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OOC: Darnit! I'd posted a wonderful message last night, and it didn't show up!

IC: Before Alana dissapears, I reply loudly, "I will if he lets me! Take care of yourself!" I wave, then get out my crobat's pokeball and release him. I climb on him again. "Crobat, follow Flareon so I can keep my promise!"

Crobat follows Flareon, even though the fire pokemon does his best to lose us. Crobat's not so easy to ditch. We finally come to a town and Flareon runs up to Flare.

As we reach Flare, I jump of Crobat and return him. "Please Flare, wait! Alana said she's gonna travel to lots of different times and she'll be back." I put a hand on Flare's shoulder.

"Alana made me promise to keep in touch with you, and I don't break promises." Actually, that was a lie since she didn't make me was just a suggestion...but I'd promised anyway. "The best way I know to keep in touch is to travel together. I know you like your privacy. So do I. But, sometimes it'd be nice to have someone to talk to. So how about it? Wanna be travel companions?"

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