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Quote originally posted by alexisreborn:
Pokemon: Pidgeot, Venasuar, Gyarados, Nidoking, Umbreon,and Gengar. Pidgeot:CALM Moves: Double Team, Attract, Aerial Ace,and Fly. VenasuarERIOUS Movesleep Powder, LeechSeed, Giga Drain,and Sludge Bomb. Gyarados:HARDY Moves:Rain Dance, Blizzard, Hydro Pump,and Thunder. Nidoking:ADAMANT Moves:Brick Break, Sludge Bomb, Earthequake,and Horn Drill. Umbreon:TIMID Moves: Protect, Moonlight, ConfuseRay,and Faint Attack. Gengar:BRAVE Moves:Hypnosis, DestinyBond, Shadow Ball, and Dream Eater
Nothing like a bit of SPAM eh? not for us, keep it elsewhere

Quote originally posted by Sylph:
Well, so can or can't join afterall?
btw way, just found another shiny just now. I now have a cool looking shiny Seviper... that makes...


Now gonna hunt a shiny Zangoose for the collection.
Hmm MM will kill you when he see's you own a shiny seviper >.< but theres nothing wrong with that list, it looks believable, your in :D

Well looks like were getting ever closer to that ever important page 200, shame Ryan isnt around to witness it, a animation featuring all of us sounds interesting, i for one hope it happens, Runa doesnt seem to be posting... it doesnt seem right XD
Well looks like ive got some time to go hunt, so i shall do that.. Later all!
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