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Why do you need 14 cd drives 0.o???

Anyways about the game. It also crashed when I had entered my name.
I will post the error that I get in a sec...

Ah... here it is:

??????????? NoMethodError ???????????

Undefined method 'location='for #<Pkmn:0x45a3f58>

I hope you know what that means and that you can fix it.
Also a couple of other things I would like to mention.

First: at the titlescreen when you chose New game and End you hear that level up sound every time you press up or down.

Second: When the Aqua admin walks up when it talks about his home and such it walks a couple seconds later to the boat even if you still have the same message.
You should put a wait command between the lines that the female says and when he is about to move so that the message will show up a bit later.

Third: when you press the enter button while the female Aqua admin talks en forth she will show up while you talk with the prof. She appears in the upperleft corner.

Fourth: When I try to input more then 7 letters in the name system I get an error that he can't find an audio file named:
File Audio/SE/004-System04 was not found. Then it shuts down.

Fifth: there are also some spelling errors which I think you already have noticed (Like "Glade" when the prof talks and "Pokmon" which you see three times in the intro with the prof.).

Hope this helps you.
And good luck with the rest of the game.
Thanks to Mewtwo EX for the awesome T-card