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OOC: Wow, Skye, I never would have thought there could be a good story for Brock! I just read it and it's awesome! I also read up your comments and anything Ash and Misty. You're such a Pokshipper!(That's not a bad thing! I dunno, I might be one, but I never called myself that.)

IC: "Uh, you mean that building on top of that hill with a windmill?" Duc replied, taking out a map of the town. "I've studied the map of Pallet Town while riding here." He points on the map a large building with what seems like a big field in the back.

While the group was leaving, Duc's Pikachu notices that the group was already gone. It sorta panicked and ran aroud the place until Duc ran back and picked it up.

"Geez, Pikachu, you have to be more observant." Somehow offended by this comment, Pikachu shocks Duc with a Thundershock.

A few seconds later, Duc regains conciousness.
"I'm okay! Just a little jumpy!" replied Duc while getting up. "I'm gonna need all the help I can get. My Pikachu still won't listen to me! Besides, I want to get a Pokdex myself. Traveling all alone isn't as fun as traveling with friends ya know!"
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