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Advance to the Ruein region for a Pokmon game like never before. Catch them all, obtain the 4 Gym Badges and the 4 Mezzo Badges, defeat the Elite Four, and travel to the Islandal Edge Region, where three islands, Kanto's Edge Island, Johto's Edge Island, Orre's Edge Island and Hoenn's Edge Island!


Edge Island (ehdj-ay-lind): An Island that lays on the edge or outskirts of a region

Mezzo (meh-zoe): 4 Battle domes that run a little differently then a gym, located on
the Edge Islands.

Ruein (roo-ain): A region nestled in Amethyst and Jade versions


Bonsly in the intro

Faelnorth Town...

...the northern leaf town of pure beginning!

Outfront of your house

Professor Maple's Laboratory

Mt. Altomaru

Keep looking, I'll put a demo up soon!