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Originally Posted by Kairi
That's a very nice computer Shining Arcanine! You built it yourself eh? Was it the first one you built? How old is it? How much did it cost to make? What sort of case/cooling do you have in it?
Yes it was but I was trained in computer hardware four years ago so I could have done it eariler if I had the parts. It cost me about 50% ($1500) less than the dell equavilent ($3000). I built it 3 months ago. The cooling is a generic fan in the back of the case and a stock intel fan for the P4. I monitor the system temperatures and it seems to suffice. Not to mention it keeps me warm in the winter time. I am thinking of replacing them with large low rpm fans (I will get one for the front of the case too) to cool more efficently and lower the computer's noise.

Btw, it uses the Intel 875P (Canterwood) motherboard and Corsair memory modules.
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