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ok this is my first egg adoption so be easy on the adoptions rules and stuff:
1. ONE egg at a time people
2.Ill restock or add new ones when i feel like it (dont worry though ill be fast)
3.There are rare hatchings in some eggs maybe youll get lucky
4.Lastly it takes 25 posts for eggs to hatch and 50 for it to evolve to 2nd stage and 100 for it to evolve to last stage (that is if it can evolve)
PM me when the # of posts are gotten to hatch/evolve
You can now request fusions as well!

1.Pink Grass egg 10/10 left(this one has most varieties)
2.Red Ice Egg 9/15 left (this one has most rares)
3.Gold rock egg 3/6 left (theyre Shiny!)


Please Adopt

We also have some unloved fusions so Adopt!

CharchiQuilHe is a very strange little pokemon(evolves every 50 posts)!ADOPTED

ElectacruelHe was found in a sewer YUCK!

EleskahnEleskahn adopted the baby in its pouch!

TyaggritarHe is extremely powerful and strangely likes taking care of other pokemon!ADOPTED
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