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(Hey guys! Sorry it took so long for this next installment, my computer just wouldnt connect to PC today... The rest of the internet was fine, but PC wasnt loading. Oh well, here ya go.)

God what a long day.. I need a nap.... Chris Thought as he layed on his bed looking up. Puting his hand under his pillow and grabbed the spoon pulling it to his chest as he closed his eyes. Moving his hands over the slightly inlarged, twisted and turned spoon, Chris tried to remember the dream.

Kadabra.... Chris thought.... He looked up kadabras in school today. It said that Kadabras often held spoons in their hands to help then manuver and target things with their powers.

Chris then begain to picture something in his mind. An Abra. Its the lower evolution of a Kadabra. He read that they arent that good because they sleep most of the time.

Aaabbbrrraaaaa.... Chris heard in his head. Wait a second... What the...

Chris quickly sad up in his bed, spoon still in hand, he turned his head around to see what was in his room, but it was empty. Angry, he threw the spoon across the room and he heard it scitter across the floor. Sighing heavly, chris put his face in his hands, shaking it. What was going on?

*Tink....Tink...... Tink...* Over and over, something was hiting his window. Looking up at it, Chris's eyes got VERY large in suprize. It was the spoon. It was moving back and worth hiting the glass, trying to go outside almost. Scrambling across the bed towards the window, pressing his face against it, to see what, if anything was outside.

"Oh my god........"

Then he saw it. Abra. Atleast I think it was. It was about halfway inside some bushes outside. He was looking towards the window, but its eyes were closed, and looked like it was sleeping! Chris then remembered reading that they sleep like 18 hours a day. Was it trying to get the spoon? Chris tried the grab the spoon, floating beside him, STILL hting the glass trying to get outside, but it quickly moved out of the way. Hm.... Chris thought a moment, then, unlocking the window then opening it. The spoon then shot out of the room and moved towards the abra, finnaly resting in its lap.

"Wow......." Chris poked his head outside his window, to see if his mom was outside, to his luck, she wasn't.
"Hey there......" He said softly as he started to climb out the window. "I'm Chris, wha-"


There was then suddenly a bring flash of light. Chris covered his eyes, they hurt so much. He suddenly slammed against the ground. I guess thats what I get for covering my eyes. Standing up, he wiped his pants of dirt, as he looked up to see if the abra was still there.

No... It wasn't...
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