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Chapter 2

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Mecha, and Stevens were running through corridors to make their way to the exit. Man! This place is like a maze! Brock said in a frustrated tone.

Ash suddenly saw a mysterious creature leaping around very fast and that caught his attention, slowing him down, only to realise that an electronic door slammed itself up, making him stuck on one side of the door and his teammates stuck on the other.

That caught everyones attention. Pikapi! Pikachu cried worryingly. He, Brock, Misty, and Stevens tried to break the door down but to no avail. Not even Mecha can break it down.

Ash! Misty cried in a worried tone. Are you okay?
Im fine! Ash yelled in reply, hoping that they could hear him. But I cant open this door!
Cmon, you guys! Mecha said. We have to find another route!

Realising that his friends and loved ones were running around to look for him, Ash decided to look for them as well. As he ran around into different rooms, he felt that something hit him in the face, knocking him down. Ash quickly got up and looked around in confusion. Who did that!? he demanded.

Suddenly, to his surprise, a strange creature appeared. It had a human-like body but he had green reptile skin with zigzag patterns, it also had human feet and hands and also had a head of a familiar reptile pokemon but its eyes looked more sinister. Ash quickly took out his pokedex and pointed at the creature.

Pokemon unidentified, the pokedex said.

Say what!? Ash said in shock.

Without warning, the creature turned itself invisible again, making Ash vulnerable to any of its attack. Wait a minute, Ash thought as he took out a pokeball off his belt. Ive been in this situation before.

Sceptile, go! Ash yelled as he tossed out his pokeball. A large green gecko pokemon materialised when he became released from his pokeball, and placed a small twig in his mouth.

Lets see, Ash thought, being cautious. Kecleon has the ability to turn itself invisible so that means that Sceptile and I will have to listen to the sounds.

Sceptile, Ash said, catching Sceptiles attention. This pokemon has turned itself invisible, dont use your eyes to look for it, use your ears to listen to whatever sound it makes.

Sceptile nodded to his trainer, as he understood his instructions and got himself ready for battle.

Both Sceptile and Ash closed their eyes with the intention of listening to the sounds that the creature was going to make.

They heard some clanging sounds nearby, catching Ash and Sceptiles attention. They immediately opened their eyes and closed them again, waiting for another sound to come up. They then heard some light and quick footsteps coming towards them. Sceptile! Ash yelled. Attack it now! Slam attack!

Sceptile swung his tail towards the incoming attacker, but for some reason, it looked like he missed and was hit instead by the invisible creature in the stomach. So that mutant Kecleon is pretty quick too, Ash thought as he gnarled his teeth.

Sceptile fell hard on the floor but quickly got back up. Try to keep calm, Sceptile, Ash said. We still have to keep to our strategy.

Sceptile and Ash closed their eyes again, waiting for the creature to attack again. As expected, the invisible creature made another sound as it attempted another attack but this time, Ash shouted out another command. Sceptile, Endure!

Sceptile tensed himself as the creature hit him in the gut. Even with great impact the creature made, Sceptile showed no pain. After withstanding the attack, he instinctively went behind it, grabbed it and held it in a chokehold by wrapping his arms around, assumingly, its head. The creature became visible again as it lost its concentration of keeping itself invisible and fell to its knees.

After a long struggle of surviving the chokehold, the monster suddenly found the strength to stand up while Sceptile was still holding on, much to Ash and Sceptiles surprise. Whats it going to do!? Ash yelled.

The monster ran to a wall with Sceptile still hanging on its back neck. Before anyone could react what was going on the monster turned round and slammed Sceptile into the wall. Dont give up, Sceptile! Ash yelled. Stay tough and hang in there!

The monster kept on slamming Sceptile onto the walls until Sceptile released the monsters neck, letting the monster free from his grasp. Sceptile! No! Ash cried, upon seeing Sceptile releasing the monster.

Sceptile fell on its back looking very hurt as he held his hurt back. Ash took out Sceptiles pokeball and was about to call him back. Upon seeing that, the creature zoomed over to him and knocked it out of his hand and punched him in the face, knocking him down.

Ash shook away his dizziness as he looked at the monster walking away from him and towards his injured Sceptile. Not wanting to get his pokemon hurt anymore, Ash ran over to the monster and forcefully turned him around and punched him in the face. The monster retaliated by grabbing him by the neck, choking him and holding him up in the air.

Sceptile slowly got up to his feet while watching his trainer being choked by the monster. Not wanting to see him getting tortured, he suddenly glowed brightly green and quickly walked over to the monster. Like Ash did, he forcefully turned the monster around and punched him into the face, causing a blinding flash of light upon impact. The creature released Ashs neck and fell unconsciously to the floor.

After giving that devastating punch, the glow around Sceptiles body slowly faded away and he fell to the floor, taking heavy breaths while holding his hurt back. Ash was also breathing heavily as he walked over to his gecko pokemon. Good job, Sceptile, Ash said as he took out his pokeball. You need a long rest.

As Sceptile materialised back into his pokeball, Ash heard footsteps. He turned round and saw a large man in Team Dark grunt suit coming his way. Great! Ash said. More trouble.

The grunt took a pokeball off his belt tossed it out. A Blaziken materialised as it came out of his pokeball. You shouldnt have picked first, bud, Ash said as he picked out a pokeball of his own. Go! Swellow!

He tossed out the pokeball and a black, white and red bird pokemon materialised as it popped out of its pokeball. Swellow! Swellow! it squawked. The two trainers and their respective pokemon stood ready for battle.
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