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Hey sweeties! Since, many of you have never heard of the search function on PC, nor read the other threads here, all of you may ask your questions concerning basic ROM hacking in this thread. Please do not start a new thread, just ask your simple questions here. This helps us reduce spam, and puts all your questions in one easy to find location. Okie? =3

Some sample simple questions:
(Anyone found answering these questions will have their post deleted)

How do use edit the text?
How do I edit the sprites?
How do I edit the title screen?
How do I make a script?

And some rules:
  • You cannot ask for ROMs. Just use google or some P2P program for all your illegal needs.
  • Do not ask the same questions over and over again. Instead, search the thread if it already has been answered and if not, just wait for someone to answer it! If you don't want to wait, just search the forum and try to find an answer yourself. Almost everything has been answered before.
  • Do not demand for answers to your questions! People to not have to answer your questions, they do it because they want to! Not only are those posts annoying, they also are completely pointless! If such a post is found, it will probably be deleted.
And a notice: If your post is being deleted from this thread, you have probably asked a question which has already been asked and answered before. In that case, just use the search function or read through the previous pages of the thread to find your answer!

Ask away and enjoy, sweeties! =3

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