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Heh, yeah, I like to be organized. Expect a sign-up complete with history and your Digimon's personality. ^-^;

I was thinking of doing something that was a bit like third season in the respect that you would have a partner digimon, but when they digivolved it would be together. Though, I think I would make it so that you merged together going from Rookie to Champion and higher. Not just Mega because the last time I saw a Digimon RP get so far that the digimon could become megas was when someone didn't understand the rules. XD

As for plot... I was thinking something along these lines:

Things have been a bit strange lately. The weather for one, going from hot one day to feezing cold the next. Snowing in some places, and melting snow in others! You were amazed to see snowflakes falling down to the street below your home, and even more amazed when it actually stuck to the ground. This was not the time of year to do that, and even when it was that time of year, it certainly wasn't 90 degrees the next day. Heck, even your Digital Pet Game seems to be going glitchy, the little monster pet sometimes doing things that hadn't been programmed into it like waving and moving in other strange ways.

However, that's not everything. Not even the half of it. You have started seeing... strange creatures all over the city. They're like shadows, you get a glimpse of one here and there; behind a building, walking down the street, sitting in a park. Not to mention it seems like you are the only one that sees them! Others stare at you like you're crazy when you mention it, and the news doesn't care in the least.

But this wasn't what began your journey. What started that was the fact that when you got home one day from school... something very dear to you was missing. For a few it was a family member, for some it was their pets, and for others something else; but random people throughout the city lost something of theirs that day. You were one of the few that wanted to get what you had lost back.

The adults had given up hope, but many children had not. All of them remembered the urban legend of kids that went to a parallel world, a world that exists beside our own; the Digital World. The story went that the balance had been disrupted between the two worlds, and that the children were chosen to fix the balance. The more the chatter of the Digital World went on, the more it seemed to fit. But those children in the story had been chosen to go... you hadn't been 'chosen', so you must find a way there on your own....

::The monster from your Digital Pet Game would end up being your Digimon. We would start out trying to find a way to the Digital World on our own, and our Digital Pets from the game would help us find the gate. Then we would go to the Digital World to rescue what we lost and find out what has disrupted the balance.::

Sign-Up Forms would include:
Digivice Colors
Appearance (in real and Digital World)
Partner Digimon (with sub-categories Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega)
Partner Digimon's Personality
Partner Digimon's History
RP Sample

Any comments? Suggestions? I tried to make it a bit different. ^-^;