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Thanks for the links! I found them. I was being stupid, for 'Ky' all I needed to do was use Dive... and I found Groudon's cave on a different route that wasn't so spread out. Got both with Ultraballs, 'Ky' last night and Groudon early this morning. *Pats lvl92 Meowth on the head.*

I've been playing Emerald today, mostly trading pkmn over from my leaf. (PokeDex = 381 of 386 + all 28 Unknown) Still no new shiny. Total Absol eggs hatched in Sapphire looking for shiny one: 3 full boxes! 90 Absol... cute, but still... (@_@)

How do you all have the patience (sp?) to keep restarting for a shiny on anything, I sure don't.

Current location: I still believe there's a shiny Absol behind me in the grass, by now it's mocking me. Going to watch FMA, Ja-ne!
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