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doge August 17th, 2013 10:05 AM

Johto: A Time of Uncertainty [T] [OOC/SU]
A Time Of Uncertainty
A Pokemon Journey RP

rated T
2 spots remaining!
A half century since the final disbanding of Team Rocket, the region of Johto has since undergone a dramatic cultural shift. Once a region booming with young and aspiring trainers, the journey to become a professional pokemon trainer is nowadays a road less traveled; in fact last year, Johto experienced an all time low in its number of newly registered trainers. Breeding and coordinators are professions rising in popularity, but neither, combined or separate, compare to the status that pokemon training had held before the past few decades. Instead, school and education have become a far more common and essential aspect of children’s and teens’ lives. The majority of Johto’s youth now attend school all the way to post-secondary education in hopes of pursuing careers outside the field of pokemon. As a result two universities so far have been built. The first and more populated of the two resides in Cherrygrove City.

While there are some schools geared toward the art of pokemon battling and training, rarely is training or pokemon at all for that matter included within the curriculum, leaving the majority population of Johto rather inexperienced with the handling of pokemon for purposes other than domestic pets and labor work. Coordinators and breeders, although excellent with pokemon, often find themselves leaving the region for greener pastures. Contests halls do not yet exist within Johto as the demand for such venues is yet to prove profitable and in a region with a staggeringly low amount of pokemon trainers, a breeder’s talent would be left to waste.

With the sheer lack of trainers, pokemon and their habitats have been rarely bothered in the past few decades. Expansion has taken place as cities have gotten larger, but the people of Johto have taken caution to irritating the otherwise temperate wildlife. With a rather odd yet applicable arrangement between the humans of Johto and its pokemon, certain people have taken the opportunity to import foreign and exotic species into the region, in hopes of integrating them into eventual regulars of the land. Some of these species have thrived within the region’s environment, free of the liability of mass amounts of trainers. Some unfortunately have not fared as well and are struggling to adapt to new circumstances.

In recent years, the citizens of Johto have begun to grow weary of their situation; as a land with an astounding lack of pokemon expertmenship is easily susceptible to attack. For a short time, the idea seemed frighteningly plausible.

The notion was eventually put to rest. The neighboring region of Kanto and its plentiful amount of trainers would certainly come to their aid of such a thing were to occur.

Then again, it’s never that simple.

Three months ago
It is the crack of dawn, a sailor awakes from a short night’s rest. Today is the day where he finally heads back home to Olivine City. He had been traveling the world, and has not seen his wife nor kids in five years. He heads to the Cianwood docks to collect his boat, the day seems perfect for sailing.

His boat sways oddly with the ocean’s pull, something about the seems off to the experienced sailor. Nevertheless he continues to sail, eager to see family again. The swaying soon turns to thrashing; he is surprised but he has dealt with worse. A slight glimpse at the sky tells him a storm is brewing, and by the looks of it not a small one either. Distracted by the sudden shift in the sea, he fails to realize the sudden wave that crashes into the side of his boat. Losing his balance from the sudden impact, the sailor trips and ends up smacking his head against a metal railing, rendering him unconscious.

The sea has since been restless, and attempts in sailing through it have ended in disastrous results. Storms and hurricanes seem to be forming at will, but stay confined to the waters. Traveling to and from Hoenn, Cianwood or the Whirl Islands from the mainland is at the time being impossible. A death wish if one dares to try.

At the same time, Tohjo Falls, the link between Johto and neighboring Kanto, suffers a disastrous cave in. A thick fog has formed around the area and those that have dared to try to pass through it have been reported as MIA.

Since then, things have slowed down a little bit. Johto, effectively isolated from it’s sister region and the southern region of Hoenn, is playing the waiting game. While many believe this to be some sort of freaky, yet natural coincidental incident, certain theorists have insisted that it is the cause of an evil force. Pokemon have even become more territorial and aggressive, causing people to often stay within the safety of their cities and homes.

Fearing the worst, Johto has decided to incentivise the journey of becoming a trainer in hopes of bringing back the profession to its former glory and reinforcing their meek trainer force. Before this decision, most kids started off their journeys with their own pokemon as after the case of Ethan and Lyra, Professor Elm went into sudden and unexplained retirement and stopped handing out starter pokemon to the region’s talented youth. Many attribute this to the profession’s downfall as most found the task of obtaining their own starter far too tedious. The league committee was able to compensate convince the old professor into once again handing out his renowned starters and like magic, the league began to receive loads upon loads of letters from children and teens all over the region requesting to be chosen for Elm’s starter pokemon. Amongst the slew of requests, the committee chose seven. These seven trainers to be have no idea they’re about to involved in something much bigger than a simple pokemon journey.
has undergone a few changes, as any would after a span of fifty years.

For starters, New Bark Town isn’t really a town anymore. Professor Elm and his family still reside in New Bark but Ethan’s and Lyra’s parents both moved out decades ago. Those two houses have since been torn down along with the professor’s lab and the only building that remains is his personal house. New Bark Town now serves mainly as a grassy plain where wild pokemon come and go at their own pleasing.

Cherrygrove City has undergone a rather large expansion, mostly to accommodate the construction of the renowned Pokemon University, named after the late Mr. Pokemon, and its dorms. Contrary to the name, the university only offers a few pokemon courses. The southern part of the city, where the university is located, is filled with college students.

Goldenrod City is also home to it's own university, this one built in the recent decade. Other than that not much else has changed in the bustling city. Most towns and cities have small schools of their own and have seen a slight increase in population.

are one of the seven children chosen to receive a pokemon from the ex professor. Prior to your selection you were attending school, already working or maybe even attending trainer school to hone your skills. Whichever the case, the league felt you and your story worthy of the honor and if it wasn't obvious, you're from Johto! The recent and mysterious happenings have done little to directly affect your life and at the moment serves mainly as a scare and cause of worry. Perhaps you have your own suspicions about them but with your journey set to start soon, it’s the last thing on your mind.

sign-up sheet
Age: 13-17
Appearance: For those of you wondering, this roleplay will take place near the end of fall/autumn, meaning winter and cold weather is right around the corner. Dress warm folks!
Starter: If you want, you can write a personality section for your pokemon. This is optional.
Other: Anything I didn’t cover that you would like us to know about your character? Put it here!



  1. follow and read the rules
  2. follow the forums' rules
  3. This’ll be rated T, have fun and keep things appropriate. If you’re unsure if your passing boundaries, feel free to ask.
  4. I will not be making reservations for a certain pokemon but feel free to let me know which one you'll be going for.
  5. If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, let us know. The same applies if you want to drop the RP. With that said, try be as active as possible for the sake of your fellow RPers.
  6. Respect your fellow RPers. If there are issues between players and neither of you(hopefully there isn’t more) can sort it out, let me know through a PM or something along those lines and I’ll try my best to sort it out.
  7. Add a personality section in your sign up ;)
  8. I will decide if captures are successful. High quality posts may result in goodies!
  9. Levels can be awarded outside of battle if I feel that your pokemon is growing in some way.
  10. Pokemon can learn up to 6 moves at a time.
  11. There is a 6 pokemon party limit, catch any more and they will be transferred to a PC box which you can switch pokemon in and out granted you are within a city.
Accepted Characters
Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers as Jun Toledo
chuckleslucifer as Taichi Skylit
Starlight Sprite as Annalise Paige Fairwing
Kranic as Anise Blair
Shad0wChas3r as Christopher Hartland

Pikachu August 20th, 2013 3:17 AM

Reserve me for Teddiursa, please! :)

Though I am a bit curious about what could be in the egg. Will it be an egg at the start of the RP or will you reveal some random pokémon?

doge August 20th, 2013 6:39 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7794456)
Reserve me for Teddiursa, please! :)

Though I am a bit curious about what could be in the egg. Will it be an egg at the start of the RP or will you reveal some random pokémon?

I've hidden somewhere in the rules that I won't be holding reservations >> along with something else rather important

The egg will indeed be an egg at the beginning of the RP. For what will eventually hatch from it, I've yet to decide and I may consider suggestions from whoever ends up getting it.

Anyways, I'm excited to see your SU when it's finished. :)

Pikachu August 20th, 2013 7:00 AM

Haha, and here I thought I was being so good by finding the other important thing hidden in the rules! ;) But alright then. Let it just be known to whoever also signs up that I'm trying to get the starter Teddiursa then, I guess.

Chalifoux August 20th, 2013 7:08 AM

I know I said I'm on a LoA, but I can't resist this -plus I'm slowly breaking thru it, so, yeah xD-
I'm gonna fight to the death for that Egg :3

Pikachu August 20th, 2013 7:11 AM

One thing, when you say that "students" signed up to get a starter from Elm now, what do you mean?

doge August 20th, 2013 7:17 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7794669)
One thing, when you say that "students" signed up to get a starter from Elm now, what do you mean?

thank you for catching that ><! a slip up on my part, ignore that I'll go ahead and edit it right now! I meant it to be children but I'm not sure why I ended up grouping them all up as students especially when I say that they could've been out of school and working already in the next sentence haha. Anyways I think I'll probably give it another look through for any other errors when I get off of work but again, thanks for pointing that out.

@EB, well hopefully you can balance another RP with school and your busy schedule. No doubts that you can't though :)

Miss Doronjo August 20th, 2013 7:19 AM

Not a reservation, buuuuuut, I'm gonna try for Totodile. There's a character I sooo wanna try out~~

Chalifoux August 20th, 2013 10:07 AM

Awkward /ˈôkwərd/ (Adjective): Deliberately being Brianna Jenssen...

MAIN FACTS --- The birds and the bees...

Name: Brianna Brielle Jenssen. --- BREE ---
Age: Yes, I mean, 16.
Gender: Female
Theme: Butter Building - Kirby's Adventure.

IN-DEPTH --- When mommy dropped you on your head...

Appearance: By clicking the name of the character you'll be magically transportalized to a picture of a Mii that roughly looks like her.

Brianna stands at somewhere around 4 feet and a half. Meaning she's somewhat short. Her weight is of 96 lbs, so you can expect her to be a slim kind-of-girl. And it's true.

One thing that you'll notice is her long, well-groomed, black hair that falls all the way to her waist while forming a V shape. It is also brushed in a way that makes a tuft fall by the side of her eyes. Her eyes are big and round, and the color of chestnuts. Her peachy skin, along her arched eyebrows, make it look as if she has a look of decision in her face. Like she's ready to face whatever comes her way. Or something... It should also be noted that her somewhat smaller than normal nose and her bright, red lips make an incredible contrast with her other facial traits.

Her wardrobe is simple. A solid blue blouse with nothing particularly special about it, except for long, gray sleeves that cover her arms -and even her hands-. A pair of skinny-tight jeans of a crimson red can also be seen, alongside her pretty (but very uncomfortable) high-heels of a shiny white. Finally, her black messenger bag that she carries everywhere. Shapes in a rectangular fashion and decorated with stickers of many smilies and Pokémon. She uses it to store a plethora of items, at the single prize of rarely being able to retrieve the right item, should she ever need to.

Personality: Despite Brianna looking perfect, she’s got quite an amount of defects. First, she’s quite stubborn, and thus she will not accept her mistakes, even if they’re huge. As in Texas kind-of huge. She’s a little bit of a bipolar, and thus she’ll be happy one second and furious in the next one. Just like "Er mah gerd I'm so happy WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKINA T?!"

She hates taking advice from others and at thus, she’ll do everything in her own, unless she really needs help, but even then, she would never admit she’s in need. A kind of girl that will always put others over herself in spite of her getting hurt in the process.

An impulsive young girl that barely stops to think before her actions. She doesn't think what she's doing. And as such, it is quite the frequent happening that she regrets what she did after a while.

Finally, she seems to be a magnet for bizarre happenings. There isn't much of an explanation to this. She simply finds a way to do awkward stuff that tends to scale in its degree of bizarreness with every time it happens. Name a scenario, any scenario, such as a Zubat getting stuck in her hair. You'd be surprised how many times that's happened by now.

History: It was sunny day in Philadelphia Violet City, like most of them just happen to be. A couple that had been together for a couple of decades was blessed with a young child. An individual of untaped, undiscovered and overall mysterious potential! Her surname is Jensen. She was named Brianna.

"No... Brielle."
"No! Brianna!"
"What, no, it's Brielle!"
"Arceus damnit, no! She'll be Brianna!"

This silly discussion was backed by even sillier arguments. To her father, Brianna is a name that was clearly crafted by Ho-Oh in its whole glory, which let those that heard it catch a glimpse of the almighty Arceus himself... her mother thought Brielle was a pretty name. Neither of them could agree as to what her name would, so they settled with both. And so came to be known Brianna Brielle Jenssen.

This child was as happy and cheerful as they can come. Playing with dolls, pretending to know how to apply makeup to themselves at age 4, fighting over the jar of cookies. The simple things. Life was good, and she couldn't complain about it, eventually fan girdling over Pokemon School Musical and the delicious male specimens of Teen Zorua. As of her studies, she!s decided to be a black sheep on the Jenssen family, being a... Wait for it... TEACHER.


Well, really, the whole idea of obnoxiously running around an entire landmass while hitting yellow rodents with metallic capsules doesn't really appeal to her. If you asked her, she'd spend her nights reading a nice book on Unfezant's morphofisiology, those are the good things in life, books. Books are your friends.

Added to this is the fact that her father cannot stop bragging about those old mons he raised before electric bulbs existed.

Er mah gerd. Mine Feraligatrz is so coolz. So is mine Noctowlz. Oh my gee!

Her father and Swaggety Swag the Feraligatr are certainly special, and by now she just knows the Trainer deal ain't her thing. And still, some random Professor seems to be opposing the idea of a black sheep and will give her a Pokemon or something. Probably has to dow with her parents. Pardon her, she was busy reading about Nidoran Males. And now she's walking towards a lab. And stuff... Now back at that book I mentioned before...

Her parents, you might ask? Irate because she wants to be a teacher. BRIANNA! Y U NO TRAINER?!!!!1 That's why they forced her to go in this journey thingy! That way she'll realize how Pokémon are tons more awesomedorable than books! That's how parenting works, am I right?

And that brings us to now.

TurtleKing August 20th, 2013 11:05 AM

Trying my hand at this. I will have a Bio up soon!

Chalifoux August 20th, 2013 7:17 PM

Also, dun worry Sam, I am slowly but steadily regaining my free time, so I will be able to keep up with all RPs I'm in shortly :3

Pikachu August 20th, 2013 11:01 PM


Age: 15
Starter: Totodile
Theme song: FantasyP

Appearance: Jun stands at a healthy enough 175 cm height, but at a mere 65 kg weight. He is very well trained, due to having grown up with the ritual fighting dances of a group of monks tending to the Brass Tower of Ecruteak. Well trained as in healthy and with great constitution and agility - not as in loads of muscles. His skin has a natural north-east Asian tan, not very dark but noticeably non-pink. His hair is black and seems to grow sideways, as if in one big right-swirl. He has a relatively clean cut fringe, depending on how long ago he got a haircut. His face is gentle and alert, with his big blue eyes able to look intensively at you and not even the slightest hint of facial hair coming up. For clothing, look at the picture (which is from Hapurilainen's pokémon trainer creator on deviantart). He took a jacket from the monks but otherwise wears black canvas pants and red, sturdy sneakers.

Personality: Jun is often described as a nice, cute guy who is a bit naive. His family has tried to raise him with a skeptical outlook on life, to become a smart businessman, but it is as if he has counterworked that subconsciously because he is as quick to trust as they come. Something they have managed successfully though is to make him determined. When he is set for a goal, he does his very best to fight for it until it is met. But what his parents don't realize is that it has more to do with the philosophy he has been taught at the Brass Tower. Giving up something you really want is betraying yourself. Jun is also most of the time a very curious person and can act on instinct before thinking things through if he sees something interesting. This is not to say he is stupidly rash - he can still keep calm and be rational. Except for when he is really curious, really determined or overly trusting of course.

He has some relatively bad points too, of course. Jun has a tendency to be forgetful, something which is looked down upon in the businessworld and in the world of scholars. It's linked to him not being very skeptic of things, so he doesn't think too deeply about things when he doesn't need to and thus might forget about them easily. He is also a bit naive, in that he can believe things someone say if they sound sincere enough as well as trust someone he just met without a second thought if they were nice enough. There is also the detail of his emotional life. He is not a wreck, but he does get infatuated with girls pretty easily. And boys too, for that matter. He is a bisexual even if he is not sure about it himself. Him trusting people easily might sometimes have to do with him feeling attracted to them easily.

History: Once, a monk from the group who tended to the Brass Tower of Ecruteak fell in love with a girl from a very different world. He was a lowly monk with not many ambitions in life, she was part of a wealthy business family passing through the city. Their meeting was destiny, or so they described it later. She moved to Ecruteak and he gave up being a monk for some time, as they made a family for themselves. They got three children, two girls and one boy. The oldest girl and the boy seeked their own ways in life, but the youngest girl wanted to be more like her mother's side of the family. And so she grew up in the new Johto generation of scholars who had never owned a pokémon in their life. She met a husband, a teacher at one of the universities at which she took courses once in a while, who was a bit radical in his views but a believer in the new world all the same. A child was born, a boy. And this is Jun.

Jun grew up in an Ecruteak City where the only pokémon trainers were the Kimono Girls (not the same as Lyra and Ethan met, but their daughters or granddaughters) and they had little challengers these days, battle wise. But there were some more. At the Brass Tower, Jun's grandfather had begun working again; his wife had moved to Goldenrod to better oversee the family business, and seldom visited Ecruteak anymore despite her destined lover there. Grandpa still believed that pokémon and humans should live together and train together, and as Jun grew up and was groomed to become a shrewd businessman like his mother's family, he spent a lot of his time with the monks of Brass Tower. He learned to meditate and dance and understand a philosophy about all beings belonging together through a mysterious force. And he met pokémon, since some were kept as pets at the tower.

He also met a girl, the daughter of one of the younger monks. Her name was Rin and throughout Jun's early years, they were like friends yet strangers, colleagues yet rivals. They always tried to best each other, until Rin became old enough to be more womanly. She had no interest in his antics and games anymore and Jun started trying many different things to impress her. When he realized that his grandpa had signed him up for becoming an official pokémon trainer, Jun was endlessly happy but also very nervous. He could surely impress Rin by becoming a great trainer! But at the same time, his parents weren't too happy. They did not want a life of battling for their son. But there was little they could do, as Jun had his mind set and his grandpa backing him up.

Jun doesn't know Totodile well yet.
| male | water | lv. 5
SCRATCH - LEER - AQUAJET - ? - ? - ?


Brass Tower Groundkeeper - Jun's grandpa. Taught him the dancing phoenix philosophy.

Rin - childhood friend, working in Brass Tower. Jun wants to impress her.

Hugo Colthearts - childhood friend of Jun, who still believes that Hugo is a girl! (played by Miss Doronjo)

«Chuckles» August 21st, 2013 12:40 AM

Name: Taichi "Tai" Skylit

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tai Skylit is an average heighted 14 year old boy. He sports a Pokémon League Expo hat that sits on top of his long bushy hair that falls down to the bottom of his collar. He wears black hobo fingerless gloves that look like they are as old as Arceus. He wears a tan green woollen hoodie with pockets on the inside for holding objects of interest. His bag being the most prominent feature of his attire featuring just one strap, it is bright yellow with a Pokémon League Emblem on it from first glance there is 3 pockets but there is 5 with 2 on the sides for holding snacks and what not inside the bag it is black with a red lunchbox with a pokeball insignia on it. Underneath his Hoodie is a black t-shirt featuring a robot head with the letters RX-79-2 underneath in white, ge wears white ankle socks along with large black shoes with a logo on them. He wears blue denim jeans that go over his shoes and down under neath the heel of his shoes this provides protection from the harsh environment.

His hair is dead black and straight he sports a metro haircut. His eyes are hazel brown, his ears are impossible to see under his hair. He has tan/olive skin.

History/Backstory: Tai is the grandson of Joey (oh yes he is! MWAHAHA I am top percent) who was one of the "Friends" of Kenta/Gold/Jimmy/Ethan the trainer who defeated Team Rocket and even beat the legendary trainer... red.
Tai was born in Blackthorn City to the son of Joey named Joe and his wife Shanti. They moved from Blackthorn not long after his birth to Violet City, where his grandfather Joey works at the Pokemon Academy. But when he reached the age of 6 his grandfather urged his family to enrol Tai into the Pokemon Academy, but they had a different lifestyle planned out for Tai. Since this was the great turn from Pokemon to "Modernization", Tai was sent to the local school. Once primary school was over he was given an option, either go to a normal high school or enrol in the Pokemon Academy. Tai chose the Academy because it was his dream to become a Pokemon Breeder, this made his grandfather very happy. Tai soon learnt why his parents seemed to be tired of his grandfather, he would always rattle on about his top percent rattatta. It quickly bored Tai out in his first year but luckily in the next grade he was without his grandfather. The Pokemon Academy was not the best school in Tai's opinion he wanted to be a more hands on person rather than reading text books on how to perfect rattatta's his skills as a trainer. When he reached his 3rd year of school he was excited because this was where electives came in, he was able to choose whatever he wanted and obviously Tai chose Pokemon Breeding and the Pokemon History courses. He was only 14 in year 9, this didn't matter to Tai because the faster to his dreams he could get he would take it.
When Tai turned 15 the next year his grandfather told him that he had sent a letter to an old "friend" of his the retired Pokemon Professor, Prof. Elm, Joey had sent a letter to train to become a pokemon breeder talent to meet him at his house east of Route 29, this would be a 2 hour journey so with the permission of his parents Tai gathered his things, A Town Map, A guide to pokemon and some sandwiches for the journey. Even though Tai would probably eat them as soon as he left the house.

Personality: Tai is an average teenager trying to become an individual, he enjoys his food a little too much but loves his exercise just as much he is an easy going guy who has a fear of bug pokemon stemming from the movie he saw at the age of 4 called "The Night Weedle attacked". He is an open person always willing to listen to criticism and even just to listen to peoples problems. He has a very little grasp on the world and what it is really like due to having a sheltered childhood. He is very serious at times of seriousness a prime example of this is when he gets into trouble, though he is smiling underneath he knows when to put a serious face on. He has many bad habits like forgetting to shut the door, biting his fingernails when he is bored, snacking in the middle of the night and probably his worst is playing with his hair and running his fingers through it. He enjoys to crack a joke especially puns (the majority of the jokes I can come up with on the spot are puns sorry everyone). Tai can be very co-operative and he can also work great on his own, one of the skills he learnt in school. Tai dislikes anything sweet, food and stuff that isn't food. He is not very competitive when it comes to school and sport this being one of the reasons he is very laid back and easy going (I won't spill everything on why he is so laid back 'cause that is for the roleplay). When a challenge comes along depending on his mood Tai will tackle it or he will just go do something else because he can't be bothered.
Starter: Eevee

Gender: Male

Nickname: Djinn

Personality: Djinn is a very cheerful little furrball who is as easily scared by ghost pokemon as the next normal-type. He dislikes anything spicy which is something Tai and Djinn don't have in common. He is Brave natured and not afraid to stand up for his friends even at times when they don't need it, he also dislikes staying in a pokeball.

Appearance: Djinn is the same as every other Eevee except he has blue eyes and has a white tinge to the tip of his tail. He also has a larger mane than a normal Eevee because of the cold weather it was born in.

Pikachu August 21st, 2013 2:58 AM

I changed my mind and went with Chikorita now, obviously. Hope it's good enough!

Miss Doronjo August 21st, 2013 7:18 AM

SU is done!

Name: Hugō Colthearts (Hue - go Colt - hearts)
Theme: < Calm on the East Sea >
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Body: Hugō is a little bit on the slim and mean side, who does weigh around 160 pounds, and also has a height of 5'9. He has bristly, short black hair that has bangs that almost extends to his top shoulders, and alongside his slightly slim 5 fingers on each hand as well as his slightly slim 5 fingers on each tone, his overall skin tone resembles that of a Asian young boy, has it's a pasty yellow color. Speaking of which, while Hugō has the physique and posture of a young woman, he is indeed male, which made a lot of confusion during his wake, but, he became accustomed to it.

Hugō wears the traditional Japanese dress of a miko, which even today has remained essentially unchanged except for the lack of the slit-shoulder seam. It consists of a white jacket with sode-kukuri (cords) through the sleeves and open shoulders. He also wears strings called muna-himo which are attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed. Hugō's kosode would be very much like a modern Kendo or Naginata Keikogi, with the sleeve fitting somewhat closely like a modern loose shirt and extending slightly past the wrist. The slits on the side of his hakama, and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe (jacket) showed the white kosode she sported. Hugō also wears a bright red nagabakama (a very long hakama), which includes the small board on the lower back. Finally, Hugō wears common tabi (socks) and rice straw sandals. It's all sported by a red Obi, or belt, over all his other garments.

Personality: Hugō is a kind, and pretty gentle boy, and does act very feminine at times. His mannerisms are pretty straight-forward, as he speaks in a refined, and dignified tone, addressing people as he would like to be addressed - with the utmost respect. He does like getting into arguments, since he's pretty open minded to a variety of topics and cultures. He does enjoy nature, as he tends to enjoy spending most of his life outdoors, taking a look at wild pokemon, and other plant / wild life that's around.

However, Hugō can be pretty naive, meaning he can instantly believe a ridiculous story or idea and call it a fact. His naivety does lead him in sticky situation sometimes, but, he always believed that it was better to believe in someone rather than not having a certain degree of trust altogether. He's also a bit paranoid and can frighten, and be shy around people, new and old. Call this a habit, what you will, but, his paranoid nature does call him to shout and scream a variety of times, even though he doesn't intend to. But all in all, he''s a gentle boy with a nice heart - he just has to work on his paranoia.

History: Hugō was born in Ecruteak City, where he was born with a mother and grandmother, with his little sister being born just a few years after him. More importantly, Hugō was born as a member of the Colthearts family clan. The Colthearts are a family who are known for communicating with spirits, and with the land of the dead. The leader, and master of the Colthearts clan was the one who's connection to the spirit world, and the land of the dead was the strongest of them all. The master of the Colthearts was always part of the main branch family, while the other members of the family was simply called a branch family, in which a member of the branch family would never be a master, because their spiritual power was too weak compared with the members of the main family. Finally, the "spiritual power" of the Colthearts clan, was always inherited by the females of the group.

Hugō was born not a female, and thus, he didn't possess any spiritual energy. He was also born as a member of the branch family, where his mother was the young master's aunt. In any case, being born a male, Hugō was sometimes looked down upon in the family, for not being a female, even though his physique and posture resembled that of a female. Hugō did not really mind having any spiritual power, though. As a young boy, Hugō constantly surrounded himself with wildlife, and he even read books all about pokemon picture books, and light novels about pokemon adventures. One day, when he finally turned 15, he decided - it was time to go on a pokemon adventure on his own.

His mother was reluctant for him to go at first, since she was worried that Hugō didn't learn much about the outside world. However, with all due respect, Hugō knew that even though he did not possess any powers of his own, he still wanted to help the family get the respect that they deserved in some way. Plus, he knew that power wasn't everything. A person can become just as kind, and just as gentle as the next, no matter who they were. Finally, his mother simply didn't care anymore. He decided to let him go, to do whatever he pleases. While Hugō did sense his mother's anxiety and resentment towards him, he also vowed to find a way to reunite the broken ties between the Main and Branch family.



Pikachu August 21st, 2013 7:54 AM

Oh, if you are not going for Totodile anymore, I would actually rather have that than Chikorita! Haha, I'm so indecisive but :)

And ah, you are also from Ecruteak? Maybe Jun can have heard about the Colthearts family and Hugo can know about the monks of Brass tower~

doge August 21st, 2013 7:54 AM

@Red - It's plenty good enough! :p Jun is accepted!

dfgngdkklgd will change after work x_x

@chuckles - Did you perhaps rush your SU? I see some grammar issues such as run-on sentences which you can easily fix by just putting a period where one idea ends. Your first sentence in the appearance section is a pretty good example of that. I'd appreciate if you'd go back and look over your entire SU and work on the run-ons; it would really help your sentences to sound more fluid and smooth. :)
Also I'd like you to expand on Tai's personality. Two lines is just not enough to explain a person's personality! The average teenager is so bleh, teenagers have such a wide variety of personalities! What are his tendencies? Does he have a mouth or is he polite and often quiet? Is he forgetful or does absorb knowledge like a sponge? Or maybe just expand on the traits you've already listed. What makes him so easy going and what does he consider a time of seriousness to be?

@MD - so you've gone back to Phanpy I see? :D Anyways, Hugo is accepted!

will edit in cheerful pokemon sprite and moveset later, has to gooo

Pikachu August 21st, 2013 7:56 AM

ooops I edited to get Totodile now instead. If that is okay? Thanks for accepting me!

edit @ above, haha okay thank you! :D

Miss Doronjo August 21st, 2013 8:02 AM

Thanks for the acceptance :3


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7796614)
Oh, if you are not going for Totodile anymore, I would actually rather have that than Chikorita! Haha, I'm so indecisive but :)

And ah, you are also from Ecruteak? Maybe Jun can have heard about the Colthearts family and Hugo can know about the monks of Brass tower~

Yeaah that'd be interesting. <3
And sorry, I was gonna say I changed my mind about Phanpy, but, I was too lazy. :b

Captain Oshawott August 21st, 2013 9:23 AM

Name: Christopher Hartland

Age: 17

Appearance: Christopher is your average teenage male. He stands at about 6' 5'' tall, weighs just under 200 lbs. He has dirty blonde hair that gets somewhat shaggy, but uses his pure black Irish walking hat to keep it out of his face. His eyes are an iceburg blue, about the same as the Atlantic ocean. From a distance, people could confuse him with an Olympic athlete. He has an athletic tone to his musculature. Which, while not necessarily as menacing as say, a biker, he still appears to quite in shape.

He wears a duster overcoat similar to the image above, except instead of the green you see, it is dark blue. When he's not in the middle of the winter months, his gloves are typically dark red fingerless gloves, of which a Charizard is emblazoned on the back of his right hand's glove. When he is in the middle of the winter months, his attire practically remains the same. Except he now wears a brick red scarf around his neck, and his gloves are now pitch black.

History/Backstory: Chris was born and raised in Blackthorn City, and is a late bloomer when it comes to Pokemon training. Before even training school began for him, he worked with his Mother in the Dragon's Den. Making sure the Pokemon inside were safe and secure, even if they were wild. They didn't become necessarily tame at the presence of Chris and his mother, but much more acclimated to their frequent visits. Life in Blackthorn was a little tough, mostly because of the lack of trainers in the town caused a change in it's economy. This made many people resort to farm work by the mountains. Obviously his mother, who acted as both a Pokemon Analyst and breeder, she also knew how to keep a farm maintained. This made the other kids very bitter, as their parents, who were much more 'civilized' to do farming, pushed it on their kids. This would eventually leading to massive bullying phases in their lives, which would effect Chris, who was the only kid in Blackthorn that could get a grasp on it. When he played, if anytime, it was with his mother's Furret. She couldn't battle very well, but she made a heck of a pet, and a good friend to Chris.

Past these events, he didn't really have much of a childhood, as the children of Blackthorn usually got into some bad situations, and he didn't want any of it.

As school went on, this became evident in Chris' school, as the kids became more and more defiant towards their teachers, one kid so much as cracking a wooden baseball bat over the back of their 'Pokemon Typing's' teacher. Ever since things changed in the Johto region, with the interest in Pokemon training making such a dramatic decline, many of his fellow class-mates dropped out of the school to pursue other careers, somewhat to the relief of Chris, and the 'Pokemon Typing's' teacher. This caused his school to lengthen his curriculum, post-poning his Trainer's License by a few years. Despite this drastic change, Chris remained persistent, and was given an invitation by non other than the ex-Pokemon Professor Elm. This is where his adventure truly begins.

Personality: Chris is unlike most teenagers from Dragonthorn City. Where they are brash, bold, and more frequently hanging with the wrong crowd, Chris is a much more humble guy. He's a bit of a smart aleck, and if you present him the opportunity, he will not miss his chance to get you too. He believes in strong relationships with people, and typically believes that respect can go a long ways, even to those that shouldn't deserve any. He tries to be a friendly, helpful guy. But do not be mistaken. He has a wicked temper, especially when he witnesses the mistreatment of Pokemon or his good friends.

He has some unusual quirks, he has the tendency to randomly imitate Pokemon noises, more or less likely a side effect of spending more time with Pokemon as a kid than other kids. Typically bird chirping whistles, he can also imitate other Pokemon, such as Dratini, Donphan, or other native Pokemon to his hometown. He also has the tendency to overthink things, and thus makes decision making a difficult thing for him. He has to measure the benefits versus the consequences, he has to double check. By the time he finishes making a decision, it could easily be closing time at the Pokemart. He's also very big on revenge. He firmly believes in 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. When he fights, he fights to win. But only within the limitations of his Pokemon. If they grow too tired, he'll swap them out with another to preserve their energy.

Lvl 5
Tackle | Leer | Flame Burst

Name: Cinder the Female Cyndaquil

Personality: Cinder is a tad bit moody. She's very hard of trusting, making her the exact polar opposite of Christopher. She is a loyal Cyndaquil, when she does eventually learn to trust. Highly competitive, Cinder will most likely ignore her Trainer's commands in an attempt to show she doesn't need anyone telling her what to do. This will get her into more trouble than Chris would like to. Known to have been extremely vicious around Elm's Chikorita, causing unspeakable problems to both parties.

«Chuckles» August 21st, 2013 12:35 PM

Thanks for the feed back, the personality section I planned on expanding though I had to goto bed and I cannot type one my phone at all. There are a few traits that I want to leave out character growth i.e. bad habits I normally type it up in word but for some reason it doesn't notice the run on sentences.

I added to the personality section and proof read it to the best of my ability (the irony in this is I am in the top english class even though my engrish is horrible).

Kranic August 21st, 2013 1:47 PM

I'm going to try and get a sign up posted. Still putting together traits for my character, right now I'm planning on her being super happy go lucky, with a certain bit of mysterious depth to her, but I'm still plotting things out. I don't even have a name yet lol

doge August 21st, 2013 6:36 PM

@Red & MD - here ya goo totodile seems to be inspecting you intently, perhaps he is hungry?
Lvl 5
Scratch | Leer | Aqua Jet pls tickle my trunk. yes, that's the spot
Lvl 5
Tackle | Defense Curl | Body Slam

@chuckles - whoops haha, sorry. I had no idea your SU was still in the works! While there still are a few lingering errors I'm glad you went over it and fixed up most of them! If English isn't your first language I can totally understand slight errors here. Also if Microsoft Word isn't being much help, may I suggest writing your posts up in Google Docs Drive? It's pretty reliable and has helped me out a ton, especially when I get tired and end up writing a bunch of nonsense :p

Anyways, all that aside, Tai is accepted! sup yo
Lvl 5
Tackle | Sand Attack | Detect

@Shad0w - as of right now, you and EliteBeats are going for the egg so no, it has not been taken yet : ) Anyways, take your time and let me know when you're ready for me to review your SU!

@Kranic - yay another female character! need to balance dat gender ratio yoo. can't wait to see your SU when it's finished!

Captain Oshawott August 21st, 2013 7:18 PM

For the most part, my SU is ready for review, I just need to update the Starter stuff, which I won't know until it's been decided.

Chalifoux August 21st, 2013 7:43 PM

Heyo Sam, hit me with yer best GM shots, my SU is ready to be criticized :D

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