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Allright im going to clear this up,
Rpg maker games cannot be converted to any other platform gba snes linux being that enterbrain programed rmxp and compiled it to windows which runs on a x86 based processor now being that rmxp has obious direct X dependancy's it cant be converted to another platform now lets take the GBA hmm well gba runs on a ARM processor which has compleatly diffrent opcodes it has a totally diffrent structure to an x86 based program to convert a RMXP Game / RM2k/3 game to arm would require atleast 1000 pages of x86 code to be converted to ARM and even if it were converted to arm theres the problem that GBA cant display a BMP unless encoded into a special FORMAT
now that weve established that the processors are diffrent lets talk about Screen Capability's the GAME.EXE that rmxp uses is basically an interpreter for the rmxp script commands not only does it load files using WINDOWS based paths but it will load them into Memory buffers thus stating out that gba wont handle it due to its small memory capasity

now before you go off and start telling us how youve modded your GBA to have a super ammount of ram, memory and changed the processor to an x86 based processor why dont you think about the fact that the GBA Chipset wont even handle any of those things unless your an enginere from nasa(which i highly dought oh wait you might "THINK" you are) i dont think you could do that

now as for you working at nintendo lol i laugh at that im sure nintendo would like staff like you who put the word programmer to shame

In conclusion your game will never be converted to a GBA rom, you dont work for ninteno (or nasa on that fact), and your topic is a total FAKE

Now before people start trying to prove me wrong you all should know that im a computer technitian i also program for the GBA hardware and have attempted to mod my GBA so i know alot about this stuff

Moderators , Administrators i urge you to lock this topic
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