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Alright people, heres the thing: there is no point for me to continue this rpg. Oh, and, before I begin, Gogo did give me consent to kill his character as well.

We fought Wolf, and it ended up beingwell, not even a fight, more of a massacre. Its not my place to say whether it was a fair battle or not, but I certainly believe it to be totally ridiculous in its own right. First of all, she held up her sword and halted flames, but that wont be discussed because she kindly removed that segment. Instead, her character merely hopped away from the jet of fire. Okay, thats cool, no problem.

Then, Gogo fires at her with two guns, one of which was a high velocity machine pistol, and she dodges every bullet. Now, Im no expert on vampire speeds, but that seems like nonsense, no matter how much faster then a human she is.

That seemed a bit weird and annoying, so I pulled out all the stops. I never expected her to be killed, I was sure her character could escape, I mean, it wouldnt be FAIR to place someones character in a position where they have alternatives, right? In fact, to put the odds against my favor even more, I fixed it so that the attack would completely deplete my bikes power supply, leaving me stranded after I had done it. I then proceeded to fire a cylindrical cone of fire that reached a diameter of something like ten feet before it even got to where Wolf was.

But hey, who says a diameter of ten feet fired directly parallel to the ground reaches the floor right? Certainly not the laws of physics. So she ducks and comes out unscathed. Were done for.

Again, its not my place to say if the fight was fair or not, but there just wasnt any alternative. Myself and Gogo couldnt run away; shed catch us easily and Zen had no power or gas. We couldnt fight; two mortals fighting a vampire would be a most one-sided battle, and, of course, guns didnt affect her and her pseudo-physics. So the only way to resolve this with a scrap of pride left was to use Zens self destruct mechanism. So yeah, were dead.

I dont really care if she finds some way to escape from this too, this rpg turned out to be, at least for my character, a total bomb since I was immediately placed into a circumstance where I had no chance of winning or even fleeing. Additionally, I only have time for one rpg, what with prep school, so instead of continuing this one, I left for a different one, and left with a bang.

So, sorry if this caused any trouble, and thanks for letting me have fun in your rpg (for like the first three posts).

((My apologies if I sound at all whiny or something.))