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6 brave trainers are on a mission to capture all the legendary pokemon...
3 team rocket admins are trying to capture them too...
the 6 brave trainers must capture all the legends before TR does...
Legends to catch:
-Articuno (Seafoam Islands)
-Zapdos (Power Plant)
-Moltres (Rainbow Island)
-Mewtwo (TR Lab Ruins)
-Mew (Unkown Dungeon)
-Entei (Burnt Tower Fire Room)
-Raikou (Burnt Tower Thunder Room)
-Suicune (Burnt Tower Water Room)
-Lugia (Whirlpool Islands)
-Ho-Oh (Tin Tower)
-Celebi (Ilex Forest Shrine)
-Regice (Island Cave)
-Regirock (Desert Ruins)
-Registeel (Ancient Tomb)
-Latias (Shoal Cave)
-Latios (New Mauville)
-Groudon (Cave of Origin)
-Kyogre (Seafloor Cavern)
-Rayquaza (Sky Pillar)
-Jirachi (Mossdeep City White Rock)
-Deoxys (Mossdeep City space center)

We start with a level 10 pokemon, only first evo if it wouldn't have evolved by then (like Butterfree).
My pkmn: Dome (Shiny Kabuto)
My status: Trainer

We don't have to catch the legends in that order