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*runs inside*yay!now crazy little sister is here! *sees kitty* oh!a kitty!*chases kitty*

Happily Paired With LatiosMaster!^.^

I'm a psycopath.Have little aliens ever entered your brain and told you to free the kangaroos from the zoo?No?I didn't think so...

I'm a pyromaniac.I like to burn things!And they burn,and they burn,NYAHAHA!!!!!

piyoko:i have a little green leprachan who lives on my shoulder,and he tells me to burn things!
Leprachan:Aye Lassie.burn ye house,burn ye friends,and burn ye school!

You stare because im different...
(\.../) (\.../) (\.../) (\.../)
( *.*) ('.'= ) ('.'= ) ('.'= )
(")_(") (")_(")(")_(")(")_(")
I stare because your all the same
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