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Originally Posted by Bullados
About the HM slaves, I'd STRONGLY recomment using HM slaves, ESPECIALLY if you're going with the one Pokemon approach that I love doing. In RBY, the best are Krabby and Sandshrew, who, between the two of them, can learn all HMs except Fly, which I usually stick on a random Pidgey. In GSC, I like using Bellsprout and Gyarados, who, again, can learn all HMs except Fly.
Well I stand corrected, I have used HM Slaves before. It can be good sometimes, but some of the HM moves are ok for battling too.

Every Game
Your starter can give you an advantage over the starting gyms, sometimes. Here's a list for help. Note that this is over the first couple gyms.

R/B/FR/LG Advantages
Bulbasaur (personal favorite)


First advantage would be Erika, about this time you should be nearing a Charizard, or in the middle of your Charmeleon

Yellow Advantages

G/S/C Advantages
Chikorita's not good for the first two gyms, Bugsy and Falkner will damage Chikorita alot.


Not really any advantages over Falkner, Bugsy or Whitney. But could stand its ground if its strong enough.

R/S/E Advantages
Roxanne (sp?)

Not really any advantages over Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson or Flannery

Even though its got the second type of Ground, try to keep it way from Wattson.

Every Game
If you keep your Pokemon at a sertain evolvement (i.e- Torchic above Lv. 16) , then it can sometimes learn moves that later evolutions can't learn. Kind of gives it a good edge for when it does evolve. But be careful because some Pokemon only learn moves when they evolve. Or right when they're supposed to evolve, like when Magikarp evolves to Gyarados it learns a new move right at Lv.20.
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