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Ahem.. I have actually done all that in those screenshots by myself so I would like some help with the items screen. I could get you the background of inside the bag, but someone needs to program it themselves, I'm on holiday . I am good at programming AI. And don't you worry they won't smash you into the ground and stomp on you then take your wallet. (just the first two )
Yep we do have some test pokemon, We are going to add the enemy's turn in soon. I haven't got time right now because I have to finish my other game. I really like this battle, I am sure we can replicate the original system almost 100%. Yes lots of people want to use our battle in their game so we will do that first.. They might have to add the pokemon in by themselves.. I don't really feel like programming in 300 and something pokemon just so someone can have a fully done battle. Anyway, if I dont then they can choose which pokemon they want in their games. So it may be a good idea.. (phew!!)
With everyone we have working in the team so far, our game should be remembered as one of the best pokemon games made by ameatures (sp?).. well hopefully it will. Anyway sorry if i got carried away with how good our game will be () but i just love working on this, it has something special that just makes me wanna keep working on it.
The hero is in the corner because this is still very early in development and I dont feel like taking him away

Anyway I had better go now... gotta move my stuff up 2 my dads for a term.. this way I can upload faster (cable internet :D) and I will have way more resources and stuff. Well, untill I see you guys. (which wont actually be that long.. like a couple hours lol)
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