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Actually Alter Ego, you're last quote makes a lot of sense. Too many RP Masters and they'll all have different ideas and in the end it's taste'll be kinda strange. I think that we should find who's willing to be a fair RP Master, someone who everyone knows for sure won't accept a one-liner RP into the roleplay, and then we can build up ideas. For instance, I was thinking a more futuristic RP, as you don't see many RP's where the future isn't totally screwed up. That'd be pretty original, or maybe we could ask around and see if anybody has a good pokemon RP plot in mind, just like an idea and we could all add opinions and taking from Clone Troopers idea, vote which amendments are best? But not before taking a personal Oath to shut up if someone pisses them off and to leave, take a deep breath, come back calm and collected. ;;
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