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OOC:Alrighty! Here we go! Anyone who still wnats to join can just hop aboard whenever!!

ICkye got off the bus on a dusty road. The land that stretched before her was dotted with houses that were separated by massive amounts of trees. She called Agile, her loyal Pikachu onto her shoulder, and began to walk in what she hoped was the direction to Professor Oak's Lab.

"I don't understand why we couldn't have started in Celadon," Skye said to Agile, who perked her ears up. The little pink bows on the black ends of her ears bobbed as they walked.

Skye took this oppertunity to trip on a rock that jutted out from the road, and fell down.

"Perfect," she grumbled. "Just what I needed to start off this journey anyway!"

She looked at Agile, who was stiffling laughter, and the two burst out laughing. Skye got up and brushed herself off. She reshouldered her gray messenger bag, and chuckled.

"I hope nobody saw that!"

OOC: Okay for a start? I hope so!