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ok new story keeping the old story in mind

Game overview: Capturing the adventurous and carefree energy from the original Pokemon games, Wind Grey is a fan project that takes the best elements from the classics and works on making them even better to provide an experience that doesnt fall short of expectations. Wind Grey introduces its own original features and enriches the universe of Pokemon with an all new story that follows the two main characters on an epic quest that gets more dangerous than ever before.

* Pokemon Wind Grey keeps the battle system that every one loves and is fond of and adds some special attention to a new class of Pokemon...
* Catching them all may not be the all time focus of this games story, but it still plays an important part in your quest. In addition to the standard trainer equipment, expect some new surprises that make catching Pokemon fun and exciting.
* A larger focus on the story that in some cases is more limited and in other cases has a large openness. In the end the game tells a story while the player wont feel restricted and will have more than enough share in the choice of actions of the characters.
* Play as a confused young boy with a hard past or a confident girl born into a rich family of respected trainers. One begins their quest in a small and quiet town that relies on many traditional methods to get work done. That is, until the large company of ??? takes notice of them and begins their new campaign... Meanwhile the other begins their quest in their mansion of a house, and finally gains the right to become a new Pokemon trainer. The family is famous for being some of the best trainers in the region, and she wouldnt want to fall low of those expectations but at the same time wants more then fame...
* The game story is full of twists and surprises with the back-story full of legends actually playing a huge role in the game. As the two characters make their own paths in their travels they find out more than they could ever imagine.
* Wind Grey uses the smartest and most fitting Pokemon from the whole Pokedex to put into its locations, and they wont be the same old choices either. Along with this, Wind Grey introduces a few new Pokemon of enormous power....
* The locations all have a nice, distinctive with the mapping skills to top it all off.

(This is where I need you, the users, to tell me what you think. It obviously won't kill the Pokemon game system since you'll have the same gameplay, and the locations will remain the same size. But it all depends on what you guys want for the story and exactly how much like the originals you want this to be...)