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That is only for Crystal, not GS.

Random tips...

Cyndaquil is the strongest starter, easily able to blast through the entire game just on his power alone. Moveset: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Return, Thunderpunch.

Unless you are going to challange Red, skip Sprout Tower: it is not essential to completing the Elite Four.

Get a Pokemon that can Surf before reaching Mahogany, it is easier to go right to the Red Gyarados there than left to Olivine and Cianwood, and the only way to go right is by having a Pokemon that can Surf.

Catch Gyarados, Bellsprout, and a Flying Pokemon. That's all you'll need for speed.

Save before EVERY Rival battle and EVERY Gym battle that you might not win, and there are several of them, even WITH Typhlosion in your aresenal.

The Rival battle in Burned Tower is not necessary: skip it.

that's bout all I can find right now, cya.
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