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Please don't relate Java and JavaScript to each other in that way. Java is a fully-fledged programming language. JavaScript is a simple scripting language used for websites.

@ slayerseitaro:
Well version 4 is pretty ancient- so I can sort of see why you thought of it as not being such a up the top of your list sort of thing.
I already know that learning GML isn't the way to go if your after a career in game development, but learning how to program in GM is just the same as if you learnt in VB, java, c++ etc. (minus the syntax differences). Programming is programming, and the techinques in 3rd generation programming languages are gonna be the same in most cases- eg: there isn't 20 different methods of sorting an array linearly just because each language has different syntax, when you break it down, you doing the same thing in each language.