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It might sound wierd but I've got some tips for beginers too.

Every Game-
Potions and Super Potions are good, but they can be expesive sometimes. To cut cost corners and get better items, try the Vending Maching Drinks. Lemonade is the best one, its cheeper than a Super Potion and heals an extra 10 HP.

Every Game
Some times it pays off to stay in one spot and get some rare Pokemon. I know its not as good as its counterpart, Abra (Alakazam later on), but Ralts is a good Psychic to start off for R/S/E. Expecially if you don't want to trade for an Alakazam. Phanphy can be found in the morning on Route 45 (I think, it could be 46) on Crystal. Its one of the better Ground types and would be a good addition eairly in the game. Dratini and other dragon types have the Ice weakness (Exept for Kingdra, but thats G/S/C), picking one up and training one from the Safari Zone might not be a bad idea.

I'm one of those people that sometimes starts off with five Pokemon. One good one to fill in that space would be Zigzagoon. Its pickup is like an automatic Item Finder. Some useful items can be found by this ability. Phanphy also has it in R/S/E.

Every Game
Brute strength isn't everything. Attack and Defence are not the only good stat. Speed is another helpful tool that can make or break a match. Level up your Pokemon where not one or two of their stats are way higher than the others. Try to keep them balanced.

Every Game
Stat Raisers like Carbs, Iron, Calcum and others can help out weaker Pokemon trying to catch up to its friends. I don't sugest going out and spending every last bit of your money (unless you've got Infanite Money) on these items. They're expencive. At $9800 on the game, they're not really all worth it when they only raise the stat one or two points. There's alot of them laying out there in the Pokemon world. Just find them and use them.

Cutting corners on money to get other items like the Lemonade and finding spare items in the wild can help a person out sometimes.

Every Game
Think, and I mean honestly think about what move you would like to use on your Pokemon. Try to keep them from becoming 'HM Slaves'. Meaning don't load up all four of its slots for moves to use in the wild. I sometimes use an old Pokemon that has Cut, mainly because some of my Pokemon can't learn it or would be a weaker move to use. Some moves can make or break a match, like Stats.

Every Game
Watch out for your Opponet's Pokemon. Try to remember what Element that the Pokemon is and try to get the upperhand over it. If you're not careful, your opponet can get the upper hand over you.

Every Game
If you're pretty late in the game, or even in the middle. This little trick can help raise Pokemon, expecially Magicarp. Put the Pokemon in the front, then when the battle begins, quickly switch it for another one. The orignal Pokemon will get half of the experiance while the switched Pokemon gets the other half.

Games from G/S/C and up to today
Berries and hold items can also help out as much as Stats and strong attacks. Some Items, like the Quick Attack Claw, can put a little more of an edge on your Pokemon's attacks.
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