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Crazy Weavile March 9th, 2007 11:54 PM

Names: Pokemon Titanium and Pokemon Iron
Developed with RMXP
Founder: Crazy Weavile
Details: Story-driven fangame. And stuff.
Titanium Version Title Screen

Pokemon Titanium and Iron happen about 25 years after RSE, in the scenic Derukia region. It's developed in RMXP, and I founded it.

News: We need scripters if there's any hope of getting this done.

Writer/Director/Pokemon Designer/Mapper/Writer: Crazy Weavile
Sub-Director/Pokemon Designer/Artist: KougaWolf
Pokemon Designer/Artist: Kukaru001
Pokemon Names: HeavyOctillery
Based on Poccil's Starter Kit
Tleset by: Fangking & co.

Darkness. Darkness all around. The black storm clouds hovered over the endless chasms, and spread scant droplets of rain into this new world's barren, empty craters. Pure darkness covered
this place, a place before the beginning of time. Then, from one storm cloud's center, a shining
light soon formed. This light disappeared eventually, and in the place where it once was, a
Pokemon emerged. The lightning of countless storms covered its yellow body, with an ever so
slightly elongated head, long, thick neck, stubby limbs, short, blunt claws, short, thin wings,
thick tail with a small, sharp black scale in the tip, and black armor over its head, only
exposing its green eyes. This great titan let out a piercing cry.

"Electrgon! Electrgon! Electrgon!" cried the Pokemon. Born of storms into this place, it seeked
others to keep it company. Finding none, it sank into the crater to sleep, where it would remain
for another milennium before any story can truly begin...

In the time of a thousand years, this mighty beast radiated its own power into the earth,
creating another in time. However, this Pokemon was comprised of only life, with no conscience...
This Pokemon could strike fear into even the strongest man, with its icy blue eyes, red-and-black
scales, massive wings and talons, and many crooked tails... Taking to the air, it awakened the
first Pokemon, known as Electrgon, and fled. Electrgon rose from the crater it had slept in,
and realized its powers could create life. Knowing this, it released a huge wave of energy, all
of its energy, and created all life. Flowers filled the canyons, and dense forests covered all
they could. However, only a scant few Pokemon filled this paradise. It simply couldn't create
anything much more advanced than simple sea-dwelling Pokemon such as the shrimp-like Anorith.
Deeply saddened, Electrgon took to the clouds where it circled the globe countless times...

The second Pokemon, known as Dravolent, on the other hand, was delighted with Electrgon's
work. It took to skimming the seas and killing the Pokemon and plants to absorb their life.
However, much of the life went unabsorbed. Rather, it went back to Electrgon, who used it to
create new beings. In time, Electrgon's powers increased, and the things it created could be
more complex, and less life could be used per being with no ill effects. Dravolent continued to
kill these things, but on land and in the air as well, and the cycle continued. Legendary Pokemon
were born to govern Electrgon's creations, and somewhere along the line it even created a unique
type of being- humans. Still, the cycle continued. One day, during its flight, Electrgon
finally encountered Dravolent, its earliest creation. It recognised Dravolent as the Pokemon
of Death, the thing that killed its creations.

"GON!" it cried, releasing numerous thunderbolts at Dravolent, and starting the War of a Thousand
Years. Many lost their lives in these battles, and it seemed the end of the world was nigh.
However, one human, the first Pokemon Trainer, realized that these Pokemon could be stopped,
and set out to stop them with only one Pokemon. This man, who's name and image have been
lost to the sands of time, took his Pokemon, an Armair, to defeat Electrgon and Dravolent.
They fell, and this man took them to the Sacred Lake in the land of Derukia, where he used a
legendary item known as the Balance Scepter to seal them in other worlds, where their powers
would not harm each other, and the cycle would repeat forever. A tower was then built on this
site, the roof being the only place where the Balance Scepter could be used to open the portals...

- New Pokémon, items, types, attacks, and region!
- New letter system- there's a post office area in every Pokémon Center and a mailbox at home!
- Pokémon Communicator, or PokéCom for short! Watch TV, view the map, call someone up on the phone, or track anything you have a Tracking Card for- be it the Balance Scepter or just that rare Pokémon you're looking for!
- Two versions, but with both you really can catch 'em all!
- New event patches can be downloaded to access super-rare Pokémon!
- Online connectivity in the Pokémon Web Center- battle or trade?
- Links with the STARnet server- can trade with any other game using it!

Derukia Region:

Pine Town
Route 301
Lakefront City
Smogzone City
Chromeshore City
Chromeshore Mine B1F
Underground City
Outcast Isle
Northwind City
Stockpass Town
Solarwind Island
Stonecreek Town
Greataltar Island
Derukia Tower
Dricanyon Town
Cryptrise Town

Fiore Region:


??? Region:

No maps!

Derukia Pokedex:

001: Breedling
002: Spround
003: Rafflenis
004: Wispanda
005: Pyranda
006: Vulcanda
007: Tadpond
008: Tadphibian
009: Frogranite
010: Naroka
011: Naroroka
012: Bidoof
013: Bibarel
014: Tokitooky
015: Conuno
016: Hoothoot
017: Noctowl
018: Grubbolt
019: Zapupae
020: Zapterfly
021: Mentail
022: Psychail
023: Kineticail
024: Finzu
025: Sharpin
026: Razorin
027: Mankey
028: Primeape
029: Spoink
030: Grumpig
031: Mischimp
032: Gremlimp
033: Goblimp
034: Circut
035: Circair
036: Asterock
037: Boulderoid
038: Pichu
039: Pikachu
040: Raichu
041: Magikarp
042: Gyarados
043: Cleffa
044: Clefairy
045: Clefable
046: Instict
047: Snaqua
048: Endurock
049: Enduron
050: Zubat
051: Golbat
052: Crobat
053: Comicard
054: Magicard
055: Chucklord
056: Attubrid
057: Ignoat
058: Nitram
059: Knoxorpeon
060: Trapinch
061: Vibrava
062: Flygon
063: Masklown
064: Axiin
065: Togepi
066: Togetic
067: Togekiss
068: Whismur
069: Loudred
070: Exploud
071: Cinos
072: Arcter
073: Arkting
074: Arcteen
075: Irondra
076: Irongon
077: Dralloy
078: Cibenfier
079: Nobenfier
080: Phantowl
081: Spectowl
082: Crystavolt
083: Electrolyn
084: Crysduit
085: Absol
086: Disastech
087: Eviron
088: Evironite
089: Wodahs
090: Emirg
091: Torkoal
092: Torturret
093: Skarmory
094: Armair
095: Ostrark
096: Ensionut
097: Beacollie
098: Brightound
099: Flareggdon
100: Apocafire
101: Gastly
102: Haunter
103: Gengar
104: Deghosai
105: Stellord
106: Grimer
107: Muk
108: Metadrek
109: Croagunk
110: Toxicroak
111: Toxidart
112: Screechant
113: Chatot
114: Melodown
115: Echidnay
116: Gaieggna
117: Predion
118: Birdusk
119: Murkrow
120: Honchkrow
121: Snatchi
122: Sneasel
123: Weavile
124: Mantyke
125: Mantine
126: Manterror
127: Natu
128: Xatu
129: Oritu
130: Minirinim
131: Girafarig
132: Akwiten
133: Akatt
134: Akwion
135: Smoochum
136: Jynx
137: Mystifair
138: Elekid
139: Electabuzz
140: Electivire
141: Magby
142: Magmar
143: Magmortar
144: Sneezing
145: Koffing
146: Weezing
147: Forestaid
148: Forestelp
149: Squitiny
150: Squigas
151: Krakentoa
152: Thundara
153: Leafish
154: Angleaf
155: Tentacool
156: Tentacruel
157: Eevee
158: Vaporeon
159: Jolteon
160: Flareon
162: Espeon
163: Umbreon
164: Leafeon
165: Glaceon
166: Cosmeon
167: Ryueon
168: Sacreon
169: Rhyhorn
170: Rhydon
171: Rhyperion
172: Meowth
173: Persian
174: Wortoplasm
175: Ghole
176: Duskull
177: Dusclops
178: Dusknoir
179: Duskmaera
180: Nonown
181: Unown
182: Unigma
183: Happiny
184: Chansey
185: Blissey
186: Meditite
187: Medicham
188: Porygon
189: Porygon2
190: Porygon-Z
191: PorygonADV
192: Armadin
193: Earadillo
194: Armordillo
195: Arcticore
196: Cosmosia
197: Naturia
198: Mechania
199: Electrgon
199: Dravolent
200: Ruination


001: Breedling - Grass - Seedling Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile and Kukaru001
002: Spround - Grass - Bud Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile and Kukaru001
003: Rafflenis - Grass/Poison - Rafflesia Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile and Kukaru001
004: Wispanda - Fire - Tiny Panda Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
005: Pyranda - Fire - Panda Pokemon - No Designer
006: Vulcanda - Fire/Ground - Wildfire Pokemon - No Designer
007: Tadpond - Water - Tadpole Pokemon - Water - Tadpole Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile and KougaWolf
008: Tadphibian - Water - Tadpole Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
009: Frogranite - Water/Rock - Bullfrog Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
010: Naroka - Normal - Squirrelly Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
011: Naroroka - Normal - Fox Squirrel Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
012: Tokitooky - Normal/Flying - Little Bird Pokemon - Designer: RegisteelDS
013: Conuno - Normal/Flying - Vivid Pokemon - Designer: RegisteelDS
014: Grubbolt - Bug/Electric - Larva Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
015: Zapupae - Bug/Electric - Pupa Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
016: Zapterfly -Bug/Electric - Firefly Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
017: Mentail - Psychic - Tail Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
018: Psychail - Psychic - Tail Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
019: Kineticail - Psychic - Tail Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
020: Finzu - Water - Fish Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
021: Sharpin - Water - Sharp Fin Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
023: Razorin - Water/Steel - Swordfish Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
024: Mischimp - Dark - Imp Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
025: Gremlimp - Dark/Flying - Gremlin Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
026: Goblimp - Dark/Flying - Goblin Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
027: Circut - Electric - Circuit Pokemon - No Designer
028: Circair - Electric/Flying - Circuit Pokemon - No Designer
029: Asterock - Cosmic/Rock - Meteor Pokemon - No Designer
030: Boulderoid - Cosmic/Rock - Asteroid Pokemon - No Designer
031: Instict - Bug - Blade Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
032: Snaqua - Water/Dragon - Sea Serpent Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
033: Endurock - Rock - Endurance Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
034: Enduron - Rock - Endurance Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
035: Comicard - Cosmic - Jester Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
036: Magicard - Cosmic/Psychic - Jester Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
037: Chucklord - Cosmic/Psychic - Jester Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
038: Attubrid - Steel/Dragon - Sharp Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
039: Ignoat - Fire - Mountain Goat Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
040: Nitram- Fire - Volcano Goat Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
041: Knoxorpeon (sprite) - Poison/Metal - Gold Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
042: Masklown - Ghost - Sadistic Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
043: Axiin - Steel - Charge Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
044: Cinos - Sonic - Sonic Boom Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
045: Arcter - Ice - Archer Pokemon - No Designer
046: Arkting - Ice/Sonic - Royal Pokemon - No Designer
047: Arcteen - Ice/Light - Royal Pokemon - No Designer
048: Irondra - Dragon/Steel - Heavy Metal Pokemon
049: Irongon - Dragon/Steel - Heavy Metal Pokemon
050: Dralloy - Dragon/Steel - Alloy Pokemon
051: Cibenfier - Fire/Flying - Burn Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
052: Nobenfier - Fire/Flying - Bird Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
053: Phantowl - Ghost/Flying - Owl Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
054: Spectowl - Ghost/Flying - Poltergeist Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
055: Crystavolt - Electric/Ice - Conductivity Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
056: Electrolyn - Electric/Ice - Conductivity Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
057: Crysduit - Electric/Ice - Conduit Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
058: Disastech - Dark/Steel Type - Cybernetic Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
059: Eviron - Steel - Iron Head Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
060: Evironite - Steel - Iron Body Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
061: Wodahs - Dark - Shadow Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
062: Emirg - Dark/Poison - Filth Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
063: Torturret - Steel/Fire - Moving Turret Pokemon - No Designer
064: Armair - Steel/Flying - Sonic Speed Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
065: Ostrark - Dark/Flying - Hostility Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
066: Ensionut - Grass/Cosmic - Dimensional Rift Pokemon
067: Beacollie - Light/Metal - Beacon Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
068: Brightound - Light/Metal - Beacon Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
069: Flareggdon - Dark/Fire - Hellfire Pokemon - No Designer
070: Apocafire - Dark/Fire - Demonic Pokemon - No Designer
071: Deghosai - Dark/Ghost - Shadow Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
072: Stellord - Cosmic/??? - Celestial Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
073: Metadrek - Poison/Steel - Junkheap Pokémon - Designer: KougaWolf
074: PorygonADV - Normal - Advanced Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile and KougaWolf
075: Toxidart - Poison/Fighting - Dart Frog Pokemon
076: Screechant - Sonic/Ghost - Chant Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
077: Melodown - Sonic/Flying - Songbird Pokemon - No Designer
078: Echidnay - Ground - Spiny Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
079: Gaieggna - Ground/Dark - Spiked Egg Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
080: Predion - Ground - Dinosaur Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
081: Birdusk - Dark/Flying - Tiny Crow Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
082: Snatchi - Dark - Tricky Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
083: Manterror - Water/Poison - Stingray Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
084: Oritu - Psychic/Flying - Wisdom Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
085: Fealtue - Rock/Ghost - Guardian Statue Pokemon - No Designer
086: Minirinim - Normal - Symmetry Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
087: Akwiten - Water - Aqua Kitten Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
088: Akatt - Water - Aqua Cat Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
089: Akwion - Water - Tropical Cat Pokemon - No Designer
090: Mystifair - Psychic/Ice - Enchantment Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
091: Sneezing -Poison - Methane Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile and KougaWolf
092: Forestaid - Grass - Squire Pokemon - No Designer
093: Forestelp - Grass - Knight Pokemon - No Designer
094: Squitiny - Water - Squid Pokemon - No Designer
095: Squigas - Water - Giant Squid Pokemon - No Designer
096: Krakentoa - Water/Fire - Kraken Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
097: Thundara - Sonic/Electric - Thunder Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
098: Leafish - Water/Grass - Fishplant Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
099: Angleaf - Water/Grass - Anglerfish Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
100: Cosmeon - Cosmic - Supernova Pokemon - No Designer
101: Ryueon - Dragon - Wyvern Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
102: Sacreon - Light - Sacred Pokemon - No Designer
103: Wortoplasm - Cosmic/Ghost - Wormhole Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
104: Ghole - Cosmic/Ghost - Black Hole Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
105: Duskmaera - Ghost - Nightmares Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
106: Nonown - Ghost - Questionable Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
107: Unigma - Psychic - Inscription Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
108: Armadin -Ground- Armadillo Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
109: Earadillo -Ground- Armadillo Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
110: Armordillo -Ground/Steel- Armor Pokemon - Designer: Crazy Weavile
111: Arcticore - Ice/Ground - Ice Mass Pokemon - No Designer
112: Cosmosia - Cosmic - Cosmos Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
113: Naturia - Grass - Nature Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
114: Mechania - Steel - Mechanation Pokemon - Designer: Kukaru001
115: Electrgon - Electric/Dragon - Life Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
116: Dravolent - Dark/Dragon - Death Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf
117: Ruination - Ground/Ghost - Arbiter Pokemon - Designer: KougaWolf


Titanium Version Title Screen

Mt. Camlond's Foot

Yay! Letter system!

Beta Lakefront

Route 301 Stroll

Near-final Chromeshore City


An underground complex of some sort...

On the border

Mail rocks.

Beta Lakefront at dusk.

Because he HAS to show his face...

It's the GTS...

Ringtown. IN ACTION.

Exploring a route near where the demo ends.

Speculate. This isn't just any room.

Chromeshore's new junk shop. The building is a mix of my work and Pyro from Skeetendo's.

Walking on a bridge. But, hey... I just took this because walking across a bridge at sunset looks cool.


Sometimes tradition gets annoying.

This is a tiny town in an area which is essentially a rest stop in a long dungeon.

Various old Pokemon with new types and moves (and two re-typed old moves) (BIG image for BIG modem)

New speechbox (note the dim area around its sides)

New menu (With an option YOU will never find on yours.)

Cryptrise's prototype lighting.

Cryptrise's final lighting and fog.

Cryptrise at night.


D R E ™ March 10th, 2007 4:57 AM

Those pictures are so disturbing gosh, what were you thinking but maybe one or two look good but wtf man, I like the plot an stuff, but please dont use them in your game they look horible, ohh well... its just my opinon...

Alistair March 10th, 2007 6:35 AM

You have a great storyline and some good screenshots, too. There are some problems, though.

-- 1.) You need to give Fangking credit for his tileset
-- 2.) You shouldn't have put "WE NEED SCRIPTERS" in the title of your thread.

Crazy Weavile March 10th, 2007 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by Don Patch (Post 2407894)
You have a great storyline and some good screenshots, too. There are some problems, though.

-- 1.) You need to give Fangking credit for his tileset
-- 2.) You shouldn't have put "WE NEED SCRIPTERS" in the title of your thread.

Yeah, sorry about the tileset issue. This was rushed after my puter rebooted during the first one, so I forgot. As for images... that's why I hired Kouga. I know I can't draw, and I want to fix the art problem. But anyway... I'd like more opinions, and some possible staff, so recruitment is open.

The Dash March 10th, 2007 10:45 AM

Dude your Pokémon.. Not good. Some designs are ok but the actual drawings are bad.

Crazy Weavile March 10th, 2007 10:51 AM


As for images... that's why I hired Kouga. I know I can't draw, and I want to fix the art problem.
Did you fail to notice that or are you just giving an opinion of them anyway? What do you think of the other aspects?

The Dash March 10th, 2007 12:04 PM

I'm doing what I do best. Criticising.
Your maps are very square and blocky, you need to get some custom Tilesets and Charactersets and then, just maybe, this won't look like another generic Starter Kit game.
As for the story: TL;DR.

Crazy Weavile March 10th, 2007 1:49 PM

Pardon? I'm not familiar with those abbreviations.

D R E ™ March 10th, 2007 2:29 PM

Hey dude not to be harsh or anything but am a good artist/ spriter( i do some for my own hacks), with your permission I could sprite all of them and edit a few mistakes kk,any ways could i be apart of the team i would be a great help i could be spriter or something...

Crazy Weavile March 10th, 2007 2:42 PM

I'll need an example of your work before you become staff.
EDIT: New map. Route 301
EDIT 2: Another new map. Outcast Isle is up.

D R E ™ March 11th, 2007 6:51 PM

sure ill do it...

Ill sprite first 10 and post them by friday kk, i takes awhile, any ways, thaks for considering me...

Red Rain March 12th, 2007 1:35 PM

Ok, I'm gonna be honest CW, this project is off to a good start but, it needs a load of work. Some Pokemon look nice, others are very poor. The trainer sprites are very bad edits, one Giovanni mixed with the Elephant man and the other is Lorelei (I think) mixed with a fighter woman(can't remember the specific title). The maps are good, yet the buildings in Greataltat Town are too close together and there are too many buildings in Chromeshore town. If they are to be kept, maybe make some unable to enter. The story is good, some of the Pokemon have great potential and I think you are great for starting and managing a game.

I wish you luck!

Crazy Weavile March 12th, 2007 1:49 PM

Yeah, the sprites are wretched, but they're just placeholders. As for Chromeshore... it's the Saffron/Goldenrod/Rustboro of this game.

Fangking Omega March 12th, 2007 3:45 PM

It may be the big city, but as said in a previous review I gave you, the map itself is relatively badly executed - it wouldn't look like a real game's map. Far too linear, far too much packed into one space.

Crazy Weavile March 12th, 2007 8:09 PM

There's a new map, and even you might like this one. Presenting Solarwind Island!

The Dash March 15th, 2007 2:44 PM


Originally Posted by Crazy Weavile (Post 2408240)
Pardon? I'm not familiar with those abbreviations.

TL;DR means Too Long; Didn't read.

kukaru001 March 15th, 2007 11:01 PM

Hey I like your project: looks pretty cool and ambitious. Although .. some of the pokemon sketch are lacking :S. Ain't no problem though :P .. say could I help you redo some of those pokemon? I gotta knack for "pokefying" pokemon. I'd be glad to help :).

E-mail: [email protected]
Work examples:

PokeCreator_09 March 15th, 2007 11:31 PM

Okay, I agree with everyone here about the sprites, but don't get down over it. You might want to try to redo some by taking pieces of other pokemon and putting them together, recoloring the whole thing, and tweaking them a bit, even though you have other people helping you on them. This is how a lot of people do there custom sprites, and it'll be easier for you because you already have the designs done.

The maps are boring, and honestly, not very good. My suggestion is to go look at other people's maps, especially RM2K3Kid's maps, they're amazing. You just need some practice.

Storyline's good though, and that's a good start, 'cause without a good storyline, a game will fail as soon as it started.

Crazy Weavile March 17th, 2007 6:08 PM

Thanks for the criticism... but now, a big announcement. Pokecommunity gets a special news tidbit before anywhere else. I'm going to tell you about some important storyline info.

GENESIS is the region's "evil" team, but they aren't just Rocket wannabes. They're led by a man named Ivan- the player character might better know him as Dad, though. Ivan leads GENESIS not with a goal of conquest, but, get this, justice. He saw the Player (as a small child) and the player's mother being ran off the road by criminals, and believed them to be dead, therefore leaving the region until he found in its mythology a way to achieve godlike power- control of Electrgon and Dravolent. Believing that with absolute power he could ensure peace, he recruited followers, before returning to the Derukia region to capture Electrgon and Dravolent. Obviously, he's surprised when the player first encounters him.

Kukaru, I'd like some concepts for Beacollie and Brightound.

PokeCreator_09 March 17th, 2007 8:15 PM

Dang, that's tight an dunique. I like that there's not just an evil team like allpokemon games have, good job.

djvolcom March 18th, 2007 6:39 PM

Pretty cool, intresting version name

kukaru001 March 19th, 2007 8:45 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Alright buddy. I've drawn your two pokemon - hope you enjoy. Tell me what ya think.
I'm ready for the next batch ;).

The Dash March 19th, 2007 8:55 AM

Holy crap that's nice!
Weavile, give this guy the job, he has an awesome drawing style.

Adamant Linoone March 19th, 2007 9:57 AM

Game looks good man but some of the pokemon look like they were designed by blind people eg.

Apart from that the game looks great man keep up the good work. :)

Crazy Weavile March 19th, 2007 1:10 PM


Originally Posted by kukaru001 (Post 2417522)
Alright buddy. I've drawn your two pokemon - hope you enjoy. Tell me what ya think.
I'm ready for the next batch ;).

Yay. We now have TWO artists. I'm going to do a quick cut-individual-arts-and paste-in-seperate-images job for the 56Kers, then put themup.

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