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This is my last hack thus far. In it you are a teenager named Rob. Same as every of my hacks, this one is going to have edited graphics, maps, tiles, events, etc. But what makes different this one from my other hacks is the main theme of the game: time travels.

There are three ages:


And future

Each age is very different and have a lot of unique features (Pokes, items, peoples, places...).

How to travel trought time? Well, you in the game you obtain two magical medallions than can warp you centuries to the past or to the future, but they need a lot of magical energy to do it. You will have to find the "Spiritual Stones", which are big magical stones that are hidden around the world (they are usually located in places where the peoples don't pass, like forests).
In the beginning you will have to travel trought time a lot of times to acces to different places of the world. But while you progress in the games, a lot of paths will be open, and once you are in the age that you want, you will be able to travel to every place that you want.

These are some of the main features of the hack:
-You will be able to travel through time everytime that you want
-14 main quests (23 if you count the gyms and the Pokmon League, which will be secondaries quests in this hack)
-The story will be more important that usually is in a Pokmon game (imagine a Pokmon game with a story similar to one from a 2d Zelda game)
-You will be able to catch all the Pokes availables in the game, but obviously you will have to find thought all of the ages (example: in the past are extinct pokes that can't be catched in the present or future, while in the future you will be able to catch futuristic pokes like a new version of Porygon named "Porygon 4.5")
-Items that you only can get in a certain age. Example: