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Originally Posted by Sylph
Well, so can or can't join afterall?
btw way, just found another shiny just now. I now have a cool looking shiny Seviper... that makes...


Now gonna hunt a shiny Zangoose for the collection.
I was about to let you in, but had to go for lunch. Now yami beat me! Waah! Well, now I can flip out at you for your shiny Seviper. *kills shiny seviper and grinds up its guts to make a new Shiny Lotad Curse potion, and becurses LDD's friend to find no shinies but Lotads in the Seviper patch. MUAHAAHAA!!*

Originally Posted by alexisreborn
Pokemon: Pidgeot, Venasuar, Gyarados, Nidoking, Umbreon,and Gengar. Pidgeot:CALM Moves: Double Team, Attract, Aerial Ace,and Fly. VenasuarERIOUS Movesleep Powder, LeechSeed, Giga Drain,and Sludge Bomb. Gyarados:HARDY Moves:Rain Dance, Blizzard, Hydro Pump,and Thunder. Nidoking:ADAMANT Moves:Brick Break, Sludge Bomb, Earthequake,and Horn Drill. Umbreon:TIMID Moves: Protect, Moonlight, ConfuseRay,and Faint Attack. Gengar:BRAVE Moves:Hypnosis, DestinyBond, Shadow Ball, and Dream Eater
And.. what was the point of this? If you'd like to join please list all shinies you own in the Advanced generation, and ask.

Originally Posted by BG pokemon freak
hi! I haven't had any shiny luck nor I have leveled up Blaziken like I said because I haven't got time Can I try and make another floor of SHC plzzzzzzzzzz I have an Idea and what exactly do you use to do them MM and Runa ???
I'm going to do the first page of the basement, but don't worry; it'll be huge! Think of a Team Rocket-style hideout.

Made it to Pacifidlog in Emerald. Not too long until I can restart!
Don't want to see another generation drop

I'd rather be a comma than a full stop

latest shiny: Boldore (Oct.30/11)
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