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the apex predator. August 19th, 2013 10:48 AM

Pokemon: True Force Static [R] {OOC + SU}
by the apex predator.
artwork by tumblr user neonclockwork
“Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival … a survival of a hugely remote period when … consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity … forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds… .”
—Algernon Blackwood
i. s̟̞͕̖͈̙͕ṯ̖̣͍a͎̣̖̳̮̟͜t͙͍͎ͅį̞c̸̠̯̺͈ͅ
ḍ̶͚̟a̘̥̥͓ͅͅT͇̝͙̯̩͜A̢̖ ̤C̣̮̕O͏̪R̩̳̦̱r̗̬r̘͙̜̣͇̼ùp͠T̨̘I҉͙̖O̭͢ͅN̦͖̯͚̲̤ͅ: ͕̣͝7̢̲̝̜̻͔͎8͏͇̬%̡͓̖̖̖̬̟̯
Some might call this place a world “on the other side of ours”. They’d be incorrect, of course. The Torn World, Giratina’s domain, holds that title. It would be sacrilege to both parties to call such a place part of this dimension at all. It is simply too far gone——there is nothing recognisable left, and we are not even to know about its existence. But we humans are curious creatures, and we find ourselves questioning things that should never be questioned, things that should be left alone for our own safety because God knows what would happen if we did not. We prefer to believe that we are the apex predators, that it is impossible for anything to happen to us, that we are invincible as we explore these uncharted territories which were never meant to be charted.

And that is the difficulty with this world, this dimension which does not exist on the reverse side of ours, but rather inside of ours, and outside, and everywhere at once, and also nowhere at all. Our brains cannot comprehend its location, but it exists. It is here. And, if we do find ourselves aware of its existence, we are to stay away from it at all costs. Exploring such a place would most certainly be fatal for any human. Normal laws of physics don’t exist there. Neither do laws of reality. All of time and space is warped inside that terrifying eldritch horror of a place. Your internal organs could end up on the outside, your arm could detach itself as you grow four new ones, your molecules could be scattered across that universe and you could find yourself suddenly staring out from the pocket of a glitched Garura as nothing more than a formless mess. That is why we leave this place alone. That is why it is not a ‘final frontier’, as those in the Endless Exploration Organization would like to believe. I am absolutely sure of the fact that this world is not a place that should be discovered, and that any member of humanity who has come into contact with the information about Broken Down City or any related happenings, locations, or events would do best to forget anything they have learned and live their lives as if they were completely oblivious to anything they have learned.
—end of podcast
podcast code: resume
The warning I issued was too late. Of course, the EEO had to get their filthy hands all over everything, and now I’m stuck cleaning up their mess, or at least attempting to. It turns out that the Broken Down City is more dangerous than I thought; merely the fact that we are now aware of it has begun to warp space itself, allowing several traits of that world to cross over into ours. The changes are small, and they will take some time to settle, so we do have time to try and reverse the process. The EEO must understand that their curiosity is not grounds for exploring this sort of place, and the Broken Down City must be contained. In order to do that I have had several contacts enlist experienced Pokemon trainers under vows of secrecy. I fear that without Pokemon it will be impossible to face off against anything that crosses into our world from the other one. These trainers are sworn to secrecy and have been handpicked due to certain personality traits that I believe will cause them to complete their mission successfully. Meanwhile I, along with a few other team members, will go on our own mission to find a Pokemon to reverse this mess. At the moment, our plan is to plead our case to Dialga and Palkia and pray that they know how to reset reality. If they don’t…we may have to attempt an extremely dangerous journey to find a way to turn Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem back into Perfect Kyurem. The chances of being able to do something like this are less than zero, so our fate rests on the abilities of Dialga and Palkia to help us.
—end of podcast
☣ the basics
You will play as a human in one of four categories:
  • Selected Trainer: This is the most common role. Selected Trainers are those chosen by the as-of-now unnamed voice behind the podcast to contain the data leaking into the real world. Each trainer must be experienced at battling, and teams should reflect this. Pokemon should not be over level 85, however. Eggs and semi-legendaries are allowed (ex: Victini, Darkrai, Lati@s, Manaphy, Shaymin, and Meloetta). However, remember that an egg may be corrupted into a Bad Egg if too close to one of the Corrupted trainers/gijinkas that come from the Broken Down City, and weaker Pokemon may be subject to random disappearance/cease to exist for the same reason. Each trainer was contacted by an otherwise normal-looking person at a rendevouz point near to their location at the time, and each trainer accepted the offer already, although some may be hesitant or fearful about their mission. After all, dealing with the crossed-over data from the Broken Down City dimension is, as said in the podcast, possibly fatal. Therefore a trainer’s personality should at least hint at a desire for the greater good, because no selfish, egotistical jerk would accept an offer that may potentially kill them. These trainers’ mission is to travel around their regions (and possibly into other regions) and keep any Corrupted humans/Pokemon from carrying out their malevolent agenda. Once a Corrupted is defeated, the most common outcome is their return to the Broken Down City, although sometimes they may change form and become benevolent, normal humans or Pokemon.
  • Corrupted: This is the second most common role. Corrupted is an umbrella term for people or Pokemon from the Broken Down City. These beings reside in a place that has an entirely different set of rules than the reality we know and, as such, are quite confused when they suddenly appear in the real world. Most Corrupted wander around lost without any premeditated desire to attack others, but they are extremely prone to a quick temper and an overwhelming urge to murder the first living thing that they see. They are much more feral in mindset than humans or even Pokemon, and as such are unpredictable and dangerous. Although they may learn from behaviors they witness humans and Pokemon displaying and feign innocence, they are not to be trusted. Just because a Corrupted may appear as an innocent teenage girl who just wants to find her way back home, this is often not the case, and extreme caution should be taken with these beings. “Shoot first, ask questions later” is a wise strategy to live by with the Corrupted. Most have a Pokemon team just as human Pokemon trainers do, but it’s not required. If playing as a Corrupted, you will need to enhance your Pokemon in some way. The idea of the Corrupted came from adventures with an Action Replay on my emulator, so good enhancements would probably be as following: shiny Pokemon, Pokemon that never seem to tire (infinite HP/PP), Pokemon embodiments of Ketsuban/MissingNo., M ‘, h poke, 3trainerpoke, etc., ‘shadow’ versions of Pokemon——pretty much any enhancements you can think of. An explanation of how to defeat these types of Pokemon will be provided below. Corrupted are very bonded to their Pokemon to the point you could consider them one and the same. The mission of the trainers is to send all Corrupted back to the Broken Down City or to purge all bad data from them, which is an extremely complicated and lengthy process and is not recommended. Most Corrupted that are not NPCs will survive to the end of the RP through either purging or the much rarer act of being tamed.
  • EEO Trainer: This is the third most common role. EEO trainers are Pokemon trainers enlisted by the Endless Exploration Organization. The goal of the EEO was originally to ‘explore all frontiers’, meaning sea, land, sky, and space. They are much like Team Plasma in that their intentions were good and they only wanted the best for mankind and Pokemon alike, but the fascination of unexplored frontiers led the organization to become control-hungry over time and seek things that were never supposed to be sought out. The EEO was a public organization until their members-only announcement of exploring the Broken Down City world, where it withdrew into itself and became a prestigious private organization only able to be joined by those who proved themselves worthy and with a thirst for knowledge for all frontiers, in this world and outside of it. EEO trainers wear the standard uniform when on missions which consists of a black leather jacket with the design of a galaxy on the back, symbolising their love of exploration to the ends of the universe. Also included in the uniform is a standard plain red shirt for males and a red camisole for females, and a pair of standard black jeans fitted to size with knee-high black leather boots——the soles are interchangeable for different terrains and can be controlled by a switch on the side, rendering them able to switch between land, mountain, field, ice, snow, and just about any other terrain. Many EEO trainers specialise in a specific area of exploration; one may prefer the sky and collect mainly bird Pokemon, while another may be fascinated with the sea and raise mostly Water-type Pokemon. EEO trainers may be conflicted about their purpose in finding out more about the Broken Down City, but most players who sign up as one should be very goal-oriented and loyal to the cause, although they may change their minds upon finding out the real damage done by exploring the BDC. EEO trainers usually carry some kind of communication device, whether it be a PDA, a headset to speak with other members of the team, etc., and their main goal at the moment is to stop the trainers selected by the creator of the podcast and allow the Corrupted to roam free.
  • Bystander: This is the least common role. A bystander is someone who does not belong to any of the three groups. Only one or two of these positions will be accepted. This role is reserved only for a Pokemon trainer or human who gets wrapped up into the chaos unintentionally, and joins either side on their mission. They may have some information about how to find Dialga and Palkia or Perfect Kyurem, or they may just be along for the ride. A lot of thought will have to go into these characters to explain why they are important to the plot, and care will have to be taken not to make them into Mary-Sues/Gary Stus.
There are several Pokemon mentioned that are crucial to the plot:
  • Dialga and Palkia: Dialga, the Being of Time, and Palkia, the Being of Space. It stands to reason that if Dialga and Palkia were to come together and both use their powers at the same time, that they would be able to seal the Broken Down City and reverse time before the EEO ever got the idea to explore it so that none of the horrors currently happening would ever happen. The unknown person behind the podcast is searching for them, but first has to find a nonviolent means of calling them forth from wherever they are resting.
  • Perfect Kyurem: The “Original Dragon”. (Fan interpretation found here; this is the representation I will be using.) Perfect Kyurem is the fusion of Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem and was the Pokemon that helped create the region of Unova. It represents both truth and ideals and therefore has the ability to seal anything that is not true or ideal away, including the Corrupted. It is a malevolent Pokemon that has been rumoured to eat humans, and as such should only be sought out as a last resort, especially as Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem would all have to come together to make it, not including the trouble of finding a device powerful enough to fuse all three together again, something that hasn’t been done since ancient times.
  • Zekrom and Reshiram: Zekrom, the Black Dragon of Ideals, and Reshiram, the White Dragon of Truth. These Pokemon, along with Kyurem, are the last resort to sealing the Corrupted away. They form the Tao trio and used to be one Pokemon, but were split upon the creation of the Unova region. All three of them must be found if Perfect Kyurem is to be created. Both Zekrom and Reshiram wander the earth, so it is difficult to track either of them, although it is said that if a person seeking truth or ideals comes to Dragonspiral Tower, one or the other will appear. This is just speculation, however, and cannot be proved.
  • Glitch Pokemon: Including, but not limited to MissingNo., M ‘, ??????????, ?, h POKe, and 3trainerpoke. A full list of glitched/corrupted Pokemon can be found here. Corrupted are likely to have these types of Pokemon or Pokemon with these attributes, and having at least one in a Corrupted character’s party is recommended. Please read your glitch Pokemon’s Bulbapedia entry first, however, and make sure to utilize it. For example, if a glitch Pokemon evolves into Clefairy at level 28 and your glitch Pokemon changes levels/stats randomly, then in the real world it would probably randomly evolve into a Clefairy for no reason. Glitch Pokemon can also be shadow Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, etc., anything that can be encountered by using something like an Action Replay, so get creative with them. These Pokemon function much the same as normal Pokemon would in that they are bonded with a trainer, but usually cannot communicate, use moves that they could never learn on their own (ex: a Venusaur using Fly; imagine a Venusaur glitch Pokemon suddenly levitating off the ground), may have infinite HP/PP, etc., so make sure each glitch Pokemon in your party has at least one thing very wrong with it. Glitched Pokemon with infinite HP are able to be defeated by one-hit KO attacks in this RP and, once fainting, are permanently lost to reality. The other way to defeat one is for a Pokemon to turn on itself, its teammate, or its human. As Corrupted learn from human behavior, a Corrupted Pokemon viewing such unpredictable behavior will copy it and cause its own defeat. A Corrupted Pokemon turning on itself will only faint and will not be permanently lost. Try to keep MissingNo.-type Pokemon to a minimum and utilise enhanced ‘normal’ Pokemon for the most part, as MissingNo.-type Pokemon tend to warp the rules of reality and are more likely to cross into the real world later, when the more ‘normal’ Corrupted have already done so.
☣ goals
  • Selected Trainers: To hold off/destroy the Corrupted and to gather information about how to summon Dialga/Palkia and/or Perfect Kyurem while keeping the mission a secret.
  • Corrupted: No goal. Corrupted characters wander aimlessly, warping reality just by existing, and may encounter trainers on either side. Most will survive either by running away or joining either team (either by being tamed and joining by will or by being purged of bad data through means yet unknown).
  • EEO Trainers: To stop the Selected Trainers from destroying the Corrupted/attempting to seal the gateway between the BDC and the normal world.
  • Bystanders: Goal depends on team joined. Also to gather and/or divulge casually-retrieved (and, later, purposefully retrieved) information about Perfect Kyurem to either team.
☣ rules
  • All forum rules apply, as well as all standard RP rules i.e. no flaming, bunnying, godmodding, Mary-Sues, etc.
  • You may have up to two (2) characters in any combination of teams, with the only restriction being that you cannot have both characters on the same team (Selected, Corrupted, EEO, or Bystander) as it fills up those spots and is unfair to other people. If you have an idea for one character each for the three main teams (excluding Bystander), then PM me with your signup and I may approve it for posting depending on the quality of each character.
  • Romance between characters is allowed, although two Corrupted getting into something is a little far-fetched, as they’re naturally pretty feral. But hey, if you can make it work, go for it. Human/Corrupted romance is also possible, even if the Corrupted is still more feral than human, and especially when a Corrupted is tamed and joins a party. Love triangles/threesomes/polyamorous/whatever you can think of is fine, too.
  • For the love of God, stay in character. I’m not talking about OOC posts, I’m talking about the fact that in my nine years of roleplaying I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a character, even when not canon, do something that their actions/signup/personality is totally against, just for the sake of getting somewhere they want to be in the plot. Don’t skip B, C, D, E, and F if you want to get from A to G. It just makes people look at you funny. Take those little steps. It will be worth it.
  • If you have a question about the RP’s mechanics/backstory or want to introduce a new element into it (i.e. a new, plausible way to defeat Corrupted infinite-HP-type Pokemon), private message me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and if you want to add something to the RP that makes sense you might as well let me know. I’m not perfect, and there are quite a few plot devices that could be added into this RP. Additionally, if you RP with another player over Skype or something privately outside of the thread and have a development you would like to add concerning your characters, private message me as well and let me know. Basically my inbox is open to any questions or suggestions you may want to contact me about.
  • If you have a Corrupted character, it does not mean you are all-powerful. Corrupted characters are basically lost bits of essence/data that take form when in our world of physical bodies and mass/matter. While Corrupted characters may be intangible, have body parts appear and disappear at random, or teleport with no clear reasoning or purpose, they are not all-powerful, and the only reason they are dangerous is because they are not supposed to exist in our world. Any violence/helpfulness other than their own nature is tied in to their own personality and they cannot exhibit god-like powers no matter what. Feel free to corrupt your character as much as you want——it’s encouraged to make them strange and unique and possibly have their own quirk that makes them instantly recognisable——but do not give them reign over other characters. For example: Having your Corrupted be unable to speak except for a terrifying roar that can temporarily deafen humans is acceptable (after all, don’t some Pokemon have the ability to do that?) but doing something like reaching into their chest and taking their soul is not.
  • Use common sense when developing your character. No one likes someone who is too powerful/the possible savior of mankind because he has some special ability to seal the rip, etc. Ever seen Shingeki no Kyojin? Characters like Eren, who has a power he can’t control and an anger that often gets him into trouble, and Historia, who everyone tends to like because she thinks positive and is everyone’s cheerleader, are lovely additions to the team, but if you go any further with them they could easily turn into characters no one wants to play with.
  • Violence is allowed, just try not to be too gory/bloody. I’m a huge fan of body horror/guro and the like but I know a lot of people get squicky about it so try and keep your descriptions not so graphic.
  • I personally use Japanese names for places/Pokemon, but it’s not required. I’ll try to keep them in English for this RP, but locations will remain in their Japanese names for the most part. (ex: ‘Broken Down City’ as Glitch City, the ‘Torn World’ for the Distortion world). My human character may refer to Pokemon as their Japanese name when thinking to himself, but will use English names when speaking about them. It’s up to you what you want yours to do. All it takes to translate it is a simple Google search.
☣ forms

for trainers (selected/eeo)
  • Name: Self-explanatory.
  • Age: Keep it 18-30, please.
  • Gender: Male, female, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, trans* anything else you can think of. If your character is trans* or genderfluid just make sure to include what the cis gender is.
  • Appearance: Keep it detailed and remember not to Mary-Sue it. 5 sentences minimum, unless you can make it really work in less. No pictures should be linked unless they accompany a 5-sentence minimum description, and should only be linked through a hyperlink, not a direct image.
  • Personality: Self-explanatory. 5 sentences minimum. Try not to make them as boring as a piece of wood.
  • History: Not every character grew up in a two-story house with a white picket fence, a mom, a dad, little sibling, and a dog, so spruce it up a little. Tell us what happened to your character to make them into the person they are today.
  • Motive: Explain why your character accepted the mission (for Selected Trainers) or joined the organization (for EEO trainers). Both sides are tasked with potentially fatal missions, so your character must have some reason to have joined either one, not just because they were bored one day and there was nothing better to do.
  • Anything Else?: If there is anything else about your character that you have not covered, you can put it here.
for corrupted
  • Name: This will probably be something strange. When you take into account the names of glitched Pokemon (4.4y, M ‘, 3trainerpoke $), you can see this world isn’t specialising in normal names. You can have one, though——after all, it’s all about the unpredictable. Or you can have a glitched name but refer to yourself as something more normal i.e. a Corrupted having the name 4.4y might decide to go by Four, which is a much more normal name than 4.4y.
  • Age: Merely the age your character appears. Some Corrupted can look 16 but be 3 days old, etc. so you should write the age your character appears. It can be anywhere from 5-40.
  • Gender: The gender they appear, as Corrupted don’t really have a true gender, and lack any defining genitalia.
  • Appearance: Keep it detailed and remember not to Mary-Sue it. 5 sentences minimum, unless you can make it really work in less. No pictures should be linked unless they accompany a 5-sentence minimum description, and should only be linked through a hyperlink, not a direct image. Remember that most Corrupted are not static forms, and may fizzle out here or there, as well as having strange eldritch-esque things happening to their bodies at any time.
  • Personality: It will be feral at first, but Corrupted are people too, sort of, and so they do have a defining personality. 2 sentences minimum, although I would like to see a “feral” description as well as a “tamed” description if you’re not planning on killing off your Corrupted character.
  • Glitch Preference: Does your Corrupted often utilise the 999 Rare Candies cheat? Or maybe they prefer walking through walls like a ghost. There are many cheats available specifically for trainers when an Action Replay is used, so your Corrupted has the choice to pick from one or two of them. Don’t be shy; they’re Corrupted, so obviously they’re going to have some pretty strange abilities.
  • Anything Else?: Something else you didn’t get a chance to say? Most Corrupted don’t have a stable enough ‘reality’ to have a history, but if your character can remember a few things that make sense in the real world, you might post it here.
for bystanders

For this, just use the Trainer sign-up but replace ‘Motive’ with ‘Possible Information Held’. This is any information your character may have now or in the future that will make them valuable to whichever team they join. No Bystanders will have already joined a team at the start of the RP; Bystanders’ point is to accidentally come across one or both teams and pick a side to be on.

for all members of your pokemon team
  • Name: Nicknames are preferred, especially among glitch Pokemon. For normal Pokemon, normal nicknames are expected, but for glitch Pokemon the nicknames may be outlandish and strange as Corrupted are not humans. For examples, look at the list of glitch Pokemon underneath the spoiler for ‘important Pokemon’ and try to give a nickname in that style.
  • Species: The species of Pokemon your Pokemon belongs to.
  • Gender: Male, female, or genderless. Glitch Pokemon can change genders at will if preferred.
  • Personality: While MissingNo.-type glitch Pokemon probably won’t have much of this, other glitch Pokemon (such as shadow-types, shinies, and enhanced Pokemon) probably will have at least a little, even if it’s terrifying, so try and fill it out if you can. Normal Pokemon obviously have this.
  • History: This is optional. It can just be a short summary of their life before being captured/traded/whatever, or you can just leave it blank. It doesn’t matter. If it’s a glitch Pokemon, don’t bother filling this out, BDC’s idea of ‘history’ wouldn’t make sense in the real world.
  • Attacks: A few attacks your Pokemon has. You don’t have to list them all; just list the most frequently used. If this is a MissingNo.-type Pokemon don’t fill this out (unless your glitch Pokemon is known for having a certain move, like MissingNo. with Water Gun or M ’ with Sky Attack), but if it’s a still recognisable Pokemon such as a shadow, shiny, or enhanced then please do. If it is one of these types it is possible to have very strange moves such as a Venusaur with Fly or a Typhlosion with Surf, although STAB keeps these attacks from being too powerful.
  • Level: This can be estimated; your answer can be 30-50 as long as it makes sense (unless you’re a Corrupted). You’re obviously not going to have a Dragonite lv. 30 unless you’ve got MissingNo. going on, so use common sense. Remember the guidelines in the first spoiler about levels, and keep Pokemon lv. 30-50 or below unless they are glitched, in which case they could be lv. 0 to lv. 255 with mismatching stats.
I think that’s it, really ! Good, because it took me about eight hours to get all the information gathered, organized, and typed out. If you have questions, PM me, otherwise all information should be here. I might edit it here and there but I believe I covered everything that is supposed to be covered. I will be reserving spots if asked, but those reserved spots will be canceled if you don’t at least send me a message within three days. I understand how busy life can get, so a PM or VM should suffice if you can’t get to the computer long enough to write out a sign-up form. I will have 20 character spots open, excluding my own, which means anywhere from 10-20 people can sign up considering the 2-character possibility. Spots will be open until bios are provided for them, meaning that if there’s only three spots left open and there are five on the reserve list, you better be one of the first three to submit your sign-up or you’re out of luck, unless you write a really really great bio that I can’t turn down.

I will also be posting this over on Serebii Forums, so if you don’t get a spot on here or dislike roleplaying on PC you can head over there as well. My username over there is Korminxu, so once it’s approved that’s what it will be there under.

I look forward to gathering all your bios and roleplaying with you all ! I’m actually going to reserve a spot for myself at the moment as it’s 7am and I’ve been up literally all night planning this out, so I need some sleep. I’ll come back and edit with my bio once I’ve gotten off work in a few hours. Good luck !! And remember, you can message me with any questions you have !

Reserved Spots:

1. -Sam (Corrupted/???) LOADING...
2. PJBottomz (EEO/Selected) ACCEPTED!
3. Sheraku (Corrupted) ACCEPTED!
4. ElBurrito (Selected) ACCEPTED!
5. EliteBeats (Corrupted) ACCEPTED!
6. Pokemagician(Bystander) LOADING...
7. Kyoshi the Polar Bear (Corrupted) LOADING...
8. GoldenRayquaza (Corrupted/Chosen) ACCEPTED!/LOADING...
9. dudegirl626 (Corrupted) LOADING...


doge August 20th, 2013 7:22 AM

I'd like to reserve a Corrupted spot, please :) I'll probably end up asking for another spot later but as of right now I can't decide x_X and I have work in a bit. I'll have an SU up asap :p

the apex predator. August 20th, 2013 12:43 PM

Sure thing!~ Take your time, I live with a roommate and have to work virtually all the time to keep the bills paid, haha. ;3

Awkward. August 20th, 2013 1:37 PM

This looks neat! Can I reserve a spot for the EEO and, if I'm allowed, one for selected? I've got to think up some bad-ass characters for this. Just a quick question: are the EEO trying to kill the selected trainers, or are they just trying to keep them from destroying BDC?

Sheraku August 20th, 2013 2:45 PM

Awesomeness! This seems amazingly well thoughtout. It's been ages since I've been to The Broken Down City (Glitch City) as I have not played the original games in quite awhile.
I'd like to reserve a spot as a Corrupted, please.

Name: IçHi*Zz (Ichi)-One (The * in his name is pronounced like static, so normal humans have a tough time with it)
Age: 14 (0.0.0)
Gender: Male.

On average, IçHi*Zz appears to be a young boy, with messy brown hair that randomly sticks out in multiple directions. "His" eyes are a toxic green, and are without pupils, he is also usually without a mouth, though he can speak times. He stands about 4'10'' tall, but is generally on all fours or at least closer to the ground. Ichi is clad in a sleeveless black coat that extends down to the back of his knees, benieth this jacket he sports no shirt. On bottom he wears extremely loose fitting white shorts that end torn a couple inches past his knees. These are held up by a multitude of belts, though only one serves a purpous, as his others hang through only 2-3 loops. Ichi never wears anytype of footwear. He doesn't have much definition to his features, other than he's reletively scrawny and seems malnourished (deep bags under his eyes, patches of red skin-usually his cheeks, prominant ribs, undeniably pale complexion, ect.)

Feral: Ichi, like most Corrupted wanders without perpous, he prefers to stay hidden and unnoticed, though he'll keep close eye on anyone within his vacinity. Should he be spoted, not neccessarily even called out to, he'll generally flee. However if persude in the slightest, he'll turn to face the one doing so with malicious intent, which usually consists of unique sounds and threats, however if pushed farther than that he'll violently lash out, and sometimes (though rarely) not let up at that point.
Tamed: Firstly, Ichi will walk up right, though with uneven steps accompanied with a slight limp. He'll begin stating random knowledge that he's collected over the time of his exsistance. He also eventually learns to enjoy emotion, though it's the wrong one at the wrong time. (Cry when someone tells him a joke. Laugh when he's "depressed." Blush when he is upset, ect.)

Glitch Preference:
Running Shoes: No matter how he moves his ligaments he'll move as though he's walking/running normally. This is apparent when he should trip over his long coat while crawling, yet doesn't. Sometimes he'll even freeze frame, yet still moves about freely this means up walls and on ceilings, sometimes even off the ground though not very high (a maximum of five feet.)

Fizzle: Içhi will randomly blink/fade in and out of focus/exsistance. Almost a type of teleportation, usually unintended he'll be in one spot than another, and can also pass through walls/obsticles this way. Eventually he'll be able to fizzle on command at incredible speeds, allowing him to even blur past bullets/other projectiles.

Anything Else?: Içhi lacks a Pokemon team, however will act like a Pokemon himself at times even during battles (as he thinks it to be normal), he'll (flawlessly-unless he glitches out) mimic the cries of Pokemon he encounters, and will randomly imitate these sounds, sometimes in mid-sentence. Içhi is "born" right at the start of the RP, and therefore lacks knowledge of pretty much everything, which is why he's the eleusive observer that he is. He'll learn excptionally rapidly, yet utalize what he learns in an improper mannor (Walk on the ceiling, close doors to pass through them, let water run because it can, anything abnormal, ect.) Very gradually however he may begin to grasp the concept of true reality and act somewhat more notmally.

the apex predator. August 20th, 2013 4:51 PM


Originally Posted by PJBottomz (Post 7795172)
This looks neat! Can I reserve a spot for the EEO and, if I'm allowed, one for selected? I've got to think up some bad-ass characters for this. Just a quick question: are the EEO trying to kill the selected trainers, or are they just trying to keep them from destroying BDC?

Sure thing! I'll reserve a spot for you. Thanks for the compliment!~ ;3

The EEO are not trying to kill the selected trainers, but if those are the means necessary to stop them from sealing the BDC and destroying the Corrupted, then I'd imagine they'd go to those lengths. There won't be any deaths of actual players besides the Corrupted, though, at least not unannounced. If someone wanted to make that a plot point and could write it well and have their character killed off, we could probably arrange something.

Sheraku: Lovely signup! Thanks for the kind words!~ Your application is accepted and you may come back and edit your 'other' section any time you want. Heh heh, is it bad I'm totally imagining him as Tai from Digimon with no mouth? xD I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you, dear~ (And great name, by the way! You've totally got the concept of the Corrupted's names.) Also not all Corrupted have the fizzling out, though quite a few do, so that can totally be a trait unique to Ichi as a Glitch Preference~

Someone throw something at me to get my own sign-up started, I've got character-block. >.<

ElBurrito August 20th, 2013 4:53 PM

Name: Jack Sanders
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack is roughly five feet seven inches in height with a medium muscle build. He has semi-short black hair that covers his forehead which, combined with the sunglasses and black bandana he often wears, usually makes his face hard to see. However, when his face is visible, people can see he has dark brown eyes and a small scar over his left cheek. Most of the time he walks around in a black jacket, dark colored jeans, and black hunting boots.

Personality: Jack is typically a helpful person, willing to help anybody whenever they ask of him. However, he prefers to do things on his own, usually doing everything himself if he's working with someone or trying to get that person to just let him take care of things. He is usually very timid, but won't hesitate to fight when he feels it's necessary. As far as fighting goes, Jack is very strategic in commanding his pokemon to battle, and due to training with his pokemon, can fight pokemon himself if needed.

History: Originally from Lavaridge Town in the Hoenn region, Jack decided he didn't want to follow in his father's footsteps as a glassblower and set out on a journey to battle in the Hoenn league. Jack finished in the top 8, then set off towards Sinnoh, hoping to gain more experience in both battling and raising pokemon. During his travels there he met his Darkrai, who proved to be a very helpful ally in getting Jack to the final round of the Sinnoh league, however Jack was defeated. Jack was going to make his way to Unova when he was recruited for the mission.

Motive: Jack has a few motives for accepting the first mission. The first, and most obvious, is that he likes helping people and helping to save the world is possibly the best way for him to help people. His other reason for accepting the mission is that he's been wanting something more for his pokemon, a true test of their strength since every league tournament seems to be the same, and he feels his pokemon still haven't shown their true potential.

Anything Else?: NO

Pokémon Team:

Name: Nightmare
Species: Darkrai
Gender: Genderless
Personality: Nightmare is typically a loner, avoiding the rest of Jack's pokemon whenever they are all out. Nightmare has been known to disobey orders on rare occasions, which is why Jack lost the Sinnoh League. And, unlike most darkrai, Nightmare is fully capable of speaking through telepathy.
Attacks: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Disable
Level: 45-55

Name: Furno
Species: Torkoal
Gender: Male
Personality: Furno is a tough pokemon that will stop at nothing to defeat it's opponents. Being Jack's starter, Furno is the most loyal pokemon that Jack has and will do anything to keep his trainer safe and happy.
Attacks: Eruption, Smokescreen, Flamethrower, and Heat Wave.
Level: 65

Name: Splat
Species: Ditto
Gender: Genderless
Personality: Splat is a very confusing pokemon, and not just because it's a ditto. When not in a transformed state, Splat likes to run and slam itself into things, hence how it got the nickname.
Attacks: Transform (duh)
Level: 40-45

Name: Aero
Species: Aerodactyl
Gender: Male
Personality: Aero is a reckless pokemon. Once he begins a battle, Aero tries to make sure the opponent, and surrounding area, are no longer there. Sometimes Aero will go on a rampage even outside of battle, attacking any pokemon it sees or destroying random objects around.
Attacks: Sky Attack, Ancient Power, Hyper Beam, and Aerial Ace.
Level: 47

the apex predator. August 20th, 2013 5:05 PM

ElBurrito - Lovely signup!~ Once you write out your Pokemon team's signups, your character will be accepted. And yes, for every member of your Pokemon team you must use the form in the first post labeled "for members of your Pokemon team". :3

ElBurrito August 20th, 2013 5:46 PM

Ok, I didn't notice the pokemon SU before, I'll try to get that up tomorrow, I've got too much homework to do anything else tonight.

Awkward. August 20th, 2013 5:55 PM

Here's my EEO character, who is basically the love child of Rubi Malone and Lara Croft, and probably my favorite character right now.

Name: Demetria "Demi" Krouse
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Demi sports the classic bad-girl look, starting with her jet-black hair covers her shoulders and is heavily layered. She's got a nice, tan pigment to her skin, and has a solid chin and jaw. Her eyes are an evil, foreboding dark-green, and her mouth is usually adorned in a scowl. She wears the standard EEO uniform, but has secretly installed blades in the midsole of both boots as a precautionary measure, and she also had a weapon loop added in to hold her axe. She wears a black communication bracelet on her right wrist.

Personality: Demi is just outright cold and unforgiving; she can look a man in the eye while stabbing him the chest and not falter one bit. She doesn't make friends, and only "tolerates" certain people just because she has to. She doesn't care much about anything but herself and her finances; everything else is just a distraction to her. She's a great fighter, and is very quiet and sneaky, so detecting her is difficult for most people. Often, she'll be very cynical and mocking, mostly because she knows they won't be able to do anything to her without getting extremely injured. She hates being tricked, and seeks revenge on anyone who does wrong by her. She's not a fun person to tick off.

History: Demi was the girl who did all the dirty work for organizations - she was a somewhat decent assassin, and usually got paid a nice sum of cash to take someone out. She excelled at being stealthy and concise, taking out her target almost like a shadow. These traits made her a very favored assassin, and people clamored to get her to help them.

However, she decided that being an assassin wasn't what she wanted to do when she was tricked into killing a high-ranking official against her own knowledge, which landed her right in jail at the age of 17. She was eventually released two years later for good behavior, and turned away from the killing lifestyle and tried to look for something less illegal.

A year later, she found EEO, and was drawn to it by the promise of treasure and lore - as a child, she was highly fascinated in discovering new places and finding normally unobtainable riches. EEO had exactly what she was looking for, and offered her a position despite her previous life. They found that her stealth and mobility was perfect for getting into places people normally wouldn't be able to find.

Now, at the age of 21, she's one of the higher ranking people in the group, having precedence over most of the rookie grunts and is in good cahoots with some of the important people in the organization. Upon the announcement of EEO's planned exploration of the Broken Down City, Demi was one of the first to volunteer, and she was permitted to work on her own as opposed to going with a group of people. She's really looking forward to the exploration and can't wait to beat the snot of the loser trainers that are trying to close up the BDC.

Motive: At first, Demi was only in the organization for the money it offered, which was enough to help her sustain her lifestyle. However, she was immediately absorbed by the adventures she experienced, and began working for them full-time as one of their lead explorers. Her confidence in her abilities made her a great leader, and her dependability and excellent skills made her a crucial asset to the higher-ups. There hasn't been an expedition she didn't love, and the Broken Down City is just another milestone on her list of achievements.

Anything Else?: Demi's main "weapon" is a red climbing axe, which she can use to climb up cliff sides and occasionally small wooden buildings. She hasn't used it on anyone yet, but that doesn't mean she won't try if the need calls for it.

Name: Anthony
Species: Bisharp
Gender: Male
Personality: Anthony is a lot like Demi in that he has no emotional attachment towards anyone or anything but her. He doesn't trust anybody else, and will defend Demi with his life if need be.
Attacks: Slash, Iron Head, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor
Level: 38-42
Anything Else?: The sharp blades on Anthony's arms have been readjusted to point towards his hand as opposed to the back of his arm, which deals out more damage when using cutting moves like Slash.

I should have the other one by either tomorrow or Thursday.

Chalifoux August 20th, 2013 7:15 PM

I know you said no images and stuff but, I couldn't help myself :o
You now have 99 house keys!
Can be pronounced as Cornelia for simplicity's sake.

~ CO0rN--€l¥A ~. Cornelia, also referred to a Corey due to a lack of understanding of her ""real" "name"".
Looks 16, is actually Red years old. Yes, I said Red.
She looks female, even though her gender can be defined as, unsurprisingly, Red.
First off her height is of six feet and a her weight if of 11 stones (70kgs), her skin color is peachy. Exceedingly peachy. Her eyes are a deep crimson red, beeping like a set of slowed-down strobe lights. Said eyes are round and surrounded by large, thick eyelashes, also accompanied by not so thin yet no so thick eyebrows. Her hair is short, of a pure black, and styled in a way that looks as girly and it does look manly. Go figure. Her ears are large and stand out between the strands of her hair.

Her body shape is quite thin and the only particular trait that can be rescued from her appearance is the red cloak that envelops her body. The cloak makes her emit the vibe of evil she feels as needed for some random reason. Aside this, she is seen wearing a set of very tight black jeans. although neither of the two previous pieces of clothing look like the ones you and I would wear, as several lines similar to those on a motherboard run around her clothes. They occasionally light up in a red light to express anger should she ever feel that way. On her forehead is a headband, with a wide H -that looks like an ) ( when carefully inspected-, which for some reason is also bleeping. What can I say, girl loves them strobe lights, as odd as they might come...
Feral Personality:
Not to brag (a lot), but she's quite an adequate trickster, and won't ever hesitate to throw a pie at your face or even a bucket full of water. She laughs on most things, so mostly she'll laugh maniacally even if the joke is far from being made. Think of her laugh as a "Huahuahua" filled with static sounds. Her speech ain't the cutest sound around, y'know? Also, she's a kleptomaniac and tends to produce thousands of copies of the objects she steals, then proceeding to return the original to their owner, and generously donating the rest. Always confident, and actually quite snotty, not to mention incredibly distrustful.

In her feral form, you can say she's quite stubborn, and gets angry with ease. Then you'd be right. Don't make her angry. Her speech is shortened. Ending. Every. Sentence. As Quick. As Possible. You can say her feeling of empathy is non-existant, and her semblance is as angry as you can ever imagine it. In reality she's not angry, but somehow, for some reason, everyone else thinks she is. Her speech in this personality includes sudden subliminal messages, more on it below.
Tamed Personality:
She is a girl. A female, at least. With that said, she's a pink-color aficionado, and a very cheesy individual. Her heart melts at the sight of a Zubat-Man kissing his female that knows not how to act. She also likes birds! It should be noted that she tends to forget some stuff, from the typical 'did I leave the toaster on?' to actually forgetting her name. She is somewhat nice to those she knows, which are no one. Don't mess with her and she won't mess with you. Simple, right? Somewhat shy, preferring to hide away whenever possible. Does not speak unless spoken too.
Glitch Preference:
Cornelia has a fascination for house keys, that said, she'll make as many copies of a single key as she feels a person should ever need, ranging from 99 to a million. Also, she has a tendency to randomly say OB͝EY, S̨U̵BM̡IT or DIE in between sentences for no apparent reason. Her walking is as normal as they come, she walks and she quacks like you and I do... And her neck tends to spin on all 360 degrees like yours and mine do every now and then.
~!!P4Rr /%20/ P4Rr!!~
~!!P4Rr /%20/ P4Rr!!~ is a very docile fellow. He's easy going and is just happy to have a Trainer to follow orders from, even if she's as glitchy as he is... Also, he secretly thinks he's a potato. Makes up for a nice Role-Play in the middle of battles, am I right?
Gust | Sand-Attack | Tackle

the apex predator. August 20th, 2013 7:41 PM

PJBottomz - Damn, sounds like one character I wouldn't want to piss off. xD Your EEO character is accepted, and thanks for putting that much thought into her~ I will be eagerly awaiting your other signup!

ElBurrito - That's fine, take your time. :3

EliteBeats - Aaaah, Jane Crocker, hm? ;3 I actually had her in mind when designing the Corrupted, haha. As long as you have a general appearance description to go with it, that's fine with me. I'll await your signup!~

Pokemagician August 21st, 2013 4:46 AM

If there is any room left, I would love to be a bystander! Will upload an SU if I'm able to join by the end of the day, or when you let me know!

ElBurrito August 21st, 2013 11:26 AM

Ok, got my team put into my SU, although I may add a fourth pokemon. I haven't decided on that yet.

Collector Elwood August 21st, 2013 12:47 PM

Oh, honey.



This RP is about glitches, and you can be a glitch if you want to.

Someone's been reading my wet dream journal.

Reserve me for one of those fancy Corrupted fellas, please.

the apex predator. August 21st, 2013 7:54 PM

EliteBeats - Looking good so far!~ Haha, adore the Condesce-type personality she's got. ;D I love her already lol.

Pokemagician - Sure thing ! I'll reserve your spot~

ElBurrito - Looks fine to me ! I adore your Ditto. xD He's the cutest thing.

Kiyoshi the Polar Bear - Aaaaaiiiiiieeee I'm so glad that you're so glad ! I will definitely reserve you a spot. I haven't seen any RPs about glitches and I love them a lot and am cheating the hell out of my ROMs of the basic games so I figured why not make one? Soooo excited to RP with you~

Awkward. August 22nd, 2013 2:43 PM

Here's my selected Trainer character. I'm sorry for using an extra image in the appearance section, but I have no idea how to describe that stuff properly. Female fashion is so confusing. Anyway, my aim with this girl was to create a "lovable but despicable" type of character. She shouldn't be too bad to work with, but she can get pretty... naggy.

Name: Cashmere Bombard
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Cashmere is the girl next door in a sense. She's stunningly beautiful, with her gorgeous blonde hair flowing around her face in giant curls. She has engaging and seductive blue eyes, and a very clean-cut and strong face. She wears a baggy string-front top with dark-washed skinny jeans. She wears black-and-white converse normally. She has a lip ring on the right side of her lips, and a butterfly tattoo on the top of her right wrist. She smiles a lot, and has pearly-white teeth.

Usually when she's inside somewhere and resting, she'll wear a white tank-top and grey yoga pants, and wear her hair in a messy bun. She'll also wear a pair of full rim black glasses alongside this outfit. She may wear them sometimes outside if she forgets her contacts.

Personality: Cashmere is very bubbly and fun, but also a little ditsy. She likes to play dumb with people; however, she's actually very intelligent for someone her age. She's extremely studious, but can tend to get lazy after working for more than a few hours. She likes to help out, but sometimes doesn't do everything right as asked. She's bad with mechanics and technology in general outside of her cell phone, and asking her to do anything with them will not go very well. When angry, she becomes extremely cynical and adopts a "mean girl" attitude. She doesn't enjoy being around people she thinks are creepy and will avoid them and talking to them whenever possible. Although she doesn't really want to be helpful in any way, she's extremely useful when there are complicated patterns and passwords involved. Her intelligence is her greatest asset. She's not physically strong, though, so she isn't really good at any hand-to-hand fighting. She can, however, plan a complicated escape plan given 5 minutes, so never count her out at the last minute.

History: Cashmere lived a somewhat normal life; she went to school every day, maintained decent grades, had friends, all the stuff a regular teenager would do. And then it all changed the day of her car crash. She was involved in a head-on collision while also being struck in the side. Her dad was killed, and her mother suffered extreme, nearly fatal injuries. Cashmere made it through for the most part, although a piece of the window next to her was impaled deeply into her arm. Both her and her mother survived the crash, although her mother's legs were paralyzed and hospital bills piled up like mad. Cashmere had to give up her modelling dream in order to pay for all of them. She honestly had no idea what she was supposed to do.

And then came the day she was selected. It was absolutely out-of-the-blue and Cashmere herself was skeptical at first. The people who came for her claimed that, because of her incredible intelligence, she was chosen to go on a difficult and dangerous mission to save the real world from the Broken Down City. Cashmere outright refused to work with these people, but on the claim that they would fund her with the appropriate means of paying the hospital bills from the car crash, as well as providing someone to take care of her while she's gone, she agreed on behalf of herself and her mother and left immediately.

Motive: Cashmere allowed herself to be enlisted simply because she needed to do something about her mom's medical bills, which would only get worse with each surgery her mom had to get. Secretly, she wants to go because she thinks it'd be good for her to experience something new after having to give up most of her life to help her mom.

Anything Else?: N/A

Name: Julie
Species: Milotic
Gender: Female
Personality: Julie is a huge showoff, and likes to use her moves in extremely flashy ways. Cashmere has tried to break her of this, as it's completely unnecessary and makes it easier for her opponent to dodge her attacks. If she gets hurt a lot or angry, Julie will use her attacks like she's supposed to.
Attacks: Aqua Tail, Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Body Slam
Level: 36

Name: Tara
Species: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Personality: Tara is a fighter, through-and-through. She has a flow-type style of fighting, where one attack merges smoothly into the other one. Her method of Fake-Out is a faux spin-kick, which she uses to then hit them with a Sky Uppercut. She likes to rub her victories in her opponents' faces by jumping around them happily when they faint.
Attacks: Fake Out, Jump Kick, Sky Uppercut, Shadow Ball, Dizzy Punch
Level: 38

Okay, so a few things.

1.) I really think we should have some level limit. I looked at ElBurrito's Pokemon and good lord, those things are OP. To keep some sense of realism and fair-ism, we should have the Trainer Pokemon probably maintain a level range of 30-50 so that no one is too strong. It wouldn't make sense for someone with a lvl. 40 Pokemon to fight someone with a lvl. 85 Pokemon.

2.) How exactly do we go about posting when we have two characters? Do you want it all on one post or do you want us to use two?

ElBurrito August 22nd, 2013 3:00 PM


Originally Posted by PJBottomz (Post 7798968)
1.) I really think we should have some level limit. I looked at ElBurrito's Pokemon and good lord, those things are OP. To keep some sense of realism and fair-ism, we should have the Trainer Pokemon probably maintain a level range of 30-50 so that no one is too strong. It wouldn't make sense for someone with a lvl. 40 Pokemon to fight someone with a lvl. 85 Pokemon.

I can lower my pokemon's levels to make it fair. I wasn't sure what to make them so I literally typed in the first numbers that came to mind. But I was also trying to come up with a level that would fit with pokemon that have been through 2 region leagues.

Also, Apex, I may post an SU for a corrupted either today or tomorrow. I gotta come up with a good idea for one if I can.

the apex predator. August 23rd, 2013 11:06 AM

PJBottomz - I edited your sign-up to ACCEPTED, look forward to RPing with you~


1.) I really think we should have some level limit. I looked at ElBurrito's Pokemon and good lord, those things are OP. To keep some sense of realism and fair-ism, we should have the Trainer Pokemon probably maintain a level range of 30-50 so that no one is too strong. It wouldn't make sense for someone with a lvl. 40 Pokemon to fight someone with a lvl. 85 Pokemon.
Hm, that makes sense. Alright, I'm going to change it----if your Pokemon is above that it will automatically be reset to lv. 50 if you don't want to edit it. I'll edit the masterpost. Thank you!~

2.) How exactly do we go about posting when we have two characters? Do you want it all on one post or do you want us to use two?
I was thinking both in the same post, since we're prohibited from double-posting and when both characters have something to say, it might get a little tricky. I'd use a line divider or something of the sort to separate your characters.

ElBurrito - That's fine. If you don't want to change it it will automatically be reset to lv. 50 if it's over so don't worry about it~ And take your time with your SU, goodness knows I'm taking my time to flesh out my character, haha. ;3

doge August 23rd, 2013 4:18 PM

Kind of been putting this off but my corrupted character is finished! :p Hopefully everything's fine and I'll try to get my other SU up eventually >>

Also, does a glitched pokemon's level not really matter in battle since it can go all the way up to 225 o_o?

Name: Mar-e%ie3&... (some messed up variant of Marie. She cannot verbally pronounce her name.)
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: With soft, blue gray eyes, long, wild brown hair that seems to get tangled within itself, and a disarming smile, Marie seems almost too lovingly childish to be a corrupted. She’s short and thin, roughly at five feet while weighing no more than 90 pounds, if even. Hardly the imagery someone gets when they think of a dangerous individual.

Marie wears an oversized sky blue sweater that looks as if it had been knit by a loving grandma. The sleeves are clearly longer than her arms are and rarely do you see her hands. It is made from an old fabric and if closely inspected, one can see the seams appear to be coming apart. She has a habit of swinging the excess sleeves around and has little concern about accidentally hitting somebody with them. She also wears a long simple white skirt that is riddled with dirt stains. It touches the ground, sometimes hiding the fact that she walks around barefoot.

Feral - Very selfish. Marie has no regard for others and is only concerned with herself and what she wants to do in the moment. She has no trouble shoving an old lady or stealing, even from babies. She lacks a conscience and doesn’t really have a grasp on the concept of right or wrong, as she does things for the sake of her own amusement and enjoyment. When her plans go haywire, she may glitch/censor out which is how she displays being upset.

Tamed - Still selfish to a degree. She has entitlement issues and is very opposed to the idea of working for a substantial amount of time for anything, instead when she wants something, she demands it given to her on the spot. The way she treats other people is dependent on her mood so if she’s feeling grumpy you’ve just drawn the short end of the stick yet she desires to be treated as a princess. While she’ll have a conscience, it’ll take time for Marie to fully comprehend why some of her actions will be considered disrespectful and or selfish. It's not as if she has bad intentions or is a bad person at heart. She is actually very polite in conversations and does not really know how to be rude. Being a child, Marie is still rather innocent at heart and if certain things are said to her, she becomes very upset. The concept of lying also alludes her and thus she can be a very naive soul.

Glitch Preference:
  • Marie can walk/run on water.
  • Her entire body can randomly become censored/glitched out for periods of time. When this happens she cannot see anything nor move and can only hear and speak.
Anything Else?: nopeee

Name: 87uyhj
Species: Hydreigon
Gender: genderless
Personality: Simply put, 87uyhj lives to serve Marie. It protects and obeys her with no question, hesitation or doubt.
Attacks: Hyper Voice, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Outrage, Double Team
Level: 82

the apex predator. August 23rd, 2013 6:51 PM

-Sam - Accepted for your Corrupted. :3 Yes, that's right. The level of a Corrupted Pokemon does not matter because their stats usually do not reflect their level (i.e. a MissingNo. lv. 255 having stats that a lv. 10 Pokemon might have) so level numbers on Corrupted are virtually useless~

Awkward. August 23rd, 2013 7:41 PM

Okay, so I'm curious about the terrain of the Broken Down City. Is it like an actual city in that it has buildings and streets and stuff, just a glitchy version? Or is it just, y'know, coding hell with no solid structures?

Chalifoux August 23rd, 2013 8:39 PM

I'm near done with my SU! Just gotta do the Appearance, to which I'll get tomorrow morning, then I think I'll de done? :3

Sheraku August 23rd, 2013 9:07 PM

PJBottomz: I'm pretty sure it's coding hell, walk on water, buildings smashed together, endless patches of grass, random numbers (codes) just taking up space, ect, if it is the Broken Down City of the games. Correct me if I'm wrong 'the apex predator'.

Youtube video of the city.

the apex predator. August 23rd, 2013 11:19 PM

Sheraku - You're correct ! The picture at the beginning of my masterpost is actually a fan interpretation of BDC and there is some pretty good fanart around there. Trust me, walking around in the BDC would make you extremely comfortable because nothing would be where it's supposed to be and buildings would be cut in half/repeat themselves, etc. Really messed-up stuff.

By the way, my name's Ezra! :3

EliteBeats - Alright, dear, thanks for letting me know!~

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