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Yeah I was thinking you'd make a good RP mastah.

Anyway, I'm not sure how'd we'd put an uncorrupted future RP in place. Maybe like, where the four teams of the world (including cipher) have disappeared into nothing and yet a new danger lurks along the fabric of time, or the world? That'd be sorta cliche, but you need a good idea mixed with cliche for it to blow the minds of the great one's off. Fortree could be a city in the sky! XD hahahaha, that'd be funny, considering they do worship the sky. If we tried my idea of the bigger threat, then we would have to figure out what the new threat is. I say not all four teams merged, because that happens way too often in RP's. Also, we could add that people know somethings going on because of something like in the Pokemon Movie:2000, where the weather freaks out, and where the pokemon do as well. Maybe something could be trying to capture the legendaries! *snatches Kyogre, Suicune, and Articuno Plushie away from masked figure* Stay away! *hiss*

And we've all got time issues. 2 pages of math homework every **** night and I'm only in 7th grade.