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Psywave is fixed damage, mind you...
Oh, yeah >.>

(If we're treating Beedrills like the show, then there will always be at least 20+ Beedrills attacking at the same time.)
Then other than fire-types would collapse in that battle. There would be no one left alive. If you take more than 20 Beedrills and put them up against any of your Pokemon, your Pokemon will collapse faster than the Beedrills. It's cruel, but IMHO it seems quantity > quality. (Unless we're talking about Ash's Pikachu :\ )

Fainting Beedrills with Psywave isn't a very good solution (Psywave doesn't get its super effective bonus like other psychic attacks.)
Psywave has the benefit of area damage and it will certainly push the Beedrills backwards. It's a lot better than sending single Psybeams to take them down.

At the same time, you can also argue that Beedrill got agility to dodge a fair amount of stuff.
Psywave is a wide-spread attack, if ordered, so dodging that could be fairly hard. (But possible, nevertheless.) Psychic, as unbalanced as it seems, is quite undodgeable with physical speed.

Twin Needle may not necessarily be its weapon of choice, as there's always Hidden Power Bug.
And there's always Hidden Power [FILLER] which lets them take down anything they want. Hidden Power Bug occuring in 20+ Beedrill is possible, but not all of them will carry it. (Let alone, be smart enough to use it).

So, kind of see how the argument can always bend both ways if you have to be technical?
I know, but saying that Alakazam wouldn't be able to handle a swarm of Beedrills is kind of unfair. Seeing as Alakazam has much greater chances to do that than many of the grass-types for example.

It *does* work to say that Psychic can do anything, but remember that in fanfics, the most creative strategy always wins.
Psychic can't do everything, saying/using that excuse in a fic is lame, I know. Psychic is telekinetic attack, or it can be used in a form of psychic blast. Psychic can do a lot of things, but not anything. The best option is teleporting out, not very exciting, but wise nevertheless. Then they could return back to the scene later on.

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