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*Sigh* You know, this is just a lovely thing to wake up to guys...

Wolf Godess, Dactylus made a good point, wether it sounds whiny or not, you can't dodge every attack, that's godmodding, plain and simple. Remember, Kagome said that no-one could be perfect, not even a vampire. And no, being undead doesn't count as a flaw, the others will have to be actually capable of harming your character as well, if you don't want her toasted then just have her escape. How much fun do you think it will be for others if you keep that up? Heck, how would you like it if someone did that to you? I have a good mind to post up a certain piece of writing you made a while back (You know what I'm talking about)...I really expected you to know better Wolf Godess. <_<

Meh, so there's no persuading you to continue with this RP, is there, Dactylus? Under normal circumstances I'd ask Wolf Godess to edit (Again). *Sigh* Can't even say that I blame you for leaving. Sorry for this mess. I should have been paying closer attention to the RP.

And Tara, your character is waaaay too powerfull even to be a full vampire, not to mention that she's only a halfling. The increased strength is fine with me, and it has been decided that only fire can kill vampires so I can tolerate regeneration, but it will have to take some time (No jumping right back up after being chopped into a gory pile, m'kay?), at least enough for others to escape or burn your corpse. As for being resistant to sunlight, that is completely irrelevant since the sun has dissapeared (As explained in the environment description of the RP). I'm afraid you will have to discard teleportation, walking through walls, and melding with the shadows. Vampires get nightvision, so you can have that instead (Meager compensation, I know, but it's hard enough to keep vampires from being godmoddy as it is). Also, I don't quite understand your char's hatred for lower vampires since she herself is a half-breed, the lowest of the low in vamp society.

Anyway, make those changes and you're accepted.
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