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Jegretis August 30th, 2013 9:20 PM

☆ A Tale of Heroes (M)[OOC]

Theme Song

The Legend

~Thousands of Years Ago~
*Not required to completely understand this Legend

Man has forever sought to seek more power. Since the beginning of mankind, there are those who follow, and those who lead. There was once a King named Arzun. His majesty ruled with an iron fist, separating society into an upper, middle and lower class. Increasing taxes, slavery of the poor, were just some of the methods he used to increase his power in the world. Limiting the teaching of magic to only those who could afford it, Arzun was able to create the country to his liking.

“Your highness, does nothing satisfy you? Even Royals in other countries envy you.” A man asked. Arzun did not understand the meaning of the question. If there was still more power to be sought, then why would he not try to obtain it?

“Tell me…if we were at war, then would other countries hesitate to attack?” The King asked the man. The man didn’t reply. “Of course not. They don’t fear us. At least not yet.” The King said. With that in mind, the King had an idea. What he needed was something to show that they were not to be messed with. Stricter laws would indeed enforce his power over the people, but that didn’t help him with facing other countries.

“What do we need to be feared?” The man asked curiously. The King looked at the man, and gave a malicious smile. The King’s intentions were to keep a weapon, capable of destroying entire armies.

“We need a Dragon.” Yes, the King’s idea was to capture the very essence of fear itself within nature. The man was shocked. Dragons were the rarest of beasts. Many people spend their entire lives without ever finding the elusive creature, let alone capture it. “We leave tonight.” With that said, the King and his finest men packed their bags and headed to the wilderness.


After a month of travelling, the grueling sun was beating down on the men and their bodies were taking a toll. Out of the fifty, twenty men were gone. Some done in by wild animals, others suffering from natural causes. “Your highness…we need to go back. The more we stay out, the more men we will lose.” The man said, throat dry. The King hesitated, looking in front of them.

“This is it. It has to be. The Dragon’s Nest”. The men stared into a pit filled with webs and the stench of rotting flesh. Carcasses were scattered about, torn limb by limb. Without word, the men climbed down the pit, eventually retreating from the surface of the upper world down to the foreign cave. “We’re almost there.” The men reached the bottom of the pit, with a loud growl rushing through the caverns bringing along a lingering odor.

“I think…that’s the-“ The man was cut off, as a loud screech hissed through the cave, enough to make a man’s ear bleed. They were soon faced with a pair of red eyes, glowing within the darkness of the caverns.


After the conquering of Dragons, it brought forth the age of Valkyries. Many dragons were ruled and used as weapons during wars, and people who gained control over these creatures attained the power of ‘Valkyries’. Enhanced strength, limited flight, were able to create soldiers capable of taking out multiple enemies at once. However, as the years progressed, there disputes among the regular humans and Valkyries, in which the latter should be superior to the former. This eventually led to a war lasting for years, and ultimately resulting in the wipeout of the dragons and Valkyries, rendering them non-existent. This legend has become a thing of the past now, being merely stories for the people.

Current Events

Location: Continent of Aras | Country: Salos

The World has entered the Third Era. Currently in the midst of a Civil War between the regions of Kale and Grandora, Salos is not exactly the most stable country. Diaz, the King of Grandora has begun his reign of terror on the country. In an effort to attain more power, he has taken control of Kale’s regions to create his own empire, creating his new title of Emperor Diaz. His actions have caused many rebellion groups to arise within the nation, trying to put an end to his takeovers. The aftermath of many battles have left places desolated, slums even. Although there are still many ‘neutral zones’, or rather places that have not been affected by the war, travellers should be weary of venturing into dangerous territory.

Along with the creation of rebellion groups, several industries have been booming. The mining industry has brought in money for thousands of businessman, with people looking for jobs after losing their previous ones. Farms have been doing slightly more poor in the country ever since the start of the war, with less crops being available with each passing year the war goes on. However, a lot of criminal and gang activity has been reported around the country, filled with people who instead of working, steal, kill and do other criminal activities for money. Diaz however, is one step ahead of them.

One of Diaz’s most famous plans, is implementing the Galvez Prison facility for both criminals, rebellion groups, and those who oppose Diaz’s ideals. The prison is a hell-on earth located in the mountains North-West of Kale. Although nobody is sure what goes on in there, it’s evident the prisoners are somehow dealt with, seeing as how nobody has ever come out. Under constant watch, nobody can get in either without permission or approval of access. Now only time can tell how this war will be played out, and how it ends.

The RP

Okay guys, that was essentially the introduction. Sorry for so much text, but it doesn’t end there! I still need to explain the world of the RP, and how this will be played out. If you like RPGs and JRPGs, then please, read on!

The RP Itself:
This RP is going to be a nice, long RP, with lots of interactions. In fact, I will have to split it up into multiple parts, because the storyline is going to change suddenly, and the because there will be so much going on. Part one is going to be called: Reign of Diaz. Don’t worry, the first part itself will be as long as a regular RP (hopefully it will last that long, trust me it gets tense near the end). This is not sandbox, although there will be many times where you will be able to wander around a town and whatnot, hang out with other characters, eat, etc. For the majority of the RP, we will be travelling as a group. Also, a little side note. If you want to create a side arc let me know and we'll sort something out.

The Setting & Your Character:
First off, this is an original RP, which means it’s not an existing franchise. The time period is not exact (there will be times when it will be slightly more ooutdated/rustic, and times when it will be slightly more modern.), but I guess the closest I can say would be Skyrim-esque, maybe even SAO-esque as well(or some other fantasy-style RPG/JRPG if you can think of one), but slightly more ‘updated’. For example, some guns are allowed as weapons in this RP, as long as they make sense, and it isn’t a machine gun or something (make sure you go by me first before making a gun, this is an absolute MUST). Swords and bows and whatnot are okay as well. World-wise, there’s no map yet of the country, mainly because I will be creating things along the way (although some places are already determined), plus I want other players to be able to make their own side-stories and cities/towns if they want to.

At the start of the RP, the characters will currently be en-route to Galvez Prison for whatever reason that may be. You don’t have to explain this in your character history, but you can if you wish. It will be there that we all meet and greet and find a way out of the prison. The story builds onwards from there, and falls a lot on the shoulders of the characters. Your character should be affected by the war somehow (doesn't have to that major). They shouldn't be too experienced with fighting or using magic, as there is plenty of time to do that throughout the RP.

Note: If you are wondering what the legend has to do with the RP, it is there because there will be several references to it throughout the RP, and plays a huge role later on. Your character doesn't have to be familiar with the legend at all.

There are seven elements in total. Elements are essentially the type of an individual’s attacks and magic. Everyone has an element, although not all can use magic(your characters will be able to use magic). Magic of someone’s own element will be stronger. However, some of your other magic of a different element may be weaker and harder to learn. Essentially magic of your element is easier to learn, and magic of resisting element is harder. Here are the elements:

Fire: Is good against Lightning/ Weak against Water
Water: Is good against Fire/Weak against Lightning
Wind: Is good against Earth/ Weak against Earth
Earth: Is good against Wind/Weak against Wind
Lightning: Is good against Water/Weak against Fire
Light: is good against Dark/Weak against Dark
Dark: Is good against Light/Weak against Light

What’s an RPG without magic? Magic has many uses rather than just attacking. The amount of magic spells created is nearly limitless. Magic can be learned by either practicing, learned from others, or created by one’s self through extensive research and trial and error. They can range from simple attacks, healing spells, shields, etc. Mana is the energy needed to perform Magic. The amount of Mana depends on the person. Some people naturally have larger reserves of Mana, and others do not. The main way of increasing Mana is through training, frequency of usage, and the most common way is just by waiting, as time naturally lets your body increase reserves of mana. There are also items that may increase mana reserves or regeneration.

Note: Any sort of magic regarding the usage of bringing back the dead is off limits. Healing magic is mainly going to be within the elements of Water or Light, but if you can provide a good reason for it being of a different element go ahead.


Diaz: The main Antagonist for the first part of the RP. Currently titled 'Emperor', he is in total control of Western Salos. In his palace in Grandora, he can control the war from his throne, preferring not to get his hands dirty himself. May be seen as a coward to most people. He is carrying through his father's legacy, who died a few years ago and took his place.

Kazul: Controls most of Eastern Salos, and currently resides in the City of Kale. Titled 'King', Kazul doesn't interfere much with Diaz. For reasons unknown, he does not try to stop Diaz, but instead minds his own business with the Eastern side of the country. Age 24, and like Diaz he also took his father's throne after he died a year before Diaz's father. Blonde hair, good looking, blue eyes, this King as it all, plus his way with the ladies.

Luna: At twenty-one years old, she's the younger sister of Kazul. Also good looking with Blonde hair, the two share similar physical traits. She doesn't talk much with her brother, nor does she care much for political affairs. However, she does have a heart of gold, and is caring for others and willing to help anyone in need.

1) All forum rules apply
2) No bunnying/God-modding. Please, just don't do it. If you don't know what that means let me know.
3) Please post as frequently as you can. This is one of those RPs that is fun if you keep up.
4) If you plan being away for a while, please let me know ahead of time. I cannot stress this enough.
5) Swearing is allowed since this is rated 'M'. Please don't abuse this.
6) Romance/Sexual stuff I have no problems with, as long as you are not too explicit. Make sure you're not writing a new fifty shades of grey.
7) Seeing as how this is rated 'M', expect blood. It probably won't be to the extent of horror movies or anything, but expect violence.
8) Please be realistic when there is fighting. I know there's magic and whatnot, so that doesn't really apply, but if your character gets punched in the face, act like they actually did get punched rather than take it like it was nothing.

Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: (Appropriate name please)

Age: (18+)


Element: (Pick one of the elements above as your character's natural affinity).

Appearance: (A good description or pic of the character. Make sure they're human. No orcs or elves of the sorts or making up your own race. Not trying to be racist, but it's just a rule I have. Also, no pre-existing characters such as movie, TV or anime characters, must be original.)

Personality: (Their personality? How do they act? Do they get along well with others? Try to be descriptive please.)

Hometown: (Where are they from? Make up a place, and give a location. Make sure it is not in another country, unless they moved here.)

History: (A history of your character. What do they do, did the war affect them in any way, where are they from. Feel free to make up towns/cities for them. We may even be able to visit them during the RP.)

Weapon: (What weapon do they have? You can be creative, but don't go too overboard for now. No oversized swords or anything. If they use gun(s), make sure it fits with the character (a regular person probably wouldn't have a gun as a weapon), and make it suitable for the RP. No machine guns, bazookas, etc. Guns that use mana as bullets also exist.)

Magic: (Their current list of magic + element of each spell. Only a maximum of three, and please remember that your characters should inexperienced with using magic so don't overdo it. There will be plenty of time for improvement throughout the RP. Also, remember to include magic of your own element. It is not possible for someone to know magic of all elements.)

RP Sample: (Optional. It helps me know how skilled you are, and if you are suitable for the RP.)

Other: (Anything else we should know about?)

My Sign-Up:

Name: Artus Callum

Age: 21 (just turned 21)

Gender: Male


He is a young man, standing approximately 6'3", and weighing in at about 215-220lbs. He is pretty solid in terms of build, from working a labor job for quite a while with his father giving him a solid amount of muscle. A little more bulky than lean, he by no means have a body of a model. He has light brown-ish skin complexion, with short black hair. His skin is free from any imperfections such as acne or scars, as he takes fairly good care of it. Most of the time his beard is shaven, but after a week of no shaving, he tends to get a bit of stubble, and even longer will result in a scruffy or rugged look. His eyes are dark brown, almost black if not seen from up close. He doesn't wear any armor, as he likes to move freely without the extra weight. Instead, he just wears a fitted, pale black short-sleeved tunic. For pants, he wears light brown pants, made out of a tough denim-like material. For shoes, he wears simple black boots that were just hand -me-downs. Finishing off his look is a light brown belt that slings around the front of his body to carry his sword around.

Personality: Artus the type of guy you would want having your back. He’s a loyal friend, and never turns his back away from his peers. Although this could be argued against when he was younger, now that he's older he is more capable of following a leader-type role rather than a bully. He can get timid at times, however this usually occurs when he is embarrassed about something such personal issues, relationship, etc. But he doesn't get embarrassed too easily, as is pretty open about most things, and will most likely answer any question thrown his way. He is also on the more competitive side. He loves friendly competition, and occasionally gambles for money, items, and other minor things. However, his gambling sometimes goes too far. Although he is no an addict, he does have a tendency to gamble whenever he has the chance. He also shows a violent side of himself when he gets mad. Not temper problems exactly, but when it comes to direct fist fighting, he is known to throw some hard punches, and go all out. Almost all the time he would rather fight with his fists than his sword, as he likes the feel of a punch landing a direct hit.

History: His hometown was invaded by Diaz’s forces, and left to rubble, after one of Diaz’s commanders, known as Commander Ghan, decided to burn down the place, rather than follow Diaz’s orders and just do recon. This completely blindsided the town, leaving many people homeless, and left some killed. Sadly, to Artus' knowledge, his family didn't make it through the attack, but he however was able to escape for a while. He has relatives that live in a another city, which is doing fine as of now. Their city has remained neutral, and seems like it will stay out of the way of conflict. Due to personal issues with his other family, Artus' original intent was to go live with them. His relatives are more on the wealthier side, but his uncle and cousin are greedy gluttons which is one of the reasons Artus doesn't want to see them. After not seeing them for nearly 7 years, he decided to find a place on his own, to avoid any more conflicts with his uncle and cousin (although the smart thing to do would be to live his relatives). Being a commoner, finding a job was hard. His parents weren't rich, nor did they have any sort job that payed exceptionally well. Labor jobs were all taken, and he didn't have any education or knowledge on how to run a business, so opening up a booth at a marketplace was out of the question, so was running a shop. Least did he know that his search would be soon interrupted with a one-way trip to Galvez Prison.

Several years prior to the war, Artus was a bit of a trouble maker and misfit. He liked to pick on other children, mainly just because it amused him. Yes, that includes bullying, and to this day it's something Artus doesn't really regret, nor feel sorry. Mainly because this did not occur in his hometown, but rather in his cousin's city, where the two of them, along with his cousin's friends would walk around pulling pranks and picking on other people. The situation was a little bit more complex than that though, as the only reason he did it was because he was scared of his cousin, who would also occasionally bully Artus around. Now that he's older, Artus doesn't really mention anything about his childhood unless asked, and even then he fails to mention that little part about him making kids cry.

Hometown: Nalan – Located south of Grandora, and one of the first places to be invaded by Diaz and his forces. Although not occupied by them, currently it resides as a sort of refugee camp, with minimal shelter.

Weapon: A regular sword, made of steel.

Element: Lightning

Magic Spells:
ThunderBolt: Artus shoots a bolt of electricity at his opponent(s).
Barrier: This particular spell is Light Elemented. Artus creates shield formed out of Mana. The shield does not cover 360 degrees, but rather only one side at a time.
Electric Blade: Artus fills his sword with Lightning elemented magic energy, increasing damage potential.

Other: N/A

Accepted List:

1) Artus Callum [Jegretis]
2) Nadia Ulrica Navarette [Resolution]
3) Gaston Ceruleus [siiadams]
4) Asilsa Driesse [SylveonStar]
5) Kallet Genesis [heretostay123]
6) Gothax Nakamura [JNathan]
7) Catalia Glimrose [CDChaser]

Arx September 3rd, 2013 6:52 PM

Gothax Nakamura aka The Cold Slasher
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Element: Dark
Personality: Gothax is a cheerful guy to be around. He has everything that should be needed in a friend. He cares a lot for others and would never let anything happen to them. He always tries to bring a laughter or a smile on the faces of people. He is a sweet boy who is always optimistic and never gives up on what he is doing. At certain times, he can let his playful side comes out and tease or flirt any woman he can find. He is an easy-going guy and likes to talk a lot. He however knows when to shut up and when to be a listener instead. He cares deeply for the people who earns his trust. He doesn't like to share his past with others however and does not tell much about his origins to anyone. On the battlefield, he can be considered as an heartless bastard which earned him the name of The Cold Slasher.
Hometown: Cravold, Kale.
Once a peaceful town but destroyed by Diaz's forces.
History: Before the war, Gothax was your ordinary kid. He grew up with his brother in the small and peaceful town of Cravold. Everyone knew everyone there. Gothax really liked his brother, he wanted to be like him. His childhood was peaceful, quiet with no hassles of any sorts. That was until Diaz and his civil war got in the picture. They choose his village as battlefield without any regards to the townspeople. His dad used to be an honorary warrior and he, along with some other townspeople and his older brother, tried to hold off Diaz's forces while the children and the women escaped the town. But however, their plan backfired and his dad died. Some children were able to escape but Gothax's family didn't make it. They all died. But just before his dad passed away, Gothax inherited of his blade, the mighty Kuronagi. His last words were : "Never let them break you." He swore to respect his dad's last words no matter what.
Afterwards, fate led him towards a rebellion group. He was to do some fighting and at some times, some stealing. He learning how to deal with the tough life all by himself. By being a cold fighter, his friends awarded him the nickname of "The Cold Slasher". But, after managing some successful little attacks, his group was arrested and conducted to the Galvez Prison where he didn't know what awaited for him.
Kuronagi, a weapon made with one of the strongest crafting material on Earth. This weapon is very good for slicing enemies. The slightest push could injure someone.
Magic: Dark Slash : Casts a dark aura on his sword with some of his mana and slashes it at his opponent. Creates a wave that can cut.
Hand of Darkness : Covers his hand with Dark mana to allow for stronger hits.
RP Sample: N/A
Other: N/A

<Challenger> September 3rd, 2013 6:54 PM

Gretis! This is amazing! Please! Reserve me!

Name: Kallet Genesis, also known as "The Ghost"

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Element: Wind

Theme: Final Fantasy Preludes

Appearance: Kallet is a slender, but tall man, standing at 6'7, and weighing around 170 pounds. He is very thin, and doesn't contain much physical strength, preferring to rely on his stealth and speed to win a battle. Genesis has very pale skin, which in fact borders on ghostly, due to a very rare disease unknown to the world. It has a strange effect on his eyes, as well, leaving them blood red. His face fits in with the rest of his body, and is in fact quite slender. His perfectly straight hair frames his face quite well, and is white, much like snow, another result of the disease. It's quite long, hanging down to his shoulders. He would keep it tied in a ponytail, but he takes pride in it. Kallet is the only one to have ever caught his disease, and he views that makes him special. Not necessarily better than anyone. Just special. His normal apparel consists of black leather pants that hug his slender legs tightly, as well as a black, sleeveless tunic. He wears a black, but hoodless, cloak over his tunic, that hangs down around his ankles. It has a single pair of the strings at the top that can be used to secure it to his body. For shoes he wears black combat boots that extend to just below his knee. When combined with his black apparel, his skin and eyes give him the appearance of a ghost, and he has been given this nickname for that very purpose.

Personality: Kallet is very reserved. He tends to shy away from society whenever possible, and absolutely loathes interaction. He isn't afraid of anything, but he believes that people do not want him around because of his disease. He is very quiet, and will only speak unless spoken to first. His heart is one that's been scarred by many years of torment and harassment, so he doesn't form bonds very well. Genesis will shut people out, no matter how hard they try, until they completely earn his trust, quite an impossible task. He isn't afraid to admit he's a loner, but he yearns to fit in. Anywhere he can. He longs desperately for company, although he won't admit it. Once you earn his trust and friendship, however, he will fight to protect you to the very end, to his last fleeting breath. His quiet, smooth voice tends to add to his shy personality. Kallet is very intelligent and normally has a plan that would work almost flawlessly, but he won't share it unless any of his companions would care to ask. He's a strong believer in non-violent solutions, but will fight brutally and efficiently if the situation calls for it. Kallet is almost fearless, facing most foes with as much heroism as he could possibly muster, although he won't hesitate to slink away from a fight if it seems hopeless. He believes that one day he will be accepted in society, and that heroes can come from the most unlikely places. Everyone has a chance to become a hero...Even a Ghost.

Hometown: Unknown to anyone. Even Kallet himself.

History: Kallet, as far as he knows, is an orphan raised in a city named Jubilee, just north of Grandora. The town was quite peaceful, and Kallet lived a relatively normal childhood, despite all of the terrible things kids called him. "Freak!" "Monster!" "Spook!" These words still haunt him to this day. Everything was relatively good for him, until Diaz's forces came to the city. They began to 'recruit' all able-bodied men to fight in his magesty's army. It was then that Kallet was taken at the age of sixteen. He began to weep and resisted, simply stating, "I don't believe in fighting!" Over and over again. All of the soldiers merely laughed in his face, and began to taunt him. "Freak!" "Monster!" "Spook!" The same names from his childhood. It was then that Kallet realized that the world is a dark and cruel place. And it was then that Kallet vowed that he would create a glimmer of light, to shine through the darkness, and perhaps even break it. For the next five years, he was forced to serve in the army, to do horrible things. Every night before he went to sleep he would curse himself for the attrocities he was made to commit. However, he met an interesting man by the name of Eagun during a siege of B'Lectar. But the thing was, Eagun was on the other side. Kallet clashed with the soldier, both evenly matched. They eventually collapsed, one's back to the other. They began to have a conversation, and even struck up a friendship. It was short-lived, however, and an arrow caught Eagun in the chest. With his last breaths, he bestowed his two blades upon Kallet. There names? Freedom and Glory. It was then that Kallet realized that he would bring light into the world. That he would sacrifice himself to do so. That he would leave the army. For the next two years, he wandered about taking any job that would pay well enough, such as a horse-groomer, or even a mercenary for a small period of time. He knew nothing about the road he was taking, but surely enough it would take him to destiny.

Weapon: (Since I can't go for the Buster Blade-esque :p Haha) Two curved swords, both very special to him made of Durrinium, a material slightly stronger than steel, one sheathed at each hip. Each blade has an intricate crossguard, the left, named Freedom, has the spread wings of a eagle for the crossguard. The right, named Glory, has a dragon's spread wings for its crossguard. He usually dual wields them. Kallet has used a gun before, as well as a bow, but he prefers his trusty blades.

Gone with the wind: Kallet uses the wind to speed his feet, making him run at extreme speeds. Using this makes him seem to vanish, as if he merged into the wind.

Demon Wind: A strange essence (wind) flows through his blood system, speeding his movements up three times the normal human speed, causing his swordsmanship to increase drastically.

RP Sample: (Optional. It helps me know how skilled you are, and if you are suitable for the RP.)

Other: Kallet loves music with a passion, and is quite the beautiful singer himself, although he hates doing it in front of people. Another strange love of his is the love of the stars. He spends countless hours staring at them during the night.

SylveonStar September 3rd, 2013 7:15 PM

Looks awesome!

Name: Asilsa Driesse Age: 21 Gender: Female

Element: Lightning

Theme Music: Dawn Brigade


Personality: The easiest way to describe Asilsa is with two words; fighter and romantic. She's strong and determined never backing down from a fight. She'll take on an opponent much stronger than she is if it will keep others safe. For to her nothing is more important than the safety of others. She is a leader, good at devising strategies and plans and picking out others strengths and weaknesses. Asilsa has a strong wish to get revenge for her father and will stop at nothing to get it. As for her own weakness that is simple. Due to her romantic nature she has dreams like other girls of a knight in shining armor sweeping her off her feet. She isn't a flirt at all but if someone flirts with her she will easily fall for their charms. She's a true sucker for a sweet and romantic guy.

Hometown: Aldhurst Village, Kale.

History: Asilsa was born and raised in Aldhurst Village in Kale. A small village a days journey from mountains North-West of Kale. Growing up Asilsa spent most of her days with her only living parent her father; Cain. Her mother Iseri died of a fever a few years after Asilsa was born. Her father was a blacksmith specializing in making and repairing swords and other weapons. When the civil war started the Driesse family managed to stay out of it at first. Life continued as normal for them. Cain would work in his blacksmiths shop with Asilsa helping him on some days. The days she wasn't helping her father Asilsa spent them eaither reading fairy-tales or studying books on lightning magic that were left to her by her mother. When she turned 21 Asilsa was gifted a rapier by her father and she named the sword Myrtenaster. Her training continued in both her sword and magic and she was okay, inexperienced she still made mistakes many times and wasn't that strong. But with practice she would get there.

But then things changed. One day while helping her father in his shop some of Diaz's men showed up. They accused her father of helping some of the rebels. Asilsa had no idea if it was true or not but she protested and was struck by one of the men. Once this happened her father admitted to his crime begging them not to hurt her. Asilsa was forced to watch as instead of taking him to prison. Diaz's men hung her father in the center of the village. This was the last straw in her mind, without thinking she tried to attack the men. They easily defeated her and she unlike her father was sentenced to Galvez Prison.

Weapon: A Rapier she calls Myrtenaster. (it is seen in her appearance pic)

1. Lightning Bolt: A single bolt of lightning called down from the sky at her enemy. (lightning)
2. Static Shield: A shield of static electricity that forms around her. (lightning)
3. Shadow Bolt: A single bolt of dark energy called from the shadows. (Dark)

<Challenger> September 3rd, 2013 8:09 PM

I believe I've finished my SU. Perhaps you could review it?

Jegretis September 3rd, 2013 8:37 PM

Wow, that was incredibly fast lol. Let's get to it.

@Hereto: Nice SU, you are accepted.

@Genevieve: Cool, another Lightning user. You are accepted.

We got a good list of characters so far. Will edit my character with more detail as well, and provide a sketch.

Also, JNathan, you may want to change the name of your character. I understand in some RPs pre-existing characters are allowed, but not for this one please.

EDIT: No more Lightning - elemented characters please. Two is the maximum for any given Element.

lacoste September 3rd, 2013 9:16 PM

All I can say is: wow!

May I please reserve a spot? I'll get started on the SU ASAP

Jegretis September 3rd, 2013 9:25 PM

Not really doing reserves, but you should be able to get in (provided you get it done quickly). Unless there's suddenly an influx of SUs, in which case it will get hard to give out reserves as I want everyone to have a fair chance rather than a first-come, first serve.

lacoste September 3rd, 2013 10:59 PM

Name: Gerard Gladstone

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Gerard is rather short, and stands only 5'7” tall. He has a slender figure, with very defined muscles, and weighs 160lbs. He has olive skin with hazel colored eyes and an easy smile; many people would classify him as attractive, were it not for his often perplexing choices for facial hair. He tends to trim his beard and mustache in weird and often surreal ways, sometimes leaving it as separate patches that run across his face, or adopting handlebars, braided goatees, a twirly mustache, etc. His hair is thick and straight, of a reddish brown color, and often cut in bizarre ways, such as mohawk, reverse mohawk, side mohawk, sporting a dread lock mullet, you get the point… Gerard's body is covered by burn marks and scars, proof of the man's violent disposition, and he has several piercings on his ears.
Gerard is not a very complicated person. He is a thrill-seeker and thirsty for attention. He tends to rub off the wrong way with some people, and he loves it. He is quick to annoy but slow to thoroughly anger; his tongue is as sharp as a dirk and in fact, he revels in his ability to make others anger before him, nothing puts him in a better mood than getting into a drunk argument at a stray pub, and instigating fights between the patrons. His one flaw is that when he sees that he won't win a battle of wits, he is only too eager to put up his fists and let them fly. This includes women too! Gerard has been known to strike a woman or two after being ridiculed by them; if there is one thing Gerard can't stand, it is public ridicule.
Hometown: Greenmont, Kale (now technically part of Salos)
Greenmont used a small and peaceful town in the outskirts of the country of Kale, after Diaz's ascendance to the throne of Salos, however, the town was occupied by Salosian forces due to the unexploited and profitable limestone quarries found within the rolling hills of Greenmont.
Born in Greenmont, one should expect Gerard's life to follow a peaceful and insignificant life devoid of wealth or luxury. People in Greenmont dedicate their lives to one of two things, for the most part, working the fields, or offering services in the town's small square. How mistaken that assumption would prove for this fellow. Even before the war, Gerard's neediness for attention had already marked him for a troublemaker. When his mother used to take him to the market stall (his family dedicated themselves to growing and selling cabbages), he'd get in fights with the other children, whereas in the field, he'd kill more cabbages than a locust swarm. Even his parents, who loved him as only a parent could love him, felt overwhelmed by the child's inner evil.

Then one day, as Gerard was “helping” his mom at the stall, he ran into an old man's legs as he chased the children from the other stall, and fell on his butt. “I'm so sorry sir. Please forgive him”, he remembers his mother saying. The old man was a wizard, with a purple robe, a long, silver beard and a weird pointy hat, the whole shebang. The man said nothing, and only stared at the kid he'd stumbled upon. “Child! Where are your manners?!” his mother asked the kid, reprimanding him as she pulled him from the ground. “Tell the nice man that your sorry.” (It was and still is taboo in Greenmont to acknowledge the presence of a wizard, folk there tend to act ignorant to protect themselves). Instead, Gerard stuck his tongue out to the wizard and ran off.

Later on, the wizard would visit their family. Gerard was not allowed to listen in on their conversation, but what happened is now history. The wizard managed to convince his parents to let him travel with him, because he had talent. However, this was also taboo in Greenmont, and in order to save themselves from the ridicule or scorn from their peers, Gerard's parents and the wizard conspired to fake his death; he was eight years old at the time, but to this day, Gerard still can't remember what his name was back then. Thus, Gerard's introduction to a world far grander than ol' little Greenmont began. He traveled with the wizard for five long years, when the geezer suddenly up and died. (Truthfully, he fell ill on the road, it was fatal, but Gerard didn't have the heart to finish what the disease would take weeks to do; his master was eaten alive by crows after being abandoned by the thirteen year old).

From that point on, Gerard traveled from village to village, learning to sneak through a city's defenses, learning to steal and who to steal from, crossing back and forth from Kale to Salos to Grandora as if there was no war at all. Until one day, he came back to Greenmont. Gerard was twenty and four, the left side of his skull was completely shaven, while the right side was braided tight with cornrows that ended in three long braids that fell to his shoulder from behind his ear. His facial hair was almost completely shaven except for his handlebar mustache and a goatee braided into three thin strands that reached down to the height of his Adam's apple, and still… he hadn't changed as much as the town. Upon entering a bar, he found out that his former family had found fortune and become rich following his “death” by exploiting the town's limestone quarries, furious and understanding the wizard's hand in this, he began a riot and ended up sent to the drunk tank, only to wake up the next day not remembering anything, except the fact that he's apparently being sent to the Galvez Prison.
A dirk without a name; both blade and hilt are made with a heat-resisting metal alloy.

  • [Fire] Calor – Gerard's hand(s) heat to very high temperatures. This technique can be used to warm objects up, melt or make objects catch on fire and even helps suture cuts and other wounds.
  • [Dark] Noche – Gerard is able to absolutely conceal himself as long as he remains within a shadow.

Yamagi Sosuke September 4th, 2013 6:36 AM

Reserve me as well :)
" Lord Diaz has fallen... I cannot blindly follow a Emperor who holds no grasp on his own mind. "

Name: Grazel " The Bringer Of Hope " Cyrus
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143lbs
Body Build: Athletically lean with tone muscles.

Element: Light
Theme Music: Let There Be Light

Personality: Grazel is a calm, tactical warrior who believes firmly in the supreme justice of the world. When tempted with the same deal that his father had received, Grazel held complications with accepting the offer from King Diaz and because of that he denied him. Even at the cost of losing his prestige, his potential wife, and his family's fortune, he still held true to his ideals. Its easily noted that as a Knight and servant of Emperor Diaz that Grazel has a strong moral compass. This, coupled with his inability to watch the weak suffer makes him a unpredictable wildcard in Diaz's hand, something that Emperor Diaz often mentioned would be his downfall. Underneath his calm exterior, Grazel can be a carefree and generous soul. He has a beautiful smile that when seen could melt the hearts of many and sway the minds of crooks.

Hometown: Grandora, Salos

History: Grazel was born to a Commander in Diaz's Army and as such was raised to serve, protect, and guide Emperor Diaz's blade through the land. Unfortunately though, Grazel wasn't exactly the mindless warrior that Ghan had wanted. The boy was determined to serve the people not the King Diaz. It had taken him a tough childhood and teenhood to discover that not every order was born from a just heart.

Over the years he was eventually made into a strong, capable of Knight. One that excelled in both politics and combat. Diaz, in honor of Commander Ghan's successes in war was made Viceroy of a small land to the east of Grandora. Diaz also saw potential in Grazel's ability to lead people. During an invasion Grazel's father was sent a letter of engagement for Grazel. Inside was a letter from King Kazul, which, more or less had explained how Luna had seen Grazel in battle and wished for him to be her King. Needless to say, Diaz was greatly interested in that, finding it almost advantageous to have a Knight engaged to the sister of his enemy. He had gained a lot of prestige and power, snd yet he was still unsure if he had even loved her. He was faced with two problems, how to solve this marriage arrangement and how to cut of the corruption known as King Diaz.

Aegel (Light) - A blade crafted for Grazel's specific actions and temper for battle. It made of some of the toughest steel in the Grandora Kingdom. The handle is long enough that he can grasp both his hands on it and its blade is double edged.
Holy Slash: He flicks his blade towards his opponent, releasing a wave of LIGHT through the earth and towards his opponent.
Kindred Spirit: Using his LIGHT mana to calm the tension in any one area. Affects a ten foot radius.
Wild Crossguard: He summons six circular, flat shields that protects him or other people from magical and physical attacks.
RP Sample:
Dense rain fell from the clustered grey skies above with force. Not a soul was out in the concrete streets, they were empty and still as if depression was snuffing its life out. All except two figures standing near the cathedral. A tall man with rain-dripped blonde hair stood out in the cold shower, while another who was only slightly shorter stood on the steps of the cathedral, her hands clasped together.

" Do you plan on betraying our Lord Diaz, Grazel ? " asked a ravened-haired woman with dark blue eyes. She stared at his back and he could just feel her looking him over. Her voice, while heavenly and light was filled with a sadness that stabbed him with guilt and pain. " I-I wish you would not to leave Grandora. Will you stay with me ? "

Grazel's hand swatted the dark cape of his armor to the side as he looked towards her with conflicted amber eyes. " I must Lyla... Our Emperor is corrupt and his words sing lies to the soldiers. " he said solemnly. " I'll find a way to save him and this country. But I can't do it here. It must be where Emperor Diaz cannot interfere... If you will j-... just give me a little time. " He looked at her for a moment, noticing the ache in her eyes before turning back around. He could tell that she had hurried out just as soon as she could, her beautiful curves was still fit with the robes of the saint.

" Be careful Sir, Grazel. Make sure you come back to me. " she told him, forcing a tender smile on her flesh colored lips.

Grazel didn't look back towards her from fear that she would see his hesitation at her words. He was unsure of his feelings for her in the courtly manner but he knew he cared deeply for the woman, he had too or else he wouldn't be feeling such pain from leaving her. " I'll try.. " he told her, taking a fleeting glance at her from over his shoulder. He started down the stone path again, his armor clanking as he left the cathedral in the dreary rain. Behind him was everything that had ever known but in front of him was a door to a better future.
  • His father was Commander Ghan.
  • Was a Knight in Salos' Army
  • Has been suited to the sister of King Kazul; Luna.
  • Publicized as a Hero of the people.

Chalifoux September 4th, 2013 6:52 AM

Hmm... I'll try to come up with a decent character soon :3
I might go for a Light or a Dark Character, we shall see :D

Jegretis September 4th, 2013 8:00 AM

Alright I guess, with EB and YS, we have our seven people. If this gets popular enough, I will extend to 8 players (maybe).

@lacoste: You are accepted.

Ozymandias September 4th, 2013 9:47 AM

Awwwe i wanted to join this one... I thought it would be 14 playerd 2 for eqch element? That night ness up the closebess of it but the rate of posts wiuld be higher than just a small group of 7

Jegretis September 4th, 2013 10:22 AM

Well, 14 would be way too high for this RP. The more people, the harder it will be to travel alongside everyone. But if you want to join, I will up the slots to 8. Once the RP starts, if we think we can handle one or two more players, then I will do so.

Colony September 4th, 2013 11:19 AM

-_- Darn, I thought this wasn't gonna have reserves... I really need to start waking up earlier.

Jegretis September 4th, 2013 2:40 PM

@Colony: Sorry, but if we do open up SUs again (if someone drops, dies, etc), I'll be sure to let you know.

Well, since we have enough people to get started, I already submitted the IC thread. Whenever it gets up, I'll be sure to post here what you can put or do in your first post.

<Challenger> September 4th, 2013 3:13 PM

Excellent! A magnificent group of roleplayers, all of which I've had the pleasure of writing with before! I look forward to this roleplay!

Lacoste- I'm eager to see how Kallet gets along with Gerard xD

Lord Sephear September 4th, 2013 3:42 PM

Dagnabbit I'm late! Oh well, hope everything goes well. Good luck guys!

<Challenger> September 4th, 2013 5:10 PM

Due to much stalking assuming, I've decided that Yamagi has been working on his SU for a while, and it will be glorious! xD

I can't wait to get started! This is gonna be uber fun!

Yamagi Sosuke September 4th, 2013 5:48 PM

Your stalking has earned you much merit. lol. And I agree, it will be epic.

Chalifoux September 4th, 2013 6:20 PM

School is not good for someone's well being~
Anyways, I have gathered my thoughts on what kind of character I want to make so SU progress should start now! :D

Arx September 4th, 2013 6:27 PM

I believe my SU is done. But I think it's horrible. But it's done.
Edit : Do I seem too skilled in magic?

SylveonStar September 4th, 2013 6:29 PM

JNathan: I love your characters personality :) I can see him getting along well with Asilsa

Also I want everyone to know on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have college classes so might not post much those days unless it's later at night. Every other weekday I have high school classes at home (I go to an online high school)

Arx September 4th, 2013 6:35 PM

Oh, thanks Gen. I thought it was bad :P

Jegretis September 4th, 2013 6:38 PM

@JNathan: It's good, you are accepted.

@YS: I should probably let you know, Diaz has no daughters. Being the son of Ghan is fine. If he was engaged, it would be to the sister of the King of Kale. Sorry, I should update those NPCs in the OP.

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