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*Someone emerges from the Mist*

*Le gasp*

Yes, it is I, LeClerc!

*Is shot*

It is I, Runasutaru Incandleon, reporting for duty once again!

Like I have said once or twice before Yami_Zidane, it is rare to see me on on Mondays and Tuesdays... ;_;

*Looks at LDD and M.Ms pics*
*Worships both*


Can I put it in my sig LDD? If you dont mind, that is. XP

Well everyone...Even though I was absent, I guarantee you I hunted for AT LEAST 3 hours...MUST HUNT MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE...MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! XD

Well, for everyones SHC spriting convenience, my Pokmon sprite sheet. XP

What we use to make those rooms you ask, BG pokemon freak? Well, at that time I completely forgot about it, but The Spriters Resource is an awesome place to get sprites to do these things. ^__^

Just go check out the Pokmon sections in the Nintendo section. ^__^
I instead screenshotted stuff from my Sapphire ROM to make it, bar my Runasutaru sprite. >.>;;;

Wellz... I shall hunt again tomorrow! Good luck for everyone!
*Vanishes into the Mist*
Wish me luck, because I really want that Shiny Torchic! ^__^
I promise I shall fill the club with replies tomorrow, sir!
*Bows before ryan, M.M, Yami and SGM*
Did I forget any of the leaders? XD
If I did...Then I shall seppuku...Or not. XD
Hell, I better go. XD
NOW...See ya tomorrow! (Or in a bit, depends if I find anyone to reply to. XD)

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