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We wouldnt have had to run away from Janet if you wouldnt have been so excited! Zara said to George.

How many times do I have to apologize?! George asked angrily.

Boys... Zara complained.

George were going to have to work on your temper, because we cant keep having these incedents, Kylar said.

Especially when Janet is near! Zara exclaimed.

The group was regaining their strength by a tree, after running from Janet. George guzzled down a cup of water and said, Whatever.

Its such a nice day, Kylar said. Please dont ruin it, George.

Such a nice day! Zara took out her Pokball. Come on out Treecko- I mean...Mudkip...

Zaras Mudkip burst out of the Pokball and raced up to George.

Hi... George said nervously.

Mudkip sprayed George with Water Gun. George fell down, out of breath.

Mudkip, great job! Zara cried.

Kylar laughed. George got up, with air circulating again. Then, they heard a rustle in the trees surrounding them.

Ahh! Its Janet, George yelled.

Then the group heard a voice. I think they heard us! the voice whispered angrily.

Whos there?! Kylar asked.

AHH! A person fell out of a tree. It had a ventriloquist dummy in his hand.

Who are you? Zara asked.

I think they see us... the man said stiffly.

Kylar and Zara exchanged looks. George stepped up.

Look, guy, we see you. Now, who the heck are you?

Hmmp, well if you must know, the strange man started, I am the great... the man looked in his bag of items he was carrying. He picked up a couple of items and looked at them. As I was saying, I am the great Imation de LexMark. Its French.

Okay, what do you want? Kylar asked.

I am here to...umm...yea..Uh, O yea! Im here to make sure you dont reach your potential to be the best trainer you can be, and...blah, blah, blah, Imation read off of a sheet of paper. And also to make sure that you do not figure out about my boss secret scheme to rule the world- He covered his mouth.

What the...whos taking over the world, and doesnt want u to be good trainers?! George asked.

Nothing, all you need to know is that I will be stopping you from being good trainers, so you dont get to smart and figure out any fishy things that might be happening. Alrighty?

You dog-breath monstrous horse-raddish, you arent stopping me for anything! George exclaimed. He charged straight at Imation and knocked him on the ground. Imation made two awkward faces, and had an asthma attack. His eyes inflated and his toungue popped out.

George, stop, I think you killed him! Zara cried.

Imation reached in his bag of items and pulled out an inhaler. He took two puffs.

Sorry, needed my puffer. But, anyway, goooo Zangoose! He pulled a Pokball from his bag of items, and hurled into the air. Out popped a white and red Zangoose. It purred.

Oh, you want a fight?! George asked, jumping up and down. Gooo!

Georges Torchic popped out.

No, George, its inexperienced. That Zangoose looks well leveled. Ill handle it! George said, throwing out a Pokball. A Poochyena appeared. It growled.

You have a Poochyena?!?!?! Zara and George asked in unison.

I caught it a couple of weeks ago. Ive been training it secretly in the woods, Kylar explained.

Well, come on! Imation ordered. Im not getting any younger!

I didnt think you were. Poochyena, take down attack!

Zangoose, use fury cutter!

Poochyena knocked Zangoose down before it could raise a paw. Poochyena was really quick.

Fury Cutter! Imation hollered.

Zangoose got up quickly and scratched Poochyena.

Shake it off Poochyena, and use Quick Attack! Kylar exclaimed. Poochyena moved with agility until it hit the Zangoose.

Fury Cutter, again!

Dude, the attack is getting old, Kylar said.

Hmmp, thats what you think., Imation giggled. You jut dont know that as fury cutter keeps using Fury Cutter, the attack becomes stronger and stronger.

Zangoose scratched Poochyena again. Poochyena flinched.

Use Bite! Kylar commanded. Poochyena ran up to Zangoose to bite, but Zangoose scratched it, and Poochyena struggled to stand up.

HA! Imation cackled loudly.

Ugh, Poochyena, you can do it, just believe in yourself! Use, Quick Attack! Kylar said in a caring voice.

Quick Attack isnt nearly strong enough, Zara whispered to George.
I know.

Poochyena raced toward Zangoose. Zangoose held out his paw.

Now, Poochyena, use Bite to bite Zangooses paw!

Poochyena opened its intimidating mouth and bit Zangooses hand. Zangoose waved its hand wildly in the air, along with Poochyena.

Use growl! Kylar said.

Poochyena made an unbearable noise, while still attached to Zangooses hand. Zangoose made a face.

Now, Take Down!

Poochyena let go, and while in midair, flung itself into Zangoose, fainting it.

Ugh! Imation yelled.

Ha! Great job Poochyena! Kylar said happily. He gave the tired Poochyena a hug.

Imation ran up to his Zangoose. Zangy, are you Okay? Zangoose was confused and slashed Imation. Imation had a fit and fell in a pond.

Nows our chance! Zara announced, and returned her Mudkip. The boys agreed and starting to run away from the trees, quickly, and they ditched him. But not for long...

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