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Chapter 4
The News

Skye hopped up onto Fearows back and Brock got on behind her. They took off towards the forest, the morning sun warming every ounce of their bodies. Skye laughed in spite of herself. Even though she still missed her father, Skye was beginning to enjoy staying at the breeding center. Brock wasnt all that girl-crazy, despite what Misty had told her last night. He had become more mature since the first time they had met.
The forest was alive with the sound of the Pidgeys chirping. Skye gently stroked the egg she carried with her in a pouch. It was the Spearows egg she had found, and it had wiggled slightly. Surprised, she stuck out her arm to stop Brock from going any further. He looked at her with a confused expression, but Skye pulled the egg gently out of the pouch and the wads of tissue she had used to protect it. A small crack appeared on the egg.
Its hatching! she hissed.
Ever so slowly, the top of the egg popped off, and a tiny beak appeared. Skye smiled at the small miracle in her hands and Brock stood behind her with a similar expression.
Finally, a head came out and stared directly at Skye. It began peeping hungrily and Skye looked at Brock for help. Reaching into his backpack, he withdrew a small bottle with a milky liquid inside.
Youd better take him back to Professor Ivy, he told her. She has some real formula to feed him, but take this in the meantime.
Skye took the bottle and climbed onto Fearow. Brock smiled at her as Fearow spread his wings.
Ill be back! she called.
Skyes Aunt Ivy gave her a few bottles of Spearow formula, and Skye took it and the bird with her back to the forest where Brock was waiting for her. On the ride back, she held the little Spearow close to her, putting small drops of the formula into its mouth and thinking. Her father would be here for her in about a week. How on earth was she going to tell Brock?
Fearow landed to find Brock feeding a small Pikachu. He looked up at them with a grin on his face, and Skye got off Fearow. She walked over to him almost nervously, biting her lower lip.
Something wrong? he asked, moving over to give her a spot to sit on the log. How are you liking your Spearow?
Hes perfect, she told him, looking away from him at one of the Pikachus. Brock, I have to tell you something. My dad is coming to take me with him to Saffron in a week.
Oh, he said in monotone.
I dont really want to leave; its just, she broke off as she felt tears coming. Its just that I havent seen him since my mom divorced him, and I really miss him-a lot.
Brock was silent for a minute, just sitting there feeding the Pikachu. Skye looked over at him and touched his arm. He pulled away grumpily and got up with the Pikachu in his arms. Skye felt her heart tear in two as her Spearow cuddled against her chest and chirped.
Dont, she told him, holding back sobs.
Do you know how hard this is for me? he demanded, turning to look at her. I really like you, Skye.
But youve only known me for about a week! she protested.
Youre something special, Skye, he told her. Ive liked a lot of girls; Im a love at first sight kind of guy, but he trailed off for a moment. But youre different from most girls. Whenever I tried to pursue any kind of relationship, they rejected me.
Maybe thats because when we met, we became friends, she said. Im not that much to look at, and I wont deny it. Love at first sight was kind of out of the question.
No way! he exclaimed, sitting back down beside her. Well, maybe at first, but youre a really pretty girl. He blushed. I mean, youre pretty, and so is your personality. Spearow chirped, and Skye sat closer to him with a smile. She was forcing back tears.
Im really flattered, Brock, she said quietly. No one has ever really admired me like that before. Just please try to understand. Ive never told anyone how I felt about my parents and how they got separated, but I know I can trust you.
I know how much you miss him, he agreed. My dad left me with ten brothers and sisters to take care of, but he eventually came back home. I was always really bitter about him while he was gone, but deep down I needed someone like him to look up to. There was just a huge emptiness inside me.
BrockIm sorry. I didnt know. I feel like such a wimp now, missing my Dad even though hes right in the next city, she apologized.
Dont be, he told her. The point is that I know how you feel, and I understand why you want to leave.
Skye felt tears falling slowly down her cheeks. She stroked Spearows feathers gently. Brock let the now full Pikachu rejoin his family, and wrapped his arms around Skye.
Oh how precious! came a voice Brock hadnt heard in a while.
To protect the world from devastation!
Brock groaned as the all-too-familiar Team Rocket members jumped out of a nearby bush.
To unite all people within out nation!
To denounce the evils of truth and love!
To extend our reach to the stars above!
Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth, thats right!
Brock rolled his eyes and let go of Skye. He noticed that the Pikachu family had run away to the safety of a bush.
Cant you guys ever quit? he asked.
Why on earth would we do that? Jessie asked. There are more Pokemon here that the Boss would know what to do with, and were gonna capture them al!
Skyes eyes widened, and she clutched Spearow worriedly. Brock didnt look too concerned, and he just sent Fearow after them with a drill peck attack. Looks like Team Rockets blasting off again! the cried, making a small star in the sky as they flew into oblivion.
Brock sighed heavily and sat back down next to Skye. She cuddled up in his strong arms, holding the baby Spearow close. He looked down at her with a smile, and she returned it warmly. The moment was perfect. They could have stayed like that forever Brock and Skye, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! came Buds voice from down the path.
He and Augua came giggling up to them, followed by Ash and Misty. Tracey was rock-climbing with Jab and Ember.
Hey, you have something you want to tell us, Brock? Ash asked teasingly.

Cut it out! Brock cried, blushing a deep burgundy.

Misty rolled her eyes at them, and walked over to Skye. She noticed the baby Spearow, and thought it was incredibly cute. They talked separately from the guys along with Augua.

Pretty soon, everyones stomach started to growl, and the group started back to their bunkhouses to eat lunch.
Hey, how about we have a picnic? Misty asked. We can have it by the pond!
Everyone agreed to it, and they met at the pond with a large picnic basket and a blanket. Jab, Ember, and Tracey joined them as well. The picnic was great. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. That was until Team Rocket reared their ugly heads again.
Can you guys not do the motto this time? Misty whined.
We come with extremely important news for the little Skye girl over there, Jessie explained. You might find this useful, so itll cost you!
No way! Ash exclaimed, pegging a Pokeball towards them. Go Bulbasaur! Tie them up with your vine whip attack!
In no time at all, Team Rocket was all tied up. Skye walked over to them, carrying her Spearow, who chirped nervously.
Now talk, Skye told them. And I wont tell my Aunt Ivy you were here.
Its about your father, Jessie said, looking as if she would enjoy watching Skye crumble as she revealed a secret her father had kept from her. Your Daddy-dearest is our Boss first-hand officer.
What?! the group exclaimed all at once.
Meowth decided that this would be a good time to make a run for it, so he scratched Bulbasuars vines, and Team Rocket escaped. Totally in shock, Skye stood with wide eyes, watching the Rockets run away. She didnt move, and the only sound coming from near her was the steady chirp-chirp of the Spearow.
Brock got up from his sitting position in the blanket, and walked over to Skye. He slowly put his arms around her in an effort to comfort her.
Now I know why Mom wouldnt let me see him, she whispered, slowly relaxing into Brocks arms. I cant let him take me back to Saffron.
We wont let him; I promise, Brock told her soothingly.