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Hey, do not insult the GBAs and GBA SPs. >O (XD)
I use one...Actually, two. I regularly use my bros, since its cooler (BLAAAAAAAACK. ^__^), but sometimes I need to trade inbetween games... >.>;
Well, point is, I havent even got a SP, so I just go along with my GBAs. XP
And I doubt Ill get a DS anytime soon... ;_;
According to my bro, Ill get a DS in two years... >.>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I dont mind much anyways... XP

And for the love of all that is cool and magical, please call me Ru. XP
I forgot to mention that in all this time, but thats my usual nick. ^__^;

Wellz, now I shall hunt for a bit maybe, and study for the Portuguese test tomorrow. >.<
Its fun how Portuguese tests are harder than English tests, which is one of the FOREIGN languages here. - -;

I think we could make various panels of the SHC, since we could have bases in many places...After all, it can be related to servers... European servers, Asian servers, etc.

So we could make the layouts of different SHC headquarters throughout the regions... Or cities even. XP

Mine is a near Mauville one, in a off map area you cant access. XP

Back into the Mist of doom!

*Blends in with the Mist*
See ya!

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