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Pokemon - Amethyst Version

Welcome to the Official Thread of Pokemon Amethyst Version. The concept of Pokemon Amethyst Version is to provide users with everything that they wanted but did not get to see in the previous versions of pokemon. For example:

Player/Pokemon Moods
Pokemon Hunger/Feeding Your Pokemon
Public Pools
More Indepth Trainer/Trainer Interaction
Love Between Trainers
Much Larger (and I mean MUCH) larger maps
a total of 772 Pokemon (386 more than the current 386) which i currently have in the works
64 Gyms
72 Different Cities
and much more.

The Story

Rex is getting closer and closer to becoming a pokemon master. However, with the new wave of pokemon and pokemon breeds, he is having a difficult time catching all of them. With new pokeballs, new items, new TMs, and all new moves, Rex must attempt to obtain each of the pokemon, and make it through the Pokemon Master Tournament, an 128 Man Tournament featuring players from all over the 72 Cities of Sentoh. If he wins, he is crowned the Pokemon Master of the World.

What We Need

My sister and I (gothsinn23) can take care of the 386 custom sprites, the maps, the movesets, and the items. However, we are not so skilled in the area of coding with the "Sphere" software. We need collaborators that are EXTREMELY SKILLED in the area of coding, as we will be venturing into places no pokemon game maker has dared to go. If you are interested, or have any other comments about the game, please post here.

Screens: (May or May Not Be Used):

The Pokedex Update:

Here I will post pictures of the new pokemon that can be found in this game.


most of these are credited to absol attacker, but a few are credited to me. Thanks for letting me use them absol!