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Chapter One: The Encounter

Day Four

Dear Diary,
Life is good. Apparently May and I are really hitting it off with each other, even in my altered state. I mean, I practically fainted today when she gave me a hug for defending her against that person from yesterday. It played out something like this:
As we neared Petalburg, that rude guy I was telling you about yesterday came back. "I'm not scared of you, Jolteon-boy, not anymore." His eyes narrowed as he grinned. "We're gonna have a battle, and if you lose, your little girlfriend has to date me."
"Hey! She's not my girlfriend..." I yelled. ~Not yet, at least...~ I thought.
"Pth. Right. Freakazoid and girlfriend sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G,
First comes-" With that I tried to shock him then and there. He seemed unfazed by my bolts, though. "-love, then comes marriage, then the freak baby in the baby carriage!" he finished.
"Wait a minute... you've grounded yourself." My Jolteon ears, which I never noticed I had before, twitched furiously as I looked at him, stunned.
"That's right, freako... you're pretty perceptive. Too late though... Sandslash, go!" He threw a Pokeball at me, and out came the person's Sandslash.
"Hey, weird one, call me 'Quake.' At least, if you live through this attack... Sandslash, use Earthquake!"
As I stood horrified of Quake, I could feel the ground rushing up to hit me. It hurt... a lot.
May looked away, frightened. She couldn't bear to look at me. ~Great,~ I thought. ~She'll think I'm a loser now...~
As I hit the ground, battered, I lost consciousness, as memories flooded in my head.
I remembered my 11th birthday, when Father gave me the egg I would hatch Plasma from. For 5 years we'd been inseparable, and now, ever since I'd fused with him, it became clear that our attachment was more than just emotional. It had become physical. I had gained his quickness and power, while I had kept my high intellect and hands. I had gained the best of both worlds with this fuse... so why was my world suddenly changing so rapidly? Either we were to be accepted and loved by someone, or our loneliness would follow us forever. It's strange... I felt as if Plasma's body might not be in my control. It was almost as if Plasma was still controlling his body while I controlled mine. That's probably why I sometimes refer to myself as 'we', in the sense that each of us was in control...
I awoke inside the Pokemon Center, shivering and wet. My Jolteon half surged with electricity, inducing my upper body into shocking itself. My lab coat had been taken off, leaving just my blue t-shirt and bracers. I shivered, as May walked into the room. She saw me awake, and, in excitement, ran over to me and kissed me. But this time, it felt natural... almost as if I expected it. May and I seemed to connect really well...
"Lance! You're okay!" She squealed with joy.
"Yes, my love, I'm fine." Suddenly she backed away. "Did you just call me..."
"Oh no, I'm sorry..."
"No, it's okay... it just seemed... sudden." I shook what was left of the water on my body off, and, when I got some on May, she just laughed.
"That Quake person, he called me..."
"My girlfriend."
"Yes... that's it. But why?"
"Because we care about each other."
"Yes... we do..."
"Ever since I met you..."
"You fell in love? Don't worry, so did I."
May smiled at me and nodded. "Uh huh!" And with that, we shared a kiss... it felt... so wonderful.
Neither of us knew Brock and Ash ahd just walked in... and Brock was mad.
"I... am... way... over... JEALOUS!" Brock fumed with anger.
"Gee, even I'm jealous..." Ash added.
"Ash? Brock! Um..."
"Don't worry about it. Brock just wants to get a girl."
"Officer Jenny..." Brock looked like he was fantasizing.
So here we are in Petalburg... May just told me where we were. She explained that she had to use Ash's Totodile to wake me. I kissed her again, wanting to be the one to do it this time...
So, diary, it was up, and it was down. But May and I officially became a pair. She loves me, and I love her too. I'm writing to you as the four of us get ready to sleep in the tent, just outside of Petalburg, as we head for Rustboro. Good night, diary... I'll write again tomorrow.

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

Author's Note: The story's back on! Thanks you guys.

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