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Alrighty...this is pretty long. I will post it in chapter incriments. Please enjoy! It was also written by me about four or five years ago....(wow...I feel old!)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, so please don't sue me for using those characters. I copyright Skye, Ember, Augua, Jab, and Bud.)

Gainign Wings

Chapter 1
Brock Meets Skye

It was yet another beautiful day at the Pokmon breeding center on Valencia, one of the many Orange Islands. Brock had just been awakened by a pillow being thrown in his face, the crime of one of his bunkmates, Jab. Jab wasnt much younger than Brock himself, and had dark bluish-black hair to go along with his dark eyes. Bud was his other bunkmate, a year or two younger than the other boys. He had brown hair and blue eyes. Both Jab and Bud were from Fuchsia City, and they had just arrived to spend the summer working at the breeding center.
Brock threw the pillow off his face, and rolled out of bed. His ever-spiky hair was even more mangled and disorganized than it usually was, and he did his best to brush it out. The boys got ready for the day, and headed out to the barn, where they started their morning chores.
Mom, I dont want to go! Skye exclaimed, feeling her face heat up with anger. Why cant I just spend the summer with Dad in Saffron?
Itll be good for you to get out and meet new people, Skyes mom replied. Besides, your Aunt Ivy, and your sisters havent seen you for months! Skye rolled her eyes, and shoved her hands into the pockets of her jeans. Her mom dragged Skyes carry on backpack over to where her distraught daughter was standing. Skye hoisted the backpack onto her shoulder, and got ready to board the plane.
Brock had just finished feeding the Rapidash in the stables and was walking to the lab to hand in his report to Professor Ivy, when he noticed a girl walking towards the lab from the opposite direction. She didnt look too happy, but he couldnt tell much from the expression on her face as the evening darkness disguised it. They reached the door at the same time, and Brock opened it for her. She looked at him with a mumbled thanks and walked inside. For a moment, Brock was totally frozen in time. He went into his usual drool-over-every-girl-he-meets mode, but composed himself in a record time of five seconds, and entered the lab. Professor Ivy was smiling and hugging the girl he had just let in when he entered. The Professor smiled at Brock as he walked over to her with the report. She took it excitedly, and introduced the stranger to him.
Brock, this is my niece, Skye. Shes going to be staying here for the summer, Ivy explained. Skye, meet Brock. Hes one of my assistants here at the center. Hi, Skye mumbled.
Brocks face turned a light shade of pink when he said hello, but Skye didnt seem to care.
Ive got some work to do here, Professor Ivy explained. Why dont you take Skye to the girls bunkhouse so she can get settled down.
Brock looked like he was going to fall over with joy. He motioned for Skye to follow him, and he led her out of the lab and down a dirt road to where the bunkhouses were.
Souhwhere are you from? he asked.
Celadon, Skye replied in monotone.
Oh, Brock said, struggling to find a topic of conversation. Have you been here before?
Well, my sisters work here, and Ivy is my aunt, Skye told him, downcast. I havent seen the place since the renovations and expansion though.Brock didnt say anything else for the rest of the way. They reached the girls bunkhouse, and noticed Ember sitting comfortably on the porch. Hey, Brock. Whats up? Ember asked, tossing her long blond ponytail. Oh, and whos this? Got a girlfriend?
No, actually. Dont you recognize me? Its Skye, Skye replied, before Brock could answer for her. Mom sent me here to spend the summer with you and Aunt Ivy. Cool, Ember said in a carefree voice. Come on in, then. Not you, Brock! No boys allowed!
Ember laughed as she led Skye inside. There she was joined by Augua, who was a
year or two younger than Skye and Ember. All of the girls had blond hair, Embers a
little more honey-colored, Auguas a little fairer, and Skyes a little more golden. Skye
felt a little better, noticing her sisters were pretty easy-going and fun. She hadnt seen them in quite a few years. They stayed up late, talking about what it was like to be at the breeding center. Ember was in charge of taking care of the mountain dwelling Pokemon, which included some fire-types. She worked with Jab a lot, as he was her partner in the care taking. Augua did most of her work around the pond, which was near the prairie and forest reserves. Bud worked there, so they saw each other a lot. It turned out the Brock was the all-around guy. He had been there the longest out of all of the assistants, and had no real preference as to where he wanted to be.Hey, you want to come with us to the guys bunkhouse? Ember asked. Were going to get them with some water balloons, because they got us last night.
Skye nodded, not really wanting to go, but she didnt have anything else to do. Ember
and Augua grinned, starting to fill up balloons with water. They tiptoed out of the
bunkhouse, and snuck down the dirt path to the boys. Ember crouched below an open window, motioning for Augua and Skye to follow. They readied their water
balloons, and Ember gave a silent command to FIRE! The yelps and screams that followed were nothing short of hilarious. The sound of water balloons breaking wreaked giggles from the girls, and the boys silenced. Were gonna get you! Jab exclaimed, running outside with Bud and Brock at his heels.
The girls were laughing too hard to run away. They were captured and subject to a good soaking from the garden hose. Skye managed to escape since she didnt laugh and remained in the shadows. Quietly, she started to make her way back to the girls bunkhouse. Walking backwards, she bumped into something. Slowly, she turned to see the guy that had walked her to the bunkhouse earlier, the guy she had nailed with a water balloon. Her eyes widened, and she started to scream but Brock put a hand over her mouth to silence her.
Dont worry, he said quietly. I dont believe in that immature stuff. Cmon; Ill walk you back.
Skye had a few minutes to herself before Ember and Augua returned. She pulled out her laptop computer and plugged it in. Once she was connected to the Internet, she e-mailed her dad in Saffron:
Ive just arrived at Aunt Ivys, and already I want to leave. Why wont Mom let me stay with you? My sisters and their friends here are so diverse-I dont think theyve ever left the island! I really dont fit in here, and I honestly dont want to. Tell Agile I said hello and that I love her.
Give her a big hug for me! I miss you, Dad. Hope I can see you soon! Lots of Love,