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WhiteKnightL October 14th, 2013 12:41 AM

A poetry thread, gathering what a certain someone wrote and left behind....

"Even when this mortal shell is gone...My spirit...will live on..."
~Zemus, Final Fantasy IV

Hello. The quote I posted may have come from an evil character that definitely meant something else, but the message itself resonated with my mind and heart all the same. Even after we die, even if we don't believe in God....all living things, especially humans, have the tendency to leave their footprints behind. Even the male black widow spider, cannibalized by its mate after mating, supplies her with the nutrients necessary for her to continue to live. Even though it didn't last, it made a difference.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter how useless we see ourselves because of our lack of self-esteem or how great we see ourselves because of our pride, we can still make a difference in someone's life. Maybe that's something outside the comfort zone for some of you, but kindness does keep the world afloat. What you do in your lives can inspire people to do the same for someone who truly needs it.

"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty."
~Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass

Riddel was that person for me. Despite everything the world threw at her, she carried on and did not waver. She continued to be kind even after finding out she was going to die. All I could be for her was a misguided pillar of support. Years went by after she passed away, and gradually I began to grasp the kind of person she truly was. And over the past few years, I tried showing the world what she meant to me. And some of these things came from unfinished fan fiction works. I gave up many times because I lacked the motivation but recently I felt its spark turn on again.

I already posted her poems in other forums, and now I want to show them here. Depending on the feedback, I might post many times throughout the day, once a day being the minimum amount. Comments are appreciated but not necessary. All I want to do is post her works and hopefully someone would be inspired to write. Her legacy will live on.

Here is the first poem I wanted to post. And I thank the PC administration for letting me and all writers be exempt from the double-post rule.


Frail as I am
My mind is more so
Though life is confusing
I am more so

I spout off words
Hoping to reach anyone and then turn away
Before giving anyone the chance to speak

So standing before you now
My eyes water up as I choke on my words
Redemption for the poor girl that I am
Redemption is what I seek
For all the words of yours I never heard
And for all the words of yours I now never will

My foolishness gets the better of me
I, the weaver of words
I, the child of literature

Just me

WhiteKnightL October 15th, 2013 3:55 AM


Yeah I've screwed up bad
Lied like it was my life
And tried to get through
Even though I missed you
But don't forget
I love you like my friend
And don't forget
No matter what
I'll be there for you in the end
Because I love you
My friend

Yes those mistakes
They were quite rough
I've lied before
But not like this
Because I cannot do this
Cannot dismiss the feelings of woe
The feeling I've wronged
Beyond repair
But now I give to you
The promise that I'll do better
Do it better for you

Because I love you my friend
I hope you love me through my mistakes

WhiteKnightL October 17th, 2013 10:05 AM

Sorry for not posting one yesterday. I'll post two to make up for it...

[The Fall of Icarus ]


The sun rises slowly
The ploughman ploughs
The sheepherder watches his sheep
The ships sail on
The port town wakes


Unnoticed to everyone
Icarus is in the water
The sun had melted
Those wings of wax
His struggle with death
Caused amazing amounts of
Fear to surface


Screams in the distance
The ship lets down its sails
Screams in the distance
The herder shrugs and looks away
Screams in the distance
The ploughman just has to finish
Screams in the distance
The port town lay quiet


Death approached like a shadow
Stealing away Icarus's last breaths
The boy went limp
Sunk low into the water
All that remains are feathers
Light on the water's surface


[The Unnoticed Beauty]

The lighting played part
But certainly not much
For the beauty displayed
Was certainly her own

Those cerulian eyes
Soft porcelian skin
Amazing velvet hair
Pale and Beautiful

She was one of amazing grace
The way she moved...
Simply amazing

But tore herself down
With acts of pain
She held the blades close
And watched the blood
Such disdain

The beauty unnoticed
He vowed to protect
With light in his eyes
He balled up his fists

Never again did the beauty hurt
Never again did she dance with blades
Never again was she alone

WhiteKnightL October 19th, 2013 7:59 AM

Once again I have failed to log in every day, so here comes two poems. Fortunately my vacation will arrive soon, so I'll have more time to post.

But anyway, these two poems came from a notebook that was found after Riddel's death. I hope you enjoy reading them.


Your dark eyes are stark and alarming
Your words sound drained and dry
There's misery in your bones

In life so long yet short you live conflicted
Questioning reasons quite obvious
And truths you find to be lies

In this state I ask you
I beg of you quite humbly
To close your eyes and breath deep

Miseries are temporary
When they seem quite permanent you must see
They are only as permanent as you make them to be

I hope one day to see you smile
I hope to hear your melodic voice once more
Someday I will

Let miseries pass


[In due time]

Loving as he was
He held her hand quite delicately
The ring in his pocket reminded him
He had something very special to ask

Worried as she was
She could feel the change
The odd tenseness in his actions
She worried he wasn't well

In due time they join
Surprised and loving
They belong

WhiteKnightL October 20th, 2013 9:33 PM

I'm a little late but here's the next poem for the 20th of October. I'll post the one for today later.


A curiosity with death so alarming
You play about it with a blade
Knowing somehow you'll stay alive
But you always come out bleeding

Suicidal is a dangerous word
Things are assumed if you say it
If you think it
But maybe it's just
Curiosity of the game of life

What will happen when you lose
Is it just a restart
Or do you just fade away
You think it is just a game

WhiteKnightL October 21st, 2013 3:20 PM


You sit quietly
Crying because of him
I sit the same
But I know no one will come

You and I
Should be together
To comfort a friend
In a time of need

But I am here
And you are there

But let's try to visit soon

WhiteKnightL October 22nd, 2013 10:38 AM


Falling from the pale sky
Painting the world with white
We watch

Children go out to play
But not me
Not today

WhiteKnightL October 24th, 2013 12:51 PM


It looked so nice
The melting snow
The birds coming out
Sounds of wind were all that disturbed

Peace at last


[The Music Box]

Silver Music Box
Sitting on the dresser top
The once lovely tune
Silent with the passage of time...
Lonely silver music box

WhiteKnightL October 25th, 2013 12:59 PM


Am I really awake?
Everything feels so real,
yet this seems so impossible.
Have you really left me?
You said you never would,
but where are you now?
Why is your name upon this grave?
I just don’t understand,
this must be a dream.

WhiteKnightL October 26th, 2013 10:04 PM

[The Weaver]

He'll spin you a tale
Faster than your heartbeat
Which will race

The weaver of words
Genuine in his lies

You'll find yourself falling
Believing his words
Beyond your best judgement

The weaver of words
Genuine in his lies

WhiteKnightL October 28th, 2013 12:02 PM

[Staring through the eyes of death]

Heart aching and pounding
She stepped forth
In the silence which once held screaming
She found herself dying

And you stood there

Quivering hands covered in blood
She reached out
She tried to find words
But her voice was already gone

And you stood there

To cause such pain was a pleasure
Your smile and gleaming eyes
It was apparent you did this
And even more that you hadn't cried

You just stood there

Strength failing
Life fading
And blood draining
She lay down to die


[I watched]

I watched her heart break
As he said those words to her
I watched her smile fade
As he said he wasn't going to try anymore
I watched her tears fall
As he slowly turned and walked away
I watched her hurt herself
As he lived his life
I watched her life change
After she saw his grave

Suicide will solve nothing
But somehow she had to try
So no more are these two people
No more will they make each other cry

I love her as my sister
But now I am an only child

WhiteKnightL October 30th, 2013 3:46 AM


We fear it
We think of it always
But how many of us
Really expect it?

I feel it now
Deep in my soul
A fear worse than every before
The fear of losing her



Just sitting around
Not a word need be passed
We were happy

Laughing at those jokes
That no one else understood
And knowing we held a bond
Unlike any other

These memories are fond ones
But somehow leave me sad
Forever I'll hold them near
Knowing they are your gift to me

WhiteKnightL October 31st, 2013 1:52 AM


It was a silly time
Laughing at nothing
But laughing at everything
All at the same time

I wrapped my arms around you
And we both gasped for breath
Laughing so hard made it difficult
To get the air we needed

But somehow we didn't mind

It was a sad time
Watching all the pain
From each other's eyes
Knowing we can't help this time

I wrapped my arms around you
So we could cry together
Crying so much made it difficult
To see everything around us

But somehow we didn't mind

It was a loving time
Feeling our connection
Stronger than we had ever before
And staying side by side

I wrapped my arms around you
And in silence we felt
All of the emotions made it difficult
To find words that fit

But somehow we didn't mind

WhiteKnightL November 2nd, 2013 7:24 AM

[The Girl]

Something about her makes me uneasy…
Maybe it’s a slight fear or dislike,
But in searching for words to describe it
I manage to find none that work…

As time passes I’ve noticed
No one says a word to her,
Knows her name,
Or even seems to see her there.

I swear she’s just in my mind…
A figment of my imagination…
My guilty mind,
Making up someone I once knew.

I see her when I turn away
Out of the corner of my eye…

She sits in the shadows
And watches silently…

Don’t you see her?
The girl of my guilty mind
The girl I once was
The girl I left behind



I’m drowning in them
But still I’m drawn to them

My memories

So close,
But never to be touched again
Never to be relived
They are only remembered
Only to be replayed in my mind

Seeing you reminds me
Of the times we used to laugh
We used to smile
We used to love to be together

Only memories now
I think I’m sinking again…

WhiteKnightL November 3rd, 2013 10:40 PM

[The Happiness]

Happiness he’d never seen before
Rest in her eyes
Sparkled in her smile
And danced in her laughter

Such happiness he’d never known
It seemed as if it was unreal,
As if she was unreal

He wanted to pinch her
Just to see if she felt pain,
To see the smile fade away

Her wonder and beauty
Untouched by the world
And all of its flaws
He just couldn’t believe


Soon he could do nothing
But tear her down,
Cause her pain,
And give her scars

All for happiness he’d never know

WhiteKnightL November 4th, 2013 3:21 PM

[The Shadow Girl]

Behind her I found my place
At her side whenever she needed
Whenever she wanted me there

Desperate to be someone
I watched her every step of the way
To try and understand what set us apart
To understand why she was someone
When I was no one

Day in and day out I observed
I made myself useful
And served as a good friend

Often when she was not around
People would come to me
Asking where she was
But not even knowing my name

I became her shadow then
For over a year I would be such

Watch The Shadow Move

On my own for once
I had no one to shadow
And I began to create myself

At first I was lost
Not sure what to do
Or who to be
But I tried anyway

I made mistakes of course
But they were my mistakes
And I made sure to learn from them

The Sun Flushes Out The Shadow

No longer is there a trace
Of the weak and forgotten girl
In her place I now stand
Making myself known as who I am

But never will I forget
The Shadow

WhiteKnightL November 7th, 2013 7:50 AM

[Too Much]

Overwhelmed by feeling
Circuits fried and overloaded
Too many feelings
Too much pain
Too much fear
Too much hurt

I just want to scream
So everyone will know
Just want to scream
To let it all out

But my voice is small
And my lungs wish not to grasp the air
So silently I suffer this overload

The feelings burst
And on tear soaked pillows I lay
Waiting for someone to come
And wipe the tears away



Hated for loving
Hurt for caring
And yelled at for being

I cannot take another scream
Not another harsh word
Not another glare from across the room

I just ask that you leave me be
And let me live as me

I will always love
I will always care
I will always be
So why not let me?


[Heavy Heart]

She held her hand to her heart
The strings had begun to break
And the feelings had begun to burst

Overwhelmed so quickly
By every little emotion
She screamed and cried out
Looking for some escape

But her heavy heart would remain
And the bonds in which it was once held
Would prove worthless

She was one of a heavy heart

WhiteKnightL November 8th, 2013 9:37 AM


Feel the pulse
Listen to the beat
And soon you'll start to move

Rise up!

Dance to the beat
Let your soul free
Express yourself

WhiteKnightL November 10th, 2013 2:47 PM


Complications keep us working
Our head spinning to think
Of all that lies before us
We'd like to believe that the clear road ahead
Goes on until the end
But somewhere along the way
We find the branches have fallen down
Maybe a tree or two
And suddenly things look so overwhelming
But through these complications
We walk through life
Looking for joy
And we live off of it
And while my life has it's complications
Remember you are my joy
I'll always smile for you
You'll always keep me alive
Even if thing get
A little more complicated


[Stolen Stars]

I could feel it
Her eyes were on me again

Then we made the connection
My eyes and hers
Locked together

A color I'd never seen before
And a sparkle in her eyes
I'd only seen in the night's sky

Somehow she had stolen the stars

Nolafus November 11th, 2013 4:59 PM

I've been reading through most of these poems over the course you have been posting them, but just really couldn't think of anything to say because poetry isn't exactly my forte. However "Stolen Stars" really stood out to me somehow. I think it was because of the last line.

Somehow she had stolen the stars
It's just what the poem needed and the perfect ending for it as well. It stands out on its own and the extra gap just makes it stand out even more. It just really struck me. I don't have much of an explanation, but there you go.

I would love to comment on the others, but as I said before I'm still working on poetry, so I really can't think of much to say. Just thought I would drop by, give my two cents, and let you know that there is someone out there reading through these.

WhiteKnightL November 12th, 2013 2:58 AM


Originally Posted by Slayr231 (Post 7932392)
I've been reading through most of these poems over the course you have been posting them, but just really couldn't think of anything to say because poetry isn't exactly my forte. However "Stolen Stars" really stood out to me somehow. I think it was because of the last line.

It's just what the poem needed and the perfect ending for it as well. It stands out on its own and the extra gap just makes it stand out even more. It just really struck me. I don't have much of an explanation, but there you go.

I would love to comment on the others, but as I said before I'm still working on poetry, so I really can't think of much to say. Just thought I would drop by, give my two cents, and let you know that there is someone out there reading through these.

An updated version was found in Riddel's notebook days after she passed away, so I guess I could go ahead and post it too. This was the last poem she posted on my forum, but her brother and best friend carried on her work and posted what they found so more will be posted.

And thank you. It really makes me glad someone's reading them.

[Stolen Stars] (Updated version)
Those eyes on me again
I could feel her loving gaze

We make the connection
-My eyes and hers
locked together-

Stunning blues I'd never seen before
And a sparkle so pure and beautiful
That I'd only seen it once before-
Shining in the night's sky

Somehow she had stolen the stars


[No title]

To smile is to love
To give a little piece of yourself
And what harm does it do to you?
But oh the joy it brings
To the one who sees your grin

I try to smile
Even when I'm down
After the smile is returned
The darkness of my woe
Is lightened

WhiteKnightL November 14th, 2013 10:20 AM

[To The Dreamer]

Bring me those broken ones
The fearful and frightening ones
And somehow I will work through
And salvage the happiness
Through tears and screams
You'll wake in a fright
But that's the time of night
You need just call me
And I will mend those broken nightmares
Into pleasant dreams
Let me help you sleep peacefully
Even if it means losing the sleep I need


[To Love]

Oh dearest love
The touch of which I know not
I feel the pangs and explosions
But why do you do this?
I feel the connection
The need, the want
I feel the devotion, the emotion
the commotion you cause

To one such as I
Who feels not the touch of love
I live with other things
Like the wishes
The worries
The wants

Will we one day be...

WhiteKnightL November 15th, 2013 7:46 AM


The lonely piano was silent
A player at its keys
Fingers waiting at the key tips
Hands urging the player to move them

A chord is struck
And the loneliness disappears

WhiteKnightL November 16th, 2013 8:52 AM


Standing on the shore
The water drifting in and out
I watched as the soft light
And pale sky
Rained down its colors
And drenched the world in blues

I watched as the waters calmed
The sounds softened
And the world blurred

Thus was the dream

WhiteKnightL November 17th, 2013 1:26 PM

[The Tapping Of Inspiration]

She wallowed in sadness at the typewriter

A sigh escaped her lips

The quiet room embraced the sound until it faded
Relieved that, for a moment, there was no silence
For the room had grown quite fond of the tapping of the typewriter

That sound was one of her inspiration

But today the room lay silent
Except for the occasional sigh

Inspiration was absent and both the typewriter and room itself missed it dearly

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