her master patiently. Rosemary sat on the man and pulled out a mirror from her pocket, looking into it and combing her cropped blond hair with her fingers.

The man started to gasp again, for he hadn't quite passed yet. "Would you stop moving? I'm making sure my hair is pretty," Rosemary said, flustered. She moved her foot and stomped on The Target's fingers with the heel of her boot. His attempts to scream failed, for all he did was open and close his mouth but no sound escaped it. "Alright," Rosemary said, taking a last look at her reflection before putting the mirror away. "Your... your face annoys the **** out of me." She removed her dagger from its sheath and stabbed The Target in the throat, ending his suffering once and for all. "For a coward, he was sure rude. Doesn't he see that my hair needs to look fabulous?" Rosemary stood up. "Okay, let's go and find the group so we can defeat that king. His name is..." She realized she couldn't remember it. "What the **** was his name?" she said, laughing. Arma laughed along and slowly advanced as Rosemary followed

Jönne August 10th, 2013 3:18 AM


Originally Posted by miltankRancher (Post 7777142)
Also, if I counted right, I think we have six spots for the RP. Marksman still open, but oh well.

There may have been six roles, but the slots are only five, which means one role would be left out. Originally, there were going to be a lot more roles (I had to merge/delete some of them), so naturally, some would be left out. I prefer having five slots in the RP, as more people can bog it down; however, I will think about whether I will accept NightofRemorse's SU or not.

Since you asked...

Dormitus 4.4

"The Dormitus 4.4 is a machine that uses state of the art techmaturgy - it's a wonder of the combination of technology and magic. It measures your vital activities on a screen next to you and it makes sure your body stays healthy, despite being motionless, so you don't have to worry about moving or eating. When you fall asleep, the machine intrudes your head, specifically the area of the eyes. It reads and reproduces what you have already seen, but have forgotten! Allow me to explain. The eyes have recorded images that are forever stored on their... let's say, tissue; that's how dreams are created, I have found out, by the recollection and alteration of those random images, combined with scenarios in your mind. The Dormitus sets an order in those images in such way, that in your dream, you are effectively viewing what you have seen in the past.

When you dream and go back, you maintain conscience of both the present and the past. You have regained all of your memories, and essentially, you temporary know who you are in the past, but you do not know the future yet. That's what we all are trying to find out, peaceful and all - your future
. Only, remember! Mentioning out loud your present situation in the past will force Dormitus to bring you back, as to not cause any... unwanted conundrums... with the, umm, your memories. For the sake of communicating mentally, the machines synchronize your dreams, as to make live interaction between you possible. You think of something in the present, while you are in your dream, and the others can hear you. That way, you can agree when to snap awake. You can try planning to escape, I challenge you to!

When you wake up and return to the present, you can only remember the actual experience - what you have seen yourself do in your dream, not your thoughts or any information stored in your subconscious, and begin to learn about yourself from your actions, rather than your memories. In order to unlock all of your memories in the present, you need to piece out who you are in the past, by finding out how you came to be here, in my lab..."

Here, the Scientist helped clear up a few things. Any other questions you might have, you may ask him IC. He's a talkative guy. There are the practical things to clarify now (pay attention): You are strapped onto chairs or beds, whatever suits your character's species, with no wires attached to your body whatsoever, just a cylinder of all sizes that connects like a hat onto your head. You can't move, and the straps seem to be indestructible. The room around you is grassy and has a few trees planted right in, although you can see the steel walls all around you, and the stained glass in front of you, where the shadow of the Scientist is.

@NightofRemorse you're accepted as the Marksman.

I've posted the IC everyone, just keep an eye out on the Corner; it's gonna pop up soon. Let's make this city ours. ;D

Sir Bastian August 10th, 2013 1:47 PM

Let's get this show on the road! Party in the Scientist's lab! :D

Jönne August 10th, 2013 1:58 PM

I really have got to draw Sir Raymond, strapped on his chair, with old membranes scattered around him...

Jönne August 15th, 2013 4:44 AM

Oi lads, if anyone is disappointed of the importance of their role or amount of stuff they have to do in the mission, bear in mind that there will be twists that will require everyone to be active!

Sir Bastian August 15th, 2013 5:49 AM

Yeah, we can only pull this off if we work together! Man, this is getting me excited :D

Jönne August 16th, 2013 2:29 PM


Garet August 16th, 2013 3:20 PM

Not sure. And I'm not disappointed with my part in the mission, so you know.

Sir Bastian August 16th, 2013 4:46 PM

So looking forward to the heist. And I dunno why nobody uses the OOC! Maybe it's because you've got access to more or less all of us on Skype, I dunno XD

Jönne August 16th, 2013 10:14 PM

No, I don't have everyone's skypes. I'm lacking miltankRancher and NightofRemorse's. It would be good if I had them, though.

miltankRancher August 17th, 2013 12:51 AM

You just need to message me, man, if you need it. :) Although I rarely use Skype. LOL!

Garet August 20th, 2013 9:51 AM

Here's a thought that came to mind and might as well come out. Food. My thinking's that it's like real-life food, though more or less Pokemon-versionified.

...Felt like stating it.

Sir Bastian August 20th, 2013 10:18 AM

What, like a Tauros steak? That would make sense if you get a T-bone now :P But yeah, I see what you mean and I pretty much agree. Though a couple examples would be nice!

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