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Ok... these questions are hard to think of x_x;

I do hope that some of these questions can help you in your actual fanfic writing. Try to think about some of these questions for your own story, and you may come up to a sudden revelation about your writing.

Question #5- Choosing Characters- Pokemon Characters
An author is interested in starting a new Pokemon story that talks of a complete collapse of friendship between humans and Pokemon. The government in power is trying their very best to completely eradicate every Pokemon there is, but a Pokemon antagonist constantly gets in the way. However, the author can't think of an appropriate Pokemon for this major character role.

Offer a possible Pokemon character who is fitting to be the antagonist of this story, and explain. Legendaries maybe used. If you see no existing Pokemon that is fitting for this job and wants to make a new Pokemon, describe what attribute does this new Pokemon need to have in order to take up this role.

Points are given according to how well you defend your chosen Pokemon, and if you truly considered different aspects when you choose your Pokemon character.
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