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Erm... Let's stop fighting? n_n

I know I'm not really a newbie, but I also know that there are loads of people better than me out there. I'm being an adoptee, so I can try to improve. There's always room for a little improvement.

Name you want to be called: Amy, Amy-chan, Piki, whatever. Just not Dunderhead.
Age: 12 (and hating it)
Likes: Daydreaming, writing, RPing, drawing(well, more like doodling), hacking into my wrist every night.
Dislikes: Fights, and insensitive people.
What type of adopter I want: Someone who's patient, understanding, and honest, someone who'll give me constructive criticism and suggestions to help me along. Someone who's more experienced than I am, so they can teach me things beyond the scope of the average RPer. Also someone fun, too. ^_~
Length of time I've been RPing: About a year, so I'm not new. But I still have loads to learn. There are plenty of ways that I can get better, and with a little help, maybe I can.
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